Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hello rock stars and divas. I have finally reached the bottom of my Easter basket and can say good-bye to the chocolate high and hello to the hikes and lettuce, thank goodness we don’t have another holiday involving baskets of candy until Halloween :)

The week ahead is great for getting active, starting a physical regime or doing something that gets your energy up as we are getting a New Moon in Aries on Wednesday! So bite those bunny ears and get that cute gym outfit on, it’s time to get moving!

Monday will bring the major goal to your attention in a pretty big way, here it is…look at this carrot, yes you know you want it…now what are you going to do about it? Luckily Mars is cooperating with the Moon and you will figure out what action you should take and then take it. Expect to dive into the creative fray or motivate with loved ones or children’s themes.

Tuesday there are NO ASPECTS. Is there an echo in here? Yep, that’s right, no aspects baby :) The Sun is in Aries and the Moon is in Aries so it’s a me-me kind of day, do yourself a favor and enjoy the moment to get things going in a direction that will suit your aims. It’s a great day to jumpstart the idea of the New Moon tomorrow by doing something active and vibrant but without really launching anything just yet. If you need an ounce of courage drink it in today, it’s there for the taking.

Wednesday is the New Moon in Aries. No more excuses. Aries doesn’t even necessarily care to think it all out, that is better left to the Gemini’s and Virgos anyway. Nope, Aries is about leading, being fearless, dynamic, passionate, going for broke, making it happen, making it happen in the face of overwhelming odds, you know, bravery! This is warrior god energy and you have two strong weeks beginning today to do what you want to do. There is a friend or group in the picture today who can aid you artistically, romantically, spiritually, with something associated with hospitals or addictions, bad habits or secrets.

Thursday is about the money. Powerful energy is aligned to help you earn and make a name for yourself or gain recognition for your efforts on the career front. Mars is out of alignment here so the kids, lover or creative output will have to be overcome in some way as you tackle monetary matters. Talks and agreements are favored.

Friday is a continuance of money matters and when I say money matters I mean income, not debt or loans, etc. You have a woman in the picture today that is there for you and a positive opportunity to do something inventive or artistic behind closed doors that can earn you income. You may also be doing something at a hospital or other institution that is connected to earnings. The friend or group is not on the same page today so you may have to work around this.


Monday begins with energy around retreat or hospitals, some kind of need to deal with something behind the scenes that is pulling in a different direction than health or work so do your best to balance responsibilities or restrictions here. The day picks up for you when the Moon enters Aries and you can see the major goal you want to reach and just what is standing in the way to make that happen. It is possible that this is a major financial issue or one involving a triangle and control issues. Mars, your ruler, is on your side and in positive angle to help you to go after something creative, to express passions with a lover, or to make something happen involving children that benefits you.

Tuesday there are no aspects. However the Sun and Moon are both in your sign. This means if anyone is favored today, it is you. Think about how you might like to use that to your advantage. Focus on your body, image, identity or personal needs goes a long way.

Wednesday brings a New Moon in your sign. This is a highpoint for you since it is like a New Years Day for you. The past year is now behind you and you are being given a brand new beginning to start over. Body, ego, image, identity, and anything that has personal desires stamped upon it are the areas you should pour all of your energy into setting up on the right foot over the next two weeks so your year ahead is on solid ground. A friend or group is on your side in this today.

Thursday is about making money or spending on something towards your goals or ambitions, career or reputation. There is powerful and positive energy working for you today so get your resume out there, take meetings, pitch ideas, sign agreements, write or present writing projects, but make the money or do something to make that happen. Lovers, kids and creativity is out of sync in this today so just keep your mind and energy on earning and career.

Friday is more energy for you to earn money, tackle issues with possessions or spend on career goals. Today there is a woman involved or you are earning in something related to women or beauty. There is strong support from the arts, film, music, stage, dreams, fantasy, hospitals, research, retreat or work done behind closed doors and internet, astrology, or groups. Do what you can to pull on something here to make money as luck and unique opportunities await you. The friend or group is not on the same page due to artistic, spiritual, romantic, or secret matters.


Monday will open with some kind of push-pull between romantic or artistic aspirations and the restrictions you are feeling around a lover, children or creative project. There is a need to balance this, to put some emotional context around it as best you can. Once the Moon moves into Aries you will have the motivation to do some acting or music, or dive into some form of artistic expression. You may want to retreat, work behind closed doors or research, some of you will need to do something about a hospital issue. Pluto is challenging you to evolve things so the change can happen in media, education, legal matters, or travel. Mars is helping you on the home front or with living situations so get what you can done there today.

Tuesday there are NO ASPECTS! Since the Lights are both in Aries you may as well just take the day to pull the blinds down and retreat into a world of your own making. It is a good time to recharge batteries, pull from the muse, meditate, express artistry, connect clandestinely in love, tap into your spirituality, or recuperate at a hospital.

Wednesday the New Moon is going to give you two strong weeks to begin something new in one of these mystical fields. You can launch in film, fantasy, music, poetry, the arts, research, investigations, secrets or strategies, hospitals or other institutions, time alone or working behind the scenes, spiritual pursuits or mediation. There is a very positive opportunity in this tied to a career goal or ambition in art, romance or spirituality so apply this to any pursuit.

Thursday the energy moves into physical activity for you. Focus on body, identity, image or ego today and go after what you want to see yourself in the middle of through a media or publishing venture, trip, class, or legal matter. It’s truly powerful and positive now. Take meetings, make pitches, talk about your ideas or submit written works. There may be an obstacle to overcome at home or with family.

Friday brings more focus on you, so hard to take, right? You have very positive support from friends or group associations today so socialize and network and pursue the aspirations that are closest to your heart. Something exciting or lucky could fall into your lap today! Neptune’s hard angle from the career sector may mean there is some issue over artistic design or a romantic interest out there that you will have to sidestep.


Monday will open with some form of balancing act you need to do over a major goal or career opportunity. Somehow where you live or something going on at home is limiting you in some way here so do your best to figure it all out. Once the Moon moves into Aries you will be connecting with friends, networking or dealing with groups. Your aspirations are on fire today but you will have to see what you can do about the major financial matter here or the way a divorce or sexual interest is playing into your ideals. Mars favors talks that are passionate or actions on the local scene that motivate you with friends.

Tuesday there are NO ASPECTS! The Lights, that is the Sun and Moon, are in Aries so you can take that as a big nod from the universe to sit within your social circle today, connect with friends or groups, focus on aspirations and what you want to do that may affect the larger whole.

Wednesday is a New Moon in this sign of friendship, groups, networking, associates, parties, social connections, and aspirations. You have two strong weeks now when these people will be more in your life and more important. Any agreements or ideas you come up with now involving them will take you forward this year so reach out and connect. There is an incredible link to travel, people at a distance, media, publishing, legal agreements, and education in this for you so see how you can connect the dots today.

Thursday will be about either retreating and recharging your batteries after all the social interaction or you will be working behind the scenes on something artistic, spiritual or romantic. There is a powerful tie-in to sex, divorce or major money matters here so see if you can transform through these avenues. Talks or writing projects will meet with obstacles you must overcome or you may just need to watch yourself out on the road today as a bit of road rage could come out.

Friday brings more opportunity to work behind closed doors, strategize, research, bring out art, film, fantasy, music, research, or deal with hospitals. Do whatever you can to push your career goals or reputation forward today because there is something exciting and lucky brewing here for you today if you do. Neptune is making travel, media, legal, or educational matters a bit foggy today so don’t force issues here.


Monday starts with energy around feelings about the media matter, trip or person at a distance, class, or legal topic and you will be thinking that you don’t know why you aren’t either hearing from the person in question or able to come to some kind of agreement. This is just an energy pattern that is slowing things down for a reason, patience. Once the Moon enters Aries the spotlight is on career and reputation. This day is going to show you very clearly what needs to change around a partnership, with a representative or in dealing with a competitor. Mars will help you just focus in on the money you can make in the career choice before you.

Tuesday has NO ASPECTS! This means that with the Lights in Aries the day is important for deep contemplation on career agendas, goals, ambition, reputation, and fame. Take the time to consider all that is before you because tomorrow everything begins to move.

Wednesday brings a New Moon in your career Midheaven. This marks the one time each year where you get a major boost from the universe to seed new career opportunities, launch a business, take a step towards fame or make a name for yourself in something important to you. The connection today to Neptune in your eighth house means you have some magic available to you to bring in major money through something artistic or spiritual or if your goal is romantic, this energy promises some type of intimacy in what you launch. Just know that talks or agreements today will require some adjustment around leadership or responsibility, limits or time.

Thursday is about your friends, aspirations, group affiliations, or networking. There is a very powerful and positive connection to a partner, representative or specialist here and something you are trying to do that is transformational so go for it. Mars is going to through some challenge your way over income today and you will need to take action. Talk to the group or friend.

Friday brings even more connection with friends, groups or around aspirations. Today a female will be pivotal or you will find that you are connecting with these people over love, money or something about beauty or women. You just have to travel, connect with someone far away or foreign, do something media, publishing or publicity related, market yourself, teach or take a class, or make it legal. There is luck and excitement attached to this for you and real opportunity to boot. Neptune’s hard aspect means some kind of fog around the major financial matter, sex or divorce so don’t push here today.


Monday will likely start out with you really feeling the money situation rather strongly. You may be worried about debt or outside resources and whatever limits you are dealing with in income. For some of you it will just be about wanting to stay in bed all sexed up instead of going out to earn the dollar. Either way, once the Moon moves over into Aries the focus will shift to travel, media, education, or legal matters. You will see pretty clearly today what the challenge is involving work, health or pets and what you need to do to make some changes. Mars is on your side energizing you to get moving physically as best you can towards the trip, media, legal, or educational opening.

Tuesday there are NO ASPECTS! Since the Lights are both in Aries you should do what you can today to think about how you want to expand your world, what you believe in, how you can do something involving travel, media, foreign places or people, publishing, publicity, education, or law. Tomorrow these areas are the ones getting a universal push for your sign.

Wednesday brings a New Moon in Aries and gives you two strong weeks to initiate a new media project or do something fresh in the one you are involved in, to publish or send out your manuscript to publishing houses, to travel, connect with foreign people or places, to sign up for a class or begin teaching one, to get back to your religious beliefs, or to begin the legal matter or sign the contracts. There is a wonderful kiss from Neptune in this if you involve a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist romantically, artistically, spiritually or in something involving a hospital.

Thursday the focus is going to be on career, goals, reputation, or fame. The work you do or the way you deal with health or animals is going to make a powerful impact on what you achieve today. You can change something in a powerful way if you exert the effort. Mars is going to be pushing at you physically from a hard angle so you may have to push yourself a bit harder than your body wants to go or you may feel angry due to something about your image or identity.

Friday career and reputation continues to be the theme. You will find that if you can dive into the major financial matter, either the loan, debt, insurance, taxes, investments, financial backer or partner, or any other outside resource, or if you can connect sexually, intimately, regarding reproduction, or divorce, your goals will meet with some kind of exciting and lucky moment. Neptune is in hard angle from the house of partners, representatives and specialists so don’t push here today when dealing with goals, there is too much fog.


Monday wakes with issues between you and a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. There is something you are feeling a bit limited by here and should try to rebalance. Once the Moon moves into Aries you will find that your focus is going to move towards major financial matters, sex or divorce proceedings. These powerful arenas are coming to your attention to show you just what needs to change or how control needs to be dealt with involving a lover, child or creative project. Mars is on your side in anything you can do from a strategic standpoint, through retreat, research, film or fantasy, or hospitals.

Tuesday there are NO ASPECTS! Since the Lights are both in Aries you will want to take the day to contemplate your position with loans, debt, credit, joint finances, alimony, child support, insurance, taxes, settlements, bankruptcy, inheritance, or any other outside resource. This sign also rules your sexuality, intimacy, reproduction, and divorce energy. Think it all through because tomorrow it all starts to move.

Wednesday brings a New Moon in Aries. This gives you two strong weeks to go after a loan, get a financial backer or investor, reposition your joint finances, get a new insurance company, file for bankruptcy, deal with the inheritance, start proceedings for child support, alimony, divorce, do something about the tax situation, look into reproductive or sexual issues, or meet someone new you connect with intimately. The link to Neptune in the 6th house means you have opportunity to do some kind of artistic or spiritual work, tackle health or deal with animals in this in some lucky positive way.

Thursday the energy shifts to focus on travel, media, education, or legal matters. There is a lovely connection in any of this to have some powerful change come through love, with children or a creative project. Mars is pushing you to get something done in secret or behind closed doors that will rub you the wrong way. You may need to decide between hiding out with a secret love interest or dealing with the hospital, and taking advantage of the trip, media, educational, or legal opportunity.

Friday is again about the trip, foreign people or exchange, media, publishing, publicity, class, or legal matter. Today however there is something very exciting and lucky coming through a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor through one of these outlets so see what you can get going. Neptune is in hard angle from the house of work, health or pets so you may need to avoid decisions here as it is a bit foggy. If you are traveling, be ultra careful of the water you drink and watch that pets don’t get near poison.


Monday will open with some kind of issue over health or work, pets or the service you provide and any limits you are feeling through isolation or hospitals, secrets or work done behind closed doors. Once the Moon moves into Aries you will focus on partners, representatives or specialists. There should be something that comes up that shows you just what needs to change around the home or with a living situation. Mars is going to be on your side through your social connections, friends, groups, networking, or aspirations today so push yourself here.

Tuesday there are NO ASPECTS! The Lights are both in Aries so you will want to spend the day going over the significant people in your life. Put some thought into your partnerships, how you partner and why, what is or is not working here, who represents you or who you need in this position, how you deal with specialists and if you need to consult any, and how you handle competitors or open enemies. Give it some consideration because it all begins moving tomorrow.
Wednesday the New Moon is in Aries. This marks a two week period where you can partner with someone new, start a new project with a current partner, end a partnership to make room for someone better suited, find an agent, sign up with an attorney, meet with a specialist, or get things on a new footing with a competitor or opponent. The link to Neptune today is giving you some real magic and opportunity if you bring this person in on something creative and artistic you have or something romantic around a lover, or creative involving children.

Thursday the energy shifts to major financial matters, sex, intimacy, reproduction, or divorce. There is an awesome trine to home and property so if you need to buy or sell real estate or take in money at the home or if you want to sex it up at home, this is your day. Mars is frustrating things through a friend or group situation and action going on there so do your best to deal.

Friday brings more focus on sex, money and divorce. A woman is in the picture today or you are focusing on something love or beauty related in the financial, sexual or divorce arena. If you can find a way to work, involve your health or pets in the financial realm or through divorce proceedings there is something exciting and lucky in it for you. So you may approach someone for backing for a work idea you have or find the resources to deal with a health or pet matter, or you may find that sex with a co-worker or health professional godsmacks you when you least expect it….I’m just sayin’. Neptune is in a hard angle from creativity, children and love so don’t push these areas today as there is some fog here.


Monday opens with a push-pull between lovers, children or creativity and the social obligations or limits around an aspiration today. Do your best to balance out the brief issue. Once the Moon moves into Aries you will be focusing on the work before you, a health matter or something involving animals. You should get a big red flag today pointing towards the communications matter that needs some change. This could be a written work or agreement, something someone says to you that is powerful, a meeting that is changed, or something involving short trips, siblings or neighborhood. Mars is on your side on the career front so show how dynamic you are and come from passion as a leader to save the day.

Tuesday has NO ASPECTS! The Lights are both in Aries and this bodes well for you since one of your rulers guards this sign. It means you should spend as much time as you can today focusing on the work situation, how you approach work, what work you want to do, how you deal with co-workers, those you hire to do work for you, your health, and animals. Put in the time because tomorrow these areas begin to move.

Wednesday brings a New Moon in Aries. This gives you a strong two week window to line up new work, send out your resumes or interview, to tackle the work before you in a new way, to hire some new workers to help you out, to deal with the co-worker issue, to adopt a pet or do something new with your pet, to start a new health regime, tackle a health issue with a new doctor or trip to a hospital, or to start a diet or join a gym. The magical link to home and family means you can tie any of this in here for positive results.

Thursday the focus will be on partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. You have the opportunity to have a big talk or meeting today that can have a powerful effect on changing something in a positive way. IF you write, send it out to one of these people today. Mars is going to challenge you on the career front so it’s not the best day to push some kind of action here with this person.

Friday will again focus on the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Today if you can do something at home, with property, involving a living situation or real estate deal, a move or renovation, tied to this person there is something exciting and lucky in it for you. Talks, meetings or agreements about artistry, romance or spirituality are in a fog today so do your best to wait this out for another time.


Monday will probably feel a bit like you are being pulled between your romantic or artistic ideal at home and the responsibilities on the career front. You should just remember that balance is key here. Once the Moon moves into Aries you will find that you are focusing on the creative process or the child or lover. There is going to be a point when the income matter becomes very big before you today to show you just what you feel needs to change. Mars is on your side helping you to actively pursue travel, media or publishing, publicity, education, or legal routes that benefit you.

Tuesday there are NO ASPECTS! The Lights are both in Aries so you will do best by focusing on the lover, the way you love or receive love and how that is working for you, the children or what you feel about children, the creative projects at hand and how your creativity is being utilized. Put in some real time on these thoughts today as tomorrow these are the areas that begin to really move.

Wednesday brings a New Moon in Aries. This gives you two strong weeks to launch a new creative project, to join a creative team, to send out your creative work, to get pregnant, to do something new with children or aimed at children, or to fall in love, launch something new with your lover, or take your love to a new level. The magical link today between any of these topics and talks, agreements, news, writing projects, short trips, siblings, or neighborhood means that you can say yes to what is brought out over artistry, romance or spirituality.

Thursday the energy shifts to work, health or pets. You will find that you have great power to earn money today through the work you do or to transform some financial matter around health or pets. Mars is going to through some kind of challenge around the travel plans, media matter, education, or legalities so do your best to act accordingly.

Friday again is on work, health or pets but today there is something going on at home or with a property matter, with a roommate or move that is going to really open something up to excitement and luck for you so if you want to bring a pet home or work from home or tackle a health matter of a roommate, go for it. Neptune is in a hard angle around talks, agreements or writing projects so do not push in these areas or sign today, it is not clear.


Monday you may have to deal with news or a talk or agreement that is legal in nature or involves travel, someone at a distance, education, media or publishing. There is something by way of limits in this so do your best to balance. Once the Moon moves into Aries you will be focusing on home, property, real estate deals, moves, roommates, or family matters. There is some personal matter of yours that is bound to come up today in this that will show you what you need as far as control, power, financial command or change. Mars is on your side if you go after the loan, financial backing, or any other outside money source to deal with the property. For some of you this may be fireworks sexually at home.

Tuesday has NO ASPECTS. The Lights, that is the Moon and Sun are both in Aries so you will do well to spend the day thinking about home, property matters, how you want to approach these, what it means to you, how stable you feel, how you want to build your foundations, and how family is coming into play. Tomorrow these areas are going to begin to move so figure it out now.

Wednesday is a New Moon in your home, property and security zone. You have two strong weeks of universal support to buy or sell a home, begin something new in real estate, move, take in or let go of a roommate, redecorate or renovate, add an addition, refinance, start a family or do something new with the one you have, or begin a new chapter with mom. The magical link to income today means there is money to be made or some positive connection to spending earnings here.

Thursday the focus will be on creativity, recreation, children, or lovers. You will find that you are in a powerful position with one or more of these connections today and things should transform for you in some way. Mars is in hard angle from the house of major finances, sex and divorce tied to these topics so best not to push too hard here.

Friday the lover, child or creative project again is the focus for you. If you can have a talk, come to an agreement, make a decision, do something locally, involve the neighbors or siblings, then there is something exciting and lucky for you here today. If single, get out in the neighborhood or take your brother or sisters introduction up to meet someone new. Neptune is in hard angle today so you may not want to push in matters concerning making or spending money with the lover, child or creative venture.


Monday will open up with some kind of issue involving money for you and the way you are feeling about responsibilities or limitations where the other persons finances are involved. Do your best to balance this for yourself as the energy will move into what you can get done locally, through talks or meetings, in writing, and short trips, or any interaction with siblings. You will see today just what has been hidden or is self-destructive or addictive that needs to be changed in a big way so keep the focus. Mars is working for you in the area of partners, attorneys, agents, specialists, or competitors so tackle here once you understand your position.

Tuesday there are NO ASPECTS! Since the Lights are both in Aries you will do best to think about what you want to say, what you want to agree to, who you need to meet, any writing projects you are involved with, how you can get a new start involving short trips, neighborhood activities, local topics, the way you are thinking, or something involving siblings. Put in the time to ponder these areas because tomorrow they start moving.

Wednesday is a New Moon in Aries. This gives you two strong weeks to launch a new writing project, send out your script or manuscript, mail resumes or applications, take meetings, begin a new project in the neighborhood or involving neighbors, start something new with brothers or sisters, or take a new approach to transportation or short trips. The link to Neptune in your sign means there is an opportunity for you to shine artistically, romantically or spiritually in this so step it up.

Thursday the focus shifts to home or family. You will find that you can transform something powerfully by retreating here or doing some research about property or real estate, you can bring about something artistic or fantasy oriented in the home or with family or just recover here in a profound way. Mars is going to challenge you at home with the partner or with the person who is representing your interests in a property matter so don’t push here too hard.

Friday home, property, living situations and family is again on the top of your energy list. Today there is excitement and luck in the money you can earn from home or through property matters or there is an unusual thing you can spend on to enhance the home or property, either way it is beneficial so take it up. Neptune is in a hard angle to the home today so you may be feeling a bit confused or nostalgic here, don’t push yourself.


Monday opens with a bit of push-pull between you and a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. Your energy is artistic or romantic while theirs is limiting or restrictive in some way so do your best to balance this out in the moment. Once the Moon enters Aries you will find you are focusing on income. The big change around an aspiration or with a friend that needs to take place will become apparent as you deal with the income matter. Put your energy into doing the work, tackling health or dealing with animals to see the best result monetarily.

Tuesday has NO ASPECTS! With the Lights both in Aries you will want to take the day to contemplate making money, what you do to earn a living, what you want to do to increase income, what it is you spend on, how you deal with your possessions, and what you truly value. Above all, what you truly value. Think on it today because tomorrow it all begins to move.

Wednesday brings the New Moon in Aries. This means you have two strong weeks with universal support to begin new income making processes, to seek a new income source, to purchase something important, to do something new about a possession in question, to send out applications, take interviews or take a new approach around your value system. The link to work you can do behind the scenes, in fantasy or research, or through retreat or hospitals brings opportunity to the mix.

Thursday the focus will shift to conversations, meetings, ideas, news, decisions, agreements, short trips, neighborhood activities, or siblings. You will find that you can make some serious changes with friends or groups here so open up. Mars is going to challenge you at work, with health or pets today so don’t try to push too hard here at the moment.

Friday is again about communications and neighbors, siblings and short trips but today if you just step out of the box a bit and allow yourself to be a bit more original or radical, inventive or unique, you will find there is something exciting and lucky out there for you. The only fog is around what is secret, behind the scenes, involving hospitals or retreat, research or fantasy, so don’t push in these arenas too hard.


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