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The SATURN / PLUTO DECONSTRUCTION CYCLE a 100 year perspective by Zoe Moon

Disclaimer: I am sharing this info to help inform you of the astrological weather conditions and how they have impacted in the past. This is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing from Zoe Moon Astrology should be considered medical, legal or financial advice. You should always use your own judgement, do your own research and consult with professionals. 

‘The stars incline, God determines, God brings miracles, we seek through Faith.” ~Zoe Moon


Saturn and Pluto alignments have always coincided with the end of power structures and rebirthing of new power structures, major battles/wars, natural disasters, restrictions of the economy/food, and/or plagues/world epidemics. Here I look at the past 100 years as it moves through 6 zodiac signs by conjunction, square, opposition, conjunction, square, opposition, Cancer-Sagittarius, to 2020’s Capricorn conjunction this January:


1914/1915             Saturn/Pluto conjunction 2 degrees of Cancer
                               (Cancer rules patriotism, home, family, country)

                                                1) WWI begins 1914, US enters 1917-started over
                                                     Royal heir-family member killed, impacted tens of
                                                     millions of homes and families world-wide,
                                                     patriotism propoganda

                                                2) Influenza pandemic 50-100 million died 1918

1940                         Saturn/Pluto square 0 degrees Taurus/Leo
         (Leo rules children, drama-cult of personality, entitlements)

                                                1) WWII underway, US enters 1941 Pearl
                                                     Harbor-dramatic entry, cult of personality-
                                                     Hitler, Hitler Youth
                                                2) Started Cold War in 1946 at Leo Saturn/Pluto conj

1965                         Saturn/Pluto oppose 13 degrees Pisces/Virgo
                                (Virgo rules health, animals, workers, servants)

1)   US enters Vietnam war Mar 1965-agent orange used impacting health, many farmers/workers and animals impacted across country

1981/1982           Saturn/Pluto conjunction 27 degrees Libra
                                (Libra rules relationships and open enemies)

1)   Iran/Iraq war
                                                      2)  War on Drugs
                                                      3)  Assassination attempt on President Reagan
                                                     4)  Intruder enters Queen Elizabeth’s bedroom
                                                     5)  AIDS enters the public arena
                                                      6)  Coldest temps in 100 yrs in US- 75% covered in snow.

1993/1994       Saturn/Pluto square 25-27 degrees Aquarius/Scorpio
                         (Scorpio rules death, power, triangles, finances, sex)

                                               1) Osama Bin Laden’s group drives van with
                                                    bomb under world trade center north tower,
                                                    doesn’t take down towers but kills 6/injures

                                              2) Assassination attempt on former Pres Bush,
                                                 President Clinton launches missiles at Iraq in
                                                 retaliation. He also sends troops into Somalia
                                                 in retaliation for murdered US soldiers there.

                                              3) OJ accused of murdering wife Nicole and
                                                        Ron Goldman
                                               4) The Waco/David Koresh massacre

                                              5) Suspicious deaths of River Phoenix, Vince
                                                             Foster and the West Memphis 3 children
                                              6)  Nancy Kerigan clubbed by Tonya Hardings
                                              7)   Lorena Bobbit cuts off husband’s penis
                                              8)  Storm of Century-blizzard of 1993 covering
Alabama to Maine
                                              9)  Great Flood of 1993 most costly in US history
                                              10)   Northridge Earthquake in California
                                               11)     Biggest tornado out in US


2001/2002             Saturn/Pluto oppose 12 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius
             (Sag rules foreigners, travel, politics, religion, media, law)

                                                 1)  9/11 world trade center/towers and pentagon

                                               2)  US invades Afghanistan
                                                 3)  Office of Homeland Security established, US
                                                     Patriot Act becomes law
                                                 4) War on Terror declared/Congress
                                                 authorizes Iraq war.
                                                 5) 7.7 Earthquake in India causes 20,000 deaths
                                                 6)  7.9 Earthquake in Denali, Alaska
                                                 7)  6.8 earthquake Seattle/Olympia area of
                                                 8) 6.6 earthquake in El Salvador
                                                 9) Lightning strike sparks fire that burns ½
                                                      million acres in Oregon and California.

Jan 2020              Saturn/Pluto conjunct 22 degrees Capricorn Jan 6-14, 2020
         (Capricorn rules leaders, countries, corporations, the establishment, systems that support, rules and regulations, and in US our money and possessions)

                                             PIVOTAL DATES upcoming:

1)   New Moon Solar Eclipse Capricorn Dec 26, 2019 in play 6 months, 3 times more powerful for eclipsing out and moving into new territory regarding leaders, countries, the establishment, systems that support, rules and regulations, personal goals, career, status, or with authority figures

2)  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Cancer Jan 10, 2020 in play 6 months, 3 times more powerful for eclipsing out and bringing an emotional climax with endings or achievements, focused on home, family, country, land, security, patriotism, opposing Capricorn and this themes listed above

3)  Jan 6-14 Saturn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn with a peak on Jan 12th thus officially starting the new cycle

4)  Jan 6-11 Jupiter will cross Karmic South Node denoting loss or karmic rebalancing via travel, foreign, legal, political, religious, educational, or media topics in the mix-(goes big)

5)  Feb 18-28 Saturn will conjunct the USA natal Pluto most likely impacting income/financial matters or possessions-guns?

6)  Mars will trigger warring factions, aggressions, anger, fights, blood, weapons, etc about it between March 7-31, 2020, (at height March 20-31).

7)   Jupiter will conjunct Pluto April 4-5, 2020 and things will go much bigger regarding the law, politics, religion, media, foreign, educational, or travel themes in the mix with power, death and rebirth, financial matters, structures that support, triangles, sex, the establishment

8)  Mars will again trigger warring factions, aggressions, anger, fights, blood, weapons, etc about it but in an even more violent or active manner from July 21, 2020 when it comes into 10 degree orb until it is at its height Aug 13-29, 2020, a very dangerous summer. Note that Mars usually moves through a sign in about 6 weeks, however due to Retrograde motion this year he will spend from June 27th, 2020 – Jan 6, 2021 in this frictional, volatile alignment to Saturn/Pluto, extending the conflicts. However, do note that at 12:04am Eastern Standard Time on Dec 17th Saturn will exit the story which means something shifts in a major way about this struggle at this point.
9)  Jupiter will conjunct Pluto for a second time June 30th, again taking things bigger regarding law, politics, religion, media, foreign, educational, or travel themes and what's evoving with power, control, finances, sex, triangles, death, or rebirth

10)  Saturn will conjunct the USA natal Pluto for a 2nd time July 29-Aug 13, again most likely impacting financial matters or possessions

11)     Saturn will conjunct the USA natal Pluto for a 3rd and final time Nov 13-26 bringing the final crisis with financial matters or possessions.

12)       Further ahead: Note that Feb 2-March 9, 2022 Pluto will conjunct the USA natal Pluto (this is called the USA Pluto Return, when it comes back to it’s birth position as a nation for the first time) and we are in the complete deconstruction and rebirthing phase that mimics the revolution that began our Country. This influence has a 3 year impact from Feb 2020-March 2023 and so we enter this most powerful influence this February, 2020.

12)     Born on 4th of July, the USA's zodiac sign is Cancer (currently opposed by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn). There are 4 states in the USA that are the same sign as the country, and just one of them has a populace ruled by the warrior sign Aries; Virginia. This is why what happens in Virginia can mirror/impact what happens in the USA, as seen at the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. As we enter this next story, pay attention to what is going on here.  

13)      Other states besides Virginai which could feel this more than others because they are Cancer and Capricorn signs:

CANCER:  Idaho, New Hampshire and Wyoming

CAPRICORN: Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah

14) For those of you out there who are Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, these signs will tend to go through the most powerful transformations ahead or if you were born with planets near 22 degrees of these signs.

 Note that the last time Saturn and Pluto met in Capricorn where they are meeting this January 12, 2020 was back in 1517-1518. Here are 2 examples of the establishment and power/financial interests being deconstructed and rebirthed then:    

1517 - 1518           Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

1)    Martin Luther nailed his theses to the church door and his Protestant Reformation began to unseat the world power and authority of the Catholic Church.

2)   The beginnings of the dollar can be traced to a small town in Bavaria that started using standardized silver coins at this time.
I hope this is insightful and gives you an idea of how serious a time we may now be entering. My input here is that we all do our part to be prepared with our own basic needs and that we all do our part to NOT escalate this but rather to remember our humanity and our love of God. Perhaps we might be the first generation to move through an epic combination like this one without conflict but rather with powerful transformation as souls.

To hear about the positive side of this combination for your sign I have recorded 2 shows. Yes, these powerful energies can be used constructively for good as we manuever through the more challenging stories that will evolve. 

The first show covers Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo and you can listen to it here:

The second show covers signs Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces and you can listen to it here:

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