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What a whopper of a weekend. I am sure by now you have seen the impact of Uranus in Aries in your personal life with changes, surprises, excitement, even shock since its arrival last March 11th. We enter the weekend on news, talks or decisions made that are karmic and involve relationship from Thursday night or Friday so we know something about the next turn with a partner, representative or competitor.

We have a FULL MOON in VIRGO on Saturday which is called a Super Moon because it is at its closest course in 18 years and will appear bigger. Full Moons are powerful because their pull brings things to a peak in the area they rule. In Virgo health and work issues, cleaning out and organizing, services, pets and environment, earth and purification are the field of play. This Full Moon will culminate, move into Libra and very quickly oppose Uranus-the culprit in the shake-ups personally and globally, so it’s anyone’s game which way the climaxes will veer.

I am posting the EARTHQUAKE FORECAST (and other global factor information) at the bottom of this weekend forecast so if you want to look at it then you can scroll down. I want to be clear that I am not into the alarmist approach to this kind of thing but when certain aspects group there is far more likelihood of results as described below so it behooves us all to back things up and take precautions between now and April 17th. We may find that these other trigger dates are just turns and extensions of what has already been put into play from March 11th but better safe than sorry.

Sunday the Sun moves into Aries and marks the SPRING EQUINOX which is THE time to put your vision boards together to manifest your year ahead! Again, it is a lovely physical way to bring ideas together for what you would like to see come into your life and what you would like to grow stronger at giving and sharing with others. Get a stack of old magazines and newspapers and begin cutting out images and words that appeal to you, look for images and words that represent certain things you are striving to achieve or share, then when you get a nice pile going, collage them onto poster board and put it up for your year ahead. Each time you see your goals visually it will remind you of what you are creating, they work. Sunday’s Moon in Libra will oppose Jupiter and Mercury, square Pluto and conjunct Saturn so expect it to be a big relationship day where the goals you set and any limits you need to tackle personally will come up for the next round of action. The news, talks or decisions today are big.

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Saturday brings a work matter to a head for you as you celebrate what you have achieved or wrap up and end the effort. This could bring promotion or recognition of your efforts. This Full Moon also brings any health or pet issues to a peak so you could be celebrating reaching a health goal, have something that has been bothering you hit a high note pushing you to seek a doctor or seeing an issue with health finally resolve. There is a woman involved in the group, through social networking, tied into the internet part of what you are doing, astrology, charity, or who you see as a friend that you will want to make some adjustments with today regarding the work, health or pet matter. Once the Moon moves into Libra and opposes Uranus there will be some surprise or change, excitement or independence coming through the doors of one significant relationship.

Sunday is an important day for new beginnings for you as the Sun lights up Aries and marks the Spring Equinox. Put your image, body and personal needs at the forefront and decide what you would like to do to get yourself off to a great start. You will be writing, speaking or meeting with someone important today about something big you intend to do or need to respond to. With Jupiter in the picture there is a lot of optimism and luck involved, just know that you have Pluto expecting some power sharing and transformation still to come where the goal is concerned.

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Saturdays Full Moon is peaking in your house of true love, children and creative projects. This means reaching what you have been working for here with a lover, love interest, something your child is celebrating, the project getting recognition, or ending something with a lover or wrapping up the creative venture or child’s issue. Adjust your goal just a bit or your approach to the goal for best results today. Once the Moon moves into Libra the energy focuses in on the work, health or pet efforts with another.

Sunday the Sun moves into Aries to mark the Spring Equinox and light up the mystical, hidden part of your chart. This is about new beginnings through retreat and taking time to go within, to illuminate the imagination and bring forth fantasy, film, music, poetry, or other artistic talents, to do research or deal with institutions, and find your spiritual center. Clandestine affairs may be in the spotlight as well. The energy today is going to push you to tackle the work, health or pet issues with someone with an eye on big talks or decisions and changes through legal, travel, media, or educational venues.

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Saturday brings something at home to a peak for you. This could be an achievement you reach with the house, a real estate deal, move, roommate, family member, or mom or you could be ready to end something in one of these scenarios or relationships. Whatever is culminating is powerful and you should be ready to make some adjustments now around media, travel, legal, or educational needs in accordance. Once the Moon moves into Libra you will be focusing in on relationship dynamics involving friends, the internet, charity, astrology, groups, creativity, or love and any changes or inspiring new ideas involved in the picture.

Sunday the Sun moves into Aries and marks the Spring Equinox, lighting up your social zone for the next month. This is the time to step out and connect with friends, groups, do some social networking, get involved with the internet, astrology, charities, and pursue your dreams. You have lots of positive fresh starts that can come through your connections and social skills now. Emotions today are all wrapped up in love, creative projects or children with big talks, news, writing, or decisions coming through the social realm. Work on intimacy, divorce issues or shared financial matters that need to evolve.

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Saturday is the Full Moon in your communications zone so you can expect a peak moment around something you have written or are writing, an agreement, talk or meeting, something local or neighborhood driven, involving a short trip, or one of your siblings. This is a time when you celebrate achievements or end and wrap up projects that have been ongoing. You could get news that something big is happening today. Find ways to adjust to intimacy, divorce or financial issues that may be part of this news. Once the Moon moves into Libra and opposes Uranus home and career matters will take the spotlight.

Sunday the Sun moves into your Career Midheaven to mark the Spring Equinox and light up your career and goals for the next 30 days. This is your time to step up and take charge of your destiny, make your name, reach for the goal, and put your ambitions into play. You may be called upon as a leader at this time or find you are dealing more with the powers that be. Your father may be important during this transit as well. Expect some big news or to enter into talks, meetings or write something today that will have an effect on career or father. Do what you can to make changes or adjust to them with a partner, representative or other significant person in the picture.

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Saturday is the Full Moon in your income zone so you can expect to be celebrating a peak achievement with money you are earning, a possession in question or perhaps you have purchased an item that is cause for celebration. This can also mark an end to one form of income. You should make adjustments in this with a female partner over spiritual, romantic, artistic, or institutional issues for best results. Once the Moon moves into Libra and opposes Uranus there is a big change in the air with a relationship regarding news, decisions, and travel, ceremonies, legal matters, media, publishing, or education.

Sunday the Sun moves into Aries and marks the Spring Equinox and lighting up your house of travel, politics, publishing, media, marketing, publicity, religion, ceremonies, law, and higher education for the next 30 days. These are the arenas you will physically find yourself wanting to connect with and where you should step up and shine. Expect big news to come in or for you to be shouting about it, writing, making decisions, or learning something here that will stretch the boundaries. Do what you can to work through any changes this will affect at work, with health or pets.

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Saturday is a Full Moon in your sign Virgo and it is a Super Moon so you can expect that some part of your identity, image, body, ego, or personal desires are reaching an all time high. This is about celebrating something achieved or about ending one old ideal as it has reached its sell by date. If there has been something going on with your body you may see it work its way out now. You need to make some personal adjustments with the woman involved with your work, health or animal endeavor for best results. Once the Moon moves into Libra and opposes Uranus you will be onto the financial matter at hand with another.

Sunday the Sun moves into your house of sex, reproduction, intimacy, divorce, and all outside financial matters such as loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, settlements, joint finances, alimony, child support, or royalties. This marks the Spring Equinox and illuminates these areas for you over the next 30 days. This is where you are physically going to want to put your efforts and where you shine. Get busy with making money or anything you can do that lends towards this as news or decisions about shared agendas is going to be major today. Work on the changes involving love, kids or creative efforts.

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Saturday’s Full Moon brings the film project, music endeavor, art work, poetry, stage production, yoga class, mediation, research project, investigation, hospital matter, prison issue, time of retreat or isolation, recuperative process, spiritual or psychic activity, secret, clandestine affair, or other behind the scenes effort to a peak in your world. It’s about celebrating achievements that are recognized now in these areas or noting endings here. Make adjustments around women, love or money in this for best results today. Once the Moon moves into your sign it’s all about a relationship dynamic and excitement or change involved.

Sunday the Sun moves into your opposite sign to mark the Spring Equinox and put a light on your partnerships, representatives and competitors for the next 30 days. This is about new beginnings for you with these important relationships so step up and shine your light, connect and see if todays talks, ideas or agreements can open things up on a new level. Work on ways to transform home life or what is happening with a real estate matter, roommate or move, it won’t be this way forever.

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Saturday brings a Full Moon in your social realm so you can expect a culmination of anything you have been working on through social networking, the internet, astrology, charities, a major aspiration of yours, or with friends or groups today. This is about celebrating achievements, perhaps someone close to you being recognized for merit, or about an ending as you wrap things up in one of these arenas or a friendship is severed. Make adjustments with a woman or regarding love or money at home today. Once the Moon moves into Libra you will feel like withdrawing to tackle something new on the work front, with health or pets.

Sunday the Sun moves into Aries and marks the Spring Equinox shining light on your work, health and pets for the next 30 days. This is giving you the spotlight to step up and be seen for your work, to tackle physical health and to get in there and make a difference on behalf of animals. The work you are doing behind the scenes, development, imagination, and your mystical muse will play a big part in the news you get today or talks, meetings, writing, or agreements that are big. More change is in the air, look at those who speak to you from power plays and reassess what that means to you.

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Saturday is a Full Moon in your career Midheaven which means that something is being achieved, celebrated or ended today on the career front. You could be promoted, awarded for merit, recognized among your peers, wrap up a career project you have been working on for a while, or see an ending to the career itself. Father, fame, ambitions, reputation, and bosses are also possible places where this may culminate for you. Talks or news about women, love or money that affect this will require some adjustment. Once the Moon moves into Libra you will be feeling the change or excitement coming through lovers, children or creative outlets and how they affect your friendships, groups or aspirations.

Sunday the Sun moves into Aries and marks the Spring Equinox putting Light on your creative ventures, children and lovers/love interests. This is a 30 day cycle where you will feel like physically diving into the creative outlets you are interested in, to put yourself with those you love or in the pursuit of love. The spotlight is on you so do your best now. Talks and writing, meetings and agreements will play out today over these areas so you could hear news or make a decision about what you want. Do your best to factor in the income available and what will be spent as this area is still undergoing change.

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Saturday is the Full Moon in your house of the higher mind so you should be celebrating or marking an achievement or ending in a media, marketing, publishing, or publicity effort, with a trip, someone far away, or an import/export matter, with legal issues, ceremonies, religious ideals or politics, or involving higher education. Do what you can to tackle the income involved in this or spending you are dealing with, likely a woman involved in this. Once the Moon moves into Libra you will be focusing in on any surprises or changes going on at home, real estate or mom in balance with your goals, reputation or career agenda.

Sunday the Sun moves into Aries and marks the Spring Equinox casting it’s light on your home, mom, family, roommates, real estate matters, moves, or security needs. You will be in the spotlight in these areas for the next 30 days so expect to want to really dive in here physically and spend time and shine your light. Big news, decisions, talks, agreements, or meetings here today will expand what is occurring and bring your career goals or major ambitions into the scenario for balance. The transformations you are undergoing physically or with your image, identity or personal power will come into the picture as well as more changes are on tap.

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Saturday is the Full Moon in your house of sex, reproduction, divorce, and major outside financial resources. This means that you will see the divorce issue peak or end, celebrations or achievements could come into play with a sexual union or attraction, issue or reproductive matter, and anything involving loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, or your partners money could as well be culminating now in celebration or endings. You should try to make some personal adjustments today by way of love or spending needs. Once the Moon moves into Libra you will be in talks or meetings, making decisions or writing, involved locally or with siblings over changing ideas and last minute suprises.

Sunday the Sun moves into Aries to mark the Spring Equinox and throw light onto your thinking, ideas, writing, talks, meetings, agreements, decisions, short trips, neighborhood, and siblings for the next 30 days. Here is where you will stand out and most likely be physically very vibrant so step up and except the spotlight in these areas. Something involving legal matters, trips, people at a distance, media or publishing, marketing or publicity, or higher education could have you scrambling in these talks or decisions. So much is really transforming behind closed doors or in secret, watch what that brings up for you today.

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Saturday is the Full Moon in your opposite sign so you can expect a peak moment with a romantic, marriage or business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor today. This is about something being achieved and celebrated or about endings. Do your best to adjust through film, music or other artistic outlets, spiritual pursuits, retreat and development, research or investigation, or involving institutions such as hospitals. Look at how the woman here or the love or income is being affected. Once the Moon moves into Libra you will be all about balancing financial matters as you field any new ideas, people or situations in the mix.

Sunday the Sun moves into Aries to mark the Spring Equinox and light up your income zone for the next 30 days. This is where you will physically find yourself, out there earning or spending money now or in pursuit of income so step up and know the spotlight is on you. Big news, talks, meetings, or agreements could expand this for you today. Write things up and send them out. Look for ways to handle the joint or outside financial picture, divorce, sexual attraction or issue, or mortality matter in the picture here as things continue to morph with the friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity.

EARTHQUAKES and other major events:

March 11-April 17-Be prepared!
By Zoe Moon

You guys who read me all the time know I have done my best to keep you abreast of these potentials, I published an article predicting potential earthquakes and other events of March 11th last April, 2010 and in subsequent Forecasts right before the event so it’s not news to you but I want to follow up with these dates below so you are prepared in case there are more. Again, this is like a cyclical weather report astrologically, these aspects are locking down so it is possible that from now through April 17th we could have more but no one can ever say 100%. It is the first time in 84 years which is why it was very likely to bring similar activity but not even astrologers can say for certain on this topic because by its very nature, Uranus is the agent of unpredictability, we know it brings sudden change but it is neither good nor bad, just surprising and the change itself. So don’t get upset about any of this, just take precautions in case. I just want you to be forearmed so you can back up kits and move sharp objects away from beds, etc in case we do see more activity.

This time period is about URANUS moving into ARIES which CAN trigger major earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, firestorms, aggressive acts, revolution, rebellion, or war, as well as electrical fires, market spikes and other shocking events and shake-ups in our world under duress, this is such a period of duress. The last time the Uranus cycle began was the year 1927. Here is a reprint from my article last year that shows you the major earthquake activity and which fault lines were activated. As I stated then, I feel these same areas could be areas of concern again (and we’ve already seen what happened to Japan) but I was also concerned for California and the New Madrid Fault Line which runs up the center of the US through Missouri. The reason for this has to do with their founding and incorporation charts. So here are the earthquakes of 1927 from my last years post:

THE LAST TIME URANUS MOVED INTO ARIES in 1927 (Statistics quoted from Wikipedia):

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits 10 miles off shore in California called the Lompoc quake of 1927 which triggered a tsunami from San Francisco to San Diego.

There was a great quake that measured 8 on the Richter scale that hit Japan in 1927 and wiped out one third of Tokyo and most of Yokohama with 140,000 killed.

The 1927 quake of the Dead Sea Fault damaged the Holy Land and was considered one of the three most destructive quakes to ever hit Israel and rock Jerusalem and many Palestinian towns.

An 8.3 earthquake struck Nan-Shan, China in 1927 claiming 200,000 lives and devastating the land.

And finally, the Crimean earthquakes of 1927 occurred in the Black Sea hitting the Crimean peninsula, one hitting in June measuring between 6-9 on the Richter scale, the other hitting in September and measuring 9 on the Richter scale near the city of Yalta with residents reporting fiery flares erupting from the sea measuring 50-500 meters high.

Uranus was also active in the 1994 quake I found myself experiencing in Los Angeles (Uranus squaring from Capricorn), the quake in San Francisco in 1906 (Uranus squaring from Capricorn) and also triggered in the largest quakes within the continental United States between 1811 and 1812 along the New Madrid Fault Line (Uranus in Pluto’s sign Scorpio hovering around 22 degrees). There were 3 quakes at New Madrid at the end of 1811 to the first of 1812 that caused the Mississippi river to run backwards, destroyed the town, created a lake, and was felt at over an 8 point magnitude over 50,000 square miles. Compare this to the great quake of San Francisco that was felt over 6000 square miles. According to Wikipedia, church bells rang as far as Boston, sidewalks cracked in Washington D.C. and chimneys were toppled in Maine. This is one MAJOR fault line.

Uranus has to be in certain configurations with Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, the Nodes of karma and Destiny, and the Sun to bring these events, certain angles are common as well as cyclical returns to square or conjunct past positions. These energies all began coming together with Uranus moving into Aries March 11th and are going to continue to form powerful configurations over the 5 week period.

I REALLY WANT YOU to put together earthquake kits NOW if you live in California or in the Midwest where you could be affected by the San Andreas Fault or the New Madrid Fault Line respectively. I REALLY WANT YOU to put together earthquake kits NOW if you live in any of the affected areas that were earthquake centers back in 1927, look at the list above where the last quakes were centered, we have already seen Japan get hit again, if you are in one of these areas you as well need to get your backup plan and kits together just in case. What should go into an earthquake kit? Here are two sources, one put together by California:$file/checklist.pdf
and one put together by the Red Cross:

This is just about being safe and taking precautions. It is possible that the first terrible quake in Japan is it and these dates below will mark repercussions from that one being triggered such as aftershocks, the nuclear plant issues and other aspects. It is possible that these dates end up being pivotal in issues of war or market. I just want you to be safe, not sorry.

Saturday March 19th brings a peak in the earth sign Virgo. Every 18 years the Moon is at its closest and is called a Super Moon so it will look bigger, there is debate whether or not this gives it added power however all Full Moon’s bring things to a climax and with the founding chart for L.A. in Virgo and the incorporated chart in Aries (the sign where Uranus is now wreaking havoc), with the incorporated chart for New Madrid in Libra with its Sun opposite Uranus in Aries and being squared by Pluto, and with the founding chart for San Francisco in Cancer with Sun being squared by Uranus, Mars and Saturn, and opposed by Pluto, and the incorporated chart for San Francisco in Aries with Sun quincunxing the Virgo Full Moon, sextiling the Karmic and Destiny Nodes and hosting Uranus/Mars conjunct, well, without spending the next hours writing all of the individual aspects up for you, it is volatile. This means March 18th, the day before it peaks is as well affected.

On the 20th with the Spring Equinox, the Sun enters Aries illuminating its’ field the day after the Full Moon and will meet up with Uranus by degree on the 21st.

The 28th has a Sun/Pluto square along with Jupiter opposing Saturn retriggering points profoundly.

Mars and Uranus come together on the same degree in Aries for the first time since Uranus moved here on March 11th and they do so on the New Moon in Aries on April 3, a day the Sun will oppose Saturn, all VERY intense. Neptune moves into its own sign of the sea and oil and things you don’t see coming for the first time in 163 years on April 4 bringing another shift as large as the one we just saw on March 11th with Uranus moving into Aries after 84 years, therefore this April 3rd and April 4th time is extremely powerful and in my opinion will be the time to really watch the closest.

On April 6 the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Aries expanding any volatile energy amassing here.

Pluto Retrogrades on the 9th while the Sun conjuncts Mercury and the Moon squares Uranus.

Mars, still within conjunction of Uranus, squares Pluto on the 11th while Mercury and Jupiter conjunct, this being another big configuration.

Finally the Full Moon on the 17th in Libra opposes the Uranus position and many figures in the epicenters charts bringing another climax.

Have a plan, get your water and food and batteries and anything else you need together because it has not been this intense in many years and it is so much better to be safe than sorry. It is also NOT a good idea to be fearful, this information is about helping you to back yourself and family up so IF these aspects trigger more damage you are prepared.

1.) The entire period from March 11th leading up to this Full Moon on the March, 19th has consecutive trigger days back to back
2.) The Sun entering Aries on March 20th and conjuncting Uranus on March 21st
3.) The Sun/Pluto square between Aries/Capricorn on the 28th of March along with the Jupiter/Saturn opposition from Aries/Libra the same day
4.) March 30th Mercury Retrogrades in Aries possibly retriggering past events
5.) Mars enters Aries April 1st/2nd and begins to stir Uranus
6.) The Mars/Uranus conjunction in Aries on the same day as a New Moon in Aries on April 3rd accompanied by a Sun/Saturn opposition that compounds it
7.) Neptune moving into Pisces on April 4th for the first time since 1848
8.) The Sun/Jupiter conjunction on April 6th in Aries
9.) Pluto’s Retrograde on April 9th accompanied by Sun/Mercury conjunction in Aries and Moon/Uranus square from Cancer/Aries
10.) Mars squares Pluto on April 11th while still in Conjunction to Uranus so the square falls between Aries/Capricorn and is accompanied by a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Aries
11.) The Full Moon in Libra on the 17th of April opposes Uranus between the 16th and 17th

In the best case scenario, Uranus in Aries brings DYNAMIC CHANGE and it fosters courage and action to shift the paradigm. These frictional aspects although present the last time back in 1927 can motivate us to all reach out to each other in brotherhood/sisterhood and DO good things to be the change we wish to see out there. Let it push you to strive for greatness over the next weeks. If it ends up triggering aggression, war, natural disasters, etc, we will all do our best to respond in the moment.

If I had to say the worst days I would give the April 3rd/4th combination as the most intense and likely to bring round two, with the Full Moon and its surrounding influences on March 19th giving the March 18-21st period high points and the activity on March 28th as the other contender. But it is just wise to have these precautions in place anyway.

After this period, the next trigger potential comes between November 12-16 when Mars will oppose Chiron, inconjunct Uranus and trine Jupiter from Virgo. Uranus going Retrograde or Direct may influence shake-ups as well so those dates are July 9th and December 9/10th.

Since Mars and Uranus will meet 4 more times while Uranus moves through Aries in this 7 year transit, the other dates ahead will fall on:
A.) March 22, 2013 at 8 degrees of Aries, a degree that correlates strongly to the above charts as well (Pluto will be in 3 degree orb of square from Capricorn and Chiron will be semi-sextiling from Pisces)
B.) March 11, 2015 at 14 degrees of Aries, again strong chart connections at the epi-centers (Pluto will square from Capricorn at 1 degree of orb, Chiron will semi-sextile from Pisces and Jupiter will trine from Leo)
C.) February 27, 2017 at 22 degrees of Aries, a degree strongly associated with upheavals (Pluto will square from Capricorn with a 3 degree orb, Jupiter will oppose from Libra and Chiron will semi-sextile)
D.) February 14, 2019 at 29 degrees of Aries, the critical closing degree of the sign (Pluto will square from a 7 degree orb, Chiron will exactly semi-sextile, the North Node of Destiny and Karmic South Node will square from Cancer/Capricorn while they oppose and conjunct Pluto)

After March 2019 Uranus exits this sign for another 84 years. Please feel free to pass this info along to others, share it, if you think it will help. We need to look out for one another and keep the prayers and giving spirit alive as we help those who get caught in the crossfire. I am very much hoping that these dates only mark aftershocks or turning points in what has already occurred but I feel better knowing you have the information and can just use caution and be prepared. Uranus the energy of change, shock, revolution, earthquakes, lightning, the internet, awakening, humanity, and surprise under duress in the sign of war, aggression, blood, fire, passion, and triggering action/activity is best taken seriously right now. Remember Aries also is the field of courage and doing something about the situation at hand, get that kit together, help those who are in need!

With Love, Zoe Moon

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