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What a magical weekend we have in store! You know I talk to you about dreams quite a bit because during this transitional period they are one of your greatest tools to connect to your psychic nature. Time is accelerating, we are roaring through space as comrades, weaving the veil through one another, and with each passing day our experience of reality is shifting as our scope of perception flowers. 

This weekend you may open up to this as wide as you feel comfortable with and really pay close attention to the messages in your dreams, to the signs in your daily life, to that inner voice that is speaking to you! Write down what you see and then sift through the symbols to gain clarity, the more you embrace your new level of experience, the more it will engage you!

Saturday this mystical flow is going to catch you up in spiritual or psychic interests, pull you along to wonderful artistic opportunities in film, music, fine art, dance, poetry, or any other talent you may wish to pursue or experience, and it is going to open your third eye just that much more if you are willing to take some time to meditate and tune into yourself. You have an opportunity today to open doors that take you closer to your goal or help you transform them, to expand earnings or spend on something that makes you happy, and to make the necessary adjustments necessary to express your passions with lovers, engage in recreational interests or with children, and to drive your creative projects forward.

Sunday Venus says good-bye to the Karmic bond she has been moving through in Libra and she moves into the much deeper energy field of Scorpio. Here she is going to expect intimacy in all of its forms over the next weeks. She wants to connect physically to feel love in the arms of another, she wants to extricate herself from bad marriages or request financial support through divorce proceedings, and she is going to push you find third party scenarios that can enhance your financial picture. While she toured Libra she sought equitable relationships, balance, beauty, and she had to come face to face with the Lord of Karma, Saturn, to make some decisions about significant others. Now she wants to spend lavishly or enjoy great sex, feel her power and take control in areas of love and money. 

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No other sign has your potential for real spiritual breakthroughs and powerful Karmic moments this weekend. Trust your intuition, take steps to open up to the universal flow through meditation or paying attention to your dreams, get into artistic interests, and put it all out there to reach goals or lean towards more career transformation and income potential. The energy is definitely behind you in this. If you need to deal with hospitals or addictions or get down to the research and development on a project, this is in the flow as well. You may have to adjust around lovers, kids or recreational pursuits as hiding out and taking care of you is important.

Sunday Venus moves into your sex, reproduction, divorce, and high finance arena so you will be funneling love through deep and intimate connections. Don’t worry if you don’t have anyone as this transit begins, you have a good chance of finding someone intensely magnetic during this phase as you seem to be radiating more of this charm yourself. You stand the best chance of earning money or increasing income through third party situations, sharing, dealing with outside resources, and co-operating with others. A partner, representative or opponent will be a big part of your focus today as you make some adjustments behind closed doors or under cover.

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Saturday is very social for you so use this energy to connect with friends, put your aspirations forth, attend parties or social networking events, get on the internet, follow your astrology, or get behind a charity. Something is sweetly powerful and engaging you through travel, someone at a distance, an import/export opportunity, legal or ceremonial pursuit, in media, education, publishing, or marketing today. This may feel really big because it has that potential, don’t be afraid to expand your world and stretch yourself, it’s all good. Home needs require adjustments.

Sunday Venus moves into your relationship zone and brings the kind of harmony you deserve. This will be a few weeks when you can attract the love you need more easily in partnerships and the money through partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or advocates. Difficulties with opponents or competitors should smooth out as well. If single get out there, you should be able to meet someone sweet and steamy. It looks like you need to attend to some issues at work, with work already on your plate, with health, or with pets before enjoying more social time today.

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Saturday is extremely magical for your career ambitions or any other major goal you have before you. It may be a day of spiritual energy around father or your own reputation or one where your talents and artistic goals are spotlighted. You should trust your intuition and open up to any powerhouses that enter the picture with investment ideas because there may be genuine opportunity here. Sexual intimacy is on high and what you pull off behind closed doors, well, yeah, it’s all pretty magical. You may have one conversation or meeting that brings up passions or anger in a way that requires some adjustment from you, keep this in mind when you see it coming.

Sunday Venus moves into the area of work, health and pets for you marking a few week period when you may see a woman enter the work scene and become more pivotal or things may just smooth out at work. It’s a great time to earn more easily and to spend on work related needs. It’s also a great time to earn through health or animal welfare, to spend on your health or animals and to share with women in these outlets. If you are seeking love it may arrive while at the gym, organic food store, hiking, walking the dog, at work, or any other combination you can put together here. You will need to make some creative adjustments on the career front today or work around love or kids.

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Saturday you hold the magic wand in media, publishing, travel, education, legal matters, marketing, and ceremonial interests so leap in and trust your intuition. Be open to the powerful and positive changes that can open up your world today through partners, representatives and any social aspect that comes through a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, or your aspirations. It’s all good. You will need to make some adjustments around money making or spending in all of this.

Sunday Venus moves into your house of true love, kids and creative projects so you can expect to be starting something here with a woman or to see more smoothing out of any issues, attraction of love and money in an easier manner, and the desire to luxuriate in falling in love, time with the children or your creative endeavors. Adjustments today will mean working around home or family needs as you strive to get those media, travel, legal, or educational interests met.

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Saturday brings the magic to your deepest sexual fantasies or gets you closer to the kind of intimacy you desire. If this doesn’t sound like you then this energy has the potential to also take you deeply into the financial arena or help you through the divorce or reproductive needs. All of it is under positive stars and plays out through work, career, big ambitions or goals, and potentially fame. If you are having any health issues or if you need to solve something involving your pet, same goes, all good. You will need to make some personal or physical adjustments later today, don’t overdo it.

Sunday Venus moves into your home base where she may be bringing a woman onto the scene or helping you to attract the love or money you need from the home or to the home. This is great for moves, real estate deals, roommate situations, and dealing with family as well. Smooth sailing should be your byline for a while. Big adjustments show up again today in the talks, meetings, short trips, writing, or agreements you are undertaking. The focus of all this communication energy? Sex, divorce or high finance again. If a sibling or neighbor is sharing these issues or coming to you for solutions, take a deep breath.

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Saturday opens up a magic veil around your partnership situation or with agents, attorneys, specialists, or advocates, and helps you to transform a creative project, fall in love, empower a situation with children, find intense ways to recreate, and open up your world through legal channels, media, marketing, publishing, education, ceremonies, foreign interests, import/export, or travel. Trust your intuition, you are in Karmically charged, positive energy and should be completely on the right track. You will need to make some adjustments around an institution, hidden enemy, addiction, film, music or other artistic project, spiritual interest, or clandestine lover so that you may meet the relationship needs today.

Sunday Venus moves into your communications zone and brings a woman into your local scene or you out on more short trips to accommodate her, it opens up smoother sailing in your talks, meetings, contracts, writing, ideas, with vehicles, electronics, siblings, or neighbors, and helps you attract the love or money you need here. You should not be afraid to express deep feelings now, it is more or less now or never. It’s also a good time to talk out big financial matters. Be willing to make some personal income adjustments to soothe the partner, agent, attorney, or other significant person or ask for the adjustment from them.

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Saturday brings some real inspiration at work or behind your services so follow your muse and trust your intuition. You may make a Karmic connection today while working, delving into healthy lifestyle interests or through what you do with the pets. You should be able to open up positive home and financial flow through work, health or pet outlets as well. You do need to make some adjustments with a friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity interest, most likely this is with a younger male. Accommodate this need to reach that work, health or pet goal.

Sunday Venus moves into your income zone and may bring a female onto the scene that can help you make money or this will mark the beginning of an easier earning phase, one where money flows more readily but may also prod you to indulge in luxury items you wish to purchase. You have the charm and open door to bring in the green, wield it with flair. You will need to make a personal or physical adjustment today to accommodate evolving work, health or pet needs, take care of you as well.

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Saturday brings a beautiful, Karmic, magical flood through your creative endeavors and inspirations, through true love, through children, and through any recreational pursuits you may wish to undertake. Here the universe is lining up to take you to new heights, trust your vision and intuition, open up to powerful communications pursuits and expand through the help of significant people in your life, these are the ways the path is opening today. You will need to push for adjustments later in the day as you deal with career, an authority figure, leadership, ambition, goals, or father figures.

Sunday Venus moves into your sign and amps up the sparkle and charm over the next few weeks. This will help you to attract more love or income, bring your natural charms forward and ease life a bit. If you are interested in a make-over, wish to make purchases in wardrobe, hairstyles, jewelry, make-up, or anything else that may enhance your image, this is a great time to do so. If you have wanted to get your headshot done or put your image out there in some new way, this is it. Adjustments pop up over Karmic connections, a need to retreat, love, kids, creative projects, a film, music or other artistic outlet, hospital, addiction, or research project later today. Set or deal with limits.

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Saturday brings wonderful inspiration at home and opens up opportunity to transform your earning potential and expand the work. You can take on a big work situation in the home or with a move and spend in powerful ways here or set up a home business, tackle health at home, or do something big for the pets here, all good. Be willing to make adjustments around travel, media, marketing, publishing, legal, ceremonial, or educational needs today as you move forward with the home matters. 

Sunday Venus moves into your mystical part of life and takes you into Karmic love connections, opens up ways to earn through film, music, art, hospitals, helping addictions, research, or investigations, takes your love behind closed doors or triggers a clandestine affair, and helps you to smooth things out in all developmental activities. Talks or news involving friends, groups, the internet, or other social interests will require some adjustments around the home front, be willing to deal with limits or talk about them.

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Saturday brings very powerful and lucky talks, meetings, agreements, writing projects, ideas, short trips, interactions with siblings, neighbors, or with vehicles or electronics. You are in the driver’s seat and anything you wish to do for yourself, to empower yourself or make some big purchase for your image or identity, to attract money to you or connect on some deep and intimate level, to move the divorce forward or share will go well. True love, kids and creative projects are the open door here. You will need to make some adjustments around your passions or actions as you open up in these areas.

Sunday Venus moves into your social realm and kicks off several weeks of smooth sailing, attractions, spending, and earning through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, and by pursuing your aspirations. It’s a time to enjoy the high life whatever that means to you and to connect with women, share beauty, and socialize. You do need to make some adjustments today around career needs, bosses or authority figures, ambition or goals.

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Saturday brings great inspiration and flow to earning or spending so get ready to roll out the green. It’s a day that can open up all kinds of potential behind the scenes, through art, music, film, spiritual pursuits, clandestine affairs, hospitals, or research, all tying into money. You may find that your home is a powerful source for all of this or that you expand through real estate, moves, family, or roommates today. Be willing to make some adjustments with the partner, representative or competitor towards you financial bottom line.

Sunday Venus moves into your career Midheaven and helps you to attract the money you need through career or if you have set an income ideal as a goal this will help you go for it more easily, it may bring a woman onto the career scene that is beneficial to you or help you to attract love. It’s a time to go deep, share power and step up with all of your charisma and charm. Be willing to make some adjustments today around legal, travel, media, or educational needs as you work towards that income solution.

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Saturday puts you in the spotlight on a personal or physical level and engages you in some powerful way with friends, a group, the internet, astrology, charities, or some social function you attend. You have the floor, you are the focus, it’s about what you say or ask for, what you write or agree to, the ideas or decisions you make and lucky meetings and talks that open things up. You will need to make an adjustment around work, health or pets as you step it up.

Sunday Venus moves into your higher minded arena giving you the power over the next few weeks to attract love or income more easily through travel, with foreign or exotic people, through media, publishing or marketing projects, at educational places or through legal avenues. This may bring a woman onto the scene that benefits what you are doing in these areas or you will just see things smooth out here now. You do need to make some adjustments around sexual attractions or issues, divorce, financially shared interests, power, control, manipulation, or third party energy tonight.

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