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We move into an accelerated month, one that connects us with our deepest feelings and potential for our most powerful transformations. The Mayan Long Count calendar ends, we confront the effects of Comet Elenin engaging the ecliptic, and as a whole we confront the ways our societies act/react when the human condition is at stake, how global financial interests are shared and burdens shouldered, how sex and reproduction will evolve, and what it is we truly control/cannot control. 

The month begins with renewed potential in our most significant relationships and with determination behind connecting to new partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, advocates, as well as new ways to compete. Look for the first 10 days of October to be the most significant in this with the 6th acting as the defining moment in decision making, agreements, meetings, and talks.

While most personal energy will be intensely focused on sexual chemistry, reproduction, deep connections, high finance, divorce, and power, Mars will be pushing us to passionately move towards love, to motivate lovers on issues, to express our desires in the name of love, to drive forward our creative projects, and to push forward any interests of children. We may fight for these interests now, get angry about where we are in the process or project anger onto these reflections. When it comes to matters of the heart, our kids or creative ventures, the 2nd and 3rd will be big as Jupiter gets into the fray and opens up money topics. Do you need more or do you want to spend on something big? Is there a need to react or act on money matters and the kids, love or creative projects, it becomes the focus now. By the New Moon on the 26th these interests will solidify and find support through partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or you will know what steps to take to make this so.

It’s significant to note that mid-month, our Full Moon in Aries will bring a peak for all of us individually. This is a time to focus on yourself and it will mark high points around achieving your own needs, or with your body, image, identity, or ego. It is a time of celebration, garnering recognition, or it will mark achievements or endings. If you are working on something personal or physical with every bit of your passionate nature, expect the highpoint to come at this time.

Another day of particular note this month falls on the 28th when lucky Jupiter and powerhouse of transformation, Pluto, connect across the heavens to bring expansion and change under positive stars. This is playing out over values and goals and will impact money flow and career agendas or goals. The day shows the life-giving Sun opposing Jupiter and sextiling Pluto so everyone gets an opportunity to step up on a personal level through deeply shared interests such as their sexual or intimate needs or personal magnetism, their divorce proceedings or their use of outside financial resources, again this will fuel open doorways to empowerment. The key to much of this comes from the personal energies of Mercury and Mars, also active today, but in square.  They are going to push us to think about the opportunities before us as described about and to make a decision that pushes us past our comfort zone in love, with kids or over creative ideas or projects. Do this, take the leap of faith, and the rest should open before you!

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Your ruler spends the month in the house of creative projects, true love and children and therefore you may wish to approach everything from a creative perspective or ask the question about where the love is in each situation. The more you focus on putting yourself into scenarios that allow you to express your creative talents, joy or love, the more connected you will feel and with all of this passion and action stirring you should trust that the universe is conspiring for your higher good in attracting what you need here one way or the other as long as you are proactive. This focus runs until November 10th so make it happen while you have all this motivation.

October opens up with a lot of drive and determination behind any matters you need to move on with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, advocates, competitors, or opponents. You should look closely at how connecting with these people can help you achieve new forward momentum now or take steps to disconnect with anyone that may be holding you back. You have a very strong period to make this happen now through the 11th and it is likely that October 6th will stand out as a serious decision making moment with at least one of these people.

If you need to sign contracts or set limits, meet or talk about responsibilities, leadership, career, or ambitions, make a commitment or end something with a partner, representative or competitor and you want the choice you make to be permanent or solid, the 6th is your best date. 

October 2nd or 3rd will be the days that push you the hardest as your ruler, Mars, is going to push open the doors creatively, in love or for kids with the help of Jupiter. This means that you will be highly motivated, action oriented, passionate, or angry based on your desires on a creative ambition, with a lover or love interest or with children. You may be reacting to them instead of creating the action yourself. Either way, this Jupiter influence will mean that the push you make or react to is about making money or spending and with Jupiter involved it will want to go big. Be clear on what you are doing here as the optimistic energy will bring things full circle by the 26th when the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor is in the picture in some opportunity laden moment. 

The energy begins to move into Scorpio this month with Venus, Mercury and the Sun arriving here on the 9th, 13th and 23rd and opening up potential for deeper connections romantically and sexually or through intimate communications, bringing more focus on your own sexual magnetism or any reproductive desires you are engaged in, and getting you to talk about your needs or get out there locally to meet someone sexy. All this energy will also help you to open up divorce proceedings or issues and to meet, sign contracts or come to decisions about loans, investments, alimony, child support, commission based opportunities, royalties, back-end pay, settlements, insurance or tax matters, inheritance, bankruptcy, or someone else money. Each of these days will likely kick things off in these areas with renewed vigor.

The Full Moon on the 11th is in your sign and is part of what makes this such a big month for you. Something about your needs, image, identity, ego drive, personality, personal desires or physical body is hitting a high note now and this may mean that you are finally achieving your goal, that some sort of recognition finds you or that you are wrapping up something personal at this time. It’s a great time to celebrate who you are, to take note of how far you have come in the last year and to mark any endings, letting go of outworn image or physical interests.

As you gear up over sexual interests, divorce and big money interests you move towards the months New Moon in Scorpio on the 26th. At this time you will have your cosmic fresh start here and you should think about ways to initiate new projects financially, to take a new approach sexually or with the divorce, or to launch new strategies from this point forward involving outside financial resources, sex or divorce. As with all New Moons, you have 2 strong weeks to seed these new beginnings. Your ruler, Mars is very powerfully involved with the day’s shift first as he makes nice with Saturn helping you to move on the love, child or creative need with support from the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or with positive commitments or endings possible with these people that benefit your aims. Then Mars and Venus square sparking passions or anger, your call.

Mark the 28th as one of those very big turning point days in life as things crest for you in powerful and lucky ways as you seek to earn more or make a big purchase, deal with some big possession in question such as a home or car, and empower your career, reputation, fame, authority, leadership, or ambitions, all through your input on a divorce matter, sexual attraction or in dealing with a loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance or tax matter, settlement, alimony, child support, commission, royalty, or other outside financial resource. The decision here may challenge you but if you push the creative venture or instinct, the child’s needs or towards love or a lover, you will see that you are moving big towards new horizons.

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Your ruler spends the first 9 days of the month focused on work, health and pets before moving on the 9th into the field of partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors so divvy your time up accordingly. Luckily the rest of the planetary energy is supporting this in the month ahead so get organized, work hard, interview, audition, sell your services, introduce new ideas at work, tackle your well being on a physical level, and attend to animal needs so you have time to focus in on those important people the rest of the month!

You enter the month of October with very powerful New Moon energy still behind the new work interests you feel growing, any new work projects you wish to promote or secure, interviews or auditions, fresh approaches with co-workers or employees or new additions here, any new health interests or opportunities, and a renewed interest in animals or environment. This seeding energy takes you through the 11th so even if you only take a step in these directions now, they should flower up ahead for you. As you look at the significant people involved or seek people that can help you achieve in these areas, know that at least one powerful new beginning or commitment, ending or responsibility/leadership moment comes on the 6th. It’s a good time to sign contracts or make a decision about work, health or pets that will have duration and stability or cement things permanently.

You can expect quite a bit of energy on the 2nd and 3rd of the month at home or involving a move, real estate deal, roommate, family, mom, or security needs. It is very expansive and optimistic although if you aren’t careful you could go way over the top here. This energy may inspire you to take on a big renovation, pick up and move long distance, spend big on yourself or your home, or get you acting on the sale of a piece of property. Whatever comes up for you the end of the month will bring it into perspective as the home or property matter gels positively with work, health or pets situations and you turn a hard corner in partnership, representation or with competition.

You will start to feel the energy begin to shift to focus on these romantic or business partnerships, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors and opponents as the personal planets, Venus, Mercury and the Sun move into Scorpio on the 9th, 13th and 23rd. You will now be looking at the needs you have in love and involving your income, making decisions, talking things out, meeting, signing agreements, writing, and putting yourself personally and physically in the mix over partners, representatives or competition. It’s a deep placement and your sex drive, need for control or power, and a spotlight on shared energy will begin to stir in you in connection to these people.

The Full Moon on the 11th is going to be in the Karmic house of your chart and will be bringing one big ending or a powerful achievement to a head. This is about one Karmic relationship or situation wrapping up or a celebration or achievement here being marked, it may be focused in on a film, music or other artistic project, retreat and time alone or working on something behind the scenes, in relation to a hospital, prison or other institution, through a research or investigative project, with a clandestine lover, dealing with an addiction, or about some self-sabotaging tendency wrapping up. Note your own personal needs and any discovery that comes to light for you about yourself as you reach your heights or wrap things up.

The New Moon on the 26th is your brand new beginning with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, competitor, or opponent. You have 2 strong weeks moving forward to meet that person that you want to commit to or connect through, to take current relationships to new levels, to start a new idea or project with someone, to make your move, launch your approach, and motivate with these people. Mars is stirring the flow today big time so there will be a lot of movement at home, with a move, real estate deal or renovation, mom or family, roommate or security need, and this is going to motivate positive work flow, move health or pet needs forward, and spark all kinds of energy with the relationship, stimulating passion or anger.

You may want to make note of the 28th as Jupiter and Pluto align across the skies in harmonious configuration. The day is a powerhouse of energy dynamics that will be ultimately help you to expand and prosper in areas ties to personal growth, image, identity, a trip, media, publishing, educational, legal, or ceremonial interest, and the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, or other significant person tied into this for you. Have faith in your instincts today, the decision may feel tough even though you know in your heart what you want. Be willing to act where home, moves, real estate, renovation, roommates, family, or mom are concerned, the rest will take care of itself.

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Your ruler will be occupying the house of true love, children and creative projects up through the 13th of the month and this aligns with the New Moon energy still in affect so really pour it on here, look for new approaches, people or situations to bring your creativity and love alive. On the 13th your ruler moves into work, health and pet interests and your focus will likely follow. Again the cosmic flow is with you here so try to connect with what you love before all of the duties kick in and you get more serious about the tasks at hand.

October is opening with all kinds of powerful New Moon energy behind your creative ideas and projects, new creative opportunities, new love interests or potential to do new things with current lovers, new children’s opportunities or fresh starts with kids, all in a forward direction of growth and connection. You should push hard to achieve your positive NEW goals here through the 11th or at least seed the beginning of any ventures or ideas. The 6th is going to be a day of some serious note in all of this as you either commit to someone or something long term, end things, set limits, structure something, or write it up or sign it. This is solid energy that can give a project or commitment legs or help you to sever ties under positive stars.

Expect the 2nd and 3rd to be very dynamic days as your passions are stirred to act on some local opportunity or through short trips, to ignite your words, declarations, proposals, agreements, decisions, and writing projects, to motivate you with siblings, neighbors or vehicles, and all of this in an effort to expand, prosper and find happiness through Karmic direction, film, music or other art projects, with a clandestine lover, research or investigative project, in development of a project, with hospitals or other institutions, or in dealing with spiritual interests, psychic abilities, magic, or addictions.

The energy begins to move into new territory the 9th, 13th and 23rd as Venus, Mercury and the Sun begin to motivate you on work opportunities, in work ideas or services, with co-workers or employees, with health interests, pets, and environment. You can connect with love or more income through these efforts now, write, sign agreements or make decisions that will take you in these directions, and finally put yourself into the mix physically and personally to do the work, get your health together and connect over animals or environmental causes. If you want to interview, audition or pitch work ideas the 16th and 17th are stellar for sending out the inquiry, meeting or signing the deal.

There is a peak moment this month that comes on the 11th involving a friend or group affiliation, a social event or social networking, the internet, astrology, a charity, or your aspirations. It is about reaching the goal and seeing your achievement, celebrating, receiving some recognition, or wrapping things up and ending something here. You may be celebrating that friend or ending a friendship, throwing a party or marking the internet or astrology project reaching its goal or wrapping up. It’s a good time of year to look at how far your aspirations have taken you since this time last year and to make note of the great friendships and social network that supports you.

By the New Moon on the 26th you should have a good idea about the new beginning you would like to get underway at work, with a co-worker, employee, service you provide, health matter, pet, animal interest, environmental interest, or organizational project. You have 2 strong weeks from this date to initiate these fresh starts and today this means motivating on a writing project, agreement, short trip, move, neighborhood or sibling matter, idea, decision, talk, meeting, interview, audition, or vehicle. Something solid should be in the mix here with a creative venture, child or love interest so open up or motivate towards your goal.

Make note of the 28th as a super energy day that is going to be all about expansion, prosperity and happiness pushing that behind the scenes action, institutional matter, dealing with an addiction, a big film, music or other artistic project, research or development, a clandestine affair, or the developmental stage you are in with a project, and helping you to transform or empower through loans or other outside financial interests, sexual attractions or divorce proceedings, while you step up at work, in health or with animal interests. All you have to do is have the guts to say what you need, ask for it, make that decision, take that short trip, motivate on that local opportunity, and push your ideas forward now.

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As with every month, your ruler makes her way through every zodiac signs each 2 and a half days so you truly experience every field and therefore ruler emotions and can sometimes be seen as moody. Go figure! You are the only sign that is in the boisterous spotlight house one part of the month, in the hidden, Karmic house another, off to creativity and love the next, and so on. This month the ongoing themes continue to be around all the partner/home/career axis since you have giant bodies that have taken up long term residence there. 

With the New Moon in Libra still quite active, it should be evident to you as you start this month that you have incredible motivation to get things done at home, to make a big move, to renovate, initiate new things with roommates, family or mom, to buy or sell real estate, or in any other way make headway where you live and with whom. You have until the 11th of this month to continue to seed new ventures or inspirations here and to move ahead with cosmic support behind your efforts. You can expect to have a serious turning point in this on the 6th when you either decide to commit long term to someone or something here or end something. It will likely involve a decision, agreement, writing, short trip, move, or idea that you have involving home or property.

The 2nd and 3rd look like they may be extremely active for you as you are making a lot of money now or pushing for ways to do so and this all ties in with big expansion and prosperity that comes through the internet, astrology, charities, friends, groups, social networking or occasions, and your aspirations. You should feel invigorated and driven by passions to get over the next hurdle. Just watch that you don’t over spend at the same time.

Energy begins to pour into your inspiration for creative projects, true love and children on the 9th, 13th and 23rd where it will begin to motivate you to look at how love and money are working for you here, to make some decisions, meet or talk about it, connect with new people or take current situations in deeper directions, to write, sign agreements, and launch into short trips or local activities here, and to finally put yourself smack into the middle of a love affair, children’s project or need or in that creative endeavor. This energy builds towards a New Moon here by the 26th so look around at where you are in these needs and make note that you get a fresh start here at month’s end.

There will be a high point of celebration and achievement, recognition, wrapping up or ending on the career front, with a boss, dad or authority figure, with a big goal or ambition, reputation or fame, that comes for you on the 11th. This is about being in the spotlight on some level and is a great time to look at how far you have come since this time last year and recognize those that helped you to get this far. If you have any career upheaval at this time know it is cyclical and that endings now are blessed as you are ready to take the next step. Some of you may get promoted or have a plush career opportunity come through now.

The New Moon on the 26th is your window in love, with kids and creative projects and your 2 week starting point to go after new interests here, to launch those new creative projects or pitch new ideas, to decide to have a child or start some project or business that is aimed at kids, love or creative ideas. You can take things to the next level with current love interests or introduce new ideas into current creative endeavors. Today the personal planets are stirring things up in money making ideas that involve home, moves or real estate and partners, agents, attorneys, or other significant people on a long term basis or structurally sound environment. You will need to push this with the lover, child or creative idea but the energy is on your side.

Make note of the 28th as a very powerful energy dynamic that is going to do what it can to help you expand, prosper and find happiness through aspirations, social connections, the internet, astrology, or charities, to empower and transform you through partners, agents, attorneys, or specialists, and to put you into that role as lover, with children or on a creative project out in the spotlight. All you have to do is to push towards that income making idea or deal with the spending or possession in question, the rest is all wrapped up in those efforts.

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Your ruler will be lighting up third house matters for you through the 23rd of the month so you will feel like getting out there more in your local scene, dealing with vehicles or putting yourself out there on the road in a short trip. It’s a time to focus your personality or ego through writing, meetings, talks, agreements, to attach your image or identity to these areas and to voice who you are on some powerful level. On the 23rd your ruler moves into the home arena so the last week of the month will be more focused on home, moves, real estate, family, or roommates.

October is opening up with the New Moon in Libra still strong and a burst of energy around your ideas and writing, with the talks, meetings, agreements, and decisions motivating new horizons and opportunities for you if you step up and connect with others. You have the cosmic flow behind your vision through the 11th to make fresh starts, to sign contracts, get the writing project out there, take on a new speaking part, to move, get new vehicles or electronics lined up, to open fresh approaches or introduce new ideas with brothers, sisters or neighbors, and to make your words count in more powerful ways. Take advantage of this universal push to launch yourself out there. Expect the 6th to be a pivotal day as one serious commitment, agreement, decision, ending, or structuring of some idea comes into play in these areas. This is solid and long lasting so your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ has legs, as does theirs, keep it in mind.

Big energy pushes you personally or physically to reach a goal, make your mark on the career front, go after something ambitious, or deal with an authority figure, boss or dad on the 2nd and 3rd. This is about you taking a chance, putting yourself out there, going for the brass ring, making an image, identity or physical approach felt as you try to expand, prosper or connect to your own sense of happiness. Any openings that occur now may push you further than feels comfortable but luck and protection are part of this so you should be able to handle any motivating factors.

Your home base, any moves, real estate deals, family or roommate situation, security needs, or renovations will begin to take on more energy the 9th, 13th and 23rd as Venus, Mercury and the Sun move into this field. It’s a powerful time when deep connections, sharing, and the love or income flow, begin to prompt decision making here. You may write more from home, sign an agreement that affects where you live or with whom, have more talks or meetings there, make a big decision about mom or a roommate, or decide it’s time to move or sell your property. Pay attention to the ideas you are getting now because by the 26th the New Moon will give you a fresh new beginning here.

You will be feeling strong emotions about the trip, person far away, foreign interest, education, ceremony, legal matter, media, publishing, marketing, or publicity matter, or something you believe in on the 11th as the Full Moon peaks in these areas. It’s a time of celebration and achievement, of recognition, or of endings as things wrap up. It’s also a good time to take note about how far you have come since last year at this time involving any educational, legal, travel, import/export, media, publishing, or ceremonial interests. 

Your fresh start at home, with moves, real estate, mom, family, roommates, or security needs begins on the 26th so mark this time to begin seeding new ideas, signing new contracts, pitching new concepts, beginning your projects or engaging your family or roommates in new ways at this time. You have 2 strong weeks to move, build, buy or sell real estate, renovate, get into interior design, architecture or feng shui, to set up a home business, move a roommate in or out, start a family or a new project with your family or mom. Today this means that you will want to motivate past your own needs or physical interests and look for long term, solid commitments or endings.

The 28th is lining up to be a powerhouse of a day and it is going to bring this to you through pushing for expansion, happiness or prosperity through career, goals, authority figures, or ambition, by pushing for empowerment and transformation through work, with co-workers, employees or organization, through health or pets, and by putting you in the spotlight at home, with a move, real estate deal, roommate, family, or security need. All you have to do is push yourself personally or physically, do what you need to do about your image, body, identity, or personality/ego to make it happen.

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Your ruler will spend the first 13 days of the month in your income, spending and possessions zone and focus a lot of mental energy here. On the 13th this moves into dealing with brothers or sisters, neighbors, moves, writing, agreements, short trips, and ideas so divvy up your plans for the month with this in mind.

October opens with the New Moon in Libra still going strong and more than your fair share of energy behind you making money, going after new income making opportunities, launching services or pitching ideas that can lead to income, focusing your mind in on spending and the new direction this is taking, and perhaps allowing you to get a new handle on possessions you have been dealing with or ones that you would like to acquire. Your values are front and center as your monetary flow is painting the picture in shades of green. You have until the 11th to seed these new ventures or to push those ideas forward. You can expect the 6th to be a pivotal day as things get serious here with long term commitments, endings or decisions that are solid, final or structured in some new way. You may be writing something up, taking a short trip to seal the deal, or signing on the dotted line.

Energy amps up considerably behind the scenes on the 2nd and 3rd and this is all about Karmic direction in your life so know that whatever you are feeling driven to pursue now, especially involving film, music or other artistic projects, hospitals, prisons or other institutions, retreat, research, investigations, clandestine affairs, spiritual interests, or dealing with addictions will in some way be leading to big legal, ceremonial, educational, travel, media, publishing, marketing, or publicity expansion. You may need to take on a big legal matter in this, sign big contracts, deal with foreign interests, import/export or travel, teach or take some classes, or look at ways to publicize or market your interest here.

Energy begins to flood into your third house on the 9th, 13th and 23rd to open up talks, meetings, bring agreements to the table, open up writing opportunities, instigate short trips, interaction with brothers or sisters, moves or neighborhood interests, focus you in on vehicles or electronics, and get you to make some big decisions. You can expect that you will be front and center in these areas for the next weeks, looking at how love and income, ideas and your own needs are all coming together here.

By the 11th you will be reaching a high point with a sexual or intimate interest, a reproductive matter, a divorce, or some big financial situation that is shared with others or with institutions such as a loan, investment, debt, inheritance, insurance or tax matter, bankruptcy, settlement, commission, royalty, alimony, child support, or partners income. This will mark a time of achievement in these areas when you are celebrating reaching the goal or receiving some form of recognition here, or it will mark a time of endings as things wrap up. It’s a good time to look at how far you have come financially, intimately or in the divorce over the last year.

Your fresh start in life comes through new meetings, agreements, decisions, moves, sibling or neighbor interests, writing, talks, short trips, vehicles, or electronics on the 26th. You have 2 strong weeks to pitch new ideas, sign new contracts, make new moves, get new vehicles or start some new approach to your current ideas, vehicles, local activities, as well as with siblings or neighbors. Today that means something pushes you through hospitals, prisons or other institutions, film, music or other artistic projects, spiritual pursuits, clandestine affairs, investigations or research, or in development behind the scenes. You will find this leads to some solid income opportunities but challenges you with a something sparking between Mars and Venus here. Make sure you are giving enough to love as you keep your eye on the prize.

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Your ruler is focused on personal and physical needs until the 9th of the month as she tours through your sign so don’t feel shy about taking care of yourself. On the 9th she moves into your income zone and will take you through the rest of the month with energy focused on making money, the spending you are doing and any possessions or purchases in question.

October opens with New Moon energy still strong in your sign and is amping up your personal mojo, pushing you to step forward in the first 11 days towards a new you on some level. What do you want? Is it a new identity? Do you want a new image or body? Is there something about how your personality or ego has brought you to your current situation that you want a fresh start with today? You have until the 11th to put your needs out there in new ways and to tackle your physical or personal needs with fresh approaches. You can expect that what you commit to or end on the 6th will be in place for some time so enter the talks, decisions, agreements, or meetings with this in mind.

The 2nd and 3rd will be very active days as you feel driven by or for a friend, group, the internet project, astrology or charity interests, or towards your aspirations. This may bring all kinds of passion into the mix, it could spark a bit of anger, but overall, your drive and determination at this time will motivate you to act in these areas and all in an effort to reach a big goal with someone else money or some outside investment, with a sexual attraction or issue or over a divorce. Look at your actions and what you can do to move towards open doors, expansion, prosperity or happiness here.

Energy begins to pour into your income zone on the 9th, 13th and 23rd and will take up residence here over the weeks ahead pushing you to meet, write, sign agreements, make decisions, take short trips, interview or audition, and put yourself out there to make more money. You may use this time to focus on some important spending or a possession you need to deal with as well. You have the floor, you need to be vocal.

One significant relationship hits a high point on the 11th. This will be a time of major celebrations and achievements with this person or will mark endings. You will note that romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, advocates, competitors, or opponents will be the people in question here as you share in reaching new heights together or say good-bye. This is a good time to reflect on how far you have come in your one-on-one relationships since this time last year.

Your bold new beginning in income begins on the 26th as you can now launch new income making projects, start a new job, go after new sources of income, spend on some new interest, or get a fresh start with a possession in question. You have 2 strong weeks to kick start this area of your life so get out there. Today this will bring more action and motivation with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations that push you personally or physically to take more responsibility or leadership in some solid way.

The 28th is a powerhouse of a day energetically. You will find that expansion, happiness and prosperity will be pushing you in the shared areas of life so any sexual attractions, divorce proceedings or big financial matters will be areas of open pathways today. There will be powerful transformation and evolvement in the area of partnership, representation and competition as well that is trying to change things for the better, all the while you are going to be stepping up through your independence, persona, image, identity, or brand. All you have to do to see all of this begin to flower for you today is to be willing to take action on the career front, with an authority figure, ambition, goal, with reputation or fame. Use your words.

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Your ruler spends October in your communications zone where he is doing his best to deconstruct old thinking patterns and empower you with new ideas, writing, through agreements, meetings, talks, local activities, short trips, and in sibling or neighbor interactions. Of course, your ruler will be touring this part of your chart through January of 2024 so as things continue to build, stop and tell yourself, IT’s NOT A RACE! You of all signs are meant to become truly empowered in areas of the mind, through your writing skills, ideas and agreements, so trust that you are exactly where you need to be in the process and push yourself from that position without stress.

October is always a powerful month for you and this one is no different. It opens on fresh starts that are whirling around you in the Karmic field so you can rest assured that the relationship and situational dynamics are all about balancing this energy or reconnecting with or releasing lifetimes of built-up influence between you and what is close right now. Focus in on new film, music, art, spiritual, magical, interests, new romantic attractions that you can keep private for now, fresh starts in dealings with hospitals, prisons, addictions, or strategies, new research, investigations or developmental projects, and trust your inner voice now as dreams and intuition are guiding you forward. The 6th will be a pivotal day in this as serious agreements or decisions come into focus here.

The 2nd and 3rd will amp up over career goals, dad, bosses, or other authority figures, or you may just feel more drive and determination over a major goal or ambition, your reputation or handling fame or the spotlight. Whatever is pushing you to act, motivate and bring the passion to the table will be tied to great expansion occurring with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent at this time. This may mean one is exiting the scene or you are in pursuit of an alliance, it could also mean you are pushing harder here to reach a goal and it affects current relationships. Lucky Jupiter here should protect but in square may mean overdoing a bit so try to keep this in mind.

Energy begins to flood into your sign on the 9th, 13th and 23rd as Venus, Mercury and the Sun show up to get your attention onto your body, your image, your current identity and any changes you wish to make here. It’s time to love yourself, to spend on your own needs, to look at how you are attracting love or money and make any adjustments you need to in these fields, to talk or meet about getting your image out there or setting up beauty appointments, wardrobe fittings, photography sessions, anything that will amp up your presence. You may begin to see the huge difference between this time last year and now as far as your identity goes so if you are moving from single to married or vice versa, taking on a new role or readying to, you are right on target. This all builds to the New Moon in these areas on the 26th so save the bold new unveiling for that moment.

A work project hits a high point on the 11th as you finally finish the endeavor or when you are recognized for your contribution or achieve your goal. You may land that plum assignment at this time or decide to quit a job for another. This period may also be a time of wrapping up any health matters or pet issues or when you celebrate achievements in reaching health goals or that you reach with your animals. You may be focusing that personal or physical energy in these areas more intensely at this time of the month as you push things to completion.

Your 2 week window for new beginnings aimed at your own needs or desires getting out there in new ways, fresh image unveilings or new steps you take to move towards a new look, the introduction into a new identity, or giving yourself a fresh new start with body issues you may feel you need to address, starts on the 26th with the Scorpio New Moon. Today that energy is going to gear you up in a very driven manner on the career front, with reputation, towards fame and the spotlight, with authority figures, or towards a big goal or ambition. Expect that Karmic connection to be supportive behind the scenes for you and any film, music or other artistic relationships to bond more strongly now. You may also reach out through spiritual connections, clandestine affairs or institutions that are aligned with this goal.

You may wish to save the date for the 28th as a very special day when huge expansion, happiness or prosperity opens through partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or new ways of handling competition, and empowerment or transformation come through talks, writing, speaking roles, meetings, pitches, ideas, decisions, short trips, and any local activities, neighbor or sibling connections, vehicles, or electronics. You will be stepping up personally or physically at this time and shining your light so prepare to put your image or identity out there in big ways on this date or seed the beginning of this journey. You only need keep in mind that any challenge that shows up today comes via a boss or authority figure or in connection to career, goals or ambitions and the actions, passion or anger stirring here, you can do it. 

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Your ruler is going to be motivating expansive opportunities for you through your work efforts, health regime and with animals this month and in fact will be touring this part of your chart until June 2012 so take a long view on ways you would like to open up and prosper or find happiness in your work, with co-workers, employees, services you would like to provide, and take a large view of getting yourself in shape or taking on the care of animals.

As October opens up you should have a strong sense regarding how important new social connections, friendships, group affiliations, internet or astrology interests, charities, or aspirations are for you now. You have until the 11th to continue to seed new ideas or ventures here, meet new people or start new projects with current people or situations, all towards moving you to the next level. As you move ahead take note that the 6th is going to be pivotal for you with at least one serious talks, writing, agreement, meeting, or decision that involves a friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity project and this can offer you support, long term benefits, be about a commitment or ending, but help you to decide your future direction.

The 2nd and 3rd are going to be very active days for you as you need to travel or deal with someone about travel, import/export, foreign interests, education, legal or ceremonial matters, media, publishing, marketing, or publicity matters. You will be driven to act or react to everything going on here all the while in an effort to do the big work, health or pet thing. It seems some lucky doors may be opening just don’t overdo it and try to keep your perspective.

Energy begins to pour into deep Karmic wells for you on the 9th, 13th and 23rd at which time some connections may begin to come to light for you or you may enter into film, music or other artistic directions, hospitals or other institutions, deal with addictions or retreat, research or investigations, or a clandestine affair. The next weeks will play this out for you as you talk, meet, write, take short trips, and make decisions that will eventually be putting your personally or physically into these arenas over love or money. As you see the ideas formulating, note that your fresh starts in these areas begins with the New Moon on the 26th.

Your love live, something involving your lover or love interest, a child or something you are doing for kids, or your creative project is going to reach a high note on the 11th. This is a time of big celebrations, achievements, recognition, and possibly some endings as certain projects wrap up or relationships break up. You may be celebrating the birth of a child or something your child achieved, fall in love or propose, or your creative project could finally reach the stage or get its first write up. It’s a good time to note the joy and love in your life and how your creative abilities or desires have matured since this time last year.

The new Karmic beginnings, fresh starts with the film, music or art projects, hospitals, prisons, addictions, research, investigations, clandestine affairs, spiritual pursuits, psychic abilities, magical interests, or development kick off on the 26th. You have 2 solid weeks to seed new ventures here and to move ahead on new levels with current ventures here. Today this will mean pushing that trip, legal, media, publishing, marketing, foreign, import/export, ceremony, education, or publicity matter as you cement something with a friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity interest.

The 28th is a very big energy day for everyone and for you especially since your ruler is involved in the festivities. You will see that expansion, happiness or prosperity is trying to open up work, health or pet interests in big new ways while empowerment and transformation are beckoning through income flow. You will be in the spotlight in this through your efforts behind the scenes, in development, on a film, music or other artistic interest, with hospitals or other institutions, in dealing with addictions, clandestine affairs, research, or investigations, or through spiritual or psychic interests. All you have to do is motivate legally, through travel, education, media, publishing, marketing, or ceremonies today.

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Your ruler is moving through your career Midheaven in the month of October and truth be known, this is where he has taken up residence through October 2012 so you have one year left to reach for those ambitious goals, to make your name, embrace fame, further your career, land your reputation, and connect with authority figures or become the best leader you know how to be.

October’s New Moon also has you pushing ahead on the career front, making your move with the boss, an authority figure or dad, taking on more responsibility or leadership yourself, going after your goals and ambitions, stepping up through status, reputation or fame, and accepting the spotlight. You have now through the 11th to make new moves in these areas count in the year ahead, all you have to do is seed the idea and watch it grow. You can expect the 6th to be pivotal as you either cement something long term here via agreements or decisions, or you end things through the same areas. Your words and ideas are important here.

Expect the 2nd and 3rd to be very dynamic days as sexual attractions, intimacy, reproductive issues, divorce proceedings, or any big financial matter of interest will get a boost of fire from Mars. This means all kinds of action, passion, anger, and motivation here for you, and all of it tied to expanding true love, kids interests or creative projects. The stars are lucky and protective here with the only risk overdoing it in some way.

Energy begins to pour into your social arena on the 9th, 13th and 23rd where it will stir up love, income, talks, meetings, short trips, writing, agreements, and decisions that will put you front and center with friends, groups, social occasions and networking, the internet, astrology, charities, and aspirations over the next few weeks. This is your turn to step it up with your circle of comrades and get out there on some new level. Pay attention to ideas or interests that you have now in these areas since the New Moon on the 26th will give you opportunity for new beginnings here.

A high point comes at home, with a move, real estate interests, roommates, family, mom, or security needs on the 11th. This is a time of celebrating a big achievement, gaining recognition or marking some ending as things wrap up on the renovation or real estate deal, move or family matter. It’s a great time to throw a party at home or for family and to take note of how far you have come in these areas since this time last year.

Your fresh start in projects or connections with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations kicks in on the 26th. You have 2 strong weeks to launch new ideas, projects, meet new social connections, start new groups, begin your internet class or site, take up astrology, start your charity, or put your aspiration out there in some new way. Today this means a lot of action around sexual attractions, intimacy, divorce, the loans, debt, settlements, investments, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, inheritance, bankruptcy, or partner’s money while solidifying something serious on the career front, with the boss, goal, ambition, or an authority figure. This looks solid and long term.

The 28th is a powerhouse of a day with expansion, happiness and prosperity trying to open up through true love, kids or creative projects while empowerment and transformation is working through your own identity, image, personality, body, or needs. As you feel these doors opening you will be stepping up with the friend, group, internet, astrology, charity, or aspiration under very positive stars. All you have to do is motivate over the big financial matter, sexual attraction or divorce issue, talk it out, make a decision, push yourself to move towards your destiny.

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Your ruler is moving through your communications zone in the month of October where new ideas, meetings, talks, agreements, writing projects, speaking roles, short trips, sibling or neighbor interactions, moves, or dealings with vehicles or electronics will pull much of your attention. Think of it as your background electricity that is humming through your nervous system and know that this is ongoing for the next 7 years, through May 2018 to be exact.

With that in mind, October opens with massive New Moon energy still behind new trips, legal interests, media, publishing or marketing projects, ceremonies, educational outlets, or foreign interests. You have until the 11th to open up new doors here, to seed new ventures, make new decisions, engage new people or take current entanglements into new territory through these avenues. You can expect the 6th to be a pivotal day in this as one solid, long term commitment or ending is in the mix through legal, ceremonial, educational, media, publishing, marketing, or travel means. Write it up, sign it, say it, ask for it, take that leap, follow your heart.

The 2nd and 3rd are going to be very active as all kinds of energy is swirling around a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent. You may be acting on something with this person, reacting to them or watching them get all stirred up passionately, angrily or motivationally. The energy around this ties into home, moves, roommates, family, real estate deals, renovations, and security needs so look at how things are expanding, what happiness or prosperity means to you with this person and how the home base is involved.

Energy begins to flood into your career Midheaven on the 9th, 13th, and 23rd at which time you will begin to feel those big goals, ambitions, career needs, connections with bosses, dad or authority figures, reputation, fame, the spotlight, your leadership abilities, and status come into view. The weeks ahead will be about the love, income, ideas, agreements, meetings, writing, talks, and decisions you make in these areas and how you step up and take your place towards reaching your goals here. Pay attention to any shifting needs as the New Moon in these areas opens up fresh opportunities beginning on the 26th.

One big decision, agreement, proposal, meeting, talk, writing project, short trip, sibling or neighbor issue, move, local activity, vehicle or electronic matter, or idea reaches critical mass on the 11th as you celebrate the achievement or goal being reached, receive some recognition, or mark an ending. This is a good time to look back on how far you have come on this idea or decision, agreement or writing project, with the sibling or neighbor, move or vehicle, since last year this time.

Your fresh career start kicks off on the 26th so you can mark this as the best time to begin looking for new career opportunities, to ask for the promotion, to launch the new business, to get a new boss or tackle some issue with an authority figure from a new perspective. You can also use this energy to start new goals, ambitions, to take a new approach to reputation, fame, father, or status and make things move over the next 2 weeks while the energy is behind you. Today this means a lot of action, passion or drive stirring with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, advocates, competitors, or opponents as you move towards legal, travel, media, publishing, ceremonial, or educational needs under solid stars.

Mark the 28th as an exceptional day that will strive to open and expand through home, real estate, moves, roommates, family, mom, and security, while it empowers and transforms through Karmic connections, retreat, research, development, music, film, art, fantasy, imagination, magic, spiritual interests, clandestine affairs, hospitals, prisons, addictions, and work done behind the scenes. You will be stepping up in all of this through status, career, ambitions, goals, reputation, fame, the spotlight, and your leadership abilities. All you have to do is make your move with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, competitor, or opponent. It may be tough but make your decision about your true goals and desires and then trust your instincts.

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Your ruler is moving through your Karmic house in the month of October and bringing many fated or destined connections into your life for rebalancing, releasing or reconnecting. In truth, you are going through this until February 3rd, 2012. As your ruler floods this arena your intuition is high and taking your hands of the wheel on a spiritual level will pretty much carry you to the place you need to be. There may be a strong sense that you need to connect with film, music or other artistic talents or outlets, with hospitals, prisons, psychiatric wards, or places of retreat, with your spiritual nature, magic or psychic abilities, or to isolate a bit behind the scenes and develop something further. Romance will tend to have a clandestine feel to it or may be a very powerful mirror to parts of yourself that are somewhat hidden.

October is opening on strong New Moon energy that is pushing you to really break new ground in the deeply shared areas of life so to that end you open the month pushing forward with sexual attractions or issues, reproductive needs, divorce proceedings, big money matters such as loans, investments, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, commissions, royalties, life and death transformations, and partner’s money. You have until the 11th to seed new beginnings and take new approaches in these areas. You can expect the 6th to mark a pivotal day when one decision, meeting, agreement, or idea will either cement things long term or mark an ending in these areas.

You will see the 2nd and 3rd kick off with a lot of energy behind the work that needs to get done, with co-workers or people you hire to help you out, with health needs and pets as well, all as you push to make a big move, write, sign agreements, do something locally or in a short trip, with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics. Luck and protection are involved but you may find you are overdoing as well so try to seek balance so you don’t bite off too much.

Energy begins to flood into legal, ceremonial, travel, educational, media, publishing, marketing, import/export, foreign interest, and publicity interests on the 9th, 13th and 23rd. You will start to focus more on these areas in the weeks ahead as you look at love and income, agreements, decisions, writing, ideas, and short trips that wrap in around these themes. You will end up front and center as you embark on the trip, get in front of the media or marketing, in the classroom or courtroom now. Keep in mind as you begin to focus on all of this that your New Moon in these areas kicks off on the 26th and you would do well to begin new ventures in these areas after that date.

A big income matter hits a high point on the 11th as you celebrate making the big paycheck, the check in the mail finally arrives, you land that promotion or achieve some recognition for your earning powers, or it may mark a time of endings as one source of revenue dries up and you ready for the next income making endeavor. It’s a good time to note how far you have come since last year this time with your earning power and possessions. You may also be celebrating acquiring a possession or the final good-byes with one.

Your New Moon opens up fresh opportunities on the 26th to travel to new places or get involved in the travel industry in some new way, to get into import/export, foreign interests, or multiculturalism, to decide to perform a ceremony for others or walk down the aisle yourself, to start a law suit or get into the courtroom on some issue, to sign legal documents or hire an attorney, to go back to school or start teaching a class, to study abroad, or start a marketing project, to publish or approach a publisher, start a podcast or blog or broadcast your ideas in new ways, or to pursue some new beliefs. 
You have 2 strong weeks to initiate in these areas. Today this means lots of action and drive behind work, health or pet needs as you deal with the outside financial resources, divorce or sexual interests under positive stars. 

Note that the 28th is a powerful day for everyone and for you this means expansion and open doors through talks, meetings, agreements, decisions, short trips, writing, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, and local activities, while empowerment and transformation opens through the internet, friends, groups, astrology, charities, and aspirations. You will take the spotlight in all of this through travel, legal, ceremonial, media, publishing, marketing, or educational channels, stepping up and taking the lead. All you have to do is push where work, health or pet interests are involved and talk things out or make decisions here.

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