Friday, April 3, 2009


Well kids, Saturday is a hum zinger for sure! Mercury the god of communication is going to go dancing with Jupiter the god of expansion. They are feeling quite frisky and news will be big, over the top, ideas will feel limitless and there is real opportunity to express yourself here in a grand fashion.

Next, Pluto, lord of the underworld, death and transformation, is going to Retrograde, taking all those deep, manipulative, power issues, along with the potentially transformational energy of the soul, on an inner journey for a while. The secrets and triangles will flush out over the next few days and you will have time to process. The place where you are most intently trying to step up into your own power will level off a bit and let you catch up. The big bad monsters out there that you may have been fighting are going to make themselves known in one last roar before receding into their cave for a bit as well.

Lastly, Mars is going to oppose Saturn. This one is a bit more tricky. Mars wants to make something happen, is pushing for it, is going after it, while Saturn says, ‘Whoa Nelly, slow down thar, ye ain’t got all yer ducks in a row, you didn’t follow procedure or get the degree or do as you were told, blah, blah, blah’. Hurry up and wait. Best advised tonight to take it easy around authority figures, being hot headed or jumping in without thinking it through (Mars) will get you into trouble post haste (Saturn).

And in the grander scheme, that spiritual ‘breaking out of the confines’ thing you are trying to manage during the year and a half of Saturn/Uranus opposing in the heavens, is being activated by Mars on Saturday. He is going to try to get you or them to make a run for it, try to break those constraints on some level, and when you look at it that way and realize this whole opposition is not over until July 2010, well then, this act of courage or passion may be just what the doctor ordered, just don’t go getting yourself in real trouble over it.

Sunday is one of those adjustment days when you need to catch up physically and emotionally to what went down yesterday. Moon slips into Virgo so the details matter.


Lucky talks with friends today, open up, meet up, discuss some ideas you could participate in together. The deconstruction on the career front will slow now that Pluto is Retrograding here today. You want to take the next few months to look at what you really want to be doing or if you need to get certified, take a class, look into opening your own business, so that when Pluto goes Direct you are ready for the next round. Mars is going to act out by way of something hidden or secret, possibly behind closed doors, trying to push. Saturn is going to say take it slow, there is work to be done, your health needs tending, or your pets need care. This could be an action you didn’t see coming affecting your work or health or pet.

Sunday feelings should be good, fun and love in the air with those close, the tendency to over do with a friend is there so pace yourself. Once the Moon enters Virgo, work and health and pets take over with a need to make some physical and emotional adjustments as you come down to earth.


Secret information will help you towards your goals today, any research or talks you can have behind closed doors should be beneficial. Pluto is Retrograding, easing up on the major transformations that have been manifesting through travel, legal matters, beliefs, education, media and publishing. You now have work to do internally here, stepping up a level in your own power to meet this on par once Pluto goes Direct up ahead. Mars is going to push you towards a social function or time with friends while Saturn is saying you have responsibilities to a lover, child or creative project, push, pull, balance.

Sunday is ‘make adjustments to home or property’ day. Goals are big and have some positive energy behind them, you just want to make sure you are not going overboard. The latter part of the day is more about some time alone and looking at how you are feeling about lovers, children or creative projects, and making any adjustments.


Your ruler, Mercury, is a happy camper today and wanting to open up and talk or meet with friends through a trip or about legal, media or educational matters. This is great energy to connect here. Pluto Retrogrades in your house of divorce, outside and shared money sources, and sex and intimacy. This means that this power struggle or major transformation is going to ease a bit externally and the changes will now need to be worked on internally to catch up to where you are, come the fall you will be moving forward again here. Mars is pushing you to pursue your goals while Saturn is saying you have obligations or limitations tied to home or property, slow down.

Sunday is another talkative day with lots going on in the local environment, you need to deal with sudden changes or issues on the career front or with goals and find balance with those far away or during a trip. Home and making adjustments with a friends are also part of the days maneuvers.


Talks or meetings about career and goals are under favorable stars today and there is either the positive opportunity to find financial backing for your ambition or you may overextend yourself on the credit cards gong after what you want. If you are trying to connect on an intimate level with someone, open up about your feelings today. Pluto Retrogrades in the arena of partnership now and any opposition you have had from power players should slow. The major transformations you are undergoing towards partnering will now become an internal matter as you begin the serious work on yourself to meet the level you are heading into up ahead. Mars is pushing you to travel, pursue a media or publishing goal, teach or go to class, or take legal action, while Saturn is slowing you down or opposing this through news, responsibility locally, a sibling, or something written or said.

Sunday is about money, how you feel about what you are making and what you are spending, as well as any big outlay on the credit cards or other outside resource. Talks about goals, a writing project or something on your mind will be the focus later in the day and you will need to make some adjustments in how you are dealing with the female from the past in all of this.


Travel and partnership, or making it legal, expanding the media or educational matter together, this is what should be talked and met about on Saturday. Pluto is Retrograding in the work, health and pets zone so the big transformations and deconstructions that have been playing out here should slow and you should take this time to go within and do the internal work up ahead in becoming more powerful yourself here. Mars is going to push you to do something on the other guys dime or your own credit cards, or to take action on the divorce, or to get really passionate with someone on a sexual level, while Saturn is going to say, ‘nope, there is a limit to what you earn’. Look at your value system and how you are mastering this as clues for what to do.

Sunday the balance between you and a significant other may seem miles apart or over extended in some way. Talks with someone far away or over legal or media matters are positive. Changes to joint finances or in intimacy will need to be adjusted to. Looking at the money you make or what you are spending is important today and making adjustments to a trip, legal matter, educational project or media venture and a woman, love or money matter from the past.


Talks today about shared resources or loans, debt, taxes, insurance, credit or any other outside money source will bring opportunity to expand the parameters of the work you do, a health issue or something concerning pets. This is protected energy so have your meetings or open up talks. Pluto Retrogrades in the area of creative projects, true love and children today. This means the deconstruction that has been going on here has reached it’s summit and you will now have some months to go within, regroup, and work on your own personal power so that you are ready to meet what comes here once Pluto goes Direct in the fall. Mars is pushing you to take action towards the partnership but Saturn is limiting you, your body, image, ego needs here in some way, to slow you down, make you really look to see if there is potential for balance. This can feel like anger at something you feel is being taken from you by the partner for some Virgos. Consult an authority in the matter.

Sunday you are either doing things in secret or behind closed doors or you are reacting and making some adjustments to what was done in this manner to you. The partner is surprising today, and you will need to adjust again. Once the Moon enters your sign, you can focus on the two most important factors, you and your shared resources. There is likely a female from the past involved in this and you have to continue to adjust as the situation unfolds.


Partnership and creativity, love or children, come together on Saturday in a wonderful opportunity to talk, meet, agree, expand in some beneficial way. Pluto Retrogrades in your home, property and security needs arena. This means that the big upheavals or transformations that have been occurring here will slow down and become more of an internal process over the months ahead. You must work on the core personal power issue you have before you and find ways to build upon who you are, think of yourself as the roots of the tree, what fruit can you bear by the fall if you begin now? Mars is pushing you do something about work, health or pets but Saturn is limiting you in some way to isolate, retreat, work behind the scenes, research, deal in fantasy or with institutions such as hospitals. Balance is what you are best at.

Sunday is about getting your feelings around what is going on between a friendship and creative project or a friendship and feelings of love. Talks about partnership should flow well but there is a wild card out there regarding work, health or pets with this friend. The latter part of the day is about adjusting to the way you see yourself in this partnership or how you feel about the lack of one, and the hidden, secretive, retreative or isolationist agendas, or dealing with the fantasy project or research or what is going on behind closed doors.


Open up about work, health or pets today and see how the home or property can benefit you in this area. Pluto is Retrograding in your communications zone so any big monsters you have had to listen to over the last few months should ease up now, or if you have been dealing with major deconstruction of your written word or local environment/neighborhood, or just a huge power issue with a brother or sister, this should slow and ease now. You need to take the time to look within about how your thinking is transforming and how what you say and how you say it affects your entire world on a more profound level. Once Pluto goes Direct in the fall you will be ready for the next step up here. Mars is going to push to express passion with a lover, to do something active with or for a child, or to make something happen with a creative project or recreational endeavor today. Saturn is going to be there opposing this with responsibilities to a social function, group or friend or some form of limitations here.

Sunday is about balancing goals or ambitions with the big expansion going on in home or with property as well as dealing with adjusting to some surprise coming in via lovers, children or creative projects. Once the Moon enters Virgo you will be dealing with making some adjustment between friendship or social obligation and the work you do, your health or your pets.


Talks or meetings today about love, kids or creative projects have the blessing of your ruling planet Jupiter behind them so open up. Pluto is going to Retrograde in your income house today so all the major upheavals or transformations that have been occurring here should ease. You will now be looking inward at what you are doing to make a living and how stepping into your own personal power could change this landscape up ahead when Pluto goes Direct again. Mars is pushing you to do something with the home or property but Saturn is opposing this with limitations or responsibilities to career or goals, easy does it.

Sunday the travel may have you missing your local ‘hood’ or you may be feeling stressed about a legal, media or educational issue. Talking about it may only make it all feel more challenging. Changes or surprises at home will need to be dealt with. Once the Moon enters your career Midheaven you can focus on making some adjustments to how you feel about your goals or career and the way you are expressing your creativity, giving and receiving love, or finding time for fun and kids.


Positive energy is there to help you make plans or have talks about home or property and the big money tied to this. Pluto is going to Retrograde today in your sign, this means that all of that powerful drive that has been deconstructing or transforming your body, image, identity or ego needs is going to slow now and internalize. This means it is about going within now and catching up on this level with what has happened to you physically or in your needs over the last months. Mars is going to push you to do something locally, take action on something with brothers or sisters or in your neighborhood, with a short trip or in writing. Saturn is going to oppose this with limitations or responsibilities to a trip, legal matter, education, or media venture.

Sunday your feelings may be tweaked over how the money is shared or what is out there by way of loans, credit or debt. You need to look at what you are spending and adjust to something changing locally or with siblings. The Moon’s entry into Virgo means you will be making more adjustments tonight regarding your attachment to home or property and the legal, travel, educational, or media matter that is influencing this.


Talking about what is on your mind will bring luck and benefits your way, putting your mind to something you can do physically in the neighborhood or with siblings will benefit as well. Pluto is Retrograding in your hidden part of the chart so the big upheavals that have occurred related to hidden agendas, secrets, substance abuse or addictions, research or fantasy work, dealing with institutions or your intuitive nature are going to finally slow down. Now the internal transformation must begin to catch you up on this private level to your most powerful spiritual place in all of this. Mars is going to push you about an income matter today, possibly to spend money, while Saturn is going to oppose, saying there are limits to joint finances, credit cards or other shared resources.

Sunday there is a back and forth energy between you and a partnership, the gulf may seem wide today. Talks about it may just leave you a bit more shocked than soothed. Once the Moon moves into Virgo you will want to really try to adjust to what was said and what is being shared, where the money is coming from and how it is being spent, and how this is affecting intimacy. For some Aquarians, the thoughts are about divorce today and getting your mind around the concept.


Talks about income are under positive stars when meeting up with legal professional about ways to do thing behind closed doors or in secret. Research pays off now. Pluto Retrogrades in your friendship house and the major upheavals you have been going through with your closest circle will finally slow down. You need to take the next months ahead to go within and look at how you are transforming and what kind of friendships you are going to want to draw to you in the future based on this new persona. Mars is pushing you to do something independently or for yourself today while Saturn is limiting you or adding responsibilities via the partnership to keep it in place.

Sunday feelings about work, pets or health will top the list as you feel a bit depressed or isolated from the rest of the world. Your artistic needs are somehow hidden away on a grand level and you need to talk about money again (positive) and adjust to sudden needs to rebel or claim independence. The Moon’s move into Virgo sets up an adjustment aspect between income and partnership on two levels, how you feel about your own earning potential and any restrictions of the partner, and how you feel about partnering and a female from the past or a past love or money person and their affect on your money.


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