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Do we get a break this weekend? Well, it’s not so much a break as it is an introduction. We are still submerged in the Grand Cross activity, change, change and more change, but this weekend we have an opening with the Moon in Libra to look very clearly at the significant relationships in our life and we want to take the time to do this.

Starting next Wednesday, Saturn, the Lord of Time, ambition, responsibility, limits, and serious effort is going to move into Libra, the sign of partners (marriage or business), agents, attorneys, specialists, and competitors. At that time we will wrap up a two and a half year testing period over our work, health and pets and entering into a time of tests and mastery with these significant relationships.

The Moon is giving us an emotional insider’s look this weekend at just what that may entail in our individual lives by directing us to look at the mirror through the other before it all locks in. So, allow yourself to FEEL what you feel on Saturday and Sunday, let it wash over and through you. See who shows up and who exits, who is standing by on the sidelines looking all sweet and suddenly available, who is pissed and done and on their way out the door. Look at how it makes you feel. Look very closely at why you needed this particular mirror. What are they displaying or offering that you need to deal with within yourself?

By the end of Saturn in Libra you will find that you have mastered a new level of relationship in your life and the tests that show up are to help you approach relationship in the Libran way: fair, balanced, equitable, from a higher esthetic, through the higher vibration of Venus.

On Saturday you can talk about this under very favorable stars. Even if the results of the talk go a different direction than you hope for, know that the universal energy is saying this is positive for you. Expect that communications, meetings, agreements, decisions, short trips, writing, or sharing of ideas will play favorably into what you discover about a significant relationship or why or what is important here involving your need for one/avoidance of one. Focus on love, children, fun, and recreational topics and see what comes up. Remember this is not just about romantic or business partners but also embraces those people who represent your interests so if you need to meet with an agent or manager about kids or creative ventures, do it.

On Sunday the relational energy is tied to your mystical, spiritual ideals. This can be good or bad depending on where you are in the situation. Ask yourself if you are partnering to reach a spiritual bond or romantic ideal, are you connected on some level higher than the physical attraction, do your aspirations for your life flow with this connection you have or want? Is there something you can do to change this? For some of you the question is about a representative and a connection with a friend or group and how you are breaking through the veil to discover your purpose for being here. It’s intense stuff. Once the Moon moves into Scorpio in the early afternoon you will be able to move your focus to personal power, sex, finances, divorce, you know, those profoundly shared experiences in life. Look at how you need to adapt something personally or physically to reach your desire here and then do what it takes to go after that goal. The link from Scorpio Moon to Pluto is about an opportunity to make progress here that is pretty deep.

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Saturday you should really think about what you are feeling for the big, important person in your life or look at what is going on within yourself in your effort to find or detach from such a person. Is there something you can talk about regarding the love in the equation, the children, the children’s project, the creative venture, fun, or recreational activities? The energy says, ‘Get it out on the table today because it needs to be dealt with’. It looks like positive results from the communications today.

Sunday how a friends partnership issues are dealt with comes into view and there is a harmonious flow here. If you want to partner with a friend or are part of a group that is representing your own objectives, this as well seems positive where artistry, romance or spirituality is concerned. Once the Moon moves into Scorpio the day is more intense and you will find that you are empowering yourself through the personal efforts you make and finally reaching a goal by days end.

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Saturday opens your feelings for someone to partner with or represent you. You could find common ground with them in the work you do, with your health or through connections with animals. Look at what can be discussed at home or about a property matter, look at how family is affected or your own security needs, these topics can be communicated and decisions made that will favor your own progress.

Sunday brings the person you are connected with in the work, health or pets to the forefront again and links a romantic, spiritual or artistic goal to the equation. This is harmonious energy here so plan to feel good about what is occurring. Once the Moon moves into Scorpio the rest of the day is about how you feel about a significant relationship potential and time behind closed doors that takes you by surprise or a new way of approaching an artistic project, research, hospital or addiction, or secret. Look for ways to travel, get into a media or publicity matter, teach or take a class, or handle something legal with this person.

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Saturday is going to bring a significant other and the talk or meeting you have over love, creative projects or children. This is the weekend that should begin to show you what you really need and where things are going so don’t hold back, ask for what you need and open up anything that is hovering there. If single, you could meet someone pretty great out in the local scene today or through someone who lives close by.

Sunday the flow between love, creative outlets and kids to travel, media ventures, education, or legal matters is very harmonious. Again it is important to look at who you are partnering with here or who you would like to be partnering with, who is representing your interests and what needs effort. The shift into Scorpio Moon mid-day will put your focus on the work that needs tending to open doors linked to a friend or group, health and pets may figure in this as well. There are powerful breakthroughs where financial or intimate goals are concerned from the effort extended.

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Saturday asks that you look at partnership or representatives involved in home or property matters and that you open up talks about earning money here. You may be the specialist in something at home today that helps you earn as well, it’s all under opportune stars.

Sunday the feelings around home and property matters and partnering or representation here meet the other side of the financial realm so you may be tackling a loan or taxes, insurance or settlements, or any other outside resource in a harmonious way over home or through what you do there. This is also the house of sex and divorce so if you need to initiate at home or over property do so. Moon into Scorpio later today means creative projects take center stage along with love or kids as you stretch to reach goals and find ways to empower through the partner or representative.

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Saturday will find you talking or meeting over partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. It’s a day where significant relationships will stimulate your mind, and push you to ask for what you need, declare your intentions, make a move, or possibly to get out and meet someone new who falls into one of these catagories.

Sunday brings great harmony between the artistry, romance, or spirituality involved with this significant person and again, you will feel as though expressing your heart here is vital and positive. The Moon moves into Scorpio in the afternoon and will shift focus to home or property and any travel, legal, educational, or media matters you are dealing with here. Pluto promises potential to transform something through the work you do, with your health or over the pets that should have you feeling good about home.

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Saturday is a good day to look at who you are partnering with or who is representing you to earn money or to look at how they are spending it. There is positive energy here to talk it out and undo any self-sabotaging that may have taken place or to deal with something secret that is going on, research, hospitals, addictions, film, music or other artistic outlets, spiritual pursuits, or clandestine love affairs.

Sunday income or spending is again in the spotlight along with the important person involved here and you will want to put in the work towards the artistic project or spiritual pursuit, or tackle health or pet issues that are costing or can earn you money. Once the Moon enters Scorpio the rest of the day will be about intense talks or agreements that stretch you over shared resources, divorce or intimacy and then help you to make some kind of break through with the creative venture, lover or child.

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Saturday is all about the link with the friend, group or social circle, the aspiration or networking, and you seem to be the one in the position to partner here or to stand out as the representative in the matter. For some of you this group or friend is triggering you as a competitor. Whichever it is, you should do your best to think about the balance, fair and equitable energy here and talk about it to open things up, it looks positive if you do.

Sunday the focus is still on you as the partner, representative or competitor but today that will involve a creative project, lover or child/children so look at how your artistry, spirituality or romantic nature can be met here, again positive. Once the Moon moves into Scorpio you will be focusing in on income and how to stretch with another person in the picture to broaden the scope. Breakthroughs come at home, with property or foundations.

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Saturday opens the door to feelings about partners, competitors, specialists, or representatives involved with secrets, retreat, research, investigations, hospitals, addictions, film, music or other art forms, or spiritual pursuits. You should talk or meet today about the goals you have here and how career or reputation can be enhanced through these avenues.

Sunday again puts feelings into the realm of the mystic, secret, research, hospitals, film, fantasy, clandestine romance, or spiritual pursuits but today that links to home, moves, real estate, or living situations and the harmony that can be achieved here. Once the Moon moves into your sign you will feel empowered to get moving on work, health or pets and to have at least one very powerful talk or meeting that meets your needs, decide what you want and go for it.

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Saturday is about looking at significant relationships and how you are feeling with a friend, group, social occasion, networking, or about an aspiration. You should open up and talk about the travel, distance, beliefs, legal matters, media or publicity, or teaching/class you want to take. It is important to get it out there today.

Sunday the balance within the friendship, group or with the aspiration and your needs in relationship again are the focus but today this links to something artistic, romantic or spiritual you are writing, meeting about or talking out, this as well is harmonious. Once the Moon moves into Scorpio the day turns to time behind closed doors or focused on artistry, romance or spiritual ideals to unlock your creativity, love or needs with a child. There is a positive link to income here so earning or spending in these areas is favored.

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Saturday is about a goal you have coming into focus that involves partners, representatives, specialists, or competitors. You will find that talks, decisions, meetings, and agreements are center stage here and will be all about the sex, intimacy, divorce, loans, settlements, inheritance, debt, credit, insurance, taxes, or any other shared resource that might be topical. Get it out on the table today under these positive stars.

Sunday again brings focus to a relationship goal or someone who is tied into the career realm with you and today’s energy brings income or spending into view in a positive light involving romance, artistry or spirituality. Once the Moon moves into Scorpio you will be turning attention to friends, groups or aspirations and ways to do things at home or with real estate or moves. This looks empowering for you.

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Saturday asks you to look at how you partner or who you partner with where travel, legal, media, or educational matters are involved. This could be about feelings here with an agent, attorney or competitor as well. What do your beliefs have to do with where you are in the scenario, are they being honored? Talks you have today about relationship or with this partner, representative or competitor will open up opportunity to clear things a bit.

Sunday brings more energy around travel, media, law, or education and the person involved here but today there is a direct link to you, who you are, your image or identity, or your body and the romantic, spiritual or artistic expression you bring. The connection here for you is harmonious. Once the Moon moves into Scorpio you will be focusing in on goals or career and the talks or meetings you need to have to expand your horizons. Expect to work some magic behind the scenes here in powerful ways.

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Saturday the energy is around the partner, representative or competitor and how you feel about major financial matters here, the sex or intimacy, reproduction, or divorce. Look at ways to talk or meet about the work you can do, health matters or pets for good results.

Sunday again focuses on the finances, sex or divorce with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor but today you can reach some kind of positive romantic, spiritual or artistic connection by tuning in and pulling back into a private space. Once the Moon enters Scorpio you will be focused on the trip, media, educational, or legal matter that takes center stage and the way you need to stretch yourself to earn money or spend here. Powerful transformations come through friends or groups.

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