Friday, May 8, 2009


In the spirit of Mercury Retrograde and the idea that we may look at how we communicate from a different angle, I am going to give the weekend forecast to you as statements you may feel like saying, see what you think when the day arrives!


Saturday, “If you think I don’t get exactly what you are trying to pull, you are dead wrong! I don’t like secrets and I don’t like feeling manipulated! I have my own personal power issues that require all of my efforts right now and I just am not willing to put up with this for a moment longer. I have been sharing what matters with you and that now requires a show of respect from you to me, so let’s get the money, divorce or the sexuality matters out on the table and deal with them!”

Sunday, “Look we can talk about the legalities, the trip, the way we should promote or get the media matter going, but I am up to my eyeballs with a laundry list of chores and local responsibilities so we need to do it on the fly. And just so you know, I am going to need to make money on this venture or really feel the love.”


Saturday, “I never thought I could feel this deeply or this possessively about anyone I swear! I want to own you, live inside your body, control your every thought, well ok, maybe that is just my way of saying let’s play house!” Or the other variation, “You lying manipulative no good #*^#!!, I HAVE GIVEN YOU EVERYTHING and you have snuck around and played with my mind and I am no longer interested in being the third point of your snakey little triangle!”

Sunday, “We have to talk about the money, I’m really looking at a limit here with the credit cards and the outside financial obligations . I want to share what I have but if you love me you will allow me some time to retreat and get in touch with the muse, my spiritual center, my fantasy world and my friends in dreamscape.”


Saturday, “Oh dear Lord, the work load is rising from the depths of the underworld and I have never realized just how powerful my connection to what lies beneath the surface truly is. I can see right through to every fear that coils its way around your smile and I can help you.” Or the variation, “This divorce, sexual connection or major money issue has reached the wall with me, I’m generally pretty happy-go-lucky, but you are about to see my three-headed conniption fit, so back off or the bagel gets it!”

Sunday, “Look, you need to understand how I feel about this person, I have needs here that are important in this thing, and sometimes this one-on-one time is all that is helping me keep the faith, you know? If you are my friend you will find a way to love me as I find my way through this.”


Saturday, “Stand back Gerty, the powers that be are behind me and the creative juices are about to blow sky high! It’s like a volcano of love and sparkles and mega sized glue guns, Lord knows what I might make out of it all!” Or the alternative, “It’s called LOVE, you self-centered, narcissistic user! Here’s a mirror, I’m sure you will never miss me until the funds run low again or you wake up to the fact that I was home, I am SO gone.”

Sunday, “I can give you my insight but it needs to happen within a working environment, there are some things that are still just dreamt of but I believe we could make them reality.” Or, “This self-sabotaging needs to end, it is affecting my health and I am willing to set goals here that this time I will meet them.”


Saturday, “This is the best place I have every lived! I feel empowered here and like hiding out inside with the lights off and my favorite naked playmate.” Or, “I will throw everything you ever brought into this house out on the street and change the locks, I won’t live within a hundred mile radius of the likes of you for ONE MORE MOMENT! Go watch ‘War of the Roses’ if you think I’m joking!”

Sunday, “Ring…Hey my friend, can we talk about this love matter going on in my world? (or…talk about this creative project has me spinning in circles). Yeah, my dreams are not being realized in this situation. Really? So I just need to deal with the financials on a trip, or with the legal matters, the media, or learning here and I am going to feel the love? Sweet.”


Saturday, “Let me tell you how deeply you have affected my life, how much I feel driven to express the depth of my emotions, the compulsion I feel in sharing the intensity of this destructive experience or should I say deconstructive experience in my world? I didn’t think it was possible to be so completely absorbed with what my sharing with you could do to my reality. The ramifications of the sexual experience, divorce, death, or complete realignment of joint or outside resources have welled up inside of me and I hope my words communicate my transformation.” (positive or negative).

Sunday, “The home, property or where I am living is not up for negotiation in this! My goals are firm here in what I need to feel secure, you are talking about my foundations in life. I believe there is a way to harmonize how we work through the big money issues and share the conditions surrounding this matter.” Or, “Get me out of here! My goals are there!”


Saturday, “Absolutely NOTHING is going to stand in the way of the money I am making! I am a power house and regardless of the third party here, I am coming for what is mine!” Or the variation, “I can feel it, there is an undercurrent here between what I want and your connections, the person in the middle is going to mean a big payday for me so I am willing to orchestrate what comes to step into my own power.” Third possibility, “DON’T EVEN THINK of cutting me out of what is mine!”

Sunday, “We are going to talk about the legalities here, work out the travel arrangements, deal with the way we are going to promote or do the media deal, or set up the learning curve, but I have some serious issues with the way it is done and I am going to tell you about it. What is going on in the partnership is good financially, I am feeling the love.”


Saturday, “I’d like to thank God, the Academy and my mom for this award, it all started with a dream…” Or, “I do realize how much power you are bestowing upon me here and I feel just as deeply about it as you do!” Or a variation, “Did you think you could get away with this?!! LOOK AT ME when I am talking to you! This is MY #*!#* we are talking about, I have brought TOO MUCH to the table to ever put up with this!” Last variation, “Was it good for you too?”

Sunday, “Look, I have work coming in and there is money promised here so I am not too worried but we really have to come to an agreement about the way the outside money here is being handled. Loans, credit, settlements, insurance, alimony, child support, inheritance, royalties, joint finances, all of it, we need to make some decisions here so there are no more problems.” Variation, “Of course I would like to stay in bed for round two but I have to go earn my living!”


Saturday, “It’s been a secret (or building behind the scenes) for a long time but now I want the whole world to know about it, it is life-changing and deeply intimate, are you ready?” Or a variation, “IS WHAT I JUST HEARD TRUE?!!! Tell me you have not been keeping this a secret from me all along! Who are you?!!!” Or, “What exactly has been going on behind closed doors? If your actions have jeopardized me you will never see me again!” Or, “I bet you never saw it coming, did you?”

Sunday, “I am feeling so much love right now, my creative energy is sparking, I feel light and on air, so don’t burst my bubble when I talk to you about what is happening in my partnership.” Or, “I really feel like the creative endeavor is amazing and going to make money but we need to talk about how the representation is being handled.”


Saturday, “Break out the champagne, who says friendship and money don’t mix?!! This is big, really big!!!” Or, “What in the #*?!#* does FRIENDSHIP have to do with it? We have money on the line here and I for one am not going to be left holding the bag! You don’t hide things when it comes to the money!” Or, “Friends don’t cross the line like that I don’t care if you haven’t had sex in 3 years or 30!!!” Or, “Hey, baby baby, let’s take this friendship to another level, wink wink.”

Sunday, “Yeah, can you come help me get this work done today because I really just need some down time to recuperate a bit at home. Maybe I should tackle the chores there as well and then I can really relax tonight.” Or, “I need to deal with the list of chores as well as the business I am doing behind the scenes because by the end of this day I am going to be sitting pretty where home and property matters are concerned.”


Saturday, “I CANNOT believe I have got what I wanted! The sexual conquest is mine, or the divorce is happening, or I am sitting pretty in the settlement or other financial situation!!! I should never have been underestimated and the third party has definitely helped me get what I wanted.” Or a variation, “Oh, you may have held a coup, you may have done your manipulating, scheming behind my back but everyone knows how you are getting to the top and I guarantee you I will see you on your way back down!”

Sunday, “Look, I have to deal with the kids or creative project or lover today, I would love nothing better than to hang out with the friends and kick it. If you can give me a bit, I will call you later and we will have some bonding time on the phone or meet up for a drink after I wrap it up here.”


Saturday, “It may have taken every manipulation and power move in the book but I have finally achieved what I needed legally, or regarding a media or promotional matter, graduating a class or teaching it, or taking the trip! The payoff looks like big money or sexual intrigue!” Or a variation, “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!! I am done because this is the wall in the legal matter, it is all deconstructing, (or the wall regarding a media, educational or travel matter), ultimate power has shown its face but I am finally free.”

Sunday, “My goals are to make money and the only thing I can say right now is we need to talk about the issues surrounding the house or property. Once we’ve put the cards on the table, I am heading out and making bank.”


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