Sunday, May 31, 2009


The first week of June looks to be interesting with some emotional adjustments to situations and changes on Monday, some real opportunity to expand in areas of love or money on Tuesday, more emotional adjustments to situations and changes on Wednesday, an incredibly strong motivating force to take action to make something change on a profound level on the Thursday (and this looks quite positive by the way), and then a challenge on Friday regarding your own physical stamina, image, identity or personal needs in a situation that is lacking or limiting in some manner. Like I said~ interesting.


Monday’s emotional adjustments are about the work situation or your health or pets. A friendship is part of the mix so look around and see what it is you can shift or move towards to make this part of your life work for you in a better way.

Tuesday is the day to either do something wonderful with friends or connect with a network of like-minded individuals to make things happen, think love or money. Women will be a blessing today and working to take steps towards your most cherished aspirations should bring good results.

Wednesday the focus is more on partners, both romantic and business, and on attorneys, agents or managers. Talk about the money, look for some unexpected changes coming from the blue and then do your best to find a way to expand your networking base, attend or commit to social functions together or hang out with friends for that is where the luck is.

Thursday your ruler Mars is meeting Pluto to help you make a big change that will favor your growth. This is going to be about the money you are earning and your career. This is the day to go after the career you want, a promotion, a take-over, set out towards making your goals happen, for some this will mean investing some income towards the desired result and the energy is majorly supportive to transform the way you operate.

Friday a talk or meeting about you and the limits or restrictions you are dealing with around work, health or pets is challenging on some level, take care of your body now as you may be a bit stretched physically and could run yourself down.


Monday is an emotional onslaught in areas of creativity, love and connections to children. You will need to deal with these themes in relation to spontaneous actions of friends or social obligations that pop up or change on you at the last minute, you will also need to adjust to a career matter or goal and how you are feeling creatively in the matter, perhaps how it is affecting your loved ones or time with them.

Tuesday brings a time of luck and opportunity where love or money is concerned so take advantage of this energy today. You will want to be pulling on imagination, spiritual or artistic ideas, fantasy work or research, or anything you have been working on in private as there is a real chance to make a big splash on the career front today with it.

Wednesday brings emotional adjustments to everything going on on the work front, with health or pets. You will be fielding surprises from friends, changes to social gatherings and some more luck on the career front. You can accomplish a lot today as long as the craziness doesn’t overwhelm you.

Thursday Mars and Pluto dance in a wonderfully harmonious aspect to help you do something physically, like putting yourself on a plane to travel, dealing with a legal matter pertaining to your identity, body or personal needs, heading out to sign up for class or to teach, or doing something physical in the media like acting or interviewing, going after a publishing matter, or promoting yourself and your image. All of these themes are under very positive, transformational energy.

Friday the Sun/Saturn square will be a bit physically draining as you deal with income and its connection to creativity or loved ones. You may feel overspent or you are pushing yourself to make money creatively, or spending on loved ones.


Where you gonna live Gemini? Or what is going on with the home situation? That is what Monday’s emotional adjustments involve once again for you. Dealing with a female friend is likely part of figuring it all out, as is unexpected changes or sporadic energy around career and matters tied to travel, law, education or media. It’s a day to do your best to figure things out.

Tuesday the opportunity is golden for you where friendship and either media, travel, legal, or educational matters are concerned. This is a chance to expand your world via your artistic expression or romantic needs and find some wonderful things coming your way through your proactive choices today with this person. Think love or money.

Wednesday brings emotional adjustments over creativity matters or with loved ones. You will be talking about something you just weren’t aware of or that has been under wraps for a while in this. You will also be dealing with your goals and some positive potential around the legal, media, educational, or travel matters.

Thursday Mars and Pluto hook up and this is always big news. They are dancing in a positive alignment so that is about powerful change and the ability to make it happen in a positive manner for your growth. Look at work you have been doing behind the scenes, retreat, research, fantasy work, or dealing with institutions and major change coming to areas of shared resources, big money and sexual intimacy. If you are dealing with a divorce or death, these areas are also under the major change theme.

Friday the Sun/Saturn square is challenging to your physical stamina as well as to the ego when dealing with responsibilities or limitations. Look at your home situation as the matter involved here in the drain or challenge to be overcome.


Monday is a day filled with communications and short trips. Lots going on and your emotions may feel the stretch of the craziness of it all as you field career matters, changes to travel, media, educational, or legal matters, and what is going on with the debt or shared resources, intimate partner or divorce.

Tuesday there is real opportunity to expand your world if you are proactive in areas of love and money. This sits you at the peak of the career heap today and opens doors to other people’s money as well as to connecting intimately with others. It is very lucky energy around you today, don’t waste it.

Wednesday you will be dealing with the emotional adjustments to home or your living situation through talks with a friend, changes to travel, legal, media, or educational matters, and some positive expansion through the doors of big money and intimacy.

Thursday you get the big push from Mars to Pluto to help you make a major change happen. The energy is playing out between friendship, social events, networking, aspirations, and partnership or representation. Do something with a friend, a group or initiate steps towards your aspirations to transform your world through a powerful connection to a partner or agent, manager or attorney.

Friday the Sun/Saturn square is going to be a bit draining as you physically want to retreat and rest or withdraw to strategize and recharge your batteries but you are duty bound to either be involved in communications, meetings, short trips or something involving a brother or sister. Don’t push yourself too hard today, you could feel under the weather.


Monday is about the income, what you are making or what you want to spend money on at this point. There is a travel matter involving a female in this mix or a legal, media, or educational matter that is about love or money, there is change or sporadic energy around credit or shared resources and adjustments to what you are doing to expand your idea of partnership. For some of you there may be money issues with the partner or an attorney, agent or manager. It’s an emotionally crazy day.

Tuesday is a day filled with wonderful opportunity if you are proactive in areas of travel, media, promotion, publishing, politics, religion, higher education, and the law. Apply love or money in these areas and how that can link you to prosperity through a partnership or with an attorney, agent or manager, and the sky is the limit.

Wednesday the energy is all about talking things through, holding meetings or connecting via emails or short trips. You will be talking about goals or career, what is changing in jointly held resources or through outside money sources, and any money or love issues around travel, media, education, or law. Partnerships and people who represent you are in good standing today.

Thursday Mars and Pluto dance and this is glorious powerful energy to make a big change happen in your life. Motivate and push yourself to take action on the career front, get out there, be seen, make it happen, act on your goals and ambitions, there can be powerful transformation in the work you do from actions taken today. If your goal is better health, what you start today can really work this time.

Friday the Sun/Saturn square is going to be draining a bit physically as you are in the spotlight with friends or a group of people, dealing with making money. A challenge may arise here with this person, if you are expecting to get paid today there may be an obstacle in the way or you may just be stressing yourself out over having enough money to socialize.


Put the emphasis on yourself today, I know it’s hard, but you need to look at your own needs currently and how a female, love or money issues is being tackled, this will involve joint resources, sexuality, or divorce, you also need to deal with changes occurring in partnership or with agents, managers or attorneys, as well as focusing some energy on expansive ideas about the work you do, your health situation or with your pets. So look at your own needs carefully today, there is a lot on the line.

Tuesday the energy is mega amazing! There is an opportunity where loans, credit, joint finances, shared resources, or intimacy, sex, or divorce are concerned. Women, and the themes of love and money are in the mix in a lucky way and there is real potential to expand your world thought the work you do, your health and well being, the services your provide, or in matters related to pets. Be proactive.

Wednesday brings emotional adjustments involving the money you make or need to spend. Look at talks with someone at a distance or involving travel, media, legal matters or education, also look at changes in partnership or with agents, managers or attorneys. You can rely on the work you do and your health today where making/spending money is concerned, but will need to deal with the issue once again that involves someone in shared resources.

Thursday Mars and Pluto dance together in a very dynamic combination that should help you to take action on a legal matter, a trip, an educational issue, or something involving media, promotion, or publishing. This action you take today leads to major transformation and powerful changes to creativity, true love and matters involving children. The energy is very positive for big change so once again, be proactive.

Friday the Sun/Saturn square will be a bit draining on you, your image, reputation, identity out in the world or personal goals you have before you are up against some limitations physically today, you may just be a bit run down or under the weather and should do your best to meet your obligations while protecting your energy.


Monday the energy will feel a bit like retreating, doing some work behind closed doors, strategizing or invoking the imagination towards some fantasy project or research. For some of you the retreative energy means time at the hospital taking care of something. Look at making some adjustments to the partner today and fielding shifts around work or health that are a bit sporadic.

Tuesday brings great opportunity your way. Venus shows up via a female, love or money to partner with you for some real fun and luck in areas of creative projects, recreation, true love or involving children. This day is SO positive make sure you are proactive going after what you find the greatest joy and creative expression in.

Wednesday there are emotional adjustments around your needs, body, image or identity and talks about shared resources, big money, sex or intimacy, and some changes or surprises on the work front or with health or pets. The flow is still amazing between you and a partner or representative, creativity, love or recreation so expand through these areas.

Thursday Mars and Pluto are going to dance and this is something you will definitely feel as Mars is pushing you to take action to deal with a joint financial matter, outside money issue, shared resources, sexual or intimate connection with someone, or divorce or death, all of which can lead to major transformation or change on the home front. This is positive, life-altering energy here so whatever needs to morph in the living situation should be moved on today.

Friday the Sun/Saturn square is a bit draining on the physical level and involves your trip, legal matter, the media or higher education. There is something going on behind the scenes or under the surface that is stretching you here and you may feel the obstacle arise as some sort of drain today so do your best to pamper yourself.


Put the focus on friendship, social functions, networking and your aspirations on Monday. You will want to deal with a female at work or the health matter at hand, as well as any changes occurring with a creative endeavor, lover or child, and ways to expand the home base or property matter before you. It’s a day of many emotions.

Tuesday there is tremendous opportunity to make something wonderful happen via women, love or money. This will play out in the work you do, the service you provide, through a health matter or outlet, or involving pets. The opportunity helps you to expand on the home front, with property or the foundations you are building so make it happen today.

Wednesday is about thinking things through in private or letting your imagination run a bit wild so that you can have the talk with the partner, agent or attorney, field the surprise with the creative project or with a loved one, and deal with the money matter or female on the job. The home and property remain in positive alignment for you to expand in a lucky manner.

Thursday the Mars/Pluto energy is about taking action in the area of partnership or representation in a big way. You can do something about or with the romantic or business partner or go after an attorney, find an agent or do something with management. The major transformation comes via the written word, talks or meetings, what is going on in your local neighborhood, with short trips or with siblings.

Friday the Sun/Saturn square is a tough obstacle to be dealt with regarding your needs with joint finances or some big financial resource and any responsibilities or limitations in your networking, friendships or towards your aspirations. This energy can be a bit draining physically so do your best not to stretch yourself too thin.


Put the energy into career, status, reputation, fame and any and all goals today. You will be dealing with a female child or money issues with a loved one, creative decisions that seem hard to come by, changes around the home or property matter, and some talks that stretch you regarding your artistic, romantic or spiritual nature. It’s a day of emotional adjustments.

Tuesday is very lucky where love, women and money are concerned. This luck and opportunity will play out via creative outlets, recreation, true love or with children. This is the day to connect locally, make the phone call, a short trip, meet others, and find a way to find happiness and prosperity through your own joy and creative abilities.

Wednesday brings emotional adjustments around friendship. Talks about work, health or pets play into this as do changes regarding home or property and any creative issues or matters involving children or love. Look for ways to express your romantic, spiritual or artistic nature through talks with a friend for positive results.

Thursday Mars and Pluto dance together to give you the energy to make a big change. You want to take action and make something happen through the work you do, a service you provide, or take action regarding your health or pets. You will see your income be transformed on a powerful level through this and it is positive so whether that is you making more money through these things or deciding to spend a large amount on what you need here, the universe is supporting positive action.

Friday the Sun/Saturn square is limiting and a bit draining on you physically in matters pertaining to partnership or involving attorneys, agents or managers. There is a goal or career matter that is the source of the responsibility in this and the obstacle that needs to be met with this person. Do you best not to run yourself down.


Focus the energy on Monday in areas of legalities, travel, education, or media and promotion. You will need to deal with a financial matter at home or with property in this, changes coming in via phone calls or shifting ideas needing to be communicated, and some new approaches to expanding your income or dealing with money that has gone out lately. It’s a crazy energy day with lots to deal with so keep your focus.

Tuesday is amazing. There is big opportunity to make money from a home or property or to spend on one if you are in the market. There is also great opportunity about spending on beautifying the home or property or in making money from home. If you are selling real estate, this is a great day.

Wednesday brings a lot of energy around career, reputation and goals. You will be fielding communications about creativity and some talks with lovers or children that require some attention, as well as dealing with a few surprise conversations out of the blue. Something to deal with the home or property pops up today and will require your career savvy or some emotional balance where goals are concerned. The positive energy is still in expanding through income and good feelings about career.

Thursday pulls Mars and Pluto into a powerful, positive dance of change. This is about taking action with a creative outlet, a lover or a child and doing something that is going to transform you on some profound level. Look at your identity in the world, your personal needs regarding these areas of expression and how you physically have fun and enjoy life. Be proactive, get out into life today. If you want to conceive a child today will help you do it, if you don’t want to conceive, forewarned is forearmed!

Friday the Sun/Saturn square is a draining energy for most and this does represent a challenge to be tackled, but since this is your ruling energy you may fair better than most. Look at the work, health or pets and matters of responsibility or limitation through legal channels, education, media or travel as the obstacle popping up to stretch your energy. Pace yourself.


Monday is about the financial matter and talks with a female about how this is going. If you are not discussing this with a woman, then Venus will represent love or money and how that is affecting your debt, credit or jointly held finances. Sudden changes to income or a spontaneous purchase are part of dealing with the big credit or debt issue as well. Continue to make personal adjustments to how you see yourself and what you want for yourself as you work through the emotions of the day.

Tuesday is absolutely wonderful. There is big opportunity to talk, meet or do something locally with a women or involving love or money. This can lead to some recognition of who you are, some artistic, spiritual or romantic needs being met and a very wonderful day if you invest in yourself. If you need to meet with someone about an artistic project involving yourself this is the day.

Wednesday brings energy around legal, educational, travel, or media matters. Talks will be at home or about home or where you hang your hat, changes and surprises are in the air with income, and there is a talk with a woman or about love or money tied to the trip, educational, legal, or media matter that you need to have today as well. The positive energy continues to flow around you, your image, identity and personal needs in all of this.

Thursday Mars and Pluto dance and this is mega powerful. It is about motivating to do something that will change things. For you the action will need to happen regarding home, where you live, with whom, property, or your security needs. There is profound energy to change what is going on in isolation, retreat, time spent in hospitals or other institutions, or involving some fantasy work such as film or acting. Be proactive today.

Friday the Sun/Saturn square is a bit draining as you deal with putting yourself out there via a creative project, a lover or a child and your responsibilities or limitations with the joint finances, outside resources, divorce or sexual intimacy. It is not a light day and you will want to pace your energy so you don’t stretch yourself too much.


Partners, attorneys, agents and managers are the focus on Monday. You will need to deal with a money matter in this and any needs you have for personal freedom and unique vision, as well as any depression you might be experiencing via the confusing energy going on just under the surface. Emotionally the day is about adjusting to the shifting sands.

Tuesday is a great day full of opportunity. There is a big influx of money potential here for you, coming through a secret means or privately, or there is an opportunity to do something with a woman to increase your finances through film or acting or any other fantasy driven work, as well as through research projects or dealing with institutions.

Wednesday the focus in on debt, credit, outside resources and talks you need to have about what is going on here. There are more sudden or independent shifts going on with your development in this and you will be dealing with issues of making money as well as pulling from credit or loans. The positive energy is flowing around what you strategize and are expanding with through secret beneficiaries or hidden means.

Thursday Mars meets Pluto to make something really big happen that will change things on a profound level. You will need to take action by meeting with or talking to a friend, or doing something locally, or involving siblings and the friend or social function. The big change will be that you see some transformations to your aspirations and powerful connections with like-minded individuals.

Friday the Sun/Saturn square is a draining energy around you and your identity with the home or property matter and any limitations or responsibilities coming through a partner or attorney or agent involved in the matter. Discussing the home with an attorney or partner may be a necessary challenge to be met, just take care of your health as you may feel run down.


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