Sunday, April 19, 2009


Out of a cloudless sky and into the morning light, here we go, here we go now!

Monday the beautiful Pisces Moon meets up with the Taurus Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. She wants to whisper her dreams to the boys who can make it happen. So find the courage today to envision the most splendid version of spiritual high and artistic empowerment and then allow your ambitions to lead you there.

Tuesday you get to bring it back down to earth as Venus and Mars find each other in a full-on embrace. That’s right my friends, it is just as it sounds, you can meet up with the object of your affection today in the most interesting way, you can put passion behind love, and action behind money, and let the sparks fly.

Wednesday I suggest extra vitamins as the universe is shaking the stars around in the glass, (yes, that’s a song of mine but it applies). The goddess Moon meets up with Uranus and Venus by degree and emotions will be spontaneous and all about the love or money. Mars takes his warrior action into his own sign and there is going to be a full onslaught of ‘get out of my way, I know what I want and I’m going after it’ today. Goddess Moon enters Aries just after Mars and then meets him in this new territory so emotions are going to be all about making this happen. She then squares Pluto so she is completely willing to let you know in no uncertain terms just how ruthless she will be or maybe just obsessive, manipulative or emotionally empowered in getting it. Day ends with Mercury and Jupiter squaring so news or talks about travel, education, media or legal matters are challenging but part of the steps forward. (You can do this.)

Thursday listen for it….’AHHHHH…’ Hear that as the choir of angels as you feel yourself step into your own personal power. Don’t pretend you don’t hear it, this is big today, Sun is meeting with Pluto in a harmonious alignment to empower you, to show you just how far you have come in deconstructing an old image or identity for yourself so that you could begin the journey of rising from the ashes. Take a look around at your environment and it will look different today, it is not so much because it has changed as much as how you have changed. Just look at who you are becoming!

Friday is another BIG day for us as the Goddesses are both busy, first Moon decides to take Jupiter and Neptune dancing, this means lots of opportunity for expansion and luck and prosperity intertwining with artistic, romantic or spiritual ventures. Next Venus says good-bye to Pisces and re-enters Aries. She is ready to go for it where love and money are concerned and although she doesn’t love this sign, she is going to be aggressive and passionate about getting her way. Mercury doesn’t want to be left out so he asks Uranus to dance, holy eureka baby, we are talking about ideas, communications and news that is shocking, spontaneous, brilliant, or completely original, let it rip! Oh, and we are still going, Goddess Moon enters Taurus and meets up with Pluto in a, ‘boy am I feeling just how powerful this all is when you know your desires’ kind of energy and then she introduces herself for the year as the New Moon in Taurus. This marks a strong two week period where you can seed new ventures and launch new projects tied to making money and what you value through the specific house in your chart where Taurus rules.

I don’t know about you but I am so happy to see this week arrive!


Monday your best bet is anything you can do behind the scenes or in private or secret. You have a wonderful opportunity to find an income producing activity and expand your career or your power on the career front by what you do. If you need to interview on the q-t then do so or find a way to make your research pay or a fantasy project work.

Tuesday Venus and Mars are meeting up in this private arena for you so you will be going after the money in secret meetings or making an agreement in private or you will be rendevouzing with a lover behind closed doors. Don’t sit on your laurels today if you need to make a money venture go, put in the time and bring the passion. The universe wants to see you get it.

Wednesday brings changes behind closed doors regarding your love or money issue and this is instigating new beginnings for you. Mars enters your sign and you are so done hiding your light, you are ready to get out there and make the scene and be seen. You will want to channel this energy into tackling the big change on the career front or regarding a powerful ambition. Talk about the income matter and how you want to expand your aspirations in the world. Talk with a friend about a travel, legal, media or educational matter and how that relates to money as well.

Thursday your ‘ahhh’ moment is going to flood your world as you see your own money making power and how that is coming more closely in line with the career you are pursuing. Your ambitions are seeing you through and the rest of the world is seeing just how much you have to offer.

Friday brings great feelings with a friend or social occasion, lots of opportunity for fun, luck, the arts, spiritual or romantic energy in what you do with this person today. Venus enters your sign and you will find you are finally going to be reaping the rewards of her ability to attract what you want, all eyes are on you. The Mercury/Uranus dance brings talks or news about income and opportunity for you that may seem surprising and coming from out of nowhere but whatever you hear today, it leads to good things. The New Moon in Taurus gives you two strong weeks to begin a new income making venture, the strongest of the year, so go for it.


Monday should either be about finding yourself brilliantly illuminated at the center of your aspirations for yourself and empowered by an opportunity here in media, travel, education, religious, political, or legal matters, or find you sharing the day with a friend in one of these ways. Either way, it is powerful and filled with opportunity.

Tuesday Mars and Venus come together through this friendship, at a social function or around your aspiration. This is about love and passion and money and action and new beginnings for you so put it out there, be proactive.

Wednesday brings something sudden and surprising about love or money with a friend, through a friend, at a social function, or regarding a cherished aspiration. Mars is entering the area of your chart that is hidden so actions will be taken in secret, passions displayed behind closed doors, strategies worked out by what you motivate yourself towards through research and fantasy. Some Taureans will be entering hospital to get surgical work done now as well. Challenges to be met today stem from big changes in media, travel, legal or educational matters, and a big talk or meeting about the expansion on the career front or regarding reputation, ambition or fame.

Thursday here comes your ‘ahhh’ moment, it is about you, your image, identity, body or ego needs and how powerful you are from this standpoint to the big changes coming through publishing, media, travel, education, law or beliefs. Take some time to vibrate this cosmic string today.

Friday pour some energy into career and the artistic vision you have, expand your horizons. Spend some time dreaming about what you want to attain and then launch in that direction. Venus enters your fantasy and research zone and will be attracting love and money behind the scenes, in secret, and involved in these themes. A talk with a friend today or about a social function or aspiration is sure to surprise in a good way. Open up about your particular vision and see how this connection can assist you. The New Moon is happing in your sign, you are coming out in a bold new way. This next two weeks is about redefining your image, identity, body and ego needs, put yourself out there and put steps in motion to remake yourself now while the universe is so strongly supporting your efforts.


Whatever you are working on behind the scenes is bringing you closer to your fantasy of yourself and your goals or ambitions in life today. Continue to dig deep and to share yourself with others on a profound level, open up to major change in joint finances or through outside resources, and connect intimately with the one you love.

Tuesday Venus and Mars embrace in your career Midheaven so look for sparks to fly and for actions towards money and passions with women to enliven your reputation and your standing before the public. Goals get a big push from this combination and you should be proactive about your ambition whether that is love or career.

Wednesday brings sudden change or inspiring insights via women, love and money and it is flowing through your career Midheaven. You could really attract something special today. Mars enters your friendship zone and is going to rev up the action within your circle, more to do with more people and lots of passion, motivation and aggression sparking here. You must deal with a power issue with a friend or with sharing resources or intimacy and this may be challenging. You also need to have a talk in private about travel, legal matters, a media venture or educational issue. This as well may challenge.

Thursday brings your ‘ahhh’ moment around how you are shining in the world of the ethers. This is where dreams roam, where the muse comes down, where fantasy and imagination are equal to the time you spend alone in contemplation. From this intuitive position of knowing, you are finding a link to power that draws on the depth of soul, the places that are shared with others, power, intimacy, big money issues and transformation. You are yoda at this point in time ;) use the energy wisely. For those Gemini’s who are not on a spiritual trek, this energy will play out in the lower chakra as power through sexual connection.

Friday brings wonderful connections with friends and the opportunity to connect through travel, media, education, or law, to find luck and inspiration here. Venus enters your friendship zone and brings with it lots of great connections with female friends and the chance to begin money making ventures or find romance through friends. A talk about the secret, fantasy, research, or work you are doing behind the scenes leads to a sudden or unexpected opportunity on the career front so open up! The New Moon today is in your hidden part of the chart so this is the two weeks to launch into psychic energy, dreamscape, fantasy work, research, time alone or in retreat, or with a hospital or other institution.


Pick one: travel, media/promotion/publishing, teaching/education, or law. From one of these themes you can find yourself shining in a special aspiration of yours or with/through a friendship. You may also make some major transformations within a partnership or with someone who represents you from here as well. You must just make your move.

Tuesday Mars takes Venus in a tight embrace to bring love and passion or some action on the money and this will be a new beginning. It is going to come through a person at a distance, travel, education, law, media, or publishing. Talk it through with a friend if you are in doubt but this is a go!

Wednesday brings some sudden change or surprise from travel, education, law or media. This will likely involve love, money or a female and either mark and ending or a beginning. Mars enters your career Midheaven and you will be seeing lots of action here. A male may enter the scene and you will feel more driven to go after your goals. You must first deal with a power issue with a partner or representative and then have a talk with a friend about the big debt, shared money issue, sexual issue or power balance.

Thursday brings your ‘ahhh’ moment with how you are in the spotlight in your aspirations or with a certain group or friendship. This is directly tied to your powerful partnership or balance in a one on one relationship that spells your success within this combination.

Friday your goals are going to mean expanding the resources, using your imagination and artistic abilities to make your own luck. Venus enters your career Midheaven and will smooth out goals and ambitions for you as well as introduce women on the scene who can help you achieve them. Attracting the money or love you need will be easier if these are goals before you. A talk or meeting with a friend about something sudden or shifting at a distance, with travel, legal, media or educational matters is in positive alignment. Use this opening to say whatever visionary or radical thing you are thinking here or go with what you hear in these areas. The New Moon is in your friendship and networking arena where your dearest aspirations are nurtured. This is a significant two weeks where you will seed new connections and launch those dreams of yours.


Empowered, that is how you should be feeling today, deeply connected, on top of the money or sexual matter and how you are in the spotlight where your goals and ambitions have led you. Transforming the work you do and your health are part of the scenario, all roads lead to transformation.

Tuesday Mars and Venus get together in this same arena of deep connection, power, sex, big money and transformation. You can make it happen today and the path lies through love and passion here or through taking action on a money matter, all new beginnings.

Wednesday the changes or surprises about love or money come rocking in and you should be on top again, go deep, connect, make changes. Mars enters the arena tied to travel, higher education, legal matters and media. This is where the action is and you can push for what you want. You will need to deal with a big change at work or with health or pets first and you will need to talk about goals with a partner or representative even if it means going over the top a bit.

Thursday is your ‘ahhhh’ moment that shows you just how you are illuminated on the career front, with your goals or ambitions. This is a powerful reflection of the work you are doing and the way you are caring for your well being. Enjoy it.

Friday brings good opportunity via law, media, travel, or education, and a partner. Expand, utilize romance or artistic abilities or spiritual acumen. Venus enters your travel, media, education and legal zone today, bringing smooth sailing, women who matter, and the ability to attract love or money through these realms. A talk about goals or career brings sudden opportunity or a surprise via big money or intimacy. The New Moon today is occurring in your house of fame, reputation, career, goals, and ambitions. Put it out there over the next two weeks, you are seeding your future course now.


Feelings about a partnership or someone who represents you should be good today as you expand your own agenda legally, through media, education, or travel. Major transformations and opportunity for power through creative projects or with loved ones is available as well. Connect and transform.

Tuesday Mars takes Venus for a spin in your house of partnership and representation. Sweet. This can mean that you are embracing a new beginning with a partner by combining love and passion or that you are taking action on a money making venture with a partner or representative. This can mean endings or beginnings or both. Talk about the legal, media, travel, or educational aspects, it’s all good today.

Wednesday sudden changes or spontaneous moments with partners and representatives come via love or money. New ideas should be charged. Mars enters the realm of sex, divorce, big money, and power so look for passions, actions and aggressions to play out here rather intensely. You must deal with a big change regarding a creative venture or a lover or child today as well as have a talk about the legal, media, travel, or educational matter and how your work is able to expand or not connected to this matter.

Thursday your ‘ahhh’ moment is about how you are putting your needs or image together with a media, legal, travel, or educational matter and are shining here. This is directly tied to major change or transformation occurring with creativity, your creative projects, lovers, children or love.

Friday those deep control needs or areas where money or intimacy are shared, align with your work and health. You can expand now and express artistic integrity, romantic needs or spiritual matters through your service to others, your work, your well being. Venus enters the arena of sex, big money and power and will make things run a bit smoother now for you here, a female may enter the scene in one of these arenas or you may find you are attracting love or money through these connections. A talk about the legal, travel, media or educational matter leads to a sudden shift or surprise with a partner or representative and this looks positive. The New Moon today is illuminating media, travel, legal, and educational matters. You have two strong weeks to make changes, launch new ventures, and make your first move in these realms to access the best support from the universe towards their success.


Health and work is where it is at on Monday. You shine where other people’s money is concerned and you as well have quite the power in the area of sexual intimacy and connection. Find a way to put it all together and keep working on the transformative changes at home, with property, mom, or the foundations you are building up in life right now.

Tuesday Mars and Venus are getting together on the same degree in your house of health, pets and work. This means that you could meet someone exciting and passionate on the job, at the doctors or in the jogging park or gym or just walking the dog. It can also mean that you could take action towards a money making venture at work or decide to spend some on health or pets. All nice beginnings.

Wednesday brings surprises or changes via love and money and females to your work and health zone. Meetings bring surprises as well. Mars enters your partnership and representatives zone so you will see more action here as well as passion or aggression. You will need to deal with this regarding changes to the home or with what you are building. Talks or meetings about big money, sex or power push the boundaries today regarding creative projects or loved ones. The talk is big, make sure you or they can back it up.

Thursday your ‘ahhh’ moment shows you how powerful you truly are via money on a grand scale or sexual intimacy, divorce or dealing with a death. The major transformation that is occurring for you here is through the changes with home, property, security needs, foundations, and connections to childhood or mom.

Friday brings even flow and opportunity between partnership, representation, and creativity or love. Expand, bring the artistic vision, the romantic notions or the spiritual inspiration. Venus enters partnerships and representation so things should smooth out here. You may see a female enter or exit now or find you are having an easier time attracting the love or money you need through these connections. A talk or meeting about the big money matter brings some surprises or changes tied to the work you do, this is a positive opportunity aspect so open up. Sex and intimacy tie into health and work as well in surprising ways. The New Moon arrives in the realm of other people’s money, your jointly held finances, sex, intimacy, power and transformation. Divorce and death are arenas of transformation as well. You have two strong weeks to tackle these areas, to make new inroads or new beginnings.


Show me where the love is. Scorpio has a great flow through the house of true love today so if you aren’t feeling it here, look to children or creative projects which should be equally favored. A partnership or representative can help you shine here and talks today about any of these topics can majorly transform.

Tuesday Mars and Venus get together in your house of true love, children, recreation, speculation, and creative projects. This is just the best placement for this combination. You can see that passion is embracing love here so you might meet someone amazing or amp it up with someone you are already involved with, or you may see this as taking action on a money issue tied to creative projects or children. It’s all about new beginnings so talk with the partner or meet over the matter.

Wednesday brings surprises or changes of heart or with money regarding true love, children or creative projects. Mars enters the house of work, health and pets. This is where the action will be now, passions and aggressions spark here as well. You need to have a powerful talk or meeting today about one of these things. You also need to have a talk with a partner or representative about the big home or property issue.

Thursday your ‘ahhh’ moment comes as you see how you are shining in the realm of partnership or through the efforts of a representative. Your identity seems to be tied here and power flows through your ability to communicate and in what you have written. For my Scorpio writers out there, this is a great day to meet with the agent.

Friday work and health feel solid, you can expand at home or with property. Decorate or renovate, retreat or romance at home. Venus enters the work, pets and health zone and will help smooth the way. You can attract money more easily here now as well as love. Women play a more important part in what you do here. A talk about partnership or representation today brings some surprising twists or sudden changes via creative projects, lovers or children. This looks like opportunity for you so go with the flow. The New Moon is occurring in the realm of partnership and representation so you want to approach in this area, make your changes or breaks, your commitments or proposals, during the next two weeks while the universe is empowering you here.


Feelings of home and security, mom and apple pie, are all zooming good and tied to your ability to shine in the work you do, the recognition you get there, your good health and your tie to the wee animals. You are in process of more powerful transformation on the earning side of life and may feel like spending some on home today.

Tuesday Mars grabs Venus in a bear hug and decides to show some love and passion at home or with home. If you aren’t spending time embracing a loved one on the hearth today, the energy favors taking action with money towards home and property. New beginnings abound here.

Wednesday brings some changes in feelings about home or property that may surprise you but that seem to align with the new direction. Money and love as well as women can bring fresh perspective and opportunity here. Mars enters your house of true love, children and creative projects. The action is going to pick up quite a bit here, you may meet someone new and exciting, you may show your passions or ignite your anger, you may start practicing making babies or send out your projects. You need to get your heart around the big changes in income or the big expense because it is part and parcel to what you are creating. You must talk or meet about the work, pet or health today and any way there is some big, expansive energy attached to these themes. Don’t commit more than you can deliver.

Thursday brings your ‘ahhh’ moment and it is bound to show you just who you are in the work you do, with your health or with your animals. Your identity or needs here are stepping up and there is potential for a major transformation in income because of who you are today. You may find more money coming in or a way to make it happen with your stamp on the work or you may decide to invest some income into a work or health or pet issue as well.

Friday you should be feeling pretty good about lovers, children and creative projects. Talks are happy and lucky, meetings are filled with expansion and prosperity or the opportunity for such. You should be bringing the artistic, spiritual or romantic energy to the table here. Venus enters the true love, children and creative projects realm today and smoothes things out, helps you attract love and money here and brings women onto the scene who can help. A talk about the work you are doing, your health or a pet may bring about some surprising changes or spontaneous actions at home or with property. This seems to be positive and opportunity laden as well. The New Moon today is opening up two strong weeks ahead where you can start anew in the realm of work, health or with pets. Begin a new type of work, take a new approach, begin a new health regime or take care of nagging issues, adopt a pet or do something fresh for the one you have.


Monday is either about what is said, agreed upon, put in writing, about a writing project, or in any other way communicated. Short trips and new ideas are positive as well. You have a direct line to tying your image or needs to a creative project through this communication or to finding or expressing love to a lover or child and the result is some pretty powerful transformation for yourself. It is all opportunity laden.

Tuesday Venus and Mars come together in this communications zone so you can see action taken here to get the money or spend it on a writing project or through some other form of communication or you may find passionate love being expressed to or by you during the course of the day. Romance writers, this is your moment! You may meet someone exciting at a local haunt or at the grocery or any other neighborhood establishment, as well as through a brother or sister.

Wednesday will bring some surprises or changes regarding money, love or women and the communications. Mars enters your home arena so you will see more action here, things start to move, you may move, property as well is influenced, passions and aggressions work their way through your foundations. A male may enter or leave the home at this time as well. However you are feeling about the home/property issue, you must do some soul searching to master your own identity or ego needs and how you see your own power here. You should open dialogue or take a meeting about a creative project, child or lover and how the income matter is going to be handled. This is about what is made or spent here and legal maneuvers may be part of the mix.

Thursday you get to see just how powerful your transformation is currently becoming regarding your image and identity and the child, love or creative project. This is a moment to embrace your own needs and your own intensity here and to allow that you have begun a journey into a more powerful era here.

Friday brings decent feelings about home and property, the income matter is under beneficial influences so you should see a light at the end of the tunnel, and you may decide that a spiritual approach to making money or an artistic or romantic energy tied here will do you good. Venus enters the home arena and you will see things smooth out here, love, money and women will flow in this area, you may make more money now through home or decide to spend on it. A talk with or about a lover, child or creative project may bring some exciting ideas or unconventional meetings into the picture. If single, you may meet someone out and about the neighborhood or through siblings. The New Moon in your house of true love, children and creativity bodes well for the next two weeks bringing in fresh new energy here. Strike while the iron is hot and launch new ventures, meet new people and get things going with kids.


Making or spending money should be working well for you on Monday as you find you are shining on the home front, that your identity is firmly tied to the home you make and that you are seeing ways to make it all work. There is more energy at your disposal to continue to meet in secret, do your research, dive into the imagination and transform your ability to support yourself through what you find.

Tuesday Venus and Mars are sparking on the same degree in your income house. This means you may meet someone exciting and sexy while making or spending money today or that you may decide to apply this combination to go after more income or possessions. Passion, action and anger are outlets here over possessions and money.

Wednesday brings some surprises or sudden shifts where income is concerned, you may see more or less, or decide to spend on something unusual. Mars enters your communications zone and heats up all talks and meetings. There is going to be more activity in the neighborhood and you will see passion and aggression coming through the words spoken and written during this time. You need to get your heart and mind aligned today, do your best to look at any secret or hidden agendas that are powerfully affecting your world presently and find a way to see yourself within your own power, outside of the mercy of what may be transpiring there. Talks about home or property are necessary, don’t extend yourself too far, you have needs here.

Thursday you see your ‘ahhh’ moment and it is about your identity and your needs tied to the home and foundations in your life. You are vital here and you are finding your power through time spent in mediation and going within, trusting just how powerful and central you are in this core position in the tree of life. Everything forward grows from the roots you plant now and you need to put down roots in sacred, protective, generous soil.

Friday feelings about what is said, agreed to, written or going on locally should be positive. You can be you, feel happy, open up and express your artistic, spiritual or romantic energy today. Venus enters your communications zone and opens up a smooth flow with what is expressed, attracts love and money to the written word and short trips, meetings and around the neighborhood. Siblings will get along better too. A talk or meeting about the home will bring some spontaneous moments or surprise changes to the money tied here. You may decide to invest on the spur of the moment or sell, change the look of the home or add something unusual. The New Moon is about the home, property, security, and mom. You can make new starts over the next two weeks that will empower. Move, sell, buy, redecorate, take someone in or let them go, renovate, you get the idea.


Well, dear Pisces, you should be feeling pretty good about yourself on Monday. Talks and meetings are putting you center stage and the flow is about what you need and some major transformations occurring through your aspirations, a connection with a friend or social function, or in your networking. It is all good so get out there.

Tuesday Venus and Mars crash into you. Sweet. This is about love and passion or action and money, making it happen through you, your body, your image, your identity or fueling your needs. If single, clean up and get out there, spend on yourself, use your image to make money, use the day to push your agenda forward!

Wednesday changes and spontaneous moments are yours to enact. Follow your own drummer, listen to your own voice, be fearless. Mars enters your income zone and you will see the action pick up here, you will be busier making and spending it now, passion, motivation and aggression come out to play here. You need to deal with feelings about the money and a powerful aspiration or some kind of intense issue with a friend. Talks today are local and generating something towards the work you have been doing behind the scenes, in private, with fantasy or research, or in dealing with institutions. They may be challenging but necessary.

Thursday your ‘ahhh’ moment arrives as you see how you are central and shining in your local scene, in communications, what is written and said and agreed to, in how your mental process has evolved and how you think about yourself now, and this is all linking to a way to majorly transform your aspirations, your social circle and connect with powerful friends.

Friday brings good feelings about income and what is expanding through the private work you are doing behind the scenes. Follow your intuition and find a way to express fantasy and artistic energy towards a money making scheme. Venus enters your income arena and brings a female onto the scene who can make you some money or will help you attract more money with ease. The talk is about something independent and unique you want to do about your image or body or addressing your personal needs. There is opportunity here so open up or take the meeting.

The New Moon today is opening up the way you think, communicate, write, deal with local issues, short trips and siblings. This is two strong weeks to seed new ventures here so do your best to take all calls, send out announcements and be on the local scene.


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