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The weekend looks pretty great with a sense of adventure and excitement once we get past a few issues Saturday morning involving sexual attraction, reproduction, divorce, or big financial matters. It’s a great day for tackling these issues and pushing past frustrations . The evening is the most promising as the Sagittarius Moon contacts Uranus in Aries for a few nice surprises involving that adventure, trip, education, legal matter, media or publishing project, marketing or publicity campaign, or ceremony.

Sunday is all about how you wish to expand and prosper, find happiness and follow your beliefs. There is an adjustment needed around money flow in or out so focus in on that first and then see if you can push yourself with the work you need to do or around how you are being perceived at work. If your health needs attention then this will make itself known today as well. There is a great opportunity today with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor so see how commitments, leadership and endings play out for you legally, in media, travel, or educational matters.

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Saturday begins with the need to do something that gets your juices flowing. You may be amped up over divorce issues or the financial interest/issue or you may be passionate or angry about something sexual/intimate. Talks with lovers, kids or about creative projects will open this up and you may need to work around social obligations, a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or a charity in the mix. The evening is wonderful for you in any travel, legal, media, publishing, marketing, or educational pursuit so be willing to try something different, to put yourself in the mix in a new way.

Sunday that legal, media, educational, travel, or ceremonial matter will mean making some adjustments around the money earned or spent and then pushing yourself to deal with any work, health or pet issues in the mix. You have an opportunity for something serious here with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor that can benefit long term so seed commitments or endings with this person and the trip, media, publishing, marketing, educational, ceremonial, or legal interests.

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Saturday opens with a focus on one relationship and the issues you have over home, moves, living situation, family, or real estate and the foggy goal involved. You should try to talk or meet about this if you can. There may be writing or agreements, short trips or beliefs involved in what is going on here. The evening is going to be pretty steamy for you if you have an intimate partner. This looks like fantasy and adventure all wrapped up in one so get ready for the excitement coming your way. If single you may meet someone alluring tonight or if sex is not in your radar, the energy is great for dealing with divorce issues or the financial interests in some new, strategic way.

Sunday the deep Scorpio energy is still pushing your sexual, reproductive, divorce, and financial interests up front and center. You will see that something big is shifting for you personally in this and may decide to make some adjustments accordingly towards your happiness or prosperity. Your need for love, creativity or children is a bit out of whack with all of this deep energy today so you may have to work through this or you may decide this isn’t going to be both for you. The potential for work, health or pet needs being met in some long term way or to set limits, commit or end something here are good so connect with the person that holds the key.

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Saturday will focus in on work, health or pets with a need to have some talks, write, deal with agreements, or make some decisions that push the envelope a bit. There is something at a distance, in travel, media, marketing, publishing, education, or legalities that you don’t have right at the moment and this as well should be tackled so you get closer to the resolution you desire. The evening is another story, the focus will be on a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist with positive social implications so say yes to parties or gatherings, connecting with someone special through friends or over the internet, or seeking representation for an internet, astrology or charity idea.

Sunday the relationship axis is still very powerful and means making some adjustments around the artistic approach, strategy, romantic feel, spiritual need, addiction, research, or institution involved. Again it is the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist that you will want to work through this with and then do what you can to make this shift work at home or around a move, real estate deal or family need. You can get it right with this person on something serious and long term that involves a creative endeavor, child or love interest so keep at it.

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Saturday will push you creatively or with a lover or child so you should do what you can to approach this person or situation with care. The issue is money, values, sharing, and may also touch on divorce or sexually attractions. Talk about the money you need to earn or how spending is affecting the situation and try to get through any confusion over debt, loans, settlements, taxes, insurance, alimony, child support, inheritance, bankruptcy, a partner’s money, or commissions. The evening will be a positive surprise for you as work, health or pet interests align with exciting goals being reached so pursue your interests here.

Sunday the work you do, time with a co-worker or employee, a service you provide, your health pursuits, or interests with animals will drive your day. You need to make some adjustments here with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or a charity and find ways to put yourself in the mix as a writer, communicator, in the agreement, or through short trips today that resolves a few issues for you. There is potential for you to cement something at home through all this work, health or pet involvement that pleases you long term so connect with that person that can help you get there.

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Saturday will push you at home, with a move, family, mom, a real estate deal, or about your security needs. You need to talk about what you need, look at any agreements or decisions that feel challenging, and then try to see the partner, agent, attorney, or competitor in the situation as clearly as you can, it’s a bit of a foggy situation and you will do well to think seriously about what you need. The evening is a whole different story with positive energy opening up around creative projects, kids or a love interest and the travel, media, publishing, publicity, educational, or ceremonial topic, excitement and surprise is in the mix!

Sunday is all about the kids, true love and love interests, recreational interests, or creative projects. A big goal here is in the mix and you will do best to be ready to adjust a bit as you approach the subject and find ways to look at your needs here, how are your values being appreciated or met, how are earnings or spending affecting the situation? There is positive potential in one conversation, meeting, agreement, writing project, or decision today with a lover, child or about a creative project that can cement things long term. Open up about commitments, limits, responsibilities, or endings, you can work things out beneficially if you do.

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Saturday will bring some tough talks, decisions, writing, agreements, short trips, issues with brothers or sisters, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics into the picture for you. Concentrate on how you can deal with the artistic need, spiritual endeavor, hospital, prison, addiction, research, investigation, or development and what work, details, health issues, or pet/animal needs should be addressed here. The evening is bound to surprise in positive ways as the energy shifts to focus on home and ways to connect intimately, deal with divorce issues or handle that big financial matter that involves someone else or an institution.

Sunday is all about the home, move, real estate deal, family, roommate, or security need. You will want to make adjustments around big legal, travel, media, publishing, marketing, or educational matters going on here and look at how you are feeling pushed physically or personally here. Saturn is moving into the picture to help you cement something with someone long term that benefits your money flow at home or through moves, real estate, family, or roommates so reach out to someone to make commitments, end things, set limits or take responsibilities that can enhance the needs you have here.

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Saturday will push you a bit to make money, spend or deal with any issues you are facing around the money flow or a possession. You will need to deal with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations here and talk things out, look for better ways to communicate, renegotiate a deal, write, or handle short trips and this may in turn push you a bit creatively or in the ‘where is the love?’ kind of way. Pace yourself, the evening is opening up to bring positive excitement through a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist so set time aside to talk, write or hook up.

Sunday is going to focus you on a writing project, agreement, decision, short trip, sibling or neighbor interaction, or lots of talks and meetings. Any issues that come up here will be about music, film or other artistic interests, a clandestine affair, hospital or prison matter, addiction, hidden agenda, investigation, or feelings about retreat or isolation. You will do best to talk through these even if it feels tough. The positive energy around all of this comes through that connection with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or other significant person that can help you see the long range potential and possibly cement something that benefits.

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Saturday will push you personally, physically and around your needs to form your identity, shape your image or get out there in the mix towards a big career goal or ambition, regarding your reputation and fame, and through the talks, writing, agreements, or speaking parts you have that motivate you to overcome obstacles here. Much is playing out at home in this and will mean trying to get the music, film or other artistic intent, spiritual approach, clandestine affair or hidden romance, or strategy underway (out of any fog). The great energy finds you in the evening when the shift brings potential to earn money or the desire to spend on something for work, through work efforts, around health or for pets, try new things, be spontaneous.

Sunday the focus all day is on money with potential to make some big adjustments that can benefit income flow through partners, agents, attorneys, or other significant people and to work around a big image, identity or personal need you have playing out through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or a big aspiration. Push towards your own vision and connect with someone behind the scenes to develop something in that artistic, spiritual, romantic arena because the efforts you are expending behind the scenes are leading to solid revenue.

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Saturday opens in a bit of a dreamy or foggy energy and you may feel like hiding out or keeping a low profile as you work on some project or interest behind closed doors. There are talks, writing, agreements, or decisions involving travel, legal, media, publishing, marketing, or educational interests that must be talked about or you will see the need to write, make a short trip, look at agreements, or have that meeting about your own artistic, spiritual, romantic, needs and what should shift a bit to accommodate your vision. The evening is a completely different story. The energy moves into your sign and connects with excitement or surprise through lovers, love interests, children, or creative projects so say yes to what comes along, it’s all good.

Sunday you will likely be thinking about yourself a lot and that is a good thing, you need some focus on you, your body, image, personal needs, or identity. You will likely push yourself a bit over work, pet or health issues and feel a need to align your own destiny with what is happening on the career front. Ask how your goals and ambitions are meeting current situations and then push yourself a bit to get closer to that pinnacle. There is a friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity in the picture that you can connect with in very positive ways today to cement something that will represent your interests so reach out here.

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Saturday is all about friends, group affiliations and activities, time on the internet or about the internet project, astrology, charities, or your aspirations. You will want to have a talk, write, meet, deal with agreements, or make decisions here that may push boundaries a bit, especially where income, spending, shared or outside financial interests, sexual attractions, or divorce are concerned. Don’t be afraid to try to gain more clarity, you may not get the true picture today but the communication will be a step in the right direction. The evening is shifting towards time behind closed doors at home and a whole lot of excitement there or time on development of some artistic or research project, hospital or other institutional matter, and the positive new approaches to home, real estate, moves, or roommates that benefit.

Sunday time behind closed doors, on research, artistic projects, spiritual interests, clandestine romance, dealing with addictions, hospitals, prisons, or retreats, investigations or developmental strategies will take you through the day. You will want to help a child, love interest or creative effort expand through adjustments in these areas, push yourself over travel, legal, media, marketing, or educational matters here, and then find a way to cement something with another person involving career, goals, ambitions, reputation, or achievements that looks to be long term and beneficial.

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Saturday a big goal, career need, ambition, or dealing with an authority figure will take up much of your time. Talks, meetings, agreements, writing, or decisions with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist will focus in on this and push you to express yourself artistically, magically, romantically, or spiritually regardless of how anyone else if pushing you to be. The evening is shifting into the social sphere with very positive excitement around the talks, meetings, writing projects, agreements, or decisions you have with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities, say yes to new ideas or invitations.

Sunday is all about the social vibe and this may mean you need to balance this with big things going on at home or that you decide to throw an impromptu party or gathering that ends up being bigger than you expected. You will find that a sexual attraction or issue, divorce issue, or big financial matter such as a loan, debt, settlement, alimony, child support, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, or tax matter may be pushing your buttons today as well. The positive energy in all this social interaction comes through potential to cement something with another far away or involving travel, media, marketing, publishing, legalities, ceremonies, or education.

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Saturday will focus in on any legal issues, trips, media or publishing, marketing, ceremonies, or educational matters that are on your plate. You will need to talk about the work involved, health issues or how the animals are affected, write, look at agreements, or make decisions here that facilitate solutions and then deal with whatever is going on behind the scenes that seems to be a bit confusing or foggy. The evening is opening up in great energy for you with ways to make money and reach goals or get a leg up on the career front, be open to new approaches, ideas, people, or situations.

Sunday is all about the big goal or ambition, career, authority figure, boss or dad, reputation or fame that is your focus. Talks are big today, you can push yourself over writing, speaking parts or agreements in this goal, work on ways to deal with your needs being met with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor in the mix, and then reach out to one of these people to cement something long term involving sexual attraction or issues, reproduction, divorce, or big financial matters. Think of ways to commit, set limits, end things, or share responsibilities that benefit your needs and then go for it.


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