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New Moon energy is so inspiring! One month every year we get a giant shot in the arm from the universe to help us get certain things under way and this month it begins on Saturday and unwinds over the course of the following two weeks in Gemini. This means that for everyone, writing projects, written agreements, meetings, talks, news, decisions, short trips, moves, neighborhood, transportation, and siblings will be where we can begin something new with strong universal support. Depending on your sign it will help define what this talk, agreement, meeting or news will focus on for you. So let’s take a look!

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Saturday the New Moon is opening up new communications projects, you have 2 strong weeks to write it, launch the written project, set up your meetings, talks, pitches, deal with new aspects to neighborhood, neighbors, siblings, or short trips, or purchase the vehicle or do something new with the one you have, and this is all based around you and your ideas that are now ready to spring into life. Don’t forget luck is favoring you now. Work from home or on home is under opportunity aspects as well with solid results in the mix. Give it all you’ve got today, more career empowerment is linked to what you say, write or agree to do.

Sunday there is an adjustment in the mix around a woman at home or some money making/spending tied to home. Your aspirations, friendship or group affiliation is being tested here so do what you can to balance between these arenas. Work and home are linked together under opportunity aspects again today, especially based on the actions you take to tackle the work, health or pets here. The goal may seem huge or the boss a bit intense, but you CAN make this happen.

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Saturday’s New Moon is giving you a big push with income matters so look at ways you can increase your earnings over the next two week and go confidently in this direction with so much universal support behind you. If you want to look for another source of income or spend on something important you should have good luck in doing so. Talks about love or money are under opportunity aspects today if there is a creative venture on the table, a child or lover involved, or the topic of fun, recreation or love a part of the scenario. You may have to contend with changes around travel, education, legal or media matters.

Sunday brings an adjustment to the agreement, talk or meeting with a woman or money matter. Look at ways to reach the artistic, romantic, or spiritual goal by creating a win-win situation. There may be something tied to retreat, addiction or hospitals as well that needs dealing with. Passions ignite with anything joyous through creative outlets, children or loved ones so meet up or talk about what you can do together. Again, the legal aspects, education, travel, or media matter must be dealt with in the balance.

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Saturday brings a New Moon in your sign and much to celebrate. You have wrapped up the month long cycle of retreat and recuperation and are now ready to step out into life again as the new and improved ‘you’! This is a new beginning for who you are becoming this next year, it is a great time to begin something related to your body, so joining a gym or starting a diet, getting a haircut or new wardrobe, anything to improve the image or identity. The connection today between earning/spending and home is very positive so see if you can earn from home or buy into the situation. You may find yourself in a powerful talk or meeting where intimacy, sex, divorce or major finance is the topic and will require you to step outside of your comfort zone a bit.

Sunday brings the need to make some adjustments around the income matter, so that is either about earning or spending and the big trip ahead of you, the legal matters, the media venture, or the educational topic involved. Reach out to the woman involved and see what can be worked out. Again there is opportunity today between income/spending and home so take action. Try to find ways to balance what you make or spend with the debt/loan/outside resources.

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Saturday the New Moon is going to spark fresh starts for you through the mystical part of your chart where communications rule. This means that you have two strong weeks to begin writing projects that you work on in private, talks or agreements that are going on behind closed doors, involve strategy, film or fantasy, psychic ability or music, anything artistic or spiritual and connected to the muse, a clandestine love affair, research or investigations, contact with hospitals or other institutions, or taking time to retreat and recharge your batteries. Talks or agreements today that focus on you, your body or image and money should go very well, commit to long term prospects. The talk with the partner, representative or competitor requires more adjustments.

Sunday is about the adjustments you need to make around your connection to an intimate partner, divorce issue, death, or financial matter that comes through others such as a loan, debt, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlement, or joint finances. Whatever the powerful topic of shared experience here, loving yourself is key and asking for the appropriate artistic, spiritual or romantic outcome is important as well. Get active in the local scene today as there is opportunity for you in this. Again, the partner, rep or competitor is where change and empowerment call out to you.

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Saturday the New Moon is opening up new beginnings with friends, groups, networking associates, and aspirations. You have two strong weeks to form the group, join one, leave one that no longer serves, meet someone new who is destined to be an important friend or ally in the year ahead, and to launch your dream out into the world or at the very least connect with the right person or group to help you do so. There is opportunity today to set something in place monetarily that is solid and based on your research, artistic abilities, a fantasy project, spiritual endeavor, or dealings with a hospital. You need to find ways to continue to change through the work you do, with what is happening with your health or through your involvement with animals and something comes up by way of a conversation or agreement with friends or a group to help you do so.

Sunday requires some adjusting to what you are doing behind the scenes with a woman or to earn or spend money. This is pushing on situation with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor so see your way clear to come out of any shadows here if you wish to change this up ahead. There is great energy to make or spend money today in an active, passionate manner, again tied to what is going on behind closed doors, with an artistic project, retreat or hospital or research outlet.

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Saturday’s Gemini New Moon is your wide open door to new career horizons so take the next two weeks to climb the ladder towards success, take your meetings, ask for a raise, jump ship to a better position elsewhere, send out resumes, interview, launch your new business, or set things in motion to build your name or reputation. A friend or group is where it’s at today as far as long term love or money opportunities so take those calls and meetings. There is a shift that must occur today around the creative aspect, a child or love so as you approach your goal keep this in mind, you are at an important phase of a long term cycle to empower yourself here, ask for what you need.

Sunday brings the need to make some adjustments with the friend or group about the woman, love or money. It’s Venus in your social house here who is kicking up the fuss and she wants you to look at different ways of approaching work, health or pets in the situation to reach a better artistic, spiritual or romantic outlook. There is still great energy around what you do today for a friend or group so don’t be afraid to act.

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The New Moon on Saturday is highlighting fresh starts for you over the next 2 weeks through travel, media or publishing, teaching or taking a class, or any legal avenues before you. This is an important time to launch new ventures in these areas, sign up, meet new people through these doors, pitch the idea or come to terms on what is happening. A goal can be reached today regarding the money or through a female. This should open up opportunity that is solid and long term in anything artistic, film/music, research or investigative, hospital or retreat oriented, or in dealing with addictions or hidden motives. Today and tomorrow will bring up energy around the ongoing change that is trying to take place at home or with your living conditions, take this opportunity to see if an education, legal approach, publicity, or travel can help you here.

Sunday you will need to make some adjustments around the money or love goal you have before you. This means that what you want from a creative project, child or lover needs to shift somewhat artistically, spiritually or romantically. See what you can do behind the scenes, whether that is an expression of passion or motivating to dig around a bit for information or just driving yourself on the stage, with the film, music, dance, or poetry, there is a need to do something.

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Saturday brings a New Moon in your shared house of sex, divorce and major finances. This means you have two strong weeks to being a new sexual affair, kick up the intimacy between you and another, get new solutions to sexual or reproductive issues, begin the divorce, or go after the loan or settlement, inheritance or bankruptcy, alimony or child support, or any other outside resource you need. Travel, media, education, and law are favoring you today in some opportunity with a friend or group, think long term positive energy here and go for it. The way you communicate, write or think needs to change just a bit for this to evolve properly.

Sunday there is a need for an adjustment and it will come through a money situation or a woman who is tied to travel, is at a distance, is linked to a media or publishing idea, education, or legal matters. See how your own living situation can morph through what you are able to come up with spiritually, romantically or artistically here. Again, the friend or group is favorable for you in the travel, media, educational, or legal matter, today it comes through action.

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Saturday brings a New Moon in your partnership zone. This is an important time of the year for you when you have two very strong weeks to being new business partnerships, decide to marry, break off a partnership to make room for another one to enter this year, sign up with an agent or manager, attorney or specialist, or get on a better new footing with the competition. So if you need to connect with any of these people set up meetings and introductions now. For some of you the addition of a child will give the current partnership a new definition. Goals can be met today involving sex, divorce or major finances so step it up here.

Sunday you will need to make some adjustments around the sexual connection, reproductive issues, divorce, loans, debt, credit, insurance, inheritance, bankruptcy, shared financial situations, alimony, child support, taxes, or settlement. Do your best to talk about the romantic, artistic, or spiritual issues involved for you and watch out for any weepy or deceptive communications here as they will just cloud the issue. Actions towards goals or career are highly favored when tied to the sex, divorce or finances so dive in. The changes going on with your income or spending must be looked at.

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Saturday’s New Moon in your work, health and pet zone bodes well for you to find better work over the next two weeks if you need to, send out resumes, interview or pitch ideas for new ways to work. If you need to tackle a pile-up of work you have the energy now to do so, if you need to hire someone to work for you, this two week period helps you find the right person, it’s great for launching a new work-out or diet regime or to get answers from health care workers on health issues, and it is a good time to think about adopting a pet or joining in something that benefits animals. A woman partner, representative or specialist is going to be good for you today where solid, long term topics are tied to travel, media, education, or legal topics and the money you earn so reach out to her.

Sunday will be about adjusting to what this woman brings into the picture or pushes you to bring to the table. There is a need to look closely at the income or spending here and anything tied to artistry, romance, hospitals, addictions, spiritual pursuits, or hidden agendas, get clear because working with this partner, representative or specialist will mean knowing these boundaries. Take action today through travel, media/marketing, education, or legal means with this person because this is under positive stars. Remember when dealing with this person, you are the one holding the biggest stick (you don’t have to swing it, they know).

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Saturday brings a New Moon in your house of true love, children, recreation, and creative ventures. This is a huge new beginning for you in affairs of the heart, if single get yourself out there and be proactive in meeting people over the next two weeks, the right one may be out there now, if in a relationship you will likely see it kick up a notch or there may be a break up if this person is NOT the one because under this energy the universe is favoring you and true love so it won’t abide anything less. If you experience a loss here know it is making room for the right one. It’s a great time to start practicing if you want a child, it might bring you one now, you should launch all creative ventures for the year ahead now as well. See if you can work with a woman in some shared financial matter that involves a third party, it looks very positive for you.

Sunday brings the need for some adjusting to what is happening with your health, the work you are doing or want to do, or with the pets. This is about the way you are attending to the details and how a woman is involved, look at income that enters the picture through these doors or the way you are spending. See how your own personal needs for artistry, romance or spirituality are being met, what can you do about it? There is again great support for what is possible through work and the action you take with a shared financial matter, divorce or intimate connection, is this sex at the work place or a divorce which is pushing you to find new work or is it about finding the right loan or shared financial arrangement?

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Saturday is a New Moon in your living situation, home, real estate, or with mom/mother figure. This gives you two strong weeks to launch new beginnings and fresh starts through moves, real estate deals, roommates and other new living situations, renovations, interior design, or getting mom or the mother figure into a better place. There is long term love and stability available to you today though a partner or representative and this will express itself through a creative venture or love affair, so reach out. What is happening at home has a direct link to a powerful friend or group situation and the evolving energy here.

Sunday you will want to make some adjustments creatively or with a child or lover. This means that you need to look at any artistic, romantic or spiritual energy around the film or fantasy, research or retreat, hospital or hidden agendas or if things have been tough you may need to look at any self-sabotaging, addictions or manipulations and find ways to release them now, this love or creative energy requires this in no uncertain terms. The energy again between the creative flow and love through the partnership or representation is golden and if you can act on this or express your passions, so much the better.

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