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Sunday, May 2, 2010


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Hey everyone! First things first, some wacka-doodle is fraudulently duplicating my page posing as Zoe Moon so if you are a friend on my facebook page, make sure that if you are communicating with me, the address box above reads:

If it does not you are not speaking with me. They have my pictures and have created several bogus Zoe Moon facebook pages which they've hidden today after reading that we were on to them although you can still see they are there and they are still active, so please check before confiding in me by verifying that it is my address in the address bar:

If you have written asking for a reading and not heard back or received any kind of weird communications from me, you were not speaking with me. The authorities are on this as it is an actionable offense but in the mean time, please CALL ME if you feel you have been interfered with by this poser. Lol, what a crazy Retrograde, so here we go…

Many of you have made it through the trials of this Mercury Retrograde over the last few days as we hit the mid-point and the ‘peak’ of what it was bringing up. People or situations left or you did, decisions were revisited, you met with that person from the past over what happened then with a moment of clarity around ‘do we try again with a better understanding’ or ‘wow, I see why that was over’. You may have had to deal with something costing you money to fix as breakdowns and malfunctions have been rampant and you may have found that you were letting go of the past on some level to realign your future with your current value system. This is the last full week of this Retrograde, it ends next Tuesday.

With that in mind, do your best this week to wrap up the loose details around agreements, meetings, talks, decisions, or short trips that focus on making money or what you value and the past. You will be able to sign on the dotted line mid-week next week and the work you do now to release and tidy up will be very beneficial.


Monday is very important for you regarding income and career. Mercury is trining Pluto here so you should be proactive in pursuing talks, meetings, pitches, writing, short trips, agreements, or decisions that will bring income into the picture and boost your profile on the career front. Do it while the universe is sending so much support behind you. Feelings about what you want to achieve are in adjustment aspect to your creative input, the child involved or a lover in the picture so do your best to keep your eye on the ball.

Tuesday could bring ego clashes over spending or income with the lover, child or creative outlet. If you can keep your head on your shoulders this energy can be a great motivator to do what needs doing here. Saturn is supporting you through any time or discipline you show towards your health, work or pets today, recognition or career rewards from efforts expended. Uranus brings some kind of nice surprise or change into the picture.

Wednesday the Moon moves into Aquarius and you should focus on friends and group affiliations. There is a positive link to writing projects, meeting up locally, ideas shared or communications projects together so pour it on here. Your ruler again is in conflict but today it will be emotional and playing out over the acts of a child, creative progress or a lover. Look at what you are trying to aspire to today in view of this energy.

Thursday the friend or group is again the main thrust of your energy but you will need to push towards how you are making money with this person or how the money is being spent on something tied to this person. There is a square here so an obstacle must be overcome, remember they are a friend and do your best to work it through.

Friday is a day to work quietly behind the scenes or retreat for some time to recharge your batteries. Dealing with hospitals or any work involving the arts such as film or music is favored. You may need to do some digging or research to move things along or just trust your gut intuition today. There is potential for any or all of this to lead to positive talks or agreements that involve your income/spending. There is also potential to reach a major goal today or receive some recognition. Venus and Mars dance together in an exciting opportunity that opens up between meeting a love interest (so get out there if single), talking about love in some electrifying way, writing something creative that is excepted or goes somewhere, news from a child or a talk with them that is exciting, and pretty much you are the one holding the cards so enjoy!


Monday is stellar for you in all things regarding travel, publishing, media outlets, publicity, teaching, taking a class, import/export, or legal matters. There is reason to believe you may be coming to terms today or holding an important meeting or talk that will lead to something substantial in one of these areas. Make sure to be proactive and ask for what you need or make that decision. You will be motivated to do something at home or about a living situation or property matter because of it.

Tuesday could bring ego clashes over your needs and what is occurring at home or with family, a living situation or real estate deal. It may be that this frictional energy just motivates you to dive in and do what you need to do for yourself here today. Saturn favors any effort or time you put into creative outlets, children or lovers while Uranus is opening up some social opportunities or something exciting around an aspiration of yours.

Wednesday shifts into focus on career or important goals with positive support around making money or how it is handled with a woman. Again home base seems to be where all the action is going on and you may be charged up over the activity here or pushed to take some yourself.

Thursday the Lights are squaring each other which typically puts ego and emotional needs at a crossroads. Perhaps you feel that career and personal needs are out of flux or that you are being recognized for what you have to give but there are still a few obstacles to surmount on the way to your goal. Just remain true to yourself and the day will not stress your too much.

Friday is about time with friends, a group situation, party or social networking, or focusing in on your important aspiration. It is one of those days where you get what you want here so connect and share, talk and write, come to agreements or decide on what you can do together. There is something with this person or aspiration tied to travel, media, legal matters, or education that is opening up in opportunity today so be proactive. Venus and Mars dance and this is felt for you between income and home, a big clue to spend time passionately on your love interest at home or to go after what you want involving your money and the house or living situation.


Monday is pretty spectacular where talks, agreements, meetings, decisions, writing projects, or short trips are concerned. These will go on behind closed doors, in secret, or involve film, fantasy, music, artistry, romance of the clandestine nature, hospitals, research, or something spiritual/psychic. There is reason to believe it will also open doors to some major financial matter or be connected to divorce proceedings or intimacy. Once it is in your lap, a bit of adjustment will be necessary but you have the passion to make it happen.

Tuesday brings up ego clashes over what is going on behind closed doors and what needs to be communicated or agreed upon. If you manage to stay out of the fray of anger on this one you can achieve a great deal through applying your passionate nature to what you have to say, the written proposal or agreement, or getting out there locally to tackle what comes up. Saturn rewards the effort or time you put in at home or with property today towards this financial, divorce or intimacy matter while Uranus is about to surprise you with something exciting regarding your goal.

Wednesday is all about the friend or group you are dealing with who is far away, coming on a trip or asking you to travel, is in a media, publishing or publicity venture with you, taking or teaching a class, or getting down to the contracts or legal matters with you. This is positive and benefits you. A woman may be significant or you may be drawing love or money to yourself through this. Watch that you balance your passions in what you say or write.

Thursday the Lights square so there may be a thing or two going on behind closed doors that you are not aware of and you are advised to take with a grain of salt anything you hear or come across through research or retreat. This will relate to the media, travel, educational, or legal matter and how you feel you are being seen so bide your time today. For some of you, this may just feel like you want to be out there on the trip or into the media venture but are having to deal with some things alone that are taking your energy.

Friday its back on as the energy shifts to career and ambitions with ample support from the universe for the talk or agreement you come to over the film, music, art, research, hospital, or secret romantic connection. The doors are opening wide to empower you here through major finances, divorce or sexual connections. Venus and Mars are dancing with each other today so there is opportunity for you to meet someone attractive out in the local scene, to talk or come to terms over love or the money involved with a writing project or idea of yours or to hear words of love from someone you care about.


Monday it is time to have the talk, take the meeting, come to the decision, sign the agreement or do something in the local scene with a friend or group. This is about major empowerment or something big and financial tied to partners, representatives or competition and it will benefit you if you can manage to come out of your shell and be proactive in these areas today. Mars is going to spur you to make or spend money after making some adjustments around what this person brings to you.

Tuesday may bring up some ego conflicts over money with a friend or group so take it easy here if you can. You don’t want to lend today and if you are owed you may wish to wait a few days before trying to recoup your sum. This energy may well motivate you to go after something financial because of the group or friend ideal so spur yourself to achieve. Saturn rewards serious talks or time you put into writing or agreements today involving this partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor while Uranus brings in something exciting around travel, media, education, or legalities.

Wednesday the Moon moves into Aquarius and you will feel in tune with the major financial matters going on behind the scenes, the sexual intimacy you are sharing behind closed doors, or the progress of the divorce and what you are achieving through research or retreat. Mars is going to spur you on towards making money as well today but this must be balanced with the weightier, shared experiences above.

Thursday the Lights square and ask you to look at your position within the group or with a friend and how you are feeling here over the financial picture, divorce, sex, control, power, or triangle. There is an obstacle to be overcome so do your best to tackle it today.

Friday is the big amazing day this week, after Monday, and it is because it is stacked with opportunity aspects. For you this means there is opportunity to have an important talk, meeting or agreement with a friend or group about the media, publishing, travel, educational, or legal matter that favors you. It means that there is opportunity to partner, find representation or deal with competitors that favors you and that whatever is going on behind closed doors, tied to film, music, fantasy, spirituality, retreat, research, investigations, hospitals, or psychic abilities is leading to money, all of this if you are proactive.


Monday brings a pretty big energy flow into the decisions, agreements, meetings, pitches, proposals, written prospects, or talks you have over career, reputation or ambitions. You want to ride this big energy wave by being proactive and asking for what you need or sharing your idea. Work, health or pet arenas are due to benefit from big change or empowerment if you do. Mars is pushing you to get physical today or to push yourself a bit, just take it as it goes.

Tuesday may bring some ego clashes or physical frustrations on the career front or where an important goal is concerned. This is about your physical body or image, identity or needs and just how much you can actually do today. It is good to motivate and push yourself but within reason, you must protect yourself. Saturn rewards efforts at making money or responsibilities you take on in handling spending or possessions while Uranus is bringing some exciting opportunity through some settlement, loan, partners money, or other outside resource.

Wednesday you can focus on the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor in the picture with the knowledge that Venus is aligned here favorably. This means that a woman friend may be of help or that you may find this partner or representative is opening up some kind of monetary or love aspiration for you. Say yes to social invitations. Mars is still stressing you a bit physically so please take care of your body while balancing with this person.

Thursday the Lights are in conflict so you may see that your feelings regarding this partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor is hung up on what is going on with you or your vital energy and the goal they are pushing you towards. You can use this energy to motivate but again, watch your limits physically.

Friday is a wow day chalked full of opportunity aspects so look into anything having to do with settlements, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, royalties, loans, credit, alimony, child support, divorce, or sexual connections and talk, meet or come to agreements over your goals. You are the one benefiting if you do and there is also some very nice change or empowerment through health, the work you do or a pet situation as well. Venus and Mars dance each other through your social sphere meaning that you may meet someone very attractive and interested through friends, group activities, parties, or networking today so if that is interesting to you, put yourself out there. This is also golden for money matters tied to groups or friends.


Monday is a big day for you because your ruler, Mercury is meeting Pluto in a big talk, meeting, agreement, news, idea, decision, or short trip that is going to empower you creatively or through love or children. This will focus on the person far away or a trip you are looking forward to, a media or publishing venture, educational outlet, or something legal. It benefits you so be proactive and trust what comes in today or ask for what you want. You will need to motivate to make some adjustments behind the scenes as a result.

Tuesday brings ego conflicts over your position in the media, travel, educational, or legal matter and what is going on behind closed doors, retreat, at hospitals, involving film, fantasy, music, the arts, research, or secrets. You may feel pushed to try to achieve something in one of these arenas today but have an obstacle to overcome. Saturn favors time and effort you put into yourself, your body, identity, image, or personal ambitions towards creative outlets, lovers or children. Uranus is bringing some excitement or nice surprise through the partner or representative.

Wednesday a woman may figure in importantly around a goal you have or career agenda. If you put in the work, tackle the health or spend energy on the animals involved you are due to meet with success. Love or money may be the reward. Mars is still pushing you to do things in some kind of hidden or fantasy way or you may need to spend some energy at a hospital, try to again take care of yourself.

Thursday the Lights are at odds with one another so you will want to watch your feelings about health, work or pets since you seem to be seeing an obstacle stemming from here that may get in the way of you achieving your position in the trip, media venture, legal agreement or matter, or educational outlet. Work on it the best you can.

Friday is the big wonderful day this week with loads of opportunity aspects working for you in the area of partners, representatives or specialists. This is about the news you hear, talks or meetings you have or agreements you come to over travel, media, education, or legal matters and what an opportunity this is for you. This is also about a major creative opportunity to transform your situation financially or through intimacy with a love interest. Venus and Mars dance together today through your career, goals, reputation, and film, fantasy, music, artistry, work behind the scenes, psychic nature, and research so embrace what comes together for you here and know that love and money are meeting up through these doors.


Monday brings Mercury and Pluto together to help you get what you want by asking for it or delivering the news, bringing in an agreement, meeting or idea that will help you to powerfully transform a situation. It is occurring between major financial matters such as loans, taxes, settlements, or outside resources, sex or divorce and the home or living situation. So, if you need the money or to make a sale of a property, to attract investors from home, to get intimate with someone on your own turf, or to tackle property matters in the divorce, ask for it or sign it today. Mars is motivating you to tackle something with a friend or group in this.

Tuesday you may have an ego clash over your needs with the finances, divorce or sex and what the friend is doing or how the aspiration is being pursued. You can embrace this frictional energy to motivate you to get busy and overcome the obstacle. Saturn is rewarding time or effort you commit to working behind the scenes, or structuring a fantasy, film, or a hospital or research matter. Do this at home and look for something exciting to come today through work, health or pets there.

Wednesday brings fun, love, children, or creative projects to the fore with positive alignment with a woman involved in travel, media, education, or legal matters. You may find you are attracting love or money today rather effortlessly. Mars is going to spur you to take action regarding a friend or group and how you feel about the creative project, lover or child, steady as she goes.

Thursday the Lights are discordant so you will see that your feelings about creative projects, love interests or children are a bit out of whack as are in the middle of the financial matter, intimacy or divorce. Best to take it as it goes today as well.

Friday is golden so wake up early and get ready to embrace the opportunities the day is offering you through the work you do, your relationship with animals or with your own health. There is news coming in or meetings that are intimate, powerful, positive around finances or divorce or sex and some powerful changes that benefit at home or with living situations. Be proactive and put in the energy today in these areas as they are due to please. Venus and Mars dance with each other through travel, media, law, or education and a friend or group. This means you can get what you want here by way of love or money. You may have a female friend traveling to see you or something a friend does opens doors to the media or legal matter, you get the picture. Say yes to social invitations tonight.


Monday opens up a talk or meeting, agreement or decision with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor that is due to transform something powerfully for you. If you need to submit something written do so. What you hear or decide pushes you to motivate on the career front doing whatever you need to do to adjust to the morphing situation.

Tuesday ego conflicts could arise between you and a partner, representative or competitor as things are happening on the career front, with reputation or around a goal you hold important. Saturn will reward the time or effort you put in with a friend or group while Uranus will benefit you through creative surprises or excitement, true love or a child.

Wednesday is about home, family or property matters and the lovely energy brewing around intimacy or finances here. You will still be pushing yourself towards a goal or career need but will do best if you take advantage of this home flavor today.

Thursday the Lights are at odds so feelings about what is said, the agreement, what is going on locally, involving neighbors or siblings, or meetings you want to have will be in frictional stance with the needs you have from the partner, agent, attorney, specialist or competition. Balance what you can.

Friday is a truly wonderful energy day with true love, children and creative projects lining up on your side through talks or agreements you have with the partner, representative or competition and the powerful meetings that are open to change things in a big way. Be proactive and express yourself. Venus and Mars dance together through loans and all other outside financial resources, sex or divorce and the big goal you are trying to achieve in one of these areas. This could be a very steamy night for you or one where you find the right action to achieve your goal.


Monday brings good news or powerful meetings or agreements around work assignments, health or pets and the money involved. This means if you need to ask for more money do it today. If you need to spend in one of these areas and want positive support from the universe, do it today. Mars will spur you to try to hop a plane, get the media work done, take the class or teach it, or get into the legal aspects as you adjust to what you decide.

Tuesday ego conflicts are possible as you try to stand out at work or through something dedicated to your health or even as you put yourself out front regarding a pet or animal rights. The need to do something about the travel, media, educational, or legal matter is what will flare up so try to use this frictional energy to motivate to overcome any obstacles. Saturn rewards efforts or time spent on goals or career through income while Uranus brings nice surprises or excitement around home.

Wednesday is about expressing love with a partner or talking or meeting over money matters with an agent or attorney. If you write, put it out there to someone who can help you today. Love or money could come from what you connect over with this significant person. Mars is still stressing you through actions involving travel, media, education, or legalities.

Thursday the Lights square so expect that you will be feeling strongly about the money you are making or spending. This will push you to deal with work, health or pet situations in a bit of a stressed way so do your best to see the bigger picture, something you are good at.

Friday is just lovely and chalked full of opportunity aspects that are focusing on home or family or property matters. Talks or writing you do at home or news or agreements you come to will open doors to work, tackle health or care for pets while income gets a positive boost tied to what is going on here as well. You may find ways to invest in the home or make money from it today. Venus and Mars dance together through your partnerships, representatives or specialists zone and the travel, media, education, or legal matters you are sharing. This means you could find love or money comes to you through this significant person and a trip, media venture, class, or making it legal today.


Monday is all about the love that is transforming your picture or something big involving a child or creative project. News is profound, meetings rock your world, talks are intimate and deep and you are benefited by all of it so don’t be afraid to make the opening call or set up the meeting. Mars is adjusting through your financial and sexual sector today so action here may require a bit of finesse just yet.

Tuesday is highly charged with passion, motivation, frustration, or anger so keep that in mind when you meet up with your lover or deal with your children or creative outlets because these are the areas it will play out for you. I vote for passion. If you need to tackle a financial matter with the child or creative outlet, you will have the same volatile energy behind you. Saturn rewards serious effort on legal matters, travel, media or promotions, or education today. Uranus is bringing you one unexpected or exciting meeting, bit of news, or talk that looks quite good.

Wednesday is all about earning and working or spending and health or pets. There is very positive flow between these areas so dive in and make the green. Mars is pushing you around sexual connections, divorce or outside financial resources such as loans, settlements, taxes, insurance, or joint financial matters. Keep this in mind when thinking about what you are making today.

Thursday the Lights are at odds which may bring ego conflicts or emotional obstacles between you and a lover, child or creative project. This can be an upset or it can just be that you really want to be with them or the project and have other obligations taking you another direction. Tomorrow is so much better.

Friday is filled to the brim with opportunity aspects and for you this is all about meeting up with lovers, children or over creative outlets, having talks that open doors, agreements or decisions involving you and them or writing something that is creative and profound. Your best bet for fun is in the local haunts so get out there and connect. Venus and Mars are dancing together through your work, health and pets to your intimacy, divorce and finances. So, big categories there that mean you could express love through work on divorce issues or healthy sexual connections, or meet someone sexy at work or out with the pets walking, or make something happen financially through efforts at work, see what you come up with but it’s all good!


Monday is a powerful day and very positive for decisions or agreements worked out at home or over home, property, living situations or security issues. There is major spiritual and romantic transformation coming out of this effort and you may find that news or meetings have a bit of a secretive or fantasy orientation to them. Take action towards the significant person in this scenario today but be ready to adapt.

Tuesday is frictional between home and partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. This can mean you are amped up and expressing wild passions on the home front with someone or that you see anger erupt here. It can also mean you are charged up to move or make something happen with a property. Saturn rewards effort or time you commit to the divorce, finances or intimacy while your ruling energy, Uranus, is opening some doors to earning money from some exciting or unusual quarter.

Wednesday the flow between you and a lover, child or creative project is just divine. There is much love here and if you need to look at money in the situation the support is there as well. Mars is sparking energy through the partner, representative or competitor so watch to see if this is about balancing passions between you and them or about anger or some act they make against you.

Thursday the lights are squaring each other so you can expect for emotions and physical needs to be a bit at odds and for you this plays out at home or your feelings about what is going on behind the scenes, through fantasy, artistry, romance that is clandestine, or some kind of self-sabotaging or addictive behavior. Don’t come to agreements over your property today if you can wait til tomorrow.

Friday is so much better! There are a bunch of opportunities today that are involving making money or spending. The news your hear or agreement, meeting or talk you have about home or property will be opening something up for you, as will powerful connections going on behind closed doors, through research, fantasy, film, time alone or hospitals. Venus and Mars are dancing through your sector of true love, children, creativity, and partners or representatives. This is such an unbelievable opportunity to connect with your partner for a love filled evening, to deal with money issues and the creative project with an attorney or agent, or to deal with issues over children or cementing your love through one of these people. You can have it all tonight.


Monday is a powerful day for you to talk, come to agreements, hear news that transforms or empowers, take meetings, pitch an idea, write something big, or do something locally that involves a friend, group or aspiration of yours. The universe is supporting big change or empowerment so be open to connections today. Mars will push you to work or tackle health or pet matters even when you would rather be with the friend or group so find time for all of it.

Tuesday the energy is quite frictional between what you want and how you ask for it, write it, come to agreements over it, meet about it, and the actions that it leads to for work, health or pets. Not the best day to negotiate terms at work or over health issues or meet about something your pet needs or did. Saturn favors time or effort dealing with partners, agents, specialists, or attorneys today while Uranus is opening some unique doors for you personally or based around your independence or freedom. Your friends have your back.

Wednesday the flow at home is divine. There is either a woman who is making this lovely or you are finding some way to attract money or love to the home or property matter and the best you can do comes through private, research, hidden or fantasy realms here so dive in and see what it brings. Mars is pushing you to work again and again it is an effort. Some of you will see this as a push towards health or pets as well where anger over issues or action is met.

Thursday the Lights are squaring so emotions and ego needs are not together. You will want to be with friends or doing something social or networking but will find you are in demand in the neighborhood, dealing with neighbors, involved in talks, meetings, or agreements, or dealing with siblings. Tomorrow is so much better.

Friday is just filled with opportunities for you so focus on what you want and how you can do things for yourself, your image, identity or something personal to you. Talks and meetings favor you, agreements as well align with your needs, pitch ideas that involve you, make your case, and expect some intense or profound moments that benefit with friends or groups. Venus and Mars are dancing through your home/real estate house to your work/health/pets zone so go after what you need by way of love or money between these arenas today as the doors are open. You may meet someone attractive while delving into these areas as well.

Duplication of this work without the express written consent of the owner is prohibited.

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