Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Zoe's Weekly Forecast Oct. 27-31

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? The week ahead looks active, it looks positive, dynamic, passionate, things are moving, it is going to feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than recent weeks…ready? We have a New Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday which is going to give us a powerful boost of energy to begin things, look at focusing your intimate nature or money energy to where the new beginning is in your chart (read Rising as well as Sun).
Mars is giving us loads of positive forward motion, passion and action, as he brings action to opportunity with Jupiter for happiness, luck and prosperity on Monday, then meets up with Saturn to do the work and get a commitment on Thursday, and meets with Uranus to do something innovative or change things up on Friday, all of this is happening under very positive stars so make it happen this week, go!
The only thing nagging at us is the background noise of the approaching Saturn/Uranus opposition, round one of five, exact on November 4th and Pluto's slow grind on the last critical degree of Sagittarius as he makes his final approach to enter Capricorn on November 27th.
With the Saturn/Uranus opposition, we are seeing certain areas of life come to an end under this aspect over the next year and a half, so look for the signs, don't fight the inevitable, work with the divine spark of Uranus, be inventive, original, independent, free spirited, in your approach to finding new ways forward, allow Saturn to balance with discipline and effort. Balance is the key here, if you take a side and entrench, especially if that side is to hold onto the old order, you will have a time of it…and the change will still occur.
In our outer world, we are seeing the symbolic representation of these two energies playing out between McCain and Obama. Round one occurs on Election Day and it is no coincidence that McCain, Capricorn Moon (Saturn's sign), Virgo Sun (where Saturn currently transits) and North Node of Destiny in Capricorn (Saturn's sign) carries major qualities of Saturn: old age, the establishment, hard work, representing major restriction that he experienced as a POW and in his personal life, the boys club, authority, experience, a fatherly approach to fixing the problems, while Obama with Aquarius Rising (Uranus's sign), Jupiter in Aquarius (Uranus's sign) and South Node of past Karma in Aquarius (Uranus's sign), carries major qualities of Uranus: personifies change as his key word, free spirited, a radical shift to establishment in race and idealism, group mentality, cause oriented/humanitarian, wants to revolutionize our country. What happens between them is a huge clue as to what will be going on in our personal shifts. Ok, I digress, back to the week at hand…
If you are looking for a day to open up a talk about romance, spiritual or artistic needs, Thursday is the day. There is a lovely aspect occurring between Mercury and Neptune, the kind that makes poets of the least of us, so open up.
Halloween looks to be a wild and crazy night for everyone as Mars and Uranus meet for some high spirited high jinx, cresting the wave of the Scorpio Moon. You may expect some steamy encounters and sexy costumes making the rounds. I will write more about the night later in the week. Until then, here is your week ahead:
You may feel shot out of a cannon on Monday and this will be a very good thing. Your ruler, Mars, is meeting up with Jupiter to help you take action regarding career and ambitions and the money you get through settlements, loans, credit, commissions, royalties, joint finances, or any other form of due that comes beyond earnings. Go after it today, luck is on your side. Talk s or meetings with partners are favored as well today.
Tuesday is the New Moon in Scorpio. This is power energy. A sign co-ruled by your ruler, and a spot in the chart once again associated with loans, credit, debt, settlements, alimony, child support, divorce, sex, intimacy, pretty much anything that can be shared. It is time to take steps in new directions here and get things moving, you have two weeks to initiate.
Wednesday is just an all around great day. Focus on the money outside of earnings, reach out towards goals, take action with some form of money situation, put in time on the tasks at hand and work you have piling up, look for some inspired moments through research or work done behind the scenes, if you motivate today you just can't go wrong.
Thursday talks with a partner about aspirations or friendship are under amazing stars. Insert artistic ideas, romantic wishes or spiritual causes for best results. Your ruler is saying you need to take more action today with finances, there is great opportunity to make things happen, it is tied into commitment to work, responsibilities and any restrictions you are feeling regarding your health. This energy is favoring the actions you take today so go!
Friday your ruler is at it again, once again in a great position to make things happen for you. He is kicking it up in the financial section of your chart and connecting with positive surprises or change that comes through secret, behind the scenes energy, work done through research, fantasy or dealing with institutions such as hospitals or prisons. It is possible that some Aries will see this energy of the week play out as steamy encounters with a lover, if so today is a great day to pull the shades. Happy Halloween J
Mars is bringing action your way via partnership on Monday. This is a positive aspect connecting to expansion or luck through travel, publishing, legal matters or education together. If you are traveling with a partner today you should really enjoy yourself. Work matters should flow well for you today.
Tuesday is our New Moon in Scorpio. This is the day to begin new ventures in partnership. You have this awesome powerful energy at your disposal for the next two weeks to initiate interests in this area. Look to romantic or business partners as well as agents, managers or attorneys to launch new ideas.
Wednesday is filled with positive energy and it is all playing out around partners for you. There is great Jupiter energy around travel, legal matters, publishing or promoting, and education with the partnership, lots of action and passion within it, as well as effort and time committed to creative projects, love or children in the partnership bringing opportunity. A friend surprises later on.
Thursday Mars and Saturn get together to tie partnership activities and passions together with commitment and work coming in through creative projects, children and love. This is great opportunity energy so do something today in these areas. Talks are sweet about work, health and pets, romanticizing life is a great side effect of the days energy.
Friday Mars and Uranus come together to bring in unconventional or innovative ideas through aspirations or friendships. Take action in the partnership zone to take advantage of this energy, go after your dreams today! Happy Halloween J
Mars and Jupiter are meeting up on Monday to take action regarding work or health that will bring in commissions, loans, credit, or other joint finances or possibly lead to intimacy with someone. The energy is about action and passion, luck and happiness, but you must do something to see results. Creativity is at an all time high.
Tuesday the New Moon is occurring in Scorpio in your work, health and pets sector of your chart. This is THE time to begin a new workout regime or diet, go to the doctor to take care of things, tackle work or go after new work, and take care of pets or add a new one to your home.
Wednesday is all about getting the work done or taking care of health and pets. The energy is amazingly positive and your world show flow in these arenas today so tackle what lies in front of you.
Thursday Mars and Saturn are dancing in a way that brings some solid results to your foundations, home or property through the actions you take in the work you do, your health or with pets. This is opportunity energy so you need to act to see results. The Mercury/Neptune connection is bringing about positive talks or meetings about creative projects, love or children with people at a distance, or regarding education, travel, publishing/media/promoting, or legal matters. All good.
Friday Mars meets Uranus for more positive action around the work you are doing, your health and your pets, this one bringing a surprise or change in the career midheaven in a great way! Enjoy the surprise. Happy Halloween J
Mars is making nice with Jupiter today in your chart between action and passion involving creative projects, lovers and children, and the potential of expansion, luck and prosperity through partnership. This is the kind of energy that must be acted on so go after it today, the stars favor. Home is under an easy flow as well so enjoy.
Tuesday is the New Moon in Scorpio. This is in positive angle to your sign and is occurring in your house of true love, creativity and children. This begins the new chapter in your love life as well as brand new beginnings in your creative endeavors. The next two weeks bring lots of opportunity into your life so do not stay home. If you are trying to conceive, this is a great time to practice J
Wednesday is a golden day where all the energy is flowing in positive form. Cancer is receiving the best of it as it moves through creativity, true love, fun, and children. Set things in motion today, connect with partners for expansion, have serious talks or meetings about commitment and work, and expect nice surprise from afar, or regarding law, publishing, education or travel.
Thursday Mars meets up with Saturn to help you launch creative projects, find your passion with a lover or do something with a child. There is a chance to build something locally, take short trips, or hold talks or meetings about any of these things for positive results. Talks about home or property are under positive stars as well as Neptune sends a romantic glow through intimate connections, or allows you to find money to invest in something dreamy for the home.
Friday Mars and Uranus meet up so that you can take action regarding a creative project, lover or child because of changes or surprises coming through travel, publishing, education or legal matters. Once again, the heavens favor those who act! Happy Halloween J
Talk is out today, the stars favor communication in your chart. Mars is meeting Jupiter to help you take action with home or property through work you do. If you can work from home you should feel great results now, Jupiter is bringing luck and potential for prosperity tied to what you do here today. Health is under favored stars as well as your pets.
Tuesday the New Moon in Scorpio illuminates your home base, security needs, property, and connection with mom. This is the time to begin new ventures in these areas, you have two strong weeks to begin with this powerful energy supporting you.
Wednesday is a wonderful day when all of the aspects are supportive. For you it will give you lots of energy to accomplish things at home or with property. There is the chance to make strides in work from home or tasks you need to tackle there as well as potential to make money from home or spend it on home in a positive manner.
Thursday Mars and Saturn are meeting up to help you take charge, make something happen, in a serious, committed way. There is potential for long term results from efforts taken now and this is playing out between your home/property house and your income house. So sell the home, buy a home, make money from home, spend on the home. Talks are sweet today with a partner as Mercury and Neptune promise to deliver the words you long to hear, or perhaps you will be the one doing the talking?
Friday Mars meets up with Uranus, this time Mars is busy in the home or with property while Uranus is bringing some change or surprise by way of intimate encounters or outside money sources, all positive, so enjoy! Happy Halloween J
Mars is kick starting the week by getting together with Jupiter to make things happen in a big way. For you this is occurring between talks and meetings about creative ventures, true love or children. Express your passions for best results. Feelings about income are on solid ground as well today.
Tuesday the New Moon in Scorpio opens up a strong two week period of communications, meetings, short trips, writing, speaking, neighborhood activities and interaction with siblings. This is the time for new beginnings in these arenas so get busy.
Wednesday is a really great day as all the aspects are positive. You can expect to be talking and meeting with others about creative projects, love, children, your own commitment and authority, as well as partnerships. It is all good.
Thursday Mars meets up with Saturn and this is about doing something that yields long term results or helps to establish your authority. Mars is activating talks, short trips and meetings while Saturn is all about you, so it looks like you will be connecting today. Mercury is talking to Neptune showing talks for money about artistic work or service. You may take steps today over a health issue as well. All are under favored stars.
Friday Mars meets Uranus and this is about a change or surprise in partnership and you taking action through talks or meetings. The energy is positive so whatever occurs will favor you in the long run. Come from your passion. Happy Halloween J
Monday opens up opportunity to make money or spend on something for the home or ... Mars and Jupiter are saying that luck and prosperity come to those of you who take steps today towards this. Relationships with loved ones are under favored stars, as well as any creative ventures you are involved in.
Tuesday the New Moon in Scorpio fills the day with new seeding energy around income, what you make and what you spend, your possessions and the things you value. Begin today to take fresh new steps towards what you want to earn, buy things that will move you forward over the next year and acquire what you need to feel secure.
Wednesday is a great day as all of the energy is positive. The energy is concentrated on your income house once again, spending .. or home, earning from home, taking action towards making money, working behind the scenes or taking time to research money themes, all favored. Changes in the work you do will be positive as well.
Thursday mars meets up with Saturn to help you motivate making or spending money and build something up that you are working on in private, through research, fantasy or in dealing with institutions. It is opportunity here so do it! Mercury and Neptune are sharing energy which is glorious for you, it means talks and meetings will favor you and loved ones as well as you and your creative ventures, romance, the arts, and spirituality are all working for you.
Friday Mars meets up with Uranus and this is the big surprise or change, once again positive, this one showing you taking action in the money making arena again and Uranus bringing about some good changes or surprises to the work you do. Spending on health or pets is positive as well. Happy Halloween J
Your co-ruler, Mars, is going to be very busy this week, starting today as he meets up with the lucky planet Jupiter to helps you talk about something beneficial or that brings happiness to you. This is real opportunity in this so talk or meet to discuss. Your emotions are close to the vest today but under positive stars as well regarding home and private thoughts.
Tuesday is the New Moon and it is falling in your sign! This is a wonderful time of year for you when you get to begin a whole new chapter in life. Look at your own needs, your image, your identity, and your physical body as areas to initiate fresh starts. You have two weeks to set it in motion!
Wednesday is a very wonderful energy day, as all aspects are positive. This is a day to focus on yourself, your physical well being and needs. Talks should be expansive and happy, Mars is helping you get busy, hike, workout, get moving, Saturn is favoring positive interaction in social circles or with friends where you can work on something, you may even find the day brings some nice surprises in the arena of love or creativity.
Thursday Mars is meeting up with Saturn. This is about doing something with a friend or social group that brings some serious rewards or shows real results. There is opportunity in the actions you take, doing something physical will bless you in this as well. Mercury and Neptune are talking about the arts, romance or spirituality, opening up lovely vibes behind the scenes and in the home.
Friday Mars makes his way to Uranus and the dynamic is amazing for you! This is action you take physically through movement or passion as it meets up with surprises and sudden moments with lovers, children or creative projects. All in a great aspect! Go out tonight! You are bound to have an amazing time. Happy Halloween J
Mars , the planet of action, and Jupiter, your ruler and the planet of luck and expansion, are meeting up on Monday to make something wonderful happen. It means you taking action behind the scenes, in private, through research or fantasy work, or in dealing with institutions. The opportunity comes to make big money or spend big money, all beneficial! Feelings about friends are under positive stars, talks are good.
Tuesday the New Moon in Scorpio is opening up two strong weeks to initiate new beginnings behind the scenes, in retreat, research, fantasy, and dealing with institutions. This may be a period when you take time to yourself to regenerate.
Wednesday is a great day where all of the energy is positive. The focus is about time alone, private time, working behind the scenes or on private things, research and fantasy. There is opportunity for expansion of income here and serious strides in career or towards goals. Nice changes are possible in the home.
Thursday brings Mars and Saturn together. Another day for taking action behind the scenes and securing ambitions or career goals. Great energy for working hard or putting in time to make things happen. Talks are wonderful between you and your friends as Mercury and Neptune meet up between your communications and friendship houses.
Friday Mars meets up with Uranus. Yes, Mars has had a busy week but today he kicks in for some real fun as he makes things happen in secret or behind the scenes and ties into surprises or changes on the home front or with property. A great day to tackle what needs done around the house or to hook up in a secret passionate rendezvous at home. Happy Halloween J
Monday is a great day to do something social, or to hook up with friends or groups to achieve something. Mars and Jupiter are coming together to say you will move mountains and have a great and prosperous time while you are at it. Goals are within reach today and feelings are positive around career and ambitions.
Tuesday is the New Moon in Scorpio and this is opening up two strong weeks of energy in your friendship, associations and aspirations zone. This means you can begin new friendships, meet new people who will prove important in your year ahead, launch something with a group or friend and pursue aspirations now.
Wednesday is a great day as all the aspects are positive and supportive. This is another great day to socialize or connect with a friend. Travel, education, legal matters, or publishing pursued with a group or friend are under positive stars. A few surprising talks or meetings are on tap, go with the flow, it is all good.
Thursday Mars meets Saturn to get you moving with like minded people to work on something in education, travel, publishing or law. Expand your mind with these situations today, solid results are possible. Mercury and Neptune are making nice music between income and career or goals. Talk about what you need.
Friday Mars meets Uranus and the sparks fly with a friend, in a great way! Meetings and talks bring nice surprises and your friendships are tight and beneficial today. Social groups and functions are under the same amazing stars so go out and enjoy yourself tonight. Happy Halloween J
Choose your goals or set your mind on your career or ambitions as this week opens up because Mars and the New Moon are going to help you go get them or make them happen. Monday, Mars meets the lucky, prosperity making Jupiter behind the scenes, this could be meeting with someone secretly over legal or spiritual matters to set something in motion towards your goals or career. Opportunity is yours if you initiate.
Tuesday the New Moon in Scorpio is bringing two strong weeks for you to launch something towards your goals, career, ambition, reputation, fame or involving father. This is the time to make your move, upward and onward. Let people know what you want and who you are.
Wednesday is a great day as all the aspects are positive. This is playing out once again in career and goals for you. Jupiter is helping you in secret again to broaden what you want and protect you while Mars is helping you go after it. Saturn is even in the mix helping you do the work involving joint finances, alimony, child support, divorce, or any other form of outside resources.
Thursday Mars meets Saturn pushing you again to do something towards your goals or to make something happen on the career front. Saturn is offering opportunity to work on the outside money sources or intimacy issues in a solid way today, consulting an authority pays off. Mercury and Neptune meet up to bring wonderful talks or meetings with someone at a distance or over topics such as publishing, travel, education or legal matters.
Friday Mars and Uranus meet putting more push towards career and goals while working in the flow of your ruler as he brings nice change or surprises around income and possessions. Happy Halloween J
The theme of this week is going to be legal matters, education, publishing and promotion, and travel or people at a distance. Get ready! It is all going to be forward motion. Mars meets Jupiter on Monday in an opportunity to do something in one of these areas involving a friend or group. There is luck in this so take steps in one of these arenas today. Shared resources are under favored stars.
Tuesday the New Moon in Scorpio highlights publishing, travel, law and education. You have two strong weeks ahead to initiate fresh starts or launch new ventures in any of these arenas. It's a great time to travel, plan a trip, take legal measures, make something legal, launch a promotion or learn something new.
Wednesday is a really wonderful energy day. In the areas we discussed of legal matters, publishing, travel, or education, involve friends or groups for luck and expansion, take action, get busy, and commit to a partnership or put in time or work with a partner in one of these areas for best results.
Thursday Mars meets Saturn helping you do something in publishing, promoting, legal matters, education, or travel, and once again this is an opportunity and it involves committing time or work with a partner for great results. Mercury and Neptune are meeting to have talks or meetings about loans, joint finances, credit or any other form of outside money, to help you connect to your vision of what you want. Secret rendevous's are under positive romantic stars as well.
Friday Mars meets Uranus and this is about you traveling, taking or teaching a class, doing something involving contracts or law, or publishing. It puts you in the mix suddenly or in a surprise way, but it appears to be quite positive, so enjoy! Happy Halloween

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