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It’s a party in the Cosmos and you are invited, woohoo! Did you think last week was intense? Oh boy are you in for a surprise, buckle up betty, strap ‘em in bob, it’s gonna be wild!

Monday the goddess Moon is working her magic with Neptune and Mars, she is inviting you to dream big and feel confident about how you are partnering in these dreams. She wants you to take action towards those dreams today and she has your back. She meets with Venus who is going to demand the love or the money first but you need to work through this as these are just flairs around how secure you or they are feeling in the mix. She lastly meets up with Pluto just after moving into Pluto’s sign of Scorpio, wow, she is going to be intense and in an opportunity to embrace the power, intimacy or major finances, sweet!

Tuesday is about the passions, actions and talks or agreements (disagreements) in a big way. First, the action planet Mars is changing signs, leaving the place of action being all talk and entering into solid, grounded energy that wants the action to somehow protect or nurture us. Next, Mercury, the planet of communications, changes signs, leaving the details and criticism and entering into partnerships and one-on-one pow-wows. Lastly, they are going to square each other after entering their new territories, so challenges and obstacles, or friction and heat are what to expect.

Wednesday Mercury squares Pluto so at least one talk or meeting is going to be deeply intense, about power sharing, intimacy, triangles, major money, or control, possibly all of the above. Venus is going to change signs today, leaving the place where love and money arrive as comfort and security and entering the place where you are going to want the love to be glamorous, creatively expressive and to cast you as the star of the show and where you will want to spend money on having fun. Mars will oppose Pluto today and this can be a rather nasty combination if you aren’t careful, someone is likely to act out today to prove their power in a situation, or to control, manipulate or do something underhanded. There is potential to take this combination to its highest level which would look like taking action to balance power and both people’s soul journey, do your best.

Thursday a Sagittarius Moon makes nice with Venus in Leo, lots of fire energy here around the goddesses so expect good things from expressing your passions, be it about love or money. Venus will then move into a bit of a stretch with Pluto so you will need to make some adjustments to the love or money matter on some level if you wish to reach the depth and intensity you are looking for here.

Friday Mercury brings his talks around Venus so that love and money matters are expressed, agreed upon, met over, and enjoyed. The Moon meets Jupiter to enhance this with great feelings of expansion and potential for prosperity or happiness. By day’s end, Moon squares Saturn so you will get real about feelings and step up to any emotional challenges around responsibility before you.


The actions you are taking to move your aspirations forward in partnership or through representation are in tune with the positive vibes of the universe on Monday. Dream your dreams here, express your artistic nature and come from your passion. You will need to deal with a love or money issue at home or with a woman here and this is a bit of a challenge. The day wraps up with opportunity to find financial backing for a career agenda or personal goals or to connect intimately with someone powerful.

Tuesday your ruler changes signs, pushing you to do something at home, with the living situation or a property matter. Mercury enters the arena of partners, agents and attorneys and you will be talking with these people more. A talk with one of these people about what is occurring in the home or with property is your challenge today.

Wednesday Mercury and Pluto square to help you speak with your partner, agent or attorney about major career agendas, the changes you wish to see, how the power or finances are balanced and who is in control. Venus enters the part of your chart associated with true love, fun, children, and creative projects, putting you in the position to attract strongly here. Mars opposes Pluto which can be rather challenging, especially for you since your ruler is involved. There is some need to balance actions, anger or passions around home or property, with big changes or power issues in career or the financial goals you have set for yourself. Watch out for triangles in dealing.

Thursday the emotional vibe is wonderful as you look at the way you are expressing your creativity or love through travel, media, legal means, or educating. There is a need today to look at the love or money matter tied to lovers, children or creative outlets and then to make some shifts around the powerful goals you have set.

Friday talks with partners, agents or attorneys are under a wonderful opportunity where money is concerned for creative projects and where love is concerned with lovers or children. Open up and share your feelings. Aspirations are being flooded with Jupiter’s benefits and luck so put time into the dream and vision. Saturn is going to demand some work, dealing with pets or take a bit of a toll on your health by days end so pace yourself.


The flow on Monday ties work, career, reputation, fame, and income together in a pretty bow that says, ‘I am doing what I want around my artistic expression and my passions are going to get me what I want today.’ You do need to have a talk regarding the work, health or pets and the love or money here. By evening feelings shift to embrace deep connections with partners, agents or attorneys and the powerful opportunity to travel, launch in media ventures or publishing, promote, learn or teach, or make it legal.

Tuesday Mars moves into Cancer and opens up the passions in all thing communications related, so talks heat up, writing takes off, you are going to be more active locally and you may dive into something with a sibling. Mercury enters Libra and talks will shift to work, health or pets. There is one conversation today about this that will amp you up to go do something locally or to express your passionate or angry side.

Wednesday Mercury squares Pluto and this can be a challenging talk or a writers block. You will be expressing yourself over work, health or a pet and looking at ways to handle the intensity over travel, media, education, or law. Venus enters Leo bringing a female into the home or love and money matters concentrated at home, with property and in building your foundations. Mars opposes Pluto this week so you will be tackling something deeply intense, possibly dealing with a power struggle or overcoming something major. Look to acting through words, writing, your neighborhood, or siblings and for the power source to eminate from travel, media, publishing, law, or education.

Thursday feelings move towards love and expression around intimacy and home. You may find the money is flowing for home improvements or buying a house. You need to adjust the love or money agenda around home if you wish to see the major change in travel, media, legal matters, or education.

Friday talks about the work you need to do at home, the health matter with a woman at home, or about the pets and the money around the home issue will bring fruitful results so express yourself. Making money from home is possible today as well. The open flow from Jupiter is helping you expand career or goals today and bring outside finances into line. You will need to deal with responsibilities to creative outlets, a lover or child as the day wanes.


Monday brings nice energy for you between love and creativity and any way you are working to put that out there in a higher medium such as higher education, media, publishing, law, or travel. You can dive in, expound from your passions and connect to your artistry and romantic nature in this with universal support. There is a challenge to come to terms over what is being paid to you or spent. Later in the day there is strong opportunity to connect emotionally over the work you are doing and some kind of financial backing or to connect your health to your intimate nature for some powerful transformation.

Tuesday Mars changes signs, moving into your income zone, gearing you up to go aggressively after the money over the next few weeks. Mercury enters your house of true love, children and creativity and this opens up talks and meetings with the ones you love and about what you are doing creatively. Single Gemini’s may meet someone alluring at this time. Mercury and Mars square so a talk will challenge regarding the creative project and what you are getting paid or what you are spending on loved ones.

Wednesday Mercury squares Pluto so talks go even deeper, this time there is a talk about the creative project and the major shared finances with someone or the debt or outside backing coming in. If you aren’t dealing with creative work, the talk will be about a lover or child and the financial backing or intimate issues. Venus moves into Leo and your communications zone, bringing the ability to attract love and money through talks and meetings, local activities and siblings. Mars opposes Pluto which is an intensely challenging aspect, gearing you to tackle an income matter in an attempt to balance the powerful transformation occurring in your credit, loans, and debt arena. This area also rules partners finances and any money coming in that is not earnings, divorce and sexual issues as well. Do your best to avoid triangles and power plays.

Thursday resonates well with partners, agents and attorneys for you as you come forward to talk or make agreements about love or money. You need to be willing to shift the way you are thinking about the love or money just a bit in discussing this if you are to transform your jointly held financial picture or the major financial matter that is concerning you at present.

Friday is a wonderful day to talk about the creative project, meet to do something locally, take a short trip for creativity or love, open up about children and lovers and connect where money can flow into these realms. Feelings are strong around partners today and the expansion this is opening up for you through travel, media, publishing, teaching, learning, and law. The opportunity to stretch in a beneficial way is there today if you take it. Responsibilities or limitations at home are the only challenge today you must deal with.


The golden flow on Monday for Cancer is threading through home, outside money sources and action you are taking behind closed doors or involving fantasy, research, film or artistry. You can apply your passions here with confidence and tackle something that is due to bring you a solid foundation up ahead. Venus is troubling you a bit today around issues of feeling loved or finding the funds to do something regarding your identity, image or body, this in turn may push you to think outside the box. Once the Moon enters Scorpio you will have a wonderful opportunity to connect with lovers, children or your creative abilities in partnership or through an agent or attorney to powerfully transform something in a positive manner.

Tuesday Mars enters your sign and brings with him the drive and determination to move mountains. You will have more energy and your passions as well as your anger will be closer to the surface. Mercury changes signs as well, moving into the home, property and mom arena, opening up dialogue around these themes and helping you come to an understanding. Before this happens, these two energies square today, pushing you to talk about the home, mom or living situation and what you want to do personally.

Wednesday Mercury squares Pluto so you will be talking about a living situation, home, mom or property matter with a partner, agent or attorney and it is challenging you to make big changes or connect on a deep level around the major financial aspect involved. Venus is entering Leo today and she is bringing her ability to attract into your income arena, helping you make more money now and nudging you to spend your earnings on things of beauty. Mars opposes Pluto and this is big, it plays out between you and a partner, agent or attorney and it is about taking action, making changes, and if handled in the lower form of this energy, will bring out power struggles, manipulations, triangles, and any form of subversive attempts of control, do your best to reach the highest form here that means transformation of the balance between you through action taken to reach both of your souls journey in the matter.

Thursday bring good feelings around work, health and pets. You are seeing the money coming in here and feeling good about spending any on these areas. You need to make another adjustment in the income matter in dealing with the partner, agent or attorney today.

Friday the talks about home, property, the living situation, or mom are under wonderful aspects to making or spending money. IF you need to discuss the financial picture here, this is the day. There is an opportunity to expand and protect the outside resources, loans, insurance, inheritance, taxes, credit, or any other finances that come in outside of income by looking at work and health in a higher way and then approaching it with this in mind. You do have one serious talk that may challenge today around pets, health or work, target responsibilities and any limitations.


Monday opens talks with partners about aspirations or social opportunities and allows you to find your artistic and romantic voice in the connection as well as putting you out there on the social scene passionately. You need to deal with a love or money issue that you are keeping secret or buried and if this means talking it out so you are more emotionally confident then you should push yourself to do so. Once the Moon enters your home base you will feel like tackling work here and making some major changes, all positive.

Tuesday mars enters the part of the chart that keeps thing secret or hidden and you will feel quite passionate about the work you are doing behind closed doors, the research or fantasy work you are involved in, and any anger you have will be kept bottled up for a bit as you process what is really going on within yourself here. Some of you may decide to get some surgery done during this transit and it is favored now. Mercury enters your communications zone so expect to hear from more people and to be more talkative yourself. There is one conversation today that is due to be challenging regarding the secret, film or fantasy work, research, hospital or something you have hidden from yourself.

Wednesday Mercury squares Pluto and conversations are even more intense, this time the talk is going to focus on a work matter, health issue or pet and you are going to want to make a big change here or deal with some power issue. Venus enters your sign bringing wonderful goddess energy to you and making you appear more attractive to the rest of the zodiac, enjoy. Mars opposes Pluto and this is one of the more challenging combinations, you will want to act on the secret, hidden agenda, film or fantasy, research or hospital matter and find you are up against something or someone more powerful than you in the work, health or pets arena, or you may find that you are trying to ring a major change here and it is requiring more from you than you expected.

Thursday the feelings move toward love and creativity and they are very supportive of who you are and your needs being met. If you are single you may attract someone new and wonderful today. Venus is asking you make an adjustment around your needs and the way you are approaching change in the work, health or pets arenas.

Friday talks about you and the love or money you want or need are due to please you so open up and ask for what you desire, even a ‘no’ today is promising something better in it’s place. Feelings around lovers, children and creativity are on a high as well due to Jupiter bringing luck and happiness through partnership, agents and attorneys if you reach out. You do have one challenge to deal with regarding income and responsibilities, don’t let it bring you down.


You should be feeling pretty good on Monday about income and how you are expressing your artistry through the work you do, taking striking action on the career front, it is all working together today. If you are taking a more holistic approach to health you will find spending on this will help you reach your goals here as well today. Venus is the only challenge via a friend and dealing with a money matter here. Once you do the Moon enters your communications zone helping you express your feelings about a creative project in a powerful way or to share feelings of love with a lover or child that have the power to transform the situation.

Tuesday Mars enters your friendship zone and will give you more passion and energy to socialize, connect with friends, join groups and chase your aspirations. Watch your anger level as you will be more likely to take it out on a pal now than at other times. Mercury enters your earnings zone, bringing news of more money to be made and helping you to set up meetings or talks about income. The square today between these two planets in their new positions means that you will have to have one challenging talk about income with a friend or group that may get passionate.

Wednesday Mercury squares Pluto so talks will be even more intense as you look at the income and major changes that you must deal with around children, lovers or creative projects. Venus enters the hidden part of your chart so love will become more secretive or private for a while and money matters will revolve around film and fantasy, research and work done alone or behind the scenes, or retreats, hospitals or other institutions. Mars opposes Pluto today and this is very intense pushing you to take action with a friend or group while up against a major change or power struggle over love, children or creative ideas. Do your best to balance in this, watch for triangles, underhanded approaches and manipulation, as well as anger.

Thursday brings good vibes at home, in living situations, and with mom and property matters. The secretive issue around a female, love or money matter is going to ease up today and you may feel like having some one-on-one time with a lover at home that looks like it would be sweet. You need to make some adjustments to the deeper internal processes going on romantically or financially if you are to continue to transform the creative output and your connections to children or lovers.

Friday talks about income, what is made or spent, are due to favor you regarding the hidden matter going on with the woman, the love or the financial matter. Open up, take meetings, make agreements. You are feeling strong in the foundations of life today and Jupiter is bringing an opportunity to expand and prosper through work done at home or to the home, through your own health and the way you are working to transform this, and to spending time with small animals. Do not let Saturn put a damper on this day by making you feel you must carry the weight of the world on your own shoulders.


Step up to the plate on Monday as you have superstar power in your presence, connect to your artistry in the creative projects you are working on, connect to your romantic nature in the love affair you are involved in or put yourself out there if you are single. The actions you take today towards, media, publishing, travel, legal matters, or education are aligned to support you and your expression. Venus is testing you on the career front so you may be contending with a female over goals or just looking at how to deal with a financial matter here. Once the Moon enters your income zone you will have lots of power within to take a stab at making money from home or through property matters.

Tuesday Mars enters your career Midheaven and brings lots of energy and passion to your drive and ambition. You will feel as though you can take on the world and you probably can, just watch that you express the passion and not the anger side of Mars. Mercury enters your sign today and will give you the power to communicate from a more balanced position, expect to hear from more people and to be talking more than normal. The square between Mercury and Mars today will trigger a dynamic, passionate or angry talk about career, goals and ambitions and any challenges you see here.

Wednesday Mercury squares Pluto and the talks now shift to some kind of powerful or intense issue around home, living situations, property or mom. This may be about your needs or how you are perceived here and the need to make some changes, deal with manipulations or triangles or handle any power struggles or major finances. Venus enters Leo and amps up your social scene, bringing more invitations and a stronger sense of creative connection with female friends. Mars opposes Pluto which can be extremely intense as you take action or act out on the career front or in pursuing a goal and have to deal with some major power matter around home or property.

Thursday feelings shift and there is a wonderful goddess connection that opens communications with friends over love and money matters. Invitations from friends today should be accepted. You need to make an adjustment around a money matter with a friend if you wish to continue to transform the home, living situation, or property matter in a powerful way.

Friday talks about your needs and the love or money matter with a friend or group are due to please you, there is opportunity here so don’t remain quiet. Jupiter is working for you today as well, helping you stretch through creative projects, with lovers or children. Do something locally to have fun, if single get out there in the local haunts. Saturn will be trying to influence your internally around responsibilities and limitations with the work you are doing behind closed doors, do your best to keep it light.


The action you take today regarding major finances, divorce or intimacy is bound to help you connect home and property matters to what you are dreaming of for yourself right now. Express your artistry or romantic nature and bring your passion. Venus is putting up an obstacle involving money or love around travel, media, education, or law today so be prepared to tackle this. Once the Moon enters your sign she meets up with your ruler to enable you to talk the birds from the trees, you have amazing power of communications now so use it wisely.

Tuesday Mars enters fellow water sign, Cancer, and brings you lots of energy to tackle travel, media, publishing, education, and legal matters now. This is dynamic and will help you ‘do’, just be aware that anger will lurk here as well. Mercury is entering your twelfth house so your mind will do best questioning private thoughts and delving into research and fantasy. You may hear of a secret today or let one slip, regardless, talks about what you have been keeping under wraps will lead to an impulse to travel, promote, publish, teach, take a class, or take a legal step.

Wednesday the talks or meetings amp up even higher as Mercury squares Pluto and you will be dealing with power matters, triangles, manipulations or some major financial or intimate issue. Venus enters your career Midheaven and will help you to attract the love or money you set your sights on, look at promotions, going to a new career, or finding women are better able to help you reach goals now. Mars is going to oppose Pluto, the second challenging aspect today to your ruler! This one will be about taking action on the legal, travel, media, or education matter and coming up against a powerful conversation or meeting here or some major change being required in the thing you have written.

Thursday the energy softens and you will be feeling pretty good about income and the money, love or woman who is involved in your career or major goals. You need to make an adjustment here to love, money or a woman on the career or goal front if you wish to step farther into the transformations that are occurring around your communications skills and writing abilities.

Friday a talk about what you have been working on behind closed doors can lead to major money on the career front. You may get news you weren’t expecting with an offer that helps you reach your goal. Feelings about income are positive and there is opportunity to expand the home or living situation and bring some happiness here. You must make time to deal with a financial matter involving a friend or group and any challenge this brings.


Monday should be social, at least via the telephone and emails as you are able to connect with your artistry and your inspiration. It is a great day to dive into partnership, go after agents or attorneys and make things happen. Venus us pushing you to figure out a financial situation tied to a group or friend, or to deal with some romantic sexual energy around this person. Once the Moon enters Scorpio and connects with Pluto the opportunity to work behind closed doors towards a nice chunk of change is on tap.

Tuesday Mars changes signs entering Cancer and revving up your libido as well as your drive to pursue financial backing or any other type of money you can get a hold of outside of income. For some of you, divorce is where this major push is going to come from as your passions drive you to deal with the separation. Mercury changes signs as well entering your house of friendships and groups so you can expect to be the popular sign of the zodiac where invitations and social functions are concerned. You will likely hear from and connect with more friends now. Mercury’s square to Mars in their new positions today means that at least one talk or bit of news around a friend will push you to deal with the money matter, divorce or intimacy issue on the spot.

Wednesday Mercury squares Pluto so talks are ultra intense and powerful around a friendship and income, money being made or spent. Venus enters Leo and will put love and money emphasis on travel, education, legal matters, and media or publishing. Mars opposes Pluto which is a very intense combination regarding finances, the drive to take action on a loan, settlement, divorce, or any other place where major finances or physical attention is shared will be strong and the transformation occurring in your personal income house is in the mix here.

Thursday feelings are pleasant around who you are and your connection to travel, law, education, or media. There is a beautiful flow around love or money here so put yourself in the mix in one of these areas. You need to make some adjustment around the one you choose so that you are continuing on the path of transforming your income in a powerful way. For some of you this will involve committing some of your earnings to the class, legal matter, trip, or media venture.

Friday talks with a friend about travel, education, law, or media and publishing are under favored stars, there is an opportunity for love or money here so open up. Feelings should be positive around the expansion that is occurring in your communications arena, there is opportunity to do something fun or prosperous in the neighborhood or with siblings as well. You will have to deal with responsibility on the career front today and any limitations here.


Monday is open for you where career, making money artistically, spending spiritually, and going after the work is concerned. You have the drive to get ahead today. You will need to deal with Venus as she is asking you to take a look at a love or money matter involving a partner, agent or attorney. Once the Moon enters Scorpio you are open to connect with friends, socialize and find some powerful connections through networking.

Tuesday Mars changes signs entering Cancer opposite of you. This means that you can expect a lot of dynamic energy around partners, agents and attorneys now and you will be expressing passion, drive and anger through these connections. Mercury changes signs today as well, moving into your career Midheaven where talks and meetings will now be about ambitions, promotions, opportunities to meet goals and taking meetings to further your aims. Mercury’s square to Mars today hints that a talk about goals or career will bring up challenges with the partner, agent or attorney that will need to be acted upon.

Wednesday Mercury squares Pluto which is more intense as talks about career, goals, reputation, or ambition will meet with the need to make some powerful changes around your image, identity, body or something very personal to your ego needs. Venus changes signs, moving into Leo and sparking your abiltity to attract outside resources and deal more favorably with finances. Money should flow easier now but it can easily flow out as well so take heed. Mars opposes Pluto which is a very dramatic combination, with Mars acting out through the partner, agent or attorney and Pluto acting out through you. This could be a power struggle or a need to balance actions, passions or anger from the view point of transformation or deconstruction.

Thursday feelings about what is going on behind closed doors should be very nice as the tie-in to major finances seems to be there. For some of you this is about a private tryst that has you smiling. Adjustments to how you feel about the money or intimate encounter are necessary as you look at the changes in your own sense of self here.

Friday talks about career or goals are under amazing aspects to the outside finances, divorce or intimacy. There is definitely the potential for love or money here if you open up, take the meeting, share your view point. Expansion in income is something Jupiter is working on for you today as well and the combination should have you smiling. You do need to deal with a responsibility involving travel, media, law, or education and any effort or limitation involved in this.


Feelings about what is occurring legally, the trip, what is happening in the media or in promoting or publishing, or how the education is going should be amazing on Monday as the connection to your own romantic, artistic nature is being aspected as well as a positive drive to do something creative or with lovers or children. Venus is kicking up a fuss over love or money in the work you do, around a health issue or regarding pets so you will have to take care of this, a female may be involved. Once the Moon enters Scorpio and connects with Pluto there is powerful opportunity to connect with a goal or ambition through powerful research, film or fantasy work, time spent alone behind the scenes, or in dealing with institutions.

Tuesday Mars enters your work, health and pets zone and this is where you will have a lot of energy and drive to get things done and to shine your passions and sometimes your anger. Mercury is moving into travel, law, education, and media today so you will hear news about these things, make decisions, talk and meet and share ideas. Mercury squares Mars today so the talks will lead to taking action on your health, work or pets.

Wednesday Mercury squares Pluto for an intense talk or bit of news about the trip, media, educational or legal matter. You will need to deal with some kind of change in what is going on behind closed doors or in the film or fantasy work, research or hospitalization. Venus enters Leo and brings the ability to attract love and money through partnership, agents and attorneys. Things should run smoother here and you should feel confident expressing your desires with these significant connections. The opposition between Mars and Pluto today is very intense and will have you diving into a work, health or pet matter up against the big changes or power struggle over research, film, fantasy, retreat, or hospitalization.

Thursday feelings about social activities with partners, agents or attorneys are under very nice stars, the ability to combine friendship, aspirations, one-on-one connections and love or money is there for you. You will need to make adjustments with this person once again around what is going on behind closed doors.

Friday talks about travel, education, law, or media are favored as you may reach a new understanding around a love or money matter with a partner, agent or attorney. Jupiter is working to help you expand and keep you protected and there is opportunity to have fun with friends today in this quest. You do need to deal with a responsibility around finances, divorce or intimacy before getting out and kicking up your heals.


Monday should feel a bit better where major finances are concerned as your ruler is aligning with what you are working on in private and helping you to take action on home, property or living situations in a positive manner. Venus is stirring up a bit of trouble asking you to deal with a child, lover or creative project and the love or money matter here. Once the Moon moves to meet Pluto you will feel pretty good about the opportunity to connect powerfully with a friend over legal matters, education, media, or travel.

Tuesday Mars changes signs entering your house of true love, children and creativity. For single Pisceans this could be passion entering and the meeting of someone new, for those of you in a connection, this energy brings fire, be it passion or anger. You have the drive now to put your creative urges forward and more on your hands with the kids. Mercury changes signs moving into your house of major finances, sex and divorce. This means that talks and meetings will amp up around these themes over the next few weeks. The square between these two planets today will either read like friction between lovers that leads to the sheets or diving into deal with a child or creative outlet over finances or divorce.

Wednesday Mercury squares Pluto and brings up some heavy talks about finances, sex or divorce with a friend. Venus enters Leo and you will see things flowing more smoothly around work, health and pets. You can attract love and money through these arenas and may find a female plays an important part here now as well. Mars opposes Pluto today and this is deeply intense as actions coming from lovers, children or creativity will be up against a powerful friendship, group affiliation or aspiration. Power struggles or passions run deep.

Thursday feelings about career and goals are aligned beautifully with the money coming in through work, the love coming in through health and pets. You need to make an adjustment with a female here around the work, health or pets to continue to transform your friendship and aspirations.

Friday talks about major finances are connecting in opportunity to work, health and pets so open up dialogue and ask for what you need. You may purchase a pet or work-out program today and feel good about the decision. Jupiter is working to bring luck and protection to what you are doing alone, behind closed doors towards goals. You do need to deal with a responsibility to a partner, agent or attorney today.


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