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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The DESTINED and KARMIC Cycle by Zoe Moon

FATE and KARMA on a Personal, Physical and Relationship Level by Zoe Moon" 

The Nodes of Destiny and Karma and the messenger God Mercury are colluding on Tuesday the 16th across the Libra/Aries axis as part of their fated story when it comes to your identity, name, title, body, and personal goals/needs and those of key players in your life like romantic partners, business partners, clients, specialists, attorneys, opponents, competitors, agents, and advocates.

The North Node of Destiny is in Libra once every 18 years with the Karmic South Node opposite this point in Aries arriving at the same time. They travel through these signs for a year and a half once they arrive which they did back on February 18th, 2014. Their journey through Libra/Aries lasts from Feb 18, 2014 - Nov 12th, 2015. So we, all of us, are in a Fated and Karmic relationship cycle, one of just 4 or 5 in a lifetime.

Since we are experiencing one of the peaks this week ahead, I decided to dedicate this weekly forecast to the focus of these matters and to give you as much dates and information that I can so you may make informed decisions.

During this 18 month period we are inside an energy pattern that is working to evolve Karmic cycles with key people in our lives, moving those whom we've run the course of Karma or Destiny onward, out of our lives, and bringing in key souls who are meant to influence the next 18 year chapter. We are also making key choices about our bodies and identity or hearing news about our physicality, name, title, that will inform our next chapter as well. 

These are higher powers at work, we of course can work with or against them, use Free Will to avoid them, but in the end it is this kind of higher guidance that can be trusted to align us with our purpose and help us work through Karmic balance and Fated opportunities. This particular period is about you and them.
The last time this cycle was active was between August 1995 - January 1997. Before that it ran from January 1977 - July 1978. 

You can look back at how you were defining yourself or how events were defining your identity, what was going on physically with you, what you were attracting in relationship both personally and professionally, with specialists, representatives, partners, opponents, clients, and the like, and how things were evolving for you. Did you have major people enter or exit your life, did you redefine who you were on some important level or have it done for you at this time?

Let's define the Destiny and Karma Nodes (from Zoe Moon's perspective): Destiny Nodal action when triggered opens up doors in fated ways that seem to have a higher power tied to them, when something you hear about or decide or that drops into your lap is calling you towards your future, beyond what you are currently doing. It typically is beyond your comfort zone or something you have not achieved or experienced just yet, it is the future. Karmic Nodal action when triggered activates the portal between lifetimes, bringing potential to balance Karma or end/begin Karmic cycles with people or situations. So souls come through or exit, situations come through or exit, and if you have run the course with something as far as Karma is concerned, then you may see it go away at this point, if there is someone or something that is going to allow for Karmic balance in a new period to evolve, it will arrive now. It leads to letting go or directly back to past lifetimes.

During this year and a half long cycle through Libra/Aries, Mercury, who brings messages, coordinates meetings, opens up offers, ideas, speaking roles, writing, interviews, auditions, agreements, negotiations, sales, short trips, local activities, and decisions, will meet with one or the other of these Nodes 4 times. 

These dates will mark significant dates for you in Karmic balance or Fated situations concerning your body, identity or needs, or those key relationships in the mix. Here are the dates:

1) April 22nd, 2014: This is when Mercury sat on the Karmic South Node in Aries. Any ideas, news, talks, the signing of your name to something, etc, would have informed Karmic balance activated. It may have keyed in your showing up for something personally or physically, what was going on with your body, image, brand, name, title, identity, and any loss or openings that would help you balance Karma in a situation from past lifetimes or mark cyclic endings/beginnings based on Karmic balance.

2) Sept 16th, 2014: Mercury sits with the North Node of Destiny in Libra. Fated news, offers, meetings, agreements, sales, writing opportunities, interviews, auditions, short trips, local activities, ideas, or decisions involving partners, attorneys, agents, specialists, advocates, clients, competitors, opponents, or other key relationships are activated. This one comes in 3 steps thanks to Mercury Retrograde so Sept 16th, Oct 20th while Mercury Retrogrades and Oct 31st once Mercury crosses back over the last time in Direct motion.

3) April 5th, 2015: Mercury again sits the Karmic South Node in Aries and a second portal opens to past life situations or people, loss of current situations, opportunity to reform a Karmic bond, and a focus on body, your name on the page, image, brand, showing up for something personally or physically, or any news or decisions that affect you directly in these matters.

4) The final pass will be a one, two, three punch, due to Mercury Retrograde in Libra and apparently the cosmos feeling that we really need the added times to get it right. These dates are: Aug 28/29th 2015 Mercury Direct, Oct 7/8th, 2015, Mercury Retrograde and Oct 11/12th, 2015, Mercury Direct, all with the North Node of Destiny. These 6 days wrap up our Mercury sitting the North Node of Destiny in Libra and fated meetings, agreements, sales, writing, offers, ideas, short trips, local activities, interviews, auditions, and decisions involving romantic or business partners, representatives, clients, our audience, specialists, experts, competitors, opponents, advocates, or other key relationships.

The next round of this comes in Dec 2032 - June 2034. If you do not have something personal, physical, or pertaining to your name on the dotted line, identity, title, or brand to work out on a Karmic level, you may pass through these phases without news, ideas or choices to be made. If you do not need a specific individual who is meant to influence your destiny up ahead right now, you will pass through this period without an impact from a partner, rep, client, specialist, opponent, etc. Not everyone is on the same timeline with their Karmic balance or Destiny. Let's say you live long enough to have 5 of these rounds once each 18 years, it may be that your significant Karma and Destiny triggers happen in numbers 1, 2 and 4, skipping 3 and 5. Again, everyone's timeline with other key souls is different BUT if, however, you are meant to have this occur in this 18 month round, it will happen now, so note the dates, they are key for Mercury ruled information, meetings, etc.

Mercury also rules our brothers, sisters, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, and moves, so it may be that some of this keys in on these Mercury days to influence Destiny or Karma. I arm you with the information, you figure out what it means to your life!

I've concentrated on the Mercury connection in this article since our week ahead holds one such Mercury activation with the Karmic and Destiny points in our own self/body/name and with relationships, but just for reference sake, other personal planets are Venus, the Sun and Mars. So let me give you those dates too since this personal/relational axis is so important to most of us. You can pull out your calendar and fill in these key dates for the rest of this year and next and follow along to see what comes up for you.

During the 18 months that the Karmic South Node and the North Node of Destiny focus on our needs, body, identity, name, title, and brand, and that of the partner, rep, client, specialist, competitor, or other key relationships, here are the times when other personal planets will activate in the name of their energy:

VENUS: in charge of love, wedding potential, income, beauty, and women. Venus interacting with the Nodes will bring these topics into Karmic balance focused on you or towards your Destiny via key relationships, with the South Node-Karmic portal opens and personal, physical or name/identity matters tied to love, income, beauty, or women is balanced or begins/ends Karmically, North Node-Venus contact draws you towards your future Destiny via partners, reps, clients, specialists, opponents, etc.

1) MAY 27th, 2014: Venus on Karmic South Node in Aries.
2) OCT 15th, 2014: Venus on the North Node of Destiny in Libra.
3) MARCH 1st, 2015: Venus on Karmic South Node in Aries.
4) NOV 8/9th, 2015: Venus on North Node of Destiny in Libra.

The SUN: In charge of our vitality, ego, name, personal needs, body, image, brand. The Suns move across the Nodes will draw you to be present for something or focus on your physical self, body needs, image, brand, name, title, or ego. When it crosses the South Node you are at a point of balancing Karma personally or physically with/about yourself, with the North Node your name, title, body, or needs draw you towards your future and some key relationship in the mix.

1) APRIL 18th, 2014: Sun on Karmic South Node in Aries.
2) OCT 12/13th, 2014: Sun on North Node of Destiny in Libra.
3) MARCH 31st, 2015: Sun on Karmic South Node in Aries.
4) SEPT 24/25th, 2015: Sun on North Node of Destiny in Libra.

MARS: In charge of anger, passion and action, ramps up activity, moves things forward, is the 'activator', may bring younger male energy into play, motivates people and situations. When Mars is with the South Node it is about you and any Karmic balance, loss or turning points involving your body, image, brand, name, title, or personal needs, and a fight, your anger, your passions, drive and motivation, or vitality. When Mars is with the North Node of Destiny it is about activating partners, reps, clients, specialists, opponents, advocates, or other key players who will influence your future/Destiny, through action, anger, passion, or motivation.

1) JULY 13/14th, 2014: Mars on the North Node of Destiny in Libra.
2) MARCH 5th, 2015: Mars on the Karmic South Node in Aries.
3) NOV 12th, 2015: Mars on the North Node of Destiny in Libra (minor window).

To get a private reading with Zoe to look at how this is playing out in your unique birth chart, email and ask about the cost and scheduling. The more you know, the better! You can go BACK to the weekly horoscope here:


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