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Neptune’s here!!!

Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Sun, and Moon visit their own signs continually from every 2 and a half days to a couple years, Jupiter visits his sign once every 12 years, Saturn every 29 years, Uranus takes 84 years and visited his sign from 1995-2003, while Pluto takes 240 years so we might not have felt him in his own sign but he happened to visit there from 1983-1995. So Neptune was the last hold-out. He takes 164 years to move around the zodiac just once and now for the first time in our lifetimes, he is moving into his sign, Pisces, on Monday! He’s here!!!

He brings with him the promise of heightened imagination, fantasy, poetry, chivalry, romance, an artistic renaissance like no other, a further opening of the door to our psychic gifts and the world of dreams, and he will be introducing us to our oceans on another level, taking us into the hidden world that threads the veil, helping us to trust our intuition, visualize our reality into being, and sort through addictions or battles with hidden enemies seeded in a trail of past lifetime Karma. He will also help us rework our institutions over the course of his stay so that we exit this journey with improvements or alternatives to hospitals, prisons and psychiatric wards.

Monday Neptune moves into Pisces and we feel the opening. Watch for world events that may give us clues about which areas above will lead us into this new energetic. News or talks today are wrapped around the Aries energy so expect action, anger, passion, aggression, as you speak your mind or react to what you hear.

Tuesday the Taurus Moon is moving into nice aspects with Pluto and Venus so making money is high on the agenda today with potential to move a few mountains here. Someone you are involved with in this will require some working around or perhaps there is a lack of support for reasons of limits or responsibilities elsewhere, either way, do your best to push forward as you can make headway.

Wednesday is the embrace of the Sun and Jupiter in Aries which can bring big luck your way in this part of your chart or make whatever is happening much bigger. See if you can put yourself out there and stretch out in some way under this protective combination.

Thursday Venus adjusts to Saturn so again in the love or money matter you need to contend with the limits or responsibilities of the other person involved. Do you need to cut back spending, earn more, can you push the project you are developing forward without rushing the process? Talk about it today, you may be shown contracts or need to hash out an agreement, make sure you are not signing something new, only past people or situations for a few more weeks.

Friday brings some harmony to the partnership or with the representative or competitor as it seems you find accord. There may be a few things you want to get to behind the scenes that have to take a bit of a back seat today as your local errands or conversations with others flood the day. Don’t worry, these are all under such positive stars it should be worth your while to be distracted.

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Monday begins a new journey in the part of your chart associated with hospitals, prisons, places of retreat or isolation, your imagination and fantasy world, any film, music or fine art projects you are involved in, your artistic talents and skills, spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, psychic abilities or pursuits, issues with addictions, escapism, self-sabotage, Karma, hidden enemies, and strategy. This realm of life just got empowered and purified, any intuition you have in these areas should be nurtured and expanded upon. If there is anything in any of these fields you wish to learn more about, this is the beginning, get busy.

Tuesday is about making money and there is a woman you can work behind closed doors with to develop or strategize towards this. You may find yourself auditioning for a film or music project, going after money at a hospital or other institution, or gaining income through research or investigations. The other person you are dealing with needs you to understand limits or responsibilities in the mix, work on this.

Wednesday is a lucky day for you or one where you can stretch out and reach for something bigger. This is about anything you want to do physically or personally, getting your image or name out there, revamping your identity, going for a big opportunity.

Thursday brings more adjustments with the partner, competitor or representative in the picture, again about limits or responsibilities. Talks and meetings, especially those that you are impassioned about, will open doors, so dive in, follow your gut on this. Be willing to prove your point to someone in a position to help you but also know that today they will take this information in and need a few days to mull it over.

Friday brings accord with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. The flow is solid here especially with talks, agreements, writing, or meetings. There may be a money issue you are keeping secret or a woman you are dealing with in secret today and this seems quite burdensome, open up with someone you trust, there is so much power in your words today, you could find support out there.

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Monday Neptune moves into Pisces and your zone of friends, groups, social networking, the internet, astrology, charities, and wish-fulfillment. This really is like nothing you have experienced before Taurus. You are embarking on a journey into a new group of associates or circle of friends that will open up your world and help to make your dreams come true, expect that your artistic or spiritual path with a group you form or join, friends that support you, Karmic connections that are fated to show up during this cycle, and anything tied to the internet, astrology or charities will now take you to a whole other level. You have every reason to believe that if you can envision it now, you can make it a reality.

Tuesday is a good day for pulling together the trip, media or publishing venture, marketing campaign, educational materials, legal papers, and for seeing what you can do to implement the next steps. A female friend is helpful, reach out. Work, health or pets require some added effort as you deal with any limits or responsibilities here.

Wednesday is a ‘lucky’ day for you or one where you can do something bigger or reach for the stars a bit. It happens to be occurring in the sector of the sky influencing film, music, poetry, the arts, spiritual pursuits, hospitals, retreat, research, clandestine affairs, and strategy so put yourself out there.

Thursday brings the needs to again deal with adjustments going on with work, health or pets. The female friend will be part of this or there is a group where you earn or spend money tied into the picture. You should have some nice surprises or inspiration pouring into income matters, if any opportunities present themselves that you weren’t expecting, say yes, they look good, although you will have to work around travel, legal, media, or educational matters.

Friday brings accord with the person you are dealing with about work, health or pets so you should feel happy about the money today. If you are auditioning, writing, signing contracts (with past projects or people), or taking meetings it should go well for your bottom line financially. The female friend is going to have an issue today.

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Monday Neptune moves into Pisces and floods your career Midheaven, wow! This means that all of this energy is now stronger and concentrated for you to shine, to step up in a position of authority, to become known for your artistic inspirations and masterpieces, to begin the next level of advancement through film, music, the arts, poetry, spiritual pursuits, psychic abilities, with hospitals or other institutions, investigations or research, dealing with addictions, and bringing your imagination to the goals you wish to achieve. You could well become famous or infamous during this transit and Karma will now find you through these ambitious moves and any hidden romances or secrets that you cultivate.

Tuesday brings the potential to reach goals, especially dealing with a woman, and for bringing the financial picture into a better position. Love, creativity or kids require some work and effort, limits here or something going VERY slowly may have you a bit frustrated but it’s Saturn’s way right now or the highway, hang in there.

Wednesday is the Sun/Jupiter conjunction which brings luck to you with friends, group affiliations or activities, the internet, astrology, charities, parties, and around the pursuit of your aspirations so step up and step out, go for something big!

Thursday you will need to work around the issues that are creative or involve the love interest or child as again, Saturn’s slow and limiting energy is making you work harder, prove your commitment and master something here. Friends can take your mind off of things and anything social today looks fun and exciting. There may be a debt or other financial matter such as taxes or insurance issues that need tackling as well, don’t let it slide much longer.

Friday brings some solid ground with the creative project, lover/love interest, or child so you should be feeling better about where things are ending up this week. A woman on the career front or in a position of authority is going to either push buttons today or push you to achieve more. This could also be about pushing yourself to make more money on the career front. Again, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, and social occasions are your place to say ‘yes’ and to shine today, go for it!

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Monday Neptune moves into Pisces and the higher minded part of your chart, flooding and concentrating that great artistic and spiritual energy for you in your ventures into the media and publishing world, with marketing and publicity, around travel, import/export, foreign people or interests, through higher education so in taking more classes or teaching and sharing your wisdom, through legal means, ceremonies, politics, and religion. You are now channeling this energy of music, film, the arts, psychic abilities, spiritual pursuits, clandestine romance, and interactions with institutions through these realms. Open the channels, broadcast your inspirations!

Tuesday is about friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or your aspirations with powerful energy around this media, educational, legal, or travel matter. There is someone out there who loves you or wants to help you earn money through a combination of all of this so see what you can accomplish together. Do your best to work around any limits or responsibilities at home or with mom.

Wednesday brings the Sun/Jupiter conjunction so you have a big luck day or one where you can expand your horizons by stepping up and out on the career front, taking the lead, dealing with a boss or authority figure, going for a big goal, or doing something big with dad.

Thursday you will again need to handle any issues at home, with mom, real estate, roommates, moves, or family. This will be because of the woman you are involved with over travel, legal, media, or educational issues. Whatever you are planning, you should know you have a green light today on the career agenda, be in the moment and go for what feels right. You may have a bit of an issue with a partner, agent or competitor over third party issues.

Friday brings accord at home, with real estate, mom, or moves, as you are getting some solid results from efforts expended behind the scenes. The woman you are dealing with in the media, through travel, education, or legal matters is going to be a challenge however talks, meetings or agreements that aim at career enhancement are open and lucky.

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Monday Neptune moves into Pisces and kicks off a new level of artistic, spiritual and imaginative energy in your sex life, through your sexual attractions, around reproduction, in dealing with divorce, and in all your outside financial dealings. This means that you are going to attract more artistic or spiritual types or find ways to bring fantasy and imagination into intimacy, that Karmic issues that have held you to another can now be released through divorce if you find yourself here, and that the energy around loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, settlements, alimony, child support, royalties, or commissions will play more strongly through your artistic endeavors, spiritual pursuits or research and institutions you deal with.

Tuesday the major goal or career agenda is locking in place with some powerful opportunities to transform the work or health. You can find a love/intimacy or income/shared resources balance that pleases you. Talk about any limits or responsibilities you feel need work with bosses or others in a position to help.

Wednesday is a lucky day or one where you can see that you are going farther or reaching higher through travel, with people at a distance, through media, publishing, marketing, publicity, in an educational setting, or through ceremonies or legal matters. Put yourself out there, it’s a big day.

Thursday brings up the sex, divorce or financial matter and the need to work on an understanding or agreement here around limits or responsibilities. Make a decision to spend time with friends or groups today or if you can’t get out and connect in person, get online or on the phone, there is a lot of excitement in your social network around travel, media, education, or legal matters and opportunity abounds if you connect.

Friday brings solid understanding, talks, meetings, agreements, or writing potential with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, or towards your aspiration. You may feel challenged by a woman over sex, divorce or financial matters today and how this is tied into the social vibe you are working through. Again, luck and opportunity comes through legal, travel, media, or educational avenues.

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Monday Neptune moves into Pisces and floods your relationship zone with a concentrated energy like none you have experienced before. This is going to bring a more intense spiritual connection, romantic attunement, artistic inspiration, and any Karmic time travelers into your life through marriage or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, advocates, competitors, or opponents. You will attract these people because of your artistic or spiritual influence or find you are attracting those with strong energy here. There may also be issues to work through around addiction, drawing boundaries and escapism. Fantasy and imagination will play a bigger role now and anything utilizing this between you will open the dynamic to a greater level.

Tuesday is a stellar day for any media, publishing, travel, educational, or legal matters you are involved with someone else. Focus in on the creative flow and the love, it is all going well. You may need to attend to income issues today and any limits or responsibilities you have there.

Wednesday is a lucky day as the Sun and Jupiter embrace in your house of sex, divorce and other people’s money. Look for ways to expand your horizons and get physically or personally into the mix with someone you are passionate about or to move divorce issues forward, change your identity, or deal with the shared financials.

Thursday puts you working with a woman partner, representative or competitor and in need of looking at the limits or responsibilities around income in the matter again. Career is in focus and there is something you can do that may be quite inspired where outside financial resources are concerned. The internet or a social circle is positive for you in this and thinking or stepping outside the box.

Friday brings good, solid flow around the income and career agenda, put in effort and reap rewards of hard work. A female partner is under pressure today involving income, love or beauty, this may impact goals. The talks, contracts or meetings are very lucky for shared financial agendas and career so put energy here.

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Monday Neptune moves into Pisces and floods this energy with a concentration of spiritual, artistic, romantic, inspiration that will now be working for you through your work efforts, with co-workers, employees, around health matters, and with animals. This means you are now in a stronger position to bring film, music, fine art, spiritual infusion, research, dealings with hospitals or addictions, into the forefront of the work scene you pursue. There is a good deal of spiritual energy around your better health and tuning in will help you achieve goals and maintain balance. Your psychic or spiritual energy will be beneficial for animals as well. You could go into research work, investigations, hospital or prison work, or reach new heights in your artistic work.

Tuesday there is a strong focus on a sexual connection, divorce or the big financial picture. Look into loans, taxes, insurance, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, or other outside resources today tied to home or from home/real estate, this is under positive energy. You may find a woman who will work for or with you on this.

Wednesday is a lucky day or a day to really stretch out and reach for more through a partnership in business or romance, with an agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, or someone you are competing with or opposing. You can gain more through the efforts of others or can find a happy resolution to heal competitiveness if you put yourself out there today.

Thursday you will need to deal with the woman at work or about a health or pet situation. This may be a bit taxing for you as your own limits or responsibilities will be apparent. The great energy for you today is in talks or meetings about legal, travel, media, publishing, marketing, or educational matters and the surprising or exciting things going on with that partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor.

Friday is all about the accord you have regarding the trip, publishing, media, educational, or legal matter. It’s solid and there is either effort going in long term or it’s ended, a clean cut. The woman on the job or involved with health or pets is a stressor today. More positive energy is flooding in through partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors about travel, legal, educational, or media opportunities.

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Monday Neptune moves into Pisces and floods the field of true love, creativity and children for you with a concentration of artistic, spiritual, romantic energy unlike anything you have yet to experience here. This is opening the door to more chivalrous, artistic types to fall in love with or taking current love to another level, it will bring up any issues of addiction, self-sabotage or deception in love affairs to be cleared, Karmic lovers who have been waiting to show up in your life will now have the keys to enter, there will be more powerful inspiration flooding the film, music, fine art, and spiritual projects you launch. Your psychic abilities are going to strengthen attached to those you love and your creative ventures. Karmic souls will connect to you through artistic endeavors and children as well. And overall, you are embarking on a very mystical, muse filled time ahead with those you love and what you create.

Tuesday brings powerful connections with agents, attorneys, specialists, business or marriage partners, or competitors and you are under very positive stars here. This is about the money and what you are writing, signing, creating, or about the talks or decisions made about love or kids. Your retreat is shifting, make concessions around limits you feel about getting back out there.

Wednesday is a lucky day for you at work, with co-workers, your services, employees, health, and pets. This is about you reaching for something big or standing out in some big way, it’s all good.

Thursday you need to deal with a woman about the creative project or over the love or kids. Look seriously at any limits or responsibilities that are affecting what you want here and if it can be worked through. Sex, divorce and major finances are getting a boost today as you find something to motivate you on the work, to change it up or exciting news that gets you going.

Friday is solid around finances, divorce or sexual attractions/issues. You may be pulling the curtains and attending to efforts behind closed doors on this. A woman is challenging your creative position or love interest today or you could have a female child acting out over something. Put energy into talks, agreements or meetings about work, health or pets, this is where you are strongest and lucky.

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Monday Neptune moves into Pisces and brings a concentrated force around home, real estate, mom, moves, roommates, family, and security needs. This means that you will have more at your disposal at home or around what you are building upon through your artistic efforts, spiritual pursuits, romances, and dealings with institutions than you had before. You would do well in interior design now, setting up the home with a home theater, film room, music, dance or yoga studio, art room, or you could create art and sell it from home on a more prosperous level or begin collecting art to fill the home. You will want to watch out for water issues around home now or deceptive practices in builders or land lords as possible side effects.

Tuesday is solid for you with income and work efforts as well as with any money you earn or spend on health or pets. A woman at home or tied to real estate efforts or mom is helpful with the work, health or pet matter as well. Set limits or deal with responsibilities involving the friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity today.

Wednesday is a lucky day or one where you will stand out or stretch to broaden your horizons with a lover, love interest, child, or creative project. You are favored if you put yourself out there.

Thursday is about dealing with a woman at home or concerning home, real estate or mom, again with an eye on limits or responsibilities to the friend, group, internet, astrology, or charitable efforts. One-on-one relationships should go well today, especially with partners, representatives or specialists. Engage them in spontaneous ways to have fun, do something creative, share love, or do something with or for a child.

Friday is bringing the relationship with partners or representatives into line with the friend, social occasion, internet project, group activity, or charitable matter in very solid ways. You do need to deal with a woman at home today or a money matter there and this may stress a bit. Lovers, kids and creative efforts are under positive stars so talk, meet, write, come to agreements, take short trips, expand, and find your happiness here.

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Monday Neptune moves into Pisces and you are never really going to think the same way again! This is your arena of communication, transportation, writing, agreements, meetings, talks, local activities, short trips, and interactions with brothers and sisters. Neptune is concentrating spiritual, romantic, artistic energy in these fields now and your inspiration should soar! You could pen the most epic of tales, write a spiritual manifesto, sign agreements on a big artistic or spiritual endeavor, come to terms with a hospital, prison or other institution or come up with breakthrough ideas about how to bring a better vision to these institutions. You could meet the most romantic influence of your life now, most likely out and about locally but possibly through introductions through siblings or neighbors. The only down side here is watching out for boundaries, deception or addiction issues through these areas.

Tuesday is empowering with a lover, child or creative venture, putting you in the power seat and allowing for talks or agreements that center on love or money, yay! Be willing to deal with limits or responsibilities on the career front too as you are going to have lots of energy around you.

Wednesday is a lucky day for you at home or regarding home, with real estate matters, mom, moves, roommates, or security needs. You may have something big come through or decide to stretch out or reach for the stars today, happiness is wrapped up in you stepping up and standing out in these areas.

Thursday you need to deal with a woman through talks, meetings, agreements, or it could be that the woman is a sister or neighbor with issues. You may be again feeling the limits or responsibilities on the career front and have to juggle a bit. Work, health or pets is pouring some positive energy out there for you if you take action on the home or real estate matter as it occurs, you do need to watch your own personal or physical transformative powers in this though.

Friday brings solid results from efforts put in on the work front, with health or pets. The woman you are in talks with or the sister/neighbor with issues is still in the mix, open up about the work, health or pet issue. Again, home, real estate, mom, moves, roommates, or security needs are under positive stars, talk, sign agreements (past), or meet over work or health matters here.

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Monday Neptune moves out of your sign and into Pisces! This is big for you as you should gain some instant clarity about yourself that has been a bit in a fog for years now. This may be about your image, body, identity, or ego but regardless, you should feel as though some long time confusion over who you were supposed to be or what was going on with your place in the world is clearing up. In this new placement you will have a more concentrated inspirational energy applying to the way you earn your living so you want to focus in on artistic projects such as fine art, film, music, or others, spiritual pursuits, psychic endeavors or magic, fantasy and illusion, utilizing your imagination, dealing with hospitals, prisons or other institutions, rehabilitation, retreats or addictions, research, investigations and clandestine affairs, as all areas of interest for income.

Tuesday is about home or real estate matters and something you are doing there involving earning or spending money. It is under positive stars and any research or artistic work you put into it should pay off. You need to also attend to any limits or responsibilities around travel, legal matters, education, or media in this.

Wednesday is a lucky day for you or one where you will want to reach for something big or hear big news. It’s all tied to the local scene for you, with siblings, neighbors, short trips, or to a writing project, agreement, meeting, talk, decision, or idea you have, so open up, step up, get out there and go for it.

Thursday you need to deal with a woman about the income or spending. Look seriously at limits or responsibilities around the trip, marketing or media campaign, education, or legal matter involved. Your creative and love energy gets a boost today and you may get a last minute invitation or hear news that sends you, be spontaneous and active, it’s all good.

Friday is solid for love, kids and creative projects, and the legal, media, educational, or travel matter concerned. You again need to deal with the woman about income or spending and how this is affecting your feelings about creative endeavors, children or true love. Talks and meetings with your lover, kids or about creative projects, end up lucky later today so reach for those stars again.

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Monday your ruling energy moves into your sign for the first time in your life. It’s big. It is a concentration and purification of your artistic talents, spiritual energy, romantic ideals, and intuition flooding into your body, image, identity, and ego needs. It will begin to put you miles ahead of the class as an artist, in film, painting, music, anything identifying you as the person creating the art. It will help you to come into your own spiritually, you may make changes to your look or body for art or spiritual pursuits or you may go into helping at a hospital or prison and this inspires a new look. The mists of illusion that surround you as a person are growing heavier now and this will bring you into people’s imaginations in much more interesting ways up ahead. You are now channeling Karmic energy in a new way as well so there may be something you are about to step into for the first time this lifetime that is truly the reason you came in the first place.

Tuesday is all about the talks, meetings, agreements, or anything involving neighbors or siblings. You can really get things going here with a friend, social event, over the internet, or for a charity, this may in turn earn money for you or bring love your way. You do have to deal with adjustments around outside financial resources.

Wednesday is a lucky day for you or one where you will reach for the stars or try to expand your horizons through income or spending. This may mean you are offered a nice chunk of money to spend or that you spend a large sum on yourself today. Efforts should be towards getting yourself out there in ways that can bring in positive money flow.

Thursday you need to deal with your own issues and how you see yourself in the big financial picture or over a sexual or divorce issue. Look at limits or responsibilities in the mix. You should find that if you put energy in at home or with real estate you can really generate income or spend on something unusual or surprising. A friend, group affiliation, internet project, or charity requires some adjustment today.

Friday is solid at home as you tackle the financial issues or connect with someone seriously in an intimate nature or to deal with divorce issues. You do need to deal with your own physical or personal challenges at home today but through talks, writing, agreements, or meetings you should seed some very lucky income matters at home or through real estate.

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