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We head into the weekend on that big New Moon Solar Eclipse energy, raring to go, I figure you most likely have a pretty good idea what is changing and opening up where you live, at the root of a matter, involving foundations, security, family, home, real estate, mom, or early childhood issues. You have the 2 weeks ahead to get it in gear but not before enjoying the holiday weekend!

Saturday Mercury moves into Leo to get us talking about what’s in our heart. It’s all about true love, children, recreation, speculation, fun times, and creative projects now so open up the dialogue, meet, write, make agreements, audition, interview, pitch ideas, declare your intentions, all good. Today this new placement will adjust to Neptune so there is something you weren’t expecting in the mix that you will need to work around, look at fantasy, imagination, the arts, spiritual ideals, romantic interludes that are private, secret or for other reasons hidden, Karma unwinding, hospital matters, escapism, self-undoing tendencies, addictions, and development….yeah, well, it’s an interesting day! The Sun squares Saturn today which is about an obstacle or challenge around a ‘no’, limit, restriction, ending, commitment, or structure in our life. It involves your needs, a partners or other significant person such as a representative or competitor, and again, where you live or the roots of the matter.

Sunday we get an opportunity to get our hearts around the big change coming or in play, the triangle, the sense of power or control, and how our goal is evolving with the lover, love interest, child, or creative endeavor. There is opportunity to share passion, declare intentions, do something dynamic and fun out there locally with someone you love, to pitch the creative idea under positive stars, and to connect with that important person in solid ways, all good.

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Saturday you should find ways to talk to your kids, meet up and do something fun, pitch creative ideas, write, and look at any agreements that involve music, film, art, research, hospitals, other institutions, research, or development. Be willing to adjust a bit of what you are thinking or asking for if you want the best results. The square from Saturn is putting you in the home with something you must resolve with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, competitor, or opponent. Commit, end, work out structures, push those ambitions, limit, or take the lead.

Sunday is about love, kids or creativity once again. Today you will do what you can to adjust to the authority/father figure, career, goal, or ambition as you gear things up here. There is very positive opportunity for you to do something physical or passionate in the local arena or through a short trip, with siblings or neighbors, you can write, meet, share ideas, and solidify something with that partner, representative or competitor under positive stars.

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Saturday your mind shifts to home, family, mom, real estate, moves, roommates, anything that grounds and comforts. You will be looking for ways to come to terms here or meet up and share ideas. Social functions are in adjustment to the home so you may need to clean house before having friends over, tackle home or family matters before heading out to parties, deal with internet or group issues at home or in the move, etc. The Sun/Saturn square will help you to take your own needs seriously and to communicate them where work, health or pets are concerned.

Sunday is again focusing in on the home. You will want to deal with any travel, legal, media, or educational matters that are pulling you in other directions and affecting you here first thing today. There is great energy for you to earn or spend at home, with real estate, moves, mom, or family and to cement something involving work, health or pets so dive in, share the love.

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Saturday Mercury moves into your local arena, gears up your decision making, connects you to brothers, sisters, neighbors, moves, writing, agreements, and the fun you now want to have. You will need to make some adjustments around goals you have in mind involving artistic, spiritual or romantic needs and give them voice today. You are in a challenging aspect with a lover, child or creative project involving the money or values in the mix, look for ways to get real here, make commitments or mark endings, look at limits or ambitions.

Sunday is again about the talks, meetings, agreements, writing, decisions, local activities, short trips, siblings, neighbors, or moves. You will have to come to terms with something shifting sexually, through divorce or in shared financial arenas and say what you need to say, write it up or make that choice about the triangle, power, control, or manipulation you see happening. The rest of the day is all about positive meetings and talks that can be quite passionate and fun for you, look for ways to connect with the kids, the lover or your creative enterprise, you can really make headway.

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Mercury moves into the area of income for you on Saturday which is going to amp you up to talk and interview, pitch your product, audition, sell your service, write or sign agreements, that involve making money or something you are interested in spending on. You need to make an adjustment in this today around travel, legal, media, publishing, marketing, or educational matters. Look at how your artistry, spiritual nature, romantic needs, or imagination is being utilized. The Sun/Saturn square is going to help you look at your personal or physical needs regarding home, mom, family, moves, real estate, and security. You will want to deal with commitments or endings, limits or ambitions.

Sunday is again pointing at ways to earn or spend money with adjustments here around a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Once you figure out how to work this, you are on positive footing for passions behind closed doors, motivating on artistic project, or cementing something at home, with a move, real estate matter, or family. Work out your triangles with others today if you can, these will involve sexual attractions or issues, divorce matters or the financial picture.

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Saturday Mercury moves into your sign, feel like saying something?!! This is all about communicating your needs, making decisions that focus on you and your body, getting into talks about your image or identity, writing or signing agreements that are all about you, and today you will need to put that out there with an eye on adjusting to the sexual, divorce or financial atmosphere. Things are shifting a bit and you now are getting clear on what that means, deal with third parties, control, shared experience, and power in these talks. Sun/Saturn square can deplete you of vital energy so pace yourself and know that whatever you hear or decide today is definitely Karmic and meant to open your eyes.

Sunday is about you and your body, image, needs, or identity again but today this means making some adjustments around health, work or pet situations, look at how these are shared and the financial situation. Once you move past this blip, you are off to the races today with lots of energy around activities with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, networking, and pursuing your dreams, all good. You can have that talk about something serious, commit your time and efforts or draw the line in the sand, as well as connect with siblings, neighbors or put in some time writing on a serious project, all good as well.

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Saturday your ruler, Mercury, moves into your house of retreat, research, recuperation, karma, spiritual energy, development, imagination, music, film, artistic outlets, secret romances, hidden enemies, addictions, and institutions. You will be thinking on a more mystical level, putting your mind to these themes, meeting behind closed doors, writing on artistic projects, and strategizing in the weeks to come. You need to make some adjustments today in this involving a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent. The Sun/Saturn square helps you see your dreams and aspirations clearly and how income or spending limits or responsibilities need to be met.

Sunday is again focused on research, rest, development, any artistic projects, spiritual practices, romance, hospitals, addictive issues, covert enemies, or Karmic issues. You will be adjusting to third parties and any love or creative matters that tie into this today. Mars is gearing you up to achieve your goal and make some headway with career, ambitions, through actions you take to reach your objective and Saturn is helping you earn income on solid footing, you may hear of opportunities through a male figure today to help aid your monetary flow.

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Saturday Mercury is activating social connections for you, opening up the lines of communications, helping you write or tackle agreements, meet and talk with friends, groups, over the internet, through astrology, charities, and in pursuit of your dreams. Say yes to invitations to socialize but do what you need to with the health, work or pets to make it work today. The Sun/Saturn square is showing you any issues you may have around ambition, leadership, authority figures, career, and your personal place in this world. Look at any limits or commitments you need to get real about personally, physically or with your goals.

Sunday is again about connecting with the friends, groups, astrology, the internet, charities, and socializing. You will need to make an adjustment at home or around a move, roommate, real estate matter, mom, or security needs in this. Look at how things are being shared, third parties, power, and financial matters here. The rest of the day is going to open up in these social areas through travel, media, publishing, marketing, education, and legal venues under very positive stars, be proactive. You can solidify something personal or tied to your name or image in this.

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Saturday Mercury comes skipping into your career Midheaven with news about something creative or matters of the heart and the goal you are trying to achieve. You will be talking, writing, meeting more about career, ambitions, reputation, fame, or with authority figures and those who are in positions to help you. You need to make an adjustment around a lover or love interest, child or creative endeavor first, make sure you are in the real world on this or that your artistic or romantic vision is truly understood. The Sun/Saturn square is helping you to see how your needs legally, through travel, media, publishing, marketing, or education are being met and any limits or responsibilities in the mix around artistic projects, spiritual pursuits, clandestine affairs, Karmic connections, hospitals, or addictions.

Sunday is again about career, ambition, goals, reputation, fame, or authority figures. One talk, piece of news, decision, writing, agreement, paperwork, or sibling issue is going to need to be adjusted to as you look at shared experience, finances, or power in the mix. The rest of the day opens up for you in great ways for passion and sex, taking action on financial or divorce matters, and getting serious behind closed doors, on the art or romantic scene, researching, or attending to matters involving institutions or development, all good.

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Saturday Mercury moves into the higher minded part of your chart to get you thinking, talking, writing, and making decisions about trips, education, legal matters, ceremonies, media, publishing, marketing, and beliefs. You will need to make some adjustments with the house or move, real estate deal or family, roommate or security needs in this today. The Sun/Saturn square is helping you to see your needs sexually, in the divorce or in shared financial realms such as loans, inheritance, insurance, taxes, settlements, alimony, child support, bankruptcy, royalties, commissions, or a partners finances. A friend, group or internet matter is in some way coloring limits or responsibilities here.

Sunday is again about travel, legal, media, publishing, marketing, or educational matters. Do what you can about income or spending in the mix early in the day, focus on third parties, power, control, or shared experience and the changes you can make. The rest of the day opens up opportunities for you in travel, media, education, or legal arenas with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. You can share passion, motivate on something, and make solid, positive commitments or endings with the friend, group, internet, matter, or aspiration.

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Saturday Mercury moves into your deepest shared experiences in the chart and opens up meetings, talks, decisions, agreements, writing, and short trips around sex, intimacy, divorce, and all shared financial matters such as loans, inheritance, bankruptcy, taxes, insurance, alimony, child support, settlements, commissions, royalties, or a partner’s finances. The fun is about to begin but first you need to deal with an adjustment in thinking or news coming in around romance, artistry, hospitals, or addictions. The Sun/Saturn square is showing you your limits or serious needs with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor and how career, goals, ambitions, reputation, or authority figures are supporting or limiting now.

Sunday is again about the sex, divorce or financial picture! Today you will need to adjust a bit there babe! This may mean taking physical issues into consideration or making personal adjustments to sharing, power, control, and transformation. The rest of the day is offering opportunity to do positive things regarding health, work, pets, and cement the goal or reach for something solid on the career front.

AQUARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Saturday Mercury moves into your relationship zone to deliver news about a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor, and to open up talks, meetings, agreements, writing, short trips, and help you make decisions on these people over the next few weeks. Today this means adjusting financially which could mean there is a spending issue or that you have to work while they want you to play, or values and how money is handled could be on the table. The Sun/Saturn square is going to test you over work, health or pets and how these areas are tied to legal, travel, media, or educational themes. Look at limits and responsibilities, commitments or endings.

Sunday is again about that relationship (partner, representative or competitor) and today that means adjusting to something going on behind your back, with a third party, in research or development, with addictions or self-sabotage, in artistic projects, clandestine affairs, or spiritual pursuits, or involving hospitals or other institutions. Once you handle this issue the day opens up with this person in positive ways to share passion and love, do things with or for kids, get the creative projects going, or do something recreational, as well as solidifying something legally, in travel, media, or education, all good.

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Saturday Mercury moves into your work, health and pet zone to help you write, meet, make decision, interview, audition, sign agreements, negotiate, and take short trips that put you on new footing. You need to make an adjustment in this today by working with your look, body or ego in the mix over artistic, spiritual, romantic, or addictive issues. The Sun/Saturn square is going to show you where you stand with a lover, child or creative endeavor and how the divorce, sex, or finances are limiting, in need of commitment or some form line in the sand.

Sunday health, work and pets again are the focus with adjustments around social activities. You may need to tend work first before heading to the party or deal with shared energy sexually, financially or involving third parties before you can connect. Action at home will accomplish a lot today as will setting limits or committing to something shared sexually, financially or in the divorce, put efforts here.

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