Monday, November 3, 2014

Moons and Voids

The Moon in the week of Nov 3-9, all times given are eastern standard time, U.S.

If you are in:
Central Time subtract 1 hour, 
Mountain Time subtract 2 hours, 
Pacific Time subtract 3 hours, 
UK time add 5 hours:

PISCES MOON - Monday 12:01am - 1:53pm - emotional needs to retreat, heal or inspire
ARIES MOON - Monday 1:53pm - Wednesday 4:33pm - emotional needs to individuate, lead or fight.
TAURUS MOON - Wednesday 4:33pm - Friday 8:45pm - emotional needs to build, earn or create value.
GEMINI MOON - Friday 8:45pm - Sunday midnight - emotional needs to learn, talk or flirt.
VOID MOON in the week ahead, EST:
MONDAY 4:05am - 1:55pm
WEDNESDAY 8:25am - 4:33pm

FRIDAY 11:17am -8:45pm
SUNDAY 11:22am - midnight

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