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The week ahead is interesting in that it starts with emotional needs around love or the creative ventures you are pursuing Monday through Wednesday and moves into work, health and pet interests Thursday and Friday. There are all kinds of intense energies pinging around this on Monday as Mars squares Retrograde Pluto and Retrograde Mercury embraces Jupiter. Expect to take action or throw yourself into responding to overcome whatever issues you perceive from those in authority or around your career or ambitions. Talks, meetings, agreements, writing projects, news coming in, will be big. There should be some protection around this pivotal Retrograde moment.

We coast into Tuesday still focusing on true love, kids or creative ventures but today we are making adjustments around whatever goal is before us. There is superb support from an active Mars and opportune Saturn. This means you can and should DO SOMETHING today and you can expect some solid results from others=partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or advocates.

Wednesday all the love and creative flow is going to meet up with Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun in Aries! This means that you can open up those talks even bigger today, get out there and pitch ideas, declare your feelings, write that proposal, script, review, book, or dating sight profile, get into the contracts from the past, and expand your horizons. The woman involved will require some energy, look at how love or money is flowing around anything private, secretive, tied to hospitals, research, the artistic venture, spiritual pursuit, or investigation.

Thursday we shift from focusing on love and creativity to focusing on work, health or pets. Today this means that you can expect to try something new, react physically or personally in some new way, and throw yourself into the work in an exciting, spontaneous manner, attack health issues from some inventive angle or see something surprising or unique with your pets. You CAN reach goals today or have a breakthrough with someone in a position to help so put in efforts.

Friday is again very active at work, in pursuit of work, with co-workers, employees, a service you provide, with health, healthcare workers, at the gym or doctors, or involving pets. Today it is about adjusting to news, approaching talks or meetings with some finesse or adjustment, reworking contracts or agreements, and generally opening up communications in a way that can help expand your opportunities. The woman involved with artistic, spiritual or romantic ideals, hospitals or research, secrets or addictions, is again in the picture. Today this will mean a perfect balance through your efforts or opposition.

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Monday is a powerful driver for you as Mars squares Pluto and you gear up to do something big about career, the boss, your reputation, an ambition, fame, or father. Your key is not so much about how hard you push to make something happen but in how you open up communications with someone, Jupiter is here doing his best to protect and expand on what you say or ask for. You may receive really big news today and if so it will likely call on you to hop to and get moving on something, say yes.

Tuesday brings adjustments around that goal, career matter or boss but you are going to be in the thick of the creative flow and really moving and shaking here. There is someone who is either representing you or that would be good in partnership today so reach out and solidify ties. If you are in pursuit of love or out doing something for children today, that as well is very powerful and under positive stars.

Wednesday is a great day to meet, talk, write, look at contracts, or get busy out in the local scene, again your creative project or a love interest or child will be the focus of all of this energy, all positive. You do need to deal with the woman in the picture, make some concessions or adjust to anything involving hospitals, secrets, clandestine affairs, film, music or other artistic issues, or research.

Thursday is about the work at hand, getting into organizing, clearing out, analyzing, purifying, dealing with any health issues, and taking care of pets. You are going to be a bit radical today or feel like jumping ship here, trying something different, or responding in some spontaneous and unexpected manner. Just take a long view before total rebellion. The boss or person over you is impressed today so if you need to invoke the powers that be, feel confident.

Friday brings more of the same exact dynamic for you but today there will be more communications so expect to have to write more, talk, meet, deal with paperwork, and run about the local scene more as you deal with work or health issues or take care of animals. Jupiter is in the mix so luck is there but not until you go the extra mile. The woman involved in the hospital, research, film, music project, or other artistic endeavor, investigation, prison, issues with addiction, secrets, clandestine affairs, or psychic matters is either going to balance out with your efforts today or oppose them.

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Monday is amping up to be rather intense for you as your energy is fueled around an artistic project such as a film, music endeavor, museum or fine art project, dance or other outlet, or you are geared up over a hospital, prison or other place of retreat, research or investigation, an addiction, or secret affair. Whichever fits your current picture, you can expect that you will want to clear a hurdle involving travel, legalities, ceremonies, higher education, or media, publishing, marketing, or publicity. The luck is in communications so have that talk, meet or write it up.

Tuesday the focus is on love or creativity at home, with roommates, moves, real estate deals, or mom. Again there is something to be dealt with involving travel, media, law, or education but the energy today is favoring the actions you take, the passions you express, behind closed doors. You should be able to get a lot of solid work done at the house, for mom or around real estate matters or set up structures that will help. Health and pet efforts at home are also favored.

Wednesday is more of the same dynamic with the home base and whatever is going on behind closed doors, involving retreat or recuperation, hospitals, prisons, or addictions, secret affairs, or research, investigations, or artistic projects. There is luck in talks, writing, meetings, short trips, involving siblings, or neighbors at home or with moves, real estate deals or mom. You will have to contend with a female friend on something here.

Thursday brings a shift away from home and towards love, kids or creativity. There is a need to be creative or get involved with lovers or children but you are going to have something that is tied to this in need of some finessing. Look again at hospitals, prisons or other places of retreat, spiritual or artistic outlets, clandestine romance, addictions, or research for new approaches and taking action. There is positive and powerful alignment for you through legal, travel, media, or educational channels to find or express love or creativity or empower children.

Friday is more of yesterdays dynamic with lovers, kids or creative projects and the hospital, prison, addiction, film, music or other artistic outlet, research or investigation, spiritual pursuit or clandestine affair. Today there is a need to talk, meet, write, look at agreements, make short trips, or deal with siblings in the matter. See if you can find a perfect balance with the female friend or you may have to deal with her opposition today regarding the kids, love or creative idea.

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Monday is very active for you and most likely this will spark energy with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities. You are going to be doing things with these people or interests, talking about ideas, meeting, writing, looking at contracts, and making short trips. These are lucky for you or bring some protection so ask for help if you need it today. The hurdle to surmount is with a financial matter such as a loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlement, royalty, commission, alimony, child support, or a partners finances, or it is about sex, intimacy, reproduction, someone's mortality, or divorce issues.

Tuesday will be about the writing, talks, meetings, or agreements you need to attend to with an eye on the creative energy there or how love is playing into your life at the moment. You may need to talk to someone about the financial matter or the divorce, how love or kids are being affected or the financial picture or shared energy if being handled, any stresses you are under here will need to be voiced. The good thing is that you will be able again to rely on activities with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities to be favorable. There is a solid link to love, creative efforts and children as well so talk, meet, do.

Wednesday is more of the same where friends, groups, astrology, the internet, or charities are concerned. Again, lots of luck, expansion, talks, meetings, sibling involvement, short trips, agreements, or writing are all under favorable stars. You will need to deal with a woman on the career front or in a position of authority today and talk out any issues she may have with you over love or money.

Thursday the focus turns to home, moves, mom, roommates, real estate, or security needs. You will find that there is some radical, change energy coming through friends, groups, astrology, the internet, or charities here today. The positive news comes through how you empower the intimacy or financial picture at home, with real estate, mom, or roommates, or how a divorce issue can be worked through relating to these areas.

Friday is about home and social aspects again but today this is about the talks, meetings, writing or agreements you can make with your friends, groups, parties, the internet, social networking event, astrology, or charities from home, at home, with real estate, involving mom or roommates, or with moves. A woman on the career front or in a position of authority is going to either balance out perfectly for you around that home matter or oppose your efforts.

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Monday is powerful on the career front or with someone in authority. There will be a lot of drive or ambition as you take action to make something happen or deal with a big change. There is a pivotal person involved in all of this, either a partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or opponent OR you will see the need for finding someone to partner with or represent your interests. The luck comes from talks, news, writing, agreements, or meetings so whatever hurdle is before you, open up the lines of communications.

Tuesday the focus will be on making money or spending it and once you deal with that specialist, attorney, partner, agent, or other significant person about it, you should find that you can really get things going on the career front or draw attention to your services to enhance earnings. There should be support or solid foundations at home, through real estate, mom, moves, or roommates where earning or spending is concerned.

Wednesday is again about income or spending and today the talks, writing, agreements, meetings, ideas, short trips, local activities, or sibling involvement here will be pretty great. You should open up, share ideas, expand your world monetarily as you enhance career or reputation or deal with those in authority. Make adjustments around any media, publishing, legal, travel, educational, or marketing issues with a woman for best bets.

Thursday the focus shifts from income or spending, to writing, meetings, talks, siblings, short trips, or contracts. Something new is going on with career or bosses, you will want to try something different or need to deal with some change here. There is power behind any partnerships or through those who represent you so don’t be shy about asking for help or teaming up to get the ideas across.

Friday is again about the shifts going on with career, reputation, fame, father, bosses, ambitions, or goals. Talks, writing, agreements, meetings, or news is playing a big part in this, you may be negotiating something new or adjusting the fine points. A woman is either going to end up in perfect balance with you in these talks or agreements over legal, travel, media, publishing, marketing, or educational matters, or she is going to oppose you.

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Monday is pretty intense as you gear up over the trip, legal matter, education, media venture, publishing deal, marketing campaign, or ceremony. There is a hurdle to overcome around work, health or with pets in this so see how much your efforts can move that mountain. The luck or expansion comes through talks, meetings, writing, contracts, or short trips in this so communicate!

Tuesday will focus in on you, your body, name, image, or personal needs. Again tackle any finessing of work, health or with pets that you can because once you have a handle on this the day opens up dynamically around that trip, media or marketing matter, legal action, or education in positive ways. Something agreed upon today has long term ramifications, take the opportunity to commit yourself or draw that line.

Wednesday brings more energy around the major agreement, talk, writing, contract, meeting, or news that is flooding through trips, legal channels, ceremonies, higher education, or media ventures and marketing. This is big and lucky so open up again. You do need to deal with the woman and the sexual, intimate, divorce, or major financial matter, make some adjustment here.

Thursday the energy shifts from your own needs to income. You will be focusing in on making or spending money and in this there will be the need to make adjustments around that trip, legal matter, ceremony, educational issue, or media, publishing, or marketing matter. You may see this come up out of the blue and need to pounce on it as it does. Your work, health and pets are under powerful, positive stars today, income and spending tied to this should flow beneficially.

Friday is again about the earnings or spending and travel, media, education, ceremonies, or legal matters. Today it is about making adjustments around the agreement, meeting, talk, news, or writing in this. Do what you can to keep it positive as Jupiter is in the mix trying to open things up for you. The woman representing sex, intimacy, divorce, or major outside financial matters will end up today in perfect balance with your income/spending or opposing you.

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Monday is intense as you take action around the shared financial matter such as a loan, partners money, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlement, alimony, child support, commission, royalty, insurance policy, taxes, or credit issue, or as you gear up to deal with sexual attractions or issues, reproductive matters, divorce, or intimacy issues. If you want to transform the love, creative project or matter involving a child then you will get busy on this today. Luck is in talks, meetings, agreements, writing, dealing with siblings, neighbors, or short trips.

Tuesday is a day of retreat and working behind the scenes on something. This could be efforts towards music, film or other art works, in research or strategy, investigations, dealing with hospitals, addictions, prisons, or other institutions, spiritual pursuits, clandestine affairs, or rest and recuperation. You should try to make some adjustments around the creative venture or for the sake of a love interest or child as well but once you do the other interests kick in and you are going to be motivated to go after that outside financial interest, deal with it, express passions with lovers or tackle that divorce. Setting things in motion here is under positive stars and income or spending is in opportune angle as well.

Wednesday brings talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions about the loan or other outside resource, sexual interest or divorce issue and these are not only positive but lucky and expansive as well so get moving on it. You will have to make some adjustments with the woman representative, adversary or partner in this.

Thursday the focus shifts from all that behind the scenes energy to you, your needs, body, image, identity, or personality. You will be looking for your own needs being met as you deal with adjusting that outside financial matter, sexual intrigue or divorce issue. There may be a last minute change or surprise in all of this or you just decide to go about something from an unusual angle. The positive part of the day is the flow to you through creative empowerment, true love or children.

Friday brings more negotiations or finessing around that sexual, divorce or financial matter that is shared. Talks are big, you are adjusting again, there is luck in this for you if you can work through the fine points. You will end the day in perfect balance between your needs and the woman in the picture or she will be opposing what you want.

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Monday is very active for you as you gear up with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, adversary, or competitor. There is a major hurdle to overcome involving home, roommates, moves, real estate deals, or mom in this and the key for you today is to take action regarding the news that comes in or to open up the lines of communication, write, look at agreements, meet, and share ideas.

Tuesday will put the focus on friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations. Do what you can to tackle anything else involving home or real estate because the home or property matter is going to open up for you through actions taken by the partner, agent, attorney, or other significant individual, leaving you in a solid position with the friend, group, or internet activity.

Wednesday brings more energy around talks, contracts, meetings, writing, and the partner, representative, and socially active connections you have going on. There is a real chance for you to shine today, get what you want, expand, just be willing to work around the woman at work or dealing with her health or pet issues.

Thursday all that social energy retreats and so will you, this starts a couple days of work behind the scenes or rest and recuperation. You will be adjusting to last minute changes coming via partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. The powerful and positive energy for you is at home or around real estate so research, investigate, delve into artistic or spiritual pursuits here, or spend time behind closed doors with the one you are passionate about.

Friday brings more retreat, hospital or other institutions to connect with, research, artistic pursuits, film or music, psychic endeavors, spiritual meditations, clandestine affairs, or dealings with addictions. You need to finesse something here with that partner, agent, attorney, or competitor. Talk it out, negotiate, send the email, deal with contracts, write it up. The woman at work or involved in your health or pet issues will be perfectly in balance with your efforts today or opposing you.

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Monday is an intense day for work, organizing, paperwork, negotiations, health, or pets, maybe all of the above. You are going to be highly motivated to do something in these realms to change and empower whatever is going on with the writing project, agreement, sibling, neighbor, move, short trip, or in response to news you hear. Luck for you today is all based in the communicating about that work matter, health issue or pet.

Tuesday will put your focus on career, bosses, dad, or ambitions. It looks like you either need to talk your way into something for your career or to someone in a position to get your career moving. This is a power player and you need to address any third party who needs to have a fire lit beneath them to act. You can really make headway on any work you have or to invigorate health today. There are also solid supportive forces behind your research, film, music or other talented input, strategizing or work behind the scenes, or dealing with hospitals or other institutions.

Wednesday is more of that same dynamic around talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions at work, for work, with co-workers, employees, for health, or for pets. Write today, the stars are lucky, communication puts you in the spotlight in a good way for career or ambitions. The woman tied to creative ventures, a love interest or issue, or children will require some finessing or adjustments to reach your goal. If not a woman, then the money you seek for the creative venture or child, or the love you seek from a lover still needs finessing.

Thursday career focus lessons and your social vibe takes over. This could mean the next couple days are about friends, groups, the internet, social networking, parties, astrology, charities, or aspirations but the social vibe is strong. Expect to make some adjustments around any work, health or pet matters tied into this today, ones you likely weren’t expecting. Take the road less traveled. Positive energy comes through any talks, writing, agreements, or meetings in these social realms today.

Friday is more of yesterday’s dynamic with talks or meetings, writing or agreements about work, health or pets and the friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity tie-in. Again this is lucky and expansive but there is something in the mix that requires more adjustment. The woman in your creative field or who is somehow involved with your love interest/issue or child will either perfectly balance or oppose you social energy or aspirations today.

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Monday is very dynamic as you amp up over the creative venture, with the child or over true love! You are going to be driven to make something big happen or transform and the hurdle to overcome in this is tied to income or spending. See what talks, meetings, writing, or agreements you can open up today to help things along.

Tuesday will be about the trip, media or publishing matter, education, or legal topic and requires you to deal with your income or spending again in some powerful way. You can really make strides today in creative pursuits through these fields or express passions greatly with your lover through that trip, media, educational, or legal/ceremonial matter. This is under proactive, positive stars. If single that trip may lead you to the ideal passionate embrace. Solid and supportive opportunities come through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities in any of these endeavors today.

Wednesday is more travel, publishing, marketing, media, ceremonies, legalities, or educational matters and amazing creative flow here, love and connection with children through any of what you talk about, write, sign, meet over, or pitch. The woman at home or involved in real estate will require some finessing today.

Thursday the focus moves to career, bosses, ambitions, fame, or father. Last minute changes or surprises will likely pop up around the creative endeavor, child or lover and require adjustments on the career front or with that person in authority. In your approach to any of this be willing to be spontaneous and try new things. There is solid transformational energy around your income so do what you can to empower yourself financially.

Friday is more of yesterdays career or ambitious focus but today you will be talking more, meeting, rewriting, looking at any changes or adjustments in the creative field, with lovers or children. The woman at home will end up today in perfect balance with all you are doing or opposing your goals.

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Monday is very active for you at home, with foundations, real estate, mom, roommates, or anything else going on at the house. This is about a hurdle you are pushing to overcome physically or personally. Whatever the obstacle that you are facing here, your luck is with talks, news, information, writing, agreements, meetings, or decisions that you can implement.

Tuesday is about the major financial matter, sexual attraction or issue, reproductive issue, mortality matter, or divorce. You are again striving to deal with your body, image, ego, identity, as your physical or personal transformation is going to require more adjustments. You can motivate at home or over mom or real estate in positive ways today financially and find solid, positive support on the career front or with someone in a position of authority.

Wednesday is more positive and very lucky talks, meetings, writing, agreements, or short trips that will focus in on home, moves, real estate, mom, or roommates and affect how you feel about that powerful transformative energy around finances, sex, reproduction, or divorce. You do need to talk to a woman about some of this and that is going to require some adjustments. It may be you are hearing news from her and the same applies.

Thursday the energy shifts to focus in on legal matters, travel, media, marketing, or educational issues. You will see some surprises at home, with real estate or mom tied into this or some last minute changes or unusual people entering the picture. You can make powerful and positive changes to your physical or personal needs today and should feel positive about that trip, legal matter, media or marketing issue, or education.

Friday is is more about talks, meetings, writing, agreements, or decisions regarding home, any paperwork or writing you are doing there or for property, moves, roommates, or mom. Again the legal, travel, media, or educational energy is around this but in some way that requires adjustments today. The woman you are talking with or negotiating with over legal, travel, media, or educational matters will balance out with you in perfect accord or oppose you today.

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Monday is going to motivate you to get something done locally, to tackle any issues you have with a brother or sister or to get fired up on their behalf, to have a passionate or angry conversation with someone, to write furiously, to amp it up over a contract or idea, react over intense news, or to set things into motion over a vehicle. Something needs to change regarding the secret, clandestine affair, spiritual or artistic pursuit, hospital or addictive matter, and you are going to charge it up to make it happen.

Tuesday the focus will be on a romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor as you deal with any of yesterdays energy. You can have positive conversations or get something going with the contract or meeting if you open up with or about this person. There is solid and positive opportunity with any travel, legal, ceremonial, media, publishing, marketing, or educational matters you put effort into with them as well.

Wednesday brings more positive talks, meetings, agreements, decisions, writing, or short trips that involve the partner, representative or competitor/opponent. A sibling or short trip may figure into this as well. You will need to make some adjustments around the money being made or spent.

Thursday the focus turns to divorce, sex, reproduction, or major financial matters. Again it is the communications here that seem most important, open up about ideas or feelings, needs, agreements, set up meetings, write, or take a short trip, but know that you will have to concede some points today. You can make positive headway in your research, film, music or other artistic pursuits, your secret romance, psychic or magical pursuits, or dealings with hospitals or other institutions.

Friday is more of yesterdays energy around talks, writing, meetings, agreements, siblings, short trips, and anything involving major finances, divorce, or sexual intimacy. Be willing to work through issues or adjust ideas. The woman and income/spending matter are either going to balance with you today or oppose your aims.

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Monday brings a whole lot of drive around making money or dealing with money spent. There is a hurdle to overcome involving a friend, group, the internet, a social occasion, astrology, aspiration, or charity. Your luck comes in any talks, meetings, writing, agreements, or decisions you can enter into over that income or spending.

Tuesday will be focusing in on organizing, clearing out, the work at hand or that you want to find, your health, and pets. You may be attending to more social aspects as well today or any last changes around internet, parties, events, or charities. You can make headway to make money and to find some opportunity around handling outside financial matters such as debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, loans, or other shared resources.

Wednesday brings very positive flow between work and income if you ask for what you need, write, sign agreements, make short trips, involve siblings, neighbors, take meetings, or share ideas. You may want to spend on health or earn from health matters or put the money towards animals and this is positive as well. You do need to make some personal or physical adjustments today and want to spend to do so.

Thursday the energy shifts focus to a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. There will be some last minute changes or surprises coming through income or spending involving this person so be ready to react in the moment or try new approaches. The friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity matter is under powerful and positive stars today for transformation. The person you are dealing with may help you empower your dreams today.

Friday you will want to talk or meet about the money being earned or spent, write about it, open up dialogue about the agreement, or make a short trip over the money. That partner, representative or competitor is in the picture again in this and you should be willing to work around their needs or help them to understand yours monetarily. The money seems to be intricately tied into your own self-worth or feeling of being loved or beautiful today, find balance or see this oppose your efforts with the other person.

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