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So here we go fellow Grand Cross warriors!!! You should congratulate yourselves as you are very rare, brave and wonderful souls to have masterfully and strongly come through one of the most challenging configurations of hundreds of years!!! This weekend is the final major culminating aspect here and I am personally in awe of how many of you kept beautiful open hearts and stayed true to your higher vision even in the toughest moments!

Saturday Saturn, the energy of limits, time, responsibility, restriction, ambition, loss, and you know, the effort and discipline in life that pushes you to work hard and achieve, squares Pluto. Pluto is the dude in charge of death, transformation, power, control, financial debt and empowerment, shared resources, sex, divorce, triangles, manipulation, depth, and the underworld.

You can see why everyone you know has been going through such huge change as these two megaliths challenge each other across our lives. The build-up has taken weeks, you pretty much should have a clue as to what it is all about now and this weekend you will get any last pushes, or the frustration with Saturn’s brakes will push you to hammer your way through with effort and commitment or walk away.

Saturn is in the sign of relationship, justice, balance, fair and equitable situations involving two people, the equation between representatives, specialists, competitors, or open enemies as well as partners. Pluto is in the sign of ambition, leadership, authority figures, father, fame, and career.

You can simplify this by asking yourself what is it you want to achieve and who is it that you need to help you achieve it. Then ask yourself what you need to change about yourself to do this. Jupiter and Uranus have been trying to help you change your own approach on another point of the Cross. In other words Dorothy, you always had the right shoes to go home, home being you. The other person you so desperately are trying to balance with is a reflection of yourself. So, what’s it going to be?

Sunday will be about making some personal or physical adjustments to a creative project or in a direction towards love or children. This will be in response to something that has been hidden or is coming at you unexpectedly from an artistic, spiritual or institutional source. Working on things with friends or groups should prove beneficial.

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Saturday the Grand Cross completes with significant relationships becoming very focal as you steer towards empowerment and ambitions. What do you truly want to achieve and what needs to happen with the person involved? It’s time to commit or change or end something here. Look at how you yourself are evolving in creative fields, with your relationship to children or to a lover. Tonight friends or social occasions benefit you or bring some excitement.

Sunday the flow is working for you through socializing or pursuing your aspirations and working out something long term with a partner, representative, specialist, or in dealing with the competition. Again the question comes to you, stronger today, who are you in relationship to your creative evolvement, your children or a lover and what can you adjust towards a dream you have for yourself?

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Saturday brings the final peak moment with the ongoing Grand Cross as you feel the limits, authority or ambition reaching critical mass around a health issue, work situation or goal, or something involving pets. The huge change, death or transformation from this is occurring through travel, media/publishing/marketing, education, or legal matters. Your home, living situation, family, or a real estate deal need attending to today as well as you look at who you are here and how your needs are being met. Something surprising and positive is waiting in the wings tonight.

Sunday the flow from ambitions, authority figures or career is positively affected by the work you get serious about, the way you approach your health or handle animals. Look again at how you can adjust personally or physically to the home/living situation or handle yourself differently with a real estate matter or family member. There is something changing within a friendship or social circle because of this.

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Saturday the Grand Cross drives a point home for you and it is all about love and intimacy, power and control, a divorce or financial situation, a child or shared resource, or a creative venture and the money or control here. Look at limits, authority, leadership, and a very big change that has been working on you through these doors. You must speak up for yourself today in a new way or make a decision or approach a writing project with some adjustment if you wish to achieve your ends. Tonight brings positive energy between friends or social activities and publishing, travel, media, law, or education.

Sunday the flow is very positive between ways to broadcast your ideas, teach, deal with legalities, or travel, and the serious situation going on creatively or with children or lovers here. Again you must get real about your image or needs in a writing or communication matter, in a talk or meeting, or in dealing with adjusting to a siblings needs or short trips involved if you want to reach an exciting goal or make changes or breakthroughs on the career front.

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Saturday the Grand Cross makes its final lock on home or family matters and any limits, commitments or endings here as well as taking on more responsibility with real estate deals or moves. This is all about doing what is necessary here to transform or empower yourself in relationship, with representatives or in dealing with competitors. What needs to change? You must make some adjustments around your image or needs regarding earning your living in relationship to this other person in the picture. Positive opportunities await tonight.

Sunday the flow between the financial picture, divorce or intimate connection and the home or move is very positive. It’s a serious and ambitious energy that is trying to support you here. Again you must step up and make some adjustments physically or personally to deal with making money or around money you are spending involving media, publishing, travel, education, or legal matters.

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Saturday is the final major Grand Cross aspect as Saturn and Pluto lock in and you will want to look carefully at a serious decision, writing assignment, talk, meeting, agreement, or interaction with a sibling, neighbor or move. The transformation and major change is coming through work, health or pets here. You are being asked to make some personal or physical image/body adjustments now to reach your ambition. Tonight brings excitement through travel, people at a distance, media, law, or education, leaving you feeling pretty good about someone.
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Saturday brings the last hit in the Grand Cross your way and the final challenge or driver between income, spending or a possession and the lover in question, child or children’s needs, or creative project. What do you want and what needs to change? You are being asked to look at your own needs or what is going on physically with you or surrounds your identity and how this is being in some way hidden from view or secreted away. You must make a move out into your own well being. Tonight the flow from work or health aligns positively with high finance, sex or divorce, put the energy here.

Sunday a partner or representative is there for you to talk or meet with, look for ways to share something serious here, commit or end something under this supportive energetic. Again, you are hermiting off or doing something behind the scenes that is requiring adjustments from you physically or through your own ego needs or identity. What do you want to change with the partner or representative or how can you adapt to what the specialist throws your way today?

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Saturday the Grand Cross culminates with a final square between Saturn in your sign and Pluto in Capricorn. This means you are at the end of a certain road involving who you are, your image, body, personal needs, or identity and you need to make some serious decisions about what you are going to do to change and empower your own foundations in life that you are building upon. This can relate to the home environment, roommates, moves, renovations, real estate deals, or family. You need to make some personal adjustments around a friend or group today as well here. Tonight looks quite positive with fun, creative projects, love or kids and a significant person in your life.

Sunday the flow is golden between recreation, kids, love, and creative projects to you so soak it up. There may be something serious in this or it may be geared towards a father figure or ambition. Again you must make some personal or physical adjustments regarding a friend or social occasion as you field work, health or pet excitement or changes.

SCORPIO: (to schedule a private reading with Zoe call 818-613-6067)

Saturday the Grand Cross wraps with a square between Saturn in Libra and your ruler, Pluto, in Capricorn. This is asking that you end the isolation or hermiting off, get serious about a film, music or other artistic outlet or wrap it up, deal with responsibilities to hospitals or other institutions, or addictions and self-undoing tendencies. The major transformation that wants to come from this is a change in the way you are thinking, through a decision, writing project, meeting, move, or idea. For some of you siblings or neighbors are part of the equation. Make some adjustments around your personal needs to reach a career ambition. Tonight nice surprises await in work, health or with pets.

Sunday the flow is lovely at home, with roommates or real estate deals and any serious time you want to spend alone there or research something, involve the imagination in a project here or recuperate. Again you must look at who you are on the career front and make more adjustments to reach a new creative idea, love interest or something involving kids.

SAGITTARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Saturday the Grand Cross peaks with a square between Saturn and Pluto. This is all about setting a limit, ending or committing to a group or friend, or an aspiration that you are trying to achieve. You must look at ways to transform your income situation, earning or spending in this. There is a personal adjustment required of you through travel, media, legal channels, or education towards the money matter. Tonight is all about positive opportunity with lovers, creative projects or children and the talks, meetings or writing you do.

Sunday brings a serious and positive talk or meeting with a friend or group your way. You can commit here or end something under positive stars. Again you must make some adjustments personally or physically through travel, media, law, or education that will help you to adapt to changes at home or with a real estate deal, roommate or family matter.

CAPRICORN: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Saturday the Grand Cross peaks for you as your ruler, Saturn, squares Pluto in your sign, oy! This has been pretty intense for you as you set limits, made commitments and ended things based on your own needs in career, with a major goal, in leadership, and around reputation. Major personal empowerment is the key in all of this as your identity or image, body or who you are becoming is changing in a powerful way. Stay true to the image you now have in your mind about who you can be. You will need to make some physical or personal adjustments today over a financial matter, divorce issue or sexual conquest. Tonight is great for income and surprises at home or with real estate, earn or spend here.

Sunday the flow is golden between income and career with serious and positive results for the efforts you put in. Again you must make some physical or personal adjustments around sex, divorce or a major financial matter as you hear news that surprises, have a chance meeting or talk to someone about something that is changing. Agreements may shift a bit today as well as writing projects, go with the flow.

AQUARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Saturday the Grand Cross is making its final play in your life over getting serious, setting limits, looking at ambitions, committing efforts, or ending something around travel, media, publishing, marketing, education, or legal realms. This is about transforming something pretty profound that has been changing behind the scenes, in secret, involving clandestine love, the artistic project, a spiritual pursuit, hospital or addiction. You must be willing to make some physical or personal adjustments today regarding the partner or representative. Talks or meetings tonight are exciting.

Sunday the flow is amazing between you and your emotional needs and the legal, travel, educational, or media matter in the mix. It is about something serious and long term that is benefiting you here. Again you need to make an adjustment with a partner, representative, competitor, or specialist. This involves changes to earnings or spending or a possession in question.

PISCES: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Saturday the Grand Cross peaks as something involving a major financial matter comes into view and shows the limits, comes to an end or requires your commitment and effort. This could as well be about a divorce, death or sexual matter. The major transformation attached to this challenge is happening around your aspirations, social circle and group affiliations. You must make some adjustments physically or personally around work, health or pets to accommodate the friend or group. Tonight is positive for income and excitement.

Sunday is all about a positive flow through the serious energy pulsing through financial matters, sex, divorce, or dealing with a death, and what is happening behind the scenes or with an institution. Again you must make personal or physical adjustments around work, health or pets as you accommodate exciting or surprising moments happening to awaken your own being.

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