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                                                           Hans Hoffmann's Hare in the Forrest c1585

Hoppy Easter Weekend! Scorpio Moon holds sway on Saturday up until 11:13pm eastern/8:13pm pacific so expect more intense feelings to color your day. This is good for purging what no longer supports your life and for going deeper with others over intimate needs, divorce proceedings or financial matters. The last aspect this Moon made before arriving was an adjustment to Mars so you may need to give yourself a swift kick in the pants to motivate or get past any anger that could be barring your progress. 

                                                                    Dionysus Ariadne Venus

Venus adjusts to Saturn before dawn and colors the day with the need to adapt when it comes to love, women, income, or beauty. She is working from Aries so again motivating yourself here is important, what can you take care of for you? When approaching Saturn you are looking at people that are in charge or hold some third party position within that financial, divorce or sexual paradigm. Can you realign goals, bend a little, work on giving yourself what you need, or begin to set the stage in a way that demands you are valued a bit more than you have been? 

                         Saturn Cutting off Cupid’s Wings with a Scythe (1802) by Ivan Akimov
 Saturn is the outer limit, the end game, the 'no' you run up against that pushes you to master some new ability or apply more ambition and responsibility to the matter, (or sometimes call it quits). When we see a personal energy adjusting to it like today then you may need to take a run at that 'no' or limit or responsibility from a bit of a different angle, capice? So look at what you need for yourself via the love, money, beauty, etc and then give it another shot. 

                                                       Annunciation by Fra Angelico

The last aspect of the day comes when the Sun as well adjusts to Saturn. Can we say A D J U S T M E N T ? ! ! Oy! So again coming up against some limit, responsibility, 'no', ambition, or ending we should now be looking at what is going on with our own bodies, our image, identity, or brand in the matter. Again, give and take, find another approach, push yourself to do for yourself today. Reach out to that boss, parent, judge, or other person in charge if need be, set new goals, you can do it. If career or reputation is at stake hold yourself to a higher standard and push yourself. 

The MORE YOU DO UNDER THESE ADJUSTMENT ASPECTS the better it goes when the stars align in harmonious angles! The Moon moves into Sagittarius at 11:13pm eastern/8:13pm pacific and our emotional needs turn to learning, adventure, growth, and beliefs. 

Sunday brings 9 aspects! Happy Easter Bunny. The Sage Moon rides the entire day so opening up our mind, expanding our horizons, and looking at any needs involving education, travel, legal, media, or wedding plans will be the bulk of what is swirling about. This Moon makes nice with Uranus, the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter so expect that when dealing with the above topics you should be able to make some changes or do some things in different or exciting ways that feed your needs and help you shine via love or money. Another person in the mix will be good for you. 

The Moon does takes issue with Neptune and Mercury so honesty will be important or getting more of a clear picture where things seem foggy, undefined or weepy. If you get the feeling you are being gas lighted today for any reason, listen to that voice and ask the advice of someone outside the situation for more clarity. Also use caution with substances, no drinking and driving. 

The first aspect of the day is Venus squaring Pluto, the last aspect of the day is the Sun squaring Pluto. So you are more or less book-ended by something powerful going on underneath all this positive energy flow that involves you and your needs evolving. What do you need to push through? You may be dealing again with powerful third party situations today or looking at the divorce, sexual interests or finances with the goal being change. The GOOD NEWS is that in between all of this Venus dances with Jupiter so you should have some fun, open up some good talks, be able to find the right information, or do something locally that inspires. 

                                               Primavera by Botticelli

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