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La, la, la, la, can you feel the perk starting to skip back into the room?! Well, it’s just about here, no worries if you don’t feel it yet, the perk is coming. Apollo is taking his magnificent golden rays of sunlight into the sign of Leo where perk and fun, kids and true love, creative projects and talents, are about to be far-flung and reborn. On Saturday the show begins, you will start to feel a lifting from all that focus on roots and home, real estate and mom. As the Sun moves into Leo today he is going to make one of those rascally adjustment aspects to Neptune in Pisces so you can expect that your creative or love needs will be in for some adjustments around artistic merits in film, music, fine art, or spiritual approaches, dreams or retreat and rest, hospitals, prisons or other institutions, addictions, self-sabotaging or clandestine affairs, it’s kind of like “So, you want this lovaaa or that creative endeavor, now what can you do behind the scenes, through artistic talents or romantic approaches to tweak this? Is dealing with an institution or addiction necessary? Must you research or develop a bit more? Or do you need to pull back and regroup first?”

The Moon moves into Taurus where feelings will be wrapped up in pleasure and acquisition. “I want” is a big one today. Say it out loud and listen to what you are saying, what DO you want? You just might get it if you put some energy behind it, the stars are aligning to help you in your pursuit.

Sunday that “I want” energy may push you around acquiring money or pleasure but it is making but one aspect and again, AN ADJUSTMENT! Arg. Yep, you need to adjust to the limits or ambitions of another, look to partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, competitors, advocates, or opponents in this and whether you can get more commitment or end something that restricts.

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Saturday the Sun’s move into Leo is your starting mark for a month ahead that puts you in the spotlight in creative endeavors, with love interests and with children. Don’t forget how powerful this is as you put your best foot forward in taking the lead and shining your light. The adjustment indicates you should work on artistic approaches, spiritual needs, hidden agendas, strategies, retreat, institutions, addictions, clandestine affairs, research, development, or any self-sabotaging tendencies to put yourself on the right beginning note. Income potential is under positive stars today, go for it.

Sunday is all about the money you are earning or spending and how a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor is figuring into the picture. You need to make some adjustments today around more effort, commitment, structure, and ambition with this person OR drawing lines in the sand, endings things, setting limits, or dealing with authority issues.

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Saturday that Sunshiny energy comes pouring into your home in creative and love filled ways. You should use the next month to really express yourself where you live or on any home renovation or real estate matter. Take time with kids and lovers and create the environment you desire. You need to make some adjustments around an artistic, spiritual, institutional, or romantic issue with a friend, group, or social matter here. The Taurus Moon is giving you your moment in the center of things and the flow is positive for all social connections and travel, legal, media, marketing, or educational topics.

Sunday is about you and what you need to feel good about yourself. To get there you should focus on your desires, your physical well being, your image, or identity and be willing to make some adjustments at work, with co-workers, employees, your services, any health issues, or pets. There is someone pivotal in this that you should either get serious with on some new level or set some limits or end things.

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Saturday the Sun lights up your communication zone and puts you in the spotlight for the next 30 days in all things spoken, written, in meetings, agreements, decisions, short trips, and anything involving siblings, neighbors, short trips, electronic devices, or vehicles. To get a feel for this new placement, today you should make some adjustments around career, goals, ambitions, or with authority figures regarding your artistry, spiritual approach, romantic needs, or dealings with institutions. You can get a lot done behind the scenes today if you focus here as well as reach out to financial institutions or someone who can help you financially.

Sunday your feelings are going to be somewhat on retreat and rest or time you can spend behind closed doors developing a project, expressing your talents in film, painting or music or just enjoying these artistic outlets, practicing your spiritual interests, holing up with someone romantically, perhaps secretly, researching, or dealing with hospitals or other institutions. You really need to make an adjustment in whatever part of this catches your fancy today through another person and this means a lover, child or someone involved in your creative project. Look at limits, commitment, efforts, responsibility, or endings.

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Saturday the Sun moves into your income zone and puts you in the spotlight over the next month earning money and perhaps spending some of it as well. This is a highly creative time for you to step it up, bring your image or identity into the mix to attract more monetary flow, and today you start this by making some adjustments in marketing, media, publishing, travel plans, with someone at a distance, import/export, foreign interests, education, or legal matters. Your social connections are on high with lots of support in this as well as in representation or partnering so reach out.

Sunday you will be emotionally connecting with friends, groups, over the internet, through astrology, with charitable actions, independence and freedom, and your greatest aspirations. You need to make an adjustment to feel right about what is occurring here and that means getting serious about home, where you live and with whom, mom, moves, real estate deals, renovations, or security needs. Someone is significant in all of this so see what you can do to cement something a bit more or end it.

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Saturday the Sun moves into your sign! This is a great month for you to light up the world with your presence, to bask in the attention, to focus on your body, your looks, your image, or identity, and to put yourself out there. You need to make an adjustment to start this off and it is coming from your house of shared financial matters, sex and divorce so look at how loans, investments, outside resources, commissions, debt, a partner’s money, your sexual attractions or issues, or divorce is in some way in need of a shift to help you move into this phase from a stronger position. Career is in high gear today with lots of positive support so go for what you want.

Sunday the career, reputation, major goals or ambitions, dealings with authority figures, bosses or father, and any connection with fame will be where your emotions are most strongly tied. It looks like you need to have a serious talk, deal with serious news, make an important decision, deal with agreements, a big ‘yes’ or ‘no’, or handle something pressing with a sibling, neighbor, with a vehicle, locally, or through a short trip. Be willing to make some adjustments here with the person in question, it’s about commitment, effort, endings, or responsibility.

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Saturday the Sun enters Leo and takes his light into the hidden part of your chart for the next 30 days. This is a good time for you to retreat from the world stage a bit and rest, recuperate, develop, research, and spend time working behind the scenes on any artistic project, spiritual pursuits, dealings with hospitals, prisons or other institutions, or any clandestine affairs. You will get noticed for these efforts and it kicks off today with the need to adjust in this around a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent. Emotional energy is pouring through legal, media, marketing, travel, and educational fields with positive support here with others, especially where creativity and love are concerned or any representation is needed.

Sunday the energy is focused more strongly on law, education, media, publishing, marketing, ceremonies, publicity, beliefs, and travel. The person you are dealing with through one of these veins is in some way tied into the money you earn or spend right now and you need to make some adjustments today over responsibility here, limits, commitments or endings.

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Saturday the Sun moves into your social realm where he will light up connections with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, and your aspirations over the next 30 days. You will shine in efforts you make here and it starts today by making an adjustment in this through your artistic or spiritual approach to work, a co-worker, employee, health issue, or something involving animals. Emotions are focused on big money matters, sex or divorce and you have very positive stars behind your efforts to expand here, especially through work, healthy approaches, what you do at home, with moves, real estate, roommates, or handling animals.

Sunday you will focus in on the loan, debt, inheritance, taxes, insurance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, commissions, royalties, or another outside financial resource, or you will be focused in on a sexual attraction or issue or divorce. You need to make some personal or physical adjustments today to get closer to your ambition here. Look at your body, image, ego, identity, and personal needs, what can you commit to or end?

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Saturday the Sun moves into your career Midheaven where he will shine his golden beams of light on your reputation, fame, leadership abilities, career, goals, ambitions, and dealings with power players and authority figures. It’s your turn to shine so bring it, you have the next 30 days with this favor. Today it means you need to make an adjustment around your approach with a lover, child or your creative input to get closer to your goal. Emotions are squarely on a partner, agent, attorney, or nemesis. You will have positive support from the cosmos with these connections to expand, protect, find happiness or prosperity, and let things flow through love, kids, creative potential, writing, agreements, and the talks you share.

Sunday the focus is on these partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, advocates, competitors, or opponents. You need to make an adjustment with this person or about this person and it means getting serious about shifting something involving film, music, painting or other artistic outlets, a spiritual interest, hospital or other institution, research, development, hidden agenda, clandestine affair, self-sabotaging tendency, or addiction. Look at how you can commit more or set limits, structure something differently or end it.

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Saturday the Sun moves into your zone of travel, media, marketing, publicity, publishing, politics, religion, education, and ceremonies. You will have the spotlight over the next 30 days in these areas and will feel best when pouring your vital energy and taking the lead here. Today you will need to make an adjustment regarding home, mom, moves, real estate, family, roommates, or security to get closer to the goal here. Emotions are wrapped up at work, with co-workers or employees, your services, a health matter, or pets. You have lots of great energy here helping you to expand, empower and bring home and income or spending into line with these themes.

Sunday is about the work, your health or the pets and today there is big adjustment energy around this involving a friend, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, a social event, or your aspirations. Look at how you can get real, set limits, end things, commit, cement the bond, structure, or pursue ambitions with just a bit of a shift.

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Saturday the Sun moves into Leo and lights up your sexual energy, divorce issues, and all big money matters for the next 30 days. You will be in the spotlight in these areas, connecting and shining your light, pouring your vital and physical energy into expressing yourself here. Today that means that you will need to make an adjustment around news, a talk, meeting, agreement, decision, writing, a short trip, sibling, neighbor, move, or vehicle. The artistic, spiritual or romantic energy involved in this needs some new approach. Emotions will focus on kids, love interests and creative project with very positive energy around the communications, decisions, visits, writing, agreements, and personal needs being met.

Sunday you will be firmly focused on the child, the lover or your creative project but today this means making some adjustment around career, an authority figure, reputation, ambitions and goals, leadership style, or dad. See how you can rework responsibilities, limits, commitments, or endings.

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Saturday the Sun moves into Leo and puts a spotlight on partnership, representation and competition over the next 30 days. You will be pouring your vital life force and stepping up in the spotlight over partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, advocates, competitors, and opponents now. Today this means making some adjustments around money earned or spent or a possession in question. Emotions are on home, real estate, mom, family, roommates, or moves and you have great energy here for earning money or spending and any powerful transformation that is coming through research, strategies, hospitals, prisons or other institutions, dealing with addictions, artistic or spiritual approaches, or clandestine affairs.

Sunday the home, real estate, mom, family, roommate, move, or security needs will be the focus for your day. You need to get real about travel, legal, media, marketing, publishing, or educational matters here and this is going to require some adjustments. Look at ambitions, commitments, endings, responsibilities, limits, and authority figures in the mix as the way to shift things a bit closer to your goal.

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Saturday the Sun moves into Leo and lights up your work, health and pets arena for the next 30 days. This puts you in the spotlight with animals and taking the lead in helping them, in tackling your own health, starting a diet or new work-out regime, and through your work efforts, interviews, services you provide, with co-workers, employees, and paperwork. You will stand out in all of this. Today it starts with making an adjustment around your own image, needs, body, or looks. You need to shift your artistic, spiritual, romantic approach with yourself or you may need to visit a hospital or deal with an addiction. You are under very lucky stars for meetings, news, talks, agreements, writing, and any social connections or aspirations today.

Sunday is about the writing project, agreement, short trips, brother or sister, neighbor, neighborhood activity or vehicle, talk or meeting, or a decision you are making. Listen to your inner voice as you are really hearing more now than you ever have. There is something that needs to be shifted a bit and it involves a big money matter, divorce issue, mortality matter, or sexual attraction or issue. You may get news of this or make a decision about a commitment or ending, responsibility or limits.

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