Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hermes holds sway most of this week so your conversations and decisions are important. Writing and agreements, meetings and short trips figure in as well. 

These talks or meetings may go way over the top on Monday but bring some solid results. 

Tuesday these communications could be more about home and financial matters, again they are under positive stars. 

Wednesday you meet your first challenge involving roots and partners, representatives or competitors so look closely at how you feel about your home, any moves, real estate deals, roommates, family matters, renovations, or your security.

Thursday is a bit of a shift as love and creative needs come into focus. Expect some nice moments that may take you by surprise or cool innovations that spark the flow. Adapting around career needs, bosses or tweaking the goals may play today due to income or spending concerns.

Friday is a cracker jack box filled with some delectable prize, you just need to dig for it. Hone in on lovers, kids or creative endeavors and get active, pursue passions, motivate, while connecting with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or advocates and any social outlets you might be drawn towards. Inspiration abounds be it romantic, artistic or spiritual, it’s a nice day.

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The week is all yours when it comes to making some decisions about financial matters, sex, control, or divorce. Aim big on Monday and commit to something with another person. 

Focus it in on home on Tuesday, there is potential to earn here or spend in positive ways. Intimacy or divorce needs can be met regarding home as well. 

Guard against emotional drains on Wednesday as other people are going to be under some sort of pressure and you may feel you are not getting what you need at home. 

Thursday that energy shifts big time and fun comes flowing back your way. This may be a great time to plan something spontaneous with the kids or your love interest or to try on a new creative hat. Just watch for spending too much. 

Friday again puts the emphasis on love, kids or creative needs with lots of action, passion and motivation to do something fun. You can get partners, agents, attorneys, or other significant people into the mix and bond at a party, social event, through the internet, astrology, charities, with friends, or groups. All good.

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The week is all about the talks and decisions you can make about partners, agents, attorneys, opponents, or other significant people. This looks especially promising on Monday when you may reach for the stars and cement something involving work, health, income, or pets.

Tuesday the positive communications and decisions continue with partners, representatives or the competition. Today you may be figuring out a trip, media or marketing matter, educational interests, or legal or ceremonial needs.

Wednesday brings the first challenge for you with emotional energy a bit under the gun involving work, a co-worker or employee, a service your provide, health issues, or pets. Take care of yourself so you don’t end the day feeling too drained and wash your hands more often while out and about in the local scene as a preventative.

Thursday will focus you in more on home or anything going on at the roots of your life. Something pretty dreamy can unfold here behind closed doors today if you are open to spontaneous moments or you may just get inspired artistically. Work through any glitches in travel, media, education, or law today.

Friday hits on all cylinders at home so plan on letting your significant other, agent, attorney, or partner know that you will be getting together to get ahead on work here or to do something healthy or for the pets. You may reach a big goal and feel quite happy about how you end the day. Inspiration abounds.

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The week is unfolding over work matters, health or pets needs and you can open up talks or agreements in these areas in big, prosperous ways on Monday. You may even lasso in a love interest or child in your efforts or find a solid creative outlet for your energy.

Tuesday brings income into consideration under positive stars so open up with that work matter or look for health or animal interests to tie into cash flow. You may be a powder keg behind the scenes and this will be a good thing, let your imagination run wild.

Wednesday brings any challenges into the spotlight regarding money and your creative needs, a child or your love interest. You may have to choose one or the other today and that stresses or you find that they are working at odds with each other, breathe.

Thursday the energy shifts and you can open up talks or get-togethers with friends, groups, at social events, through the internet, over astrology, or charities with pleasing results. Sexual tension, divorce issues or the debt or other big money matter will be something to deal with, make sure you are seeing things clearly.

Friday opens up on writing, meetings, talks, agreements, short trips, and plenty of passion and action to motivate you forward on your best ideas. Connect over love, kids or creative endeavors and open up any potential to travel, get into media, publishing, marketing, legal interests, ceremonies, or education. It’s all good.

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The week is really going to shoot for the Moon through true love, kids or creative projects and Monday this means talks, meetings, decisions, writing, or agreements that open things up socially, with friends, the internet, astrology, or charities and cement something at home.

Tuesday you will be getting into things by amping up image or putting a personal touch on that creative endeavor or out with the kids or lover. You can expand through social connections, astrology or charities and work with partners or representatives for positive results.

Wednesday brings any challenges to the fore and they will play out over home, mom, family, roommates, moves, real estate deals, or how secure you are feeling just now.

Thursday income comes into focus as you find positive ways to reach goals or change things up to favor you. You need to rework something with that partner, agent, attorney, or competitor as you try to expand through social connections, the internet, astrology, or charities.

Friday is great for making money at home or putting money into home related matters. Your family, roommate or mom may be beneficial monetarily as well and by tonight you may be ready to connect with a dreamy and sexy compatriot at home or to delve into artistic or spiritual ideas there. 

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The week ahead is going to really get you thinking about your home or family in some important way and Monday this means you can open things up towards a goal you wish to reach here or find help through an authority figure. You may also promote career from home or through real estate or moves and solidify something with a social edge such as writing for an internet site or with a group.

Tuesday ideas at home or for moves, real estate or family amp up and take you behind the scenes on some inspired level. You may reach career goals or have positive results with bosses or authority figures. Stretch at work, with health or pets today.

Wednesday may bring some challenges into play over a writing assignment, agreement, sibling, neighbor, vehicle, electronic, news you hear, or talk you have over hospitals, addictions, film, music, art, spiritual interests, clandestine affairs, research projects, or investigations. Take your cue from your feelings.

Thursday shifts to focus on you and your image or body as you amp it up to hop a plane, get out in front of the media, into the classroom, or courtroom. Good things flow. You may need to work through health, work or pet matters as you reach for goals or tackle career aims.

Friday is all about you, sigh, smile. It’s a good day for sharing your passions, motivating physically, charming the socks off the doves, writing, pitching ideas, auditioning, interviewing, talking it out, committing to the project, or signing the agreement. Partners, agents, attorneys, or other significant figure prominently.

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The week ahead will focus in on writing or agreements, neighbors, siblings, vehicles, or short trips, and the talks and meetings going on around these topics. You may stretch here legally, in media, travel plans, or educationally on Monday. Solid moves can be made involving income and career, authority figures or goals.

Tuesday brings those talks or agreements to social occasions, aspirations, with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities and helps you to set up legal needs, media, marketing, educational interests, or trips under positive stars.

Wednesday brings any challenges out for review involving your income or what you need to earn and that friend, group, internet project, astrological or charitable interest, or aspiration. Examine your feelings.

Thursday takes you behind the scenes to get working on development or strategies, the film, music or art project, hiding out with some secret love interest, researching, or dealing with institutions. Good things play out here sexually or tied to shared financial matters or divorce. Adjust around love, creativity or kids.

Friday is taking that spiritual, romantic or artistic matter to the next level or helping you with the hospital, prison, addiction, research, or investigation. Passions are on overdrive so you will motivate and lock something in that brings money into your pockets.

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The week ahead is about the talks, writing, agreements, or decisions involving income and on Monday this will bring some big expansion through other people’s money or some financial system, through divorce or involving some sexual interest. Cement the travel plans, legal matter, marketing, media, or educational need.

Tuesday more income talks or agreements ensue with positive results tied to career, authority figures, ambitions, and reputation. Expand through that other person’s money or that financial system.

Wednesday brings any challenges that may arise this week and it can mean you are just tired or overburdened today or that you are dealing with a career matter, boss, authority figure, or goal that gives you a run for the money. Keep emotions under control.

Thursday the energy shifts to more social engagement so plan on time with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or chasing your dreams. A partner, representative or other significant person figures into this positively. Make adjustments regarding the home or property.

Friday is again social and even more in the flow as you amp things up, connect with those pals, throw the party or get into gear on the internet. You are in the lead here and can release ambitions or step up and share in the love or creative spotlight.

SCORPIO:  (It's time to CALL ZOE for a personal reading! 818-613-6067 or email )

The week ahead will bring lots of talks, news, meetings, writing, and agreements focused on you. On Monday this means a one-on-one with a partner, agent, attorney, or other significant person that can help. Lock down that imaginative goals or delve into behind the scenes maneuvering, something powerful awaits.

Tuesday puts you into the mix through travel, media, marketing, publishing, education, or legal channels and gets your image out there or ties in your image or physical presence in some positive way. Again the partner, representative or specialist is on board.

Wednesday is the challenging day this week with any behind the scenes issues brought up to contend with. This may mean film, music, art, spiritual pursuits, hidden agendas, secrets, hospitals, addictions, research, investigations, or romantic needs pushing buttons. How does the legal, travel, foreign, marketing, media, publishing, or educational matter play in?

Thursday career and goals take over with potential to change things up at work or through services or inspire health changes. Talks or agreements require extra effort or third party intervention/cooperation.

Friday is excellent for career, authority figures, ambitions, and fame. Let Mars drive your desires here and motivate you as you cement something artistic, spiritual or inline with institutions or development. Expect home to be a mecca tonight of inspiration.

SAGITTARIUS:  (It's time to CALL ZOE for a personal reading! 818-613-6067 or email )

The week ahead is about what you can write or think up through imagination, fantasy, efforts behind the scenes, in music, film or other artistic pursuits, or dealing with institutions or development. Stretch towards work, health or pet goals on Monday here and cement social connections and partnerships or representation.

Tuesday you can delve into that behind the scenes, imaginative energy again with positive results through big financial channels or tackling divorce or sexual needs. You may also make strides with work, health or pets again today.

Wednesday brings the challenge of the week as you deal with limits or responsibilities involving a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations and feelings you have sexually, financially, over divorce, or your own control/power.

Thursday shifts attention to travel, legal, education, media, publishing, or marketing with positive potential for love through these channels or with a creative project or child. Do what you can to work through issues tied to income.

Friday is bringing that travel, legal, media, or educational matter into the spotlight for you as you motivate, get passionate, and cement things with the friend, group, astrology, charity, internet, or social occasion. Opportunity abounds as you communicate, write, meet, or come to an agreement.

CAPRICORN:  (It's time to CALL ZOE for a personal reading! 818-613-6067 or email )

The week ahead will bring many talks, ideas, decisions, and agreements up over your social interests, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or your aspirations. Monday this means stretching creatively or in love. You may cement something on the career front or with an authority figure that benefits.

Tuesday the social, internet, astrology, charity, or aspirational need tied in with a partner, agent, attorney, or other one-on-one relationship in a very positive manner. Share ideas and come to terms. Love, kids and creative interests are in the flow as well.

Wednesday brings any challenges up regarding a big goal, your career, an authority figure or issue, reputation, fame, or ambitions and will help you deal with any feelings you have about the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or other significant person involved.

Thursday brings sex, divorce or big financial interests into focus and helps you to achieve interesting results at home or with real estate or moves in the mix. You should be willing to put yourself out there in a slightly different capacity today.

Friday is your day sexually, with the divorce or in some big financial matter as you motivate, bring the passion, charge ahead, cement the career agenda or big goal, deal responsibly or ambitiously with a boss or authority figure, and get the flow going with income. All good.

AQUARIUS:  (It's time to CALL ZOE for a personal reading! 818-613-6067 or email )

The week ahead is going to bring lots of talks or decisions about career, ambitions, authority figures, or goals. Monday this means stretching at home or with a property in the mix. Legal, travel, educational, or marketing interests are flowing positively around creative ventures or love and kids.

Tuesday career or goals tie in positively with work ideas, health or animals and you may find ways to reach big goals at home, with a move, real estate deal, roommate, or family member that benefits you.

Wednesday is the challenging day to look at legal, media, marketing, publishing, travel, foreign, import/export, educational, or ceremonial matters and how you feel about work, co-workers, employees, health, or pets. 

Thursday shifts to focus on a partner, representative or competitor as you open up surprising and exciting talks or sign agreements. Be willing to make some adjustments in the development or imaginative stage of things.

Friday is about that partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or other significant person again and today there is a lot of passion and motivation stirred around them. You should be able to make positive strides legally, through a trip, media or marketing, publishing or publicity, ceremonies, or educational means.

PISCES:  (It's time to CALL ZOE for a personal reading! 818-613-6067 or email )

The week ahead is going to stir your ideas, bring about talks or decisions involving travel, legal matters, education, ceremonies, media, marketing, or publishing. Monday this means you can go for something big here. Cement something sexually, in the divorce or involving big finances so you feel better about the home or real estate matter.

Tuesday you will be communicating about that trip, or legal, ceremonial, marketing, publishing, media, or educational matter. Amp things up in these areas tied to a creative project, with the kids or a love interest under positive stars. Ask for the Moon, you may get it.

Wednesday is a challenging day over sex, divorce or high financial matters and any limits or responsibilities you are dealing with here. Don’t let it bring you down too much over creative projects, kids or love.

Thursday shifts focus to work, health or pets and some excitement involving money. Be open to different ways to earn or inspiration. You will need to work around the friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity involved while dealing with income.

Friday is again about work, health or pets but today you have a fire beneath these areas and lots of passion and motivation to get things moving. You will have an opportunity through work, health or pets to connect financially, sexually or in the divorce on something. Inspiration is pouring through you, do what you can to dig in.

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