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What a powerful moment we have coming in April. I speak a great deal about how those who are inhabiting Earth right now are some of our greatest and oldest souls, here to witness the end of a world age and the seeding of a new world age. I have had the honor of getting to know so many of you and listen to what it is you intend to create and share with the rest of us at this pivotal time in history and I watch you pioneering these endeavors and innovations for the souls who will follow over the next 2000 years. It is beautiful.

As I’ve come to understand Chiron I have found that he is inextricable to what we are all here trying to do right now. This shamanic energy, the master teacher/healer, is key (literally his symbol is a key) to bridging the last world with the new world up ahead. With every gift we give and talent we share, with every insight we painfully evolve and lay before our fellow journeymen, we are building this bridge.

It is in light of this that I want to share with you the transition that is taking place this month. Chiron is going to enter into Pisces on the 19/20th of April. The last time he moved through these waters was between 1961 and 1969 and this is before he was discovered! So this will be the first run through Pisces with human awareness, it is significant.

Chiron is leaving Aquarius where he has been bringing insight and mastery to our intention for humanity, our fellowship, charitable desires and group orientation over the last 5 years. You have been routed towards your true soul group during this time and it has been vital that you go where you are understood and valued for WHAT IS UNIQUE or ORIGINAL about you so that you can stand within that energy manifold through others who vibrate at your own rate to create the way up ahead. If you have not found this new group yet but have just been letting go of those who do not resonate that is alright as well, some are meeting their kindred over the course of the next few years.

As Chiron enters Pisces with full awareness, we are going to be raising the spiritual bar to heights not yet realized. This means that we are going to expose the wound in the heart of our great religions and begin the arduous journey of healing this for everyone. Since Chiron represents the wound itself as well as the mastery and ability to heal and teach from this wound, there may be some form of attack that is religious at the onset of this time period (2010-2019). As we have seen, blind faith in a wounded religion has led to much suffering throughout history. All three major religions over the centuries have been party to one form or another of this so it may well be another of these atrocities in the name of ‘God’ to awaken us to our need to retrieve a true connection to spirit.

The arts are going to flourish as in a renaissance that we have just started to see in some of our filmmaker’s work but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Since Chiron exposes the wound we may first have to endure attacks on art or artistry or our art forms will be manipulated and aimed as attacks on religion or state. It is through breakthroughs in music to heal and extend life that some of the most interesting advances will be made and this is very exciting to contemplate. At the same time, an ability to wound others through sound waves may advance at this time.
There is an art to numbers that will resurface and an approach to addictions that will change our perspectives. Because Pisces is the sign of self-undoing we must guard against being our own worst enemy, this will be especially true for country and cause, keep a sharp eye on what we are allowing and why, refusing to stand against an atrocity is in truth, condoning one.

We have had 2000 years of the age of Pisces and this moment in history, as Chiron aims his energy into this space, we will be truly cleaning all wounds here as best we can to fully move beyond this age. It has been an age that did it’s best to bring the concept of God to the masses, to raise artistry to new heights, to equate romance and chivalry in the minds of men, and to allow for an evolvement of how we escape our reality through drugs and alcohol, retreat and fantasy. There has been much that was noble and beautiful about the age but much that was sinister and manipulative as well. We must hope to carry forward the truths that we found and rid ourselves of the hatred masking itself as righteousness.

Meditation and astral travel over the years of this transit will take the journeyman to places that have not yet been possible, not even by some of our masters who came the closest in the past. There will be an actual (material) sharing of information across the veil that will download over this time period and many of us will be the messengers. It is possible that this could mark the time in history when the first unchallengeable, undeniable contact is made with man from the other side by beings from another realm. Whether alien beings step forward due to our readiness or our atrocities is yet to be seen. It may just be that the long cover-up of other life forms tied to Earth or humanity will finally be broken.

There will be some form of wounding and then teaching or healing through the wounded experience that stems from a new form of espionage. Secrets, spying, strategies, and hidden enemies will work through fluids, poisons or gases, sound or illusion, dreams or subliminal mind control methods. We will want to keep an eye on what those who have detrimental agenda’s are doing with our oceans during this time period since so much of what will go on will be double dealt or hidden from our view beneath a layer of illusion or fantasy.

We have been in a cold war, a war against drugs and a war on terrorism but make no mistake, the wars of this country: Revolutionary, Civil, World War I and II, can be marked by astrology and the next potential for major war comes in 2026. By that time, what has been done during the ‘Hidden’ years will have to be dealt with out in the open. I share this with you not to frighten but to ask for diligence in watching the world around you and doing your part to keep us safe and happy during the Chiron in Pisces transit.

There is another side to Chiron as well and it is that this time period requires great courage. All who are here now upon the Chironic quest carry great wounds from persecution in past lifetimes due to visionary work in the arts, divergent spiritual paths, individuality wrested against the standard, lifestyle choices beyond convention, gender bias, or prophetic visions. This is THE time of great cleansing and release of these wounds so that a clear and perfect way towards our own evolvement can occur. To this end, each and every one of us must face our own deeply seated fears about bringing something unique and potentially outside the mainstream tide forward. There are many who are not on this Chironic journey, they are fully ensconced within the animal body and approach life from that position, I am not talking to them in this article, their road diverges from this one.

On December 31, 1999 Chiron and Pluto came together on the same degree for the one and only time since Chiron’s discovery. We will be moving towards the next aspect, the opportunity aspect between them up ahead on February 26, 2014 as the powerful and sometimes painful transformational work we’ve done since December 31, 1999 begins to bear fruit. So be brave in facing your own questions or limitations, you have to go deep and be willing to expose your own pain to master this and teach the world through your experience. We are all in this together and I wish the very best FROM you in service to mankind.

You must be willing to step up and try, TRY what it is you came here to do now. What is your gift? What can you enlighten us about? We are rewriting the world, true and in ways bound to shared wisdom, insights, healing, spiritual breakthrough, artistry in all mediums, and our romantic fantasy of mortal union. If you can sit and give this some thought today, ask yourself what are your real ideas and ideals about what you want to do and believe in, then ask yourself if you can talk about it out loud to the circle around you without derision or judgment. If the answer is no you really have work to do, a move to make, find those who brighten at your insights and questions and put yourself there, keep asking and looking until you find this group because they exist and you have to have the courage of your true convictions, stand in who you are without fear!

Astrology was one of the sciences that Chiron mastered and taught and it will be interesting to see how the 12 tribes of astrology are heard from as they each have such a distinct contribution to make. It is not the last supper but we all have something distinct to contribute to the table:

ARIES: healing or teaching through film, music, poetry, painting, art, spirituality, romance, hospitals, prisons, research, investigations, retreat, or secrets. You are to lead in one or more of these areas. You may have to heal one of these areas in yourself first. You are to take action and make something happen.

TAURUS: Healing or teaching through groups you join or form, associates you work with, friendships you form, social occasions or functions, networking situations, and by setting it as part of one of your most important aspirations you are pursuing. You are to build something solid here that generates money. You may have to heal some connection here for yourself first.

GEMINI: Healing or teaching as a career outlet, through the way you approach goals or ambitions, tied to your reputation or fame, out in the spotlight or before the public, through a position of leadership or authority, in dealing with bosses or authority figures, or through your connection to father. You may have to heal something within yourself first in one of these areas. You are to write or communicate about this, initiate something local or neighborhood driven, or involving siblings.

CANCER: Healing or teaching through travel, in relationship to people from afar, involving foreign places or ideas, import or export, in the teaching profession or in furthering your higher education, in the media, publishing field, publicity, marketing, or in the legal system or through legal agreements. You may have to heal something for yourself first in one of these arenas. You are to nurture, protect and share or help others feel emotions in this.

LEO: Healing or teaching through loans, debt, credit, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, joint finances, investments, royalties, commissions, alimony, child support, divorce, sex, intimacy, reproduction, death, transformation, power, control, triangles, or manipulations. You may need to heal something within yourself in one of these areas first. You are to create something here.

VIRGO: Healing or teaching through partnership, representation, or dealing with opponents or competitors. This means you may have to heal something within yourself first in relation to marriage, business partnership, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. You are to create a service or work around this or go into something health or pet related.

LIBRA: Healing or teaching through a service you provide, the work you do, your health or approach to health, or with animals. You must first heal something within yourself here. You are to establish a partnership in this, represent someone, or build something that reflects justice or balance here.

SCORPIO: Healing or teaching through creative projects, children, recreational outlets, speculation, or lovers. You may need to heal something within yourself in one of these areas first. You are to bring something forth that can deal with major financial matters, deep sharing or understanding, intimacy or reproduction, triangles or control, or how to deal with death or power here.

SAGITTARIUS: Healing or teaching through home, roots, early childhood, security issues, foundations you build upon, real estate deals, renovation, remodeling, moves, roommates, family, or mom. You may need to heal something within yourself in one of these areas first. You are to share a greater knowledge or open doors to some expansion for others in this.

CAPRICORN: Healing or teaching through writing, talks, speaking engagements, agreements, meetings, short trips, neighbors, local activities, brothers or sisters, communications, the way you think, local transportation, or ideas. You may need to heal something within yourself pertaining to one of these areas first. You are to structure something ambitious or build through leadership in these areas.

AQUARIUS: Healing or teaching through earning money, possessions, spending income, or values. You may need to heal something within yourself first in one of these areas. You are to invent or originate something unique here.

PISCES: Healing or teaching through your body, image, identity, ego needs, or personal desires. You may need to heal something within yourself first in these areas. You are to artistically, romantically, or spiritually do something here or aim at addictive behaviors or hospitalization.

So, that’s it, we are at the threshold with the key in hand, the archetype of Christ consciousness entering the sign of spirituality as the world begins its move into the Aquarian age, Chiron in Pisces is going to be memorable. May we all be equal to the moment :)


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