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Sunday, May 30, 2010


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Neptune Retrogrades on Monday, taking the dreams and artistry into a slowed down, internal process. What this means for our ocean and the terrible oil spill that is ongoing is anyone’s guess but we should see something change today, hopefully a slowing of the spillage.

Tuesday brings a great connection between Aquarius Moon and Uranus in Aries so whatever comes blazing into your life or asks to be changed, think about saying ‘yes’.

Wednesday is about making some adjustments around your aspirations and how they are connected to home. Talks will focus on the money being made or spent and again, how things can improve towards reaching those dreams.

Thursday is pretty active, especially with kids, creative outlets, lovers, and you will feel as though you are in some kind of surreal zone here that is sparking on all cylinders. Once the Moon enters Pisces she meets up with Pluto in an aspect that will help you change something for the better, take a good look at the goals and career under this opportunity energy.

Friday Mars opposes Neptune and we see or hear about another turn in the road about the ocean and BP. In your personal life there is great energy around making something happen with kids, creative outlets or lovers with an eye on the dream, the social occasion or the friends or group. It’s probably not the best day to put your ego into the talks you have, save it for later.

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Monday will help you to clarify things or see something/someone in a different light as Neptune Retrogrades in your house of friends, groups, networking, and social aspirations. If you have been striving towards something artistic, spiritual, romantic, or involving hospitals or addictions with this person/group, then today you begin the road of the actual internal work to set it in place. If something has been unclear, you see it now. Career motivates and you will find that the work you do and attention to health today leads to some solid results.

Tuesday is a fun day, an exciting day, and it is all about the group, friend, party, networking, associates, or a big aspiration of yours. Look for ways to put yourself into the mix and take chances, be spontaneous and see how far you go!

Wednesday will focus on the friends, groups or aspirations again but today you will need to make some concessions at home or around the woman or money at home. You will also need to talk about how you are earning or spending here.

Thursday kicks the project with friends or groups into high gear with a lot of creative activity or energy around kids or lovers. Big opportunities come through the artistic efforts, time working behind the scenes, in dealing with hospitals or other institutions, spiritual pursuits, or research that can affect career.

Friday Mars opposes Neptune so this is your ruler facing off against the big guy that rules dreams, deception, magic, film, music, fantasy, and anything hidden or done behind closed doors. You will feel like you really need to push something hard in the creative field, with kids or a lover today as you try to reach something on Neptune’s side of the fence. A friend or group will likely be involved. You may be withholding some of your feelings or feel the need for some retreat and rest, try not to push yourself too hard physically today or out running errands.

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Monday Neptune Retrogrades in your career Midheaven and marks the beginning of a cycle when you will be taking any artistic project, spiritual pursuit, romantic goal, or something you have connected to hospitals or other institutions, research, addictions, or hidden agendas, into a development stage. This is not the time to go after something new in these areas but to cultivate what you have already begun or dreamed up. You may have to tackle something at home that affects the trip, media, educational, or legal matter. There is good reason to believe you are going to have positive results through one of these doors.

Tuesday is a great, exciting day with the Aquarius Moon meeting Uranus in Aries. Sparks will be flying, new ideas and crazy moments, exciting meetings and talks, all around career, reputation, fame, father, ambitions, and what you are working on behind closed doors, through film, music or the arts, spiritually or through research or institutions. Try new things.

Wednesday career and goals will require talks or meetings with a woman or about money and how things need to be tweeked a bit. Your needs figure in prominently and you will most likely have to make some concessions if you let your ego get into the middle today.

Thursday Mars is going to amp up energy at home as you motivate to reach goals or the needs of career or father. Once the Moon moves into Pisces there is great opportunity through your friend or group affiliation to make some major breakthrough through travel, media, publicity, marketing, publishing, involving someone or some situation at a distance, import/export, taking or teaching a class, or with a legal matter. Be proactive.

Friday Mars opposes Neptune so prepare to bust it out at the house, with a real estate matter, a roommate or living situation, family matter or mom/mother figure. You will be looking at a goal here that is artistic, romantic, spiritual, or that deals with hospitals or other institutions, research or retreat. Anything that comes up around income and a friend or group should be put off for another day.

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Monday Neptune Retrogrades in your house of publishing/media/marketing, education, travel/foreign people, and legal matters. This means that you will now be taking something artistic, romantic, spiritual, or involving an institution, research or work behind the scenes and you will be developing it through one of these arenas over the next few months. It is not the best time to start something new in these areas but very positive for doing the internal and behind the scenes work on what you have in play or have already dreamed up before today. Finances, sex or divorce is on the emotional agenda today as well so be passionate when discussing or meeting about this, there is something very supportive and solid coming from home or mom/mother figure here.

Tuesday is a great day for you to enter into something with a friend, group, associate, or involving your aspirations. The connection between Aquarius Moon and Uranus in Aries means that you can reach something great here through travel, a distant connection, media, marketing, education, or legal agreements/topics. Try something new.

Wednesday the travel, media, educational, or legal matter is going to color the day again but today you will need to deal with a woman about the money being earned or spent. Talks or meetings may go on behind closed doors or cover research, film or other artistic topics, hospitals, or strategies.

Thursday brings at least one passionate or angry talk, meeting or agreement about the trip, issue playing out over a distance, media/publishing/marketing matter, teaching or taking a class, or the legalities of a subject. Once the Moon moves into Pisces there is great opportunity to make a big change or break through over finances, sex or divorce. Your career and ambitions are a major part of this so push on those goals.

Friday Mars opposes Neptune asking you to do what it takes to come to terms, make a decision, write, take the meeting or have the talk over the artistic, spiritual matter you are looking at tied to travel, distance, media, publishing, publicity, education, or law. This may be another person who enters the picture now with something important by way of these agendas, if someone you already know, a turning point. Emotions are charged over who you are allowed to be in relationship to the career or goal in question.

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Monday Neptune Retrogrades in your house of sex, high finance and divorce. This means that you are now going into development through one of these avenues, taking the next few months to work on the artistry, romance, spirituality, with the institution, or addiction so that you will be ready to take the investment out to the public later, or the intimate connection, reproductive issue or divorce will step out then based on what you develop now. Talk about the money you will make or need to spend with the partner or representative today and make a verbal commitment or sever ties under beneficial aspects.

Tuesday is a great day. This brings wonderful flow between Aquarius Moon and Uranus in Aries so expect to find some surprising ways to reach your goal or further your career through loans, credit, investment or investors, bankruptcy, inheritance, or any other outside financial prospect. If your goal is sex or divorce, the energy is supporting unique approaches as well. Change and remaining open to what the day brings is the way to go.

Wednesday you will be dealing with the financial matter, sex or divorce topic but today you will need to do something about your own personal needs, body, image, etc and this will likely mean spending some money on yourself or putting yourself out there physically to earn. Talks with friends or groups about the financial aspect, sex or divorce could be challenging.

Thursday Mars will push you to find a balance between what you owe or are borrowing and going out there to make some money. Once the Moon moves into Pisces you will find that the partnership, representative or specialist is going to help you reach the media, legal, educational, or travel goal. Connect with those at a distance, say yes to major change and empowerment through this connection.

Friday Mars opposes Neptune putting your energy behind making money or spending on something important. Neptune is going to be focusing this drive by pointing out artistic, spiritual or romantic matters tied to loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, or any other shared financial matter. Do you need to take action to earn more to pay down a debt or do you need to spend some of your earnings on something tied to perspective resources? You may be sitting down with someone today to make it happen.

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Monday Neptune Retrogrades in your partnership house. This covers all significant relationships from marriage or business partners to attorneys, agents, specialists, or competitors. You may see someone retreat over issues tied to artistry, romance, spirituality, addiction, or hospitals or you may see that this becomes the topic for you to work on and develop over the next few months together readying it for emergence. Health, work or pets continue to occupy your energy with a push physically today and something positive around money.

Tuesday is a stellar day when Aquarius Moon meets Uranus in Aries and you will find that your feelings for the partner, representative, competitor or specialist takes on a new high. This is based around something surprising or about to change with a trip, something going on at a distance, with a media, publishing, or marketing matter, a class you are taking or teaching, or a legal matter. Be open in any of these arenas with significant people today, it’s that good.

Wednesday the focus on this significant relationship is going to lead you into dealings with a woman in secret or doing something behind closed doors here. You may be looking at the money you earn through film or fantasy, research or artistic projects, or what is spent on hospitals or addictions. Be willing to talk about your goals with this person.

Thursday Mars is active again between you and this partner, representative, specialist, or competitor so don’t be surprised if your passions or anger is stirred. Once the Moon moves into Pisces you will be finding ways to make some big changes around health, work or with pets through the financial realm.

Friday Mars opposes Neptune and for you this is definitely the pivotal time of the week between you and this person, be they a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. You are the one who is gearing up here and either pushing yourself physically or spurring yourself on through anger or passion. The actions you take will focus on what this other person is bringing around romance, spirituality, artistry, hospitals, or addictions.

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Neptune Retrogrades on Monday in your house of health, work and pets. This means that anything you are working on that is based on artistry, romance or spirituality will be going into a phase of development and internal processing now to ready it for release up ahead. If this is about health for you then this shift will take what has been going on into this development phase through spirituality or in dealing with hospitals or addictions. You should keep an eye on pets today keeping anything poisonous away from them and any chance of hurting themselves around water.

Tuesday is a great day with the Aquarius Moon meeting Uranus in Aries sparking some unexpected or interesting sexual opportunities or breakthroughs in intimacy or you may see this play out with something surprising coming through by way of a loan, bankruptcy, inheritance, settlement, divorce, or debt. You should be feeling pretty good about work, health and pet matters today.

Wednesday the work you are doing or your health issues or pets are again the subject of attention but today you will be dealing with a female friend who will in some way take you out of your comfort zone here. Talks about the trip, media venture, education, or legal topic will challenge but not for much longer.

Thursday Mars is going to motivate you to tackle a health matter at the hospital or to go in and begin kicking the addiction. If you aren’t experiencing health issues, this energy will help you to motivate behind the scenes on something artistic, romantic or spiritual that can affect your work or health. Once the Moon moves into Pisces it is going to be all about a huge change through love, kids or creative projects tied to a partner, representative or specialist, it’s all good.

Friday the opposition between Mars and Neptune means that you will be taking some action regarding the hospital, retreat, film, music, artistic work you are doing behind the scenes, research, investigation, or strategy. This is in direct link to the artistic, spiritual or romantic matter going on at work or the addictive or hospital issue with your health or a pet. Feelings for someone significant may be strained today as you stretch to reach a goal.

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Monday Neptune Retrogrades in your house of creative ventures, love and children. This begins a process of development on current creative projects or may mark one being taken off the shelf, it will be a time to work on the inner levels of artistry and romance, a spiritual few months focused on what you can bring forth through these doors in the fall. This is not the best time to take on a new project but to master and finesse the final touches to the current one. Home and the need to make something happen with a friend or group absorbs some of your energy as well today.

Tuesday is a great day. The Aquarius Moon meets up with Uranus in Aries for something exciting or new with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor that leads to truly great feelings over the creative venture, love or child topics. Be spontaneous with significant relationships today since they seem to lead to happiness.

Wednesday is again about the creative project, lover or child but you will be dealing with a woman involved in the goal here or who is the authority figure. You may be looking at money matters tied to career and talking about how the finances are to be shared or what is going to happen with the divorce.

Thursday Mars is activating energy with friends or groups so you will feel charged up to tackle something here, through applied energy, anger or passion. The creative project, children or love interest is what is driving this forward. Once the Moon slips into Pisces big news or something you agree to, meet about, or talk over will transform the creative project, issue of love or children in a big way. Single? You may meet someone powerful today who you find quite interesting.

Friday Mars opposes Neptune so the friend or group is going to be where the action is with the peak of this weeks energy around this culminating in a turning point today. This is a meeting between the friend or group with the topic of the artistic, creative project, the child or the lover and romance. You may be a bit out of the loop on this one regarding legal, media, educational, or travel matters but this is changing soon.

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Monday Neptune Retrogrades in your home arena so know that over the next few months you will be in a development phase over anything artistic, romantic, spiritual, involving addictions, research, or hospitals and the home, property, roommate, renovation, real estate deal, family or mom/mother figure. Do what you can to put your intuitive energy into what has already been begun in these areas so you can work it through. You may see someone leaving the home now or returning or the next phase beginning in earnest on the restoration or move.

Tuesday is a great day for surprises and changes that come through work, health or pets. This is all about the Aquarius Moon meeting up with Uranus in Aries and what that is bringing to good feelings at home, with property or any other security based energy. If you want to work from home, buy or sell property, do something with mom and a living situation, or if you want to tackle health in a new way at home, or bring in a new pet, this is your day. Try something new.

Wednesday the energy around home and living situations will push you to do something with a woman in media, through travel, with education, or involving legal matters. The talk with the partner, agent, attorney or specialist will challenge you to come to the right decision at home, with property or with mom.

Thursday Mars is kicking up energy on the career front or with a big goal of yours so expect that you will be motivating to go after something and how you feel about home, real estate, mom, or family will be closely linked to whether this is passionate energy or anger. Once the Moon moves into Pisces you will find a meeting or talk is open to you that can change things pretty profoundly with a lover, child or creative venture, it’s all good.

Friday Mars opposes Neptune and marks the peak of this week over the goal or career agenda and what you are willing to do at this turn in the road. Look at the romantic, spiritual, artistic, addictive, hidden, hospital association, or research tie in with the home, property or mom/mother figure to decide what to do. Your debt/outside financial resources may be in the picture here or a divorce or sexual appetite is the reason you are feeling a certain way about the creative project, lover or child.

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Monday Neptune Retrogrades in your communications zone. This means watch what you say, double check what you hear or sign, and take care on the road. It also means that you are now entering a phase where you should go into development over a writing project, agreement, neighborhood activity or something involving siblings, or an idea you have or meeting you held. You want to focus on artistry, spirituality, romance, addictions, or hospitals in this topic. Your income is looking solid on the career front but you do need to do something about the trip, media/publishing, education, or legalities.

Tuesday is a great day as the Aquarius Moon meets up with Uranus in Aries for some surprises or changes that benefit in creative projects, with children or lovers. You may hear about a pregnancy, something a child did or a project you have involving children, you may meet a love interest today in the most exciting or unexpected way or do something new with a lover, you may hear a declaration of love that takes your breath away or find out your creative project just got green-lit. Be open to new things in these areas and expect the best.

Wednesday is a day to talk, meet, write, deal with agreements, cover local agendas, or make a short trip. You will be dealing with a woman today in this over a major financial matter, sex or divorce. You may feel a bit stressed over the work, health or pet matter and need to talk about it with someone as well.

Thursday Mars will kick up a fuss over the travel, media, educational, or legal matter. You will be motivated here through passion or anger and the need to take action. What you hear or agree to will be the spur beneath this. Once the Moon moves into Pisces there is great energy around change or empowerment through earning or spending on home or through home.

Friday Mars opposes Neptune so expect the weeks energy to peak around the trip, with a person at a distance, in the media/publishing/marketing/publicity, through education, or over legal matters. This is where you are acting out, taking action, expressing passion or anger and it revolves around what you hear, say, meet over, or sign that is about romance, artistry, spirituality, addiction, or hospitals. Feelings about home or security may be tweaked by the partnership or representative so breathe.

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Monday Neptune Retrogrades in your income zone. This could mark spending on something romantic, artistic, or spiritual is now entering a development phase, earning in these areas is as well, or it could be about money going to or coming from research, hospitals or addictions. Over the next few months you will do better developing what you have already entered into here. Take action today on the jointly held finances or some major financial matter on your plate to solidify the trip, legalities, media/publicity, or education.

Tuesday is a great energy day. Aquarius Moon meets up with Uranus in Aries so expect that surprises and changes and spur of the moment happenings involving home, real estate, family, or mom/mother figure are set to benefit you financially. Make money from or through home today or spend in these areas for good luck.

Wednesday income is on the front burner and you will need to deal with a woman partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor if you want to keep things running smoothly. There may have to be a tough talk or meeting with a kid, lover or creative project over the income as well.

Thursday Mars will motivate you to go do something about the loan, inheritance, insurance, taxes, debt, mortgage, settlement, bankruptcy, joint finances, divorce or any shared financial matter in order to balance your earning potential. Once the Moon moves into Pisces there is an important meeting or talk that is going to focus on you and what you need, expect the best. If you need to make an appointment to do something with your image or body, this is a great time.

Friday Mars opposes Neptune so the weeks energy peaks today as you take action, express passion or anger, to motivate over the major financial matter, sexual connection or divorce. This is going to be colored by what is happening to income over romantic, spiritual, artistic, addictive, or hospital related matters. Work, health and pets are coloring your feelings today and may make at least one meeting, decision or talk a bit challenging.

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Monday Neptune Retrogrades in your sign. This will be about the physical drive you have had over a romantic, spiritual, artistic, addictive, or hospital matter finally going into an internal or development stage. You are getting a break more or less over the next few months, you have reached a certain level through one or more of these areas where your own needs or body were concerned and now you identity, image, body or personal goal will be about working on setting this up to flow smoothly for you.

Tuesday is a great day for you because your energies are being triggered in the most amazing ways. Aquarius Moon is meeting with Uranus in Aries to bring about meetings, talks, decisions, agreements, writing projects, short trips, moves to new neighborhoods or something exciting in the local arena, and connections with brothers or sisters, these will be opportunities so say what you will, be spontaneous and enjoy!

Wednesday you will be dealing with a woman at work, over a health issue or involving a pet and it is bound to stretch you a bit physically or where the ego is concerned. Home and living situations are a bit stressing as well so do your best to remain grounded in your own strength today.

Thursday Mars gets into gear through a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor so you can expect action here, motivation, anger, or passion and it is going to involve you! Once the Moon moves into Pisces the energy shifts to positive opportunities to spend or earn money and transform something secret, tied to retreat or hospitals, fantasy or film, research or investigations.

Friday Mars opposes Neptune so the week is peaking around the energy being stirred up with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. This will be a direct motivator for you with your body, image, identity, or over a personal goal you have set to look at the romance, artistry, spirituality, addiction, or hospital. It’s a turning point and will definitely give you a wildly passionate connection or something that makes you stop and think about this person.

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Monday Neptune Retrogrades in your 12th house. Neptune is your ruling planet so when it goes backwards it is time for you to see just where you are and to work from there for a while in development of what you have achieved so far. This will specifically revolve around retreat, secrets, film, fantasy, music, all artistry, spiritual pursuits, a clandestine love affair, research, investigations, anything self-undoing or escapist, addictive or dealing with hospitals or other institutions. Motivate on the work, health or pets today and get serious about the partner or representative.

Tuesday is a great day with lots of nice surprises and excitement in the works for you around making or spending money. This is a day when trying something new, be spontaneous and drawing on your intuition or artistic/spiritual side will benefit you greatly.

Wednesday you will need to deal with a woman regarding a creative venture, child or love affair/love interest and this may require a stretch where love or money is concerned. Talks or agreements are tough as well today but necessary in the grand scheme of your hidden agenda, dealings with hospitals or artistic masterpiece.

Thursday Mars is amping up the work, health and pets energy in your life so expect to be diving into these arenas with passion or anger or motivation. The artistic project, research, secret, or hospital dealings is part of the picture here. Once the Moon moves into your sign there is a great connection available between you and a friend or group, take it.

Friday Mars opposes Neptune and the energy of the week peaks over what is happening at work, with a health matter or your pet or animal rights issues. There is going to again be the other side to this which is something hidden, private, secret, fantasy or film related, artistic, spiritual, or tied to addictions or hospitals that will be in the balance. Do you want to be where you are in the home or real estate matter? How about living situation/roommate? It’s another big question in the mix today.

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