Friday, February 5, 2010



Ok babes, oh kitties! I hope you’re ready, because this weekend comes wrapped in promise and I just LOVE being the bearer of good news :)

Think about what it is you would like to do, what is it that would really make you happy? If you knew there was a Stardust Wish Faerie out there (suspend disbelief for just a minute here oh skeptical ones), so this SWF is waiting patiently to grant you that one thing you really, really want or to at least open a few doors for you so you could make it happen….what would it be? Maybe your ethereal flitter-bug will just fly in and drop a bucket of faerie dust on something that is stuck or in the way, or dance about the subject long enough that the proverbial light bulb finally goes off over your head and you know, at long last, what to do to make it all finally work! There are many ways it can play out but it is extremely lucky and happy energy that wants to transform something major.

So…Saturday is the day. I want you to dream BIG. You are going to need to talk to someone as part of the process or write it down, send it out, text it or email it, come to a decision or agreement, be ambitious and go a route you haven’t tried before. Be daring! Do some visualization, imagine that the person you are reaching out to in this has the magical Faerie whispering in their ear on your behalf, you can see them floating there all impish and glittery, wow! See how the idea clicks?! For some of you, they will be the ones contacting you, so news coming in today is set to change a few things in really big ways and the aspects say it’s ALL good! Perhaps you put pen to paper today on something that is destined to transform your life up ahead, that great manuscript or screenplay, you won’t know if you don’t begin.

Whatever it is, it has major financial potential or embraces something intimate and powerfully connected. For some of you it may land on you today, pow, and you are going to get that rush of joy reminiscent of that first kiss when you were just thinking you were grown up enough to understand love. For others, it is WHAT YOU SEED today that will flower and return rewards up ahead in a big way so don’t be hiding out or thinking it can’t happen for you, mama Zoe is saying, yes it can! Be proactive. I know what I want, yep, I can see it, there it is….tehe :)

Sunday you are going to want to think about what you can do to reach more people, travel or teach, learn something that can benefit what you are doing or broadcast your idea, promote or make it legal. It’s a day to adventure and move on what you love. All that stimulation yesterday should have you moving on something with a passion.

I love you guys, I’m wishing that your dreams really do come true :)


Saturday all that incredible energy is surrounding your career, your goals and ambitions, your reputation and bid for fame, your standing in the community and connection to father and other authority figures. Look into the arts and ways to make something click from fantasy, film, music, poetry, painting, or any other muse inspired outlet. Look at hospitals, prisons or any institution as having potential to get you there. Look at time alone or working behind the scenes, in research or investigations. Look at strategies and hidden agendas, secrets and psychic insights. Write it down, meet, talk or come to a decision or agreement.

Sunday will put you in alignment with the partner, opponent, agent or attorney in a way that will help you get legal, travel, media, or educational matters moving. Act on past love interests, issues with children or creative projects in this.


Saturday that amazing energy is swirling around a friendship or group and the travel plans, media venture, broadcasting or publicity, publishing or political agenda, teaching or education, or legal matter together. Take your aspirations as high as you can possibly envision them, connect with someone through social activities or networking and see just what doors you can open or plant a seed to open today.

Sunday is a great day to share intimately with another or to tackle major financial issues or divorce. You want to make it happen at home or with property and this energy is very supportive of passions and actions here. Commit to work, health or pets as part of the day for good measure, it looks positive as well.


Saturday that incredible, powerful energy is all about someone in the picture who will have a profound, intimate influence upon you. This is the kind of connection that changes everything. It can also be about the divorce finally moving because of a breakthrough or agreement, or a major financial matter shifting in a positive way. In one of these areas there is a goal you hold dear, see what you can come up with today to reach it, dream big, be daring!

Sunday puts you in the realm of partnerships, representatives or specialists in a way that will keep you busy expressing passions or getting things done locally or verbally. You can commit to love or children, joy or creative outlets with this person and have faith that it is under positive stars.


Saturday that intensely positive energy is all about a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist and the media or publishing venture, travel plans, publicity, teaching or education, or legalities between you. It is going to change everything and grow to something beyond what you dared to hope for so be inventive and spontaneous and think outside the box. Connect today.

Sunday is about the work you must get done, the health issues you are going to dive into and any time with pets. It is again a very positive day for tackling these things at home or connected to property and you may earn or spend money today towards this as opportunity arises.


Saturday is big and positive and all about transforming something involving major finances and the way they are shared or divvied up at work, or for your health or pets. For some of you there is a divorce involved in this, for others there is a connection that is becoming powerfully intimate and shared. Whichever it is, dream big and believe that in these areas you are blessed and protected, it’s time to change things up!

Sunday is all about the lover, child or creative project and the energy is so supportive in areas of commitment and effort through agreements or talks, meetings or a writing project. Get active or share passions, you are in the driver’s seat today.


Saturday is really magical for Virgo, lucky one! The news or meeting is swirling around true love, a child or a creative project and there is potential to transform your life in a big way either intimately, financially or reproductively in what you decide. If single you absolutely have to get out there or pick up that phone and call the one you would like to learn more about. If you want to conceive you may hear good news today or a child may reach a milestone and the creative ventures, get out of town, just put it out on the wind my friend, but do it today. This in one way or another connects to partnership, agents, attorneys, or specialists.

Sunday you are best rewarded for time at home or involved with property or mom. You can get quite a bit done behind closed doors here and for some of you this will be focused completely on sharing passions. Others will find they can motivate on the imagination towards serious earnings potential at home or with property. It’s another great day.


Saturday all that luck and powerful transformation is aimed at the house, living situation, property matter, security needs, or family. There is huge potential to make major strides in work here, with those who work with or for you here, with pets and situations involving animals here, and wrapped around any health issues you are working on. Open up communications and think outside your normal parameters!

Sunday is about talks and writing projects, neighbors or siblings, short trips and ideas. You can step up as a leader or person or authority in this, take a positive lead through effort and commitment to your own needs or body, and do something to move things along with a friend or group.


Saturday the luck and prosperity is aimed at the creative venture you are involved in, a love affair or love interest, a child, or something recreational. You can open major doors here intimately or financially through talks, decisions, agreements, meetings (if single this meeting may be with someone new and inspiring), through short trips, neighbors or siblings. Look at new approaches and unusual people or situations to play in your favor, be proactive and dream big!

Sunday you should take that great energy and pour it into earning money or spending on something special. There is something secretive or working behind the scenes in your favor here, a bit of fantasy may be part of the effort or you may be putting money towards a hospital visit or retreat. Motivate towards goals and career today because the link to income is strong.


Saturday has mighty potential for you to make money through property or at home. Actually anything you do that is building upon foundations, concentrated towards your values, involving possessions or real estate, a living situation or family has enormous potential behind it today. If you’ve been trying to buy or sell land or a house, start an income generating project at home or invest in remodeling or renovating, take a step today and be original in your approach.

Sunday the focus should be all on you, spend some time with a friend getting serious about an important issue for you or in doing something good for your body. You can motivate to do something involving travel, media, education, or legalities as well with great results.


Saturday all that luck and transformation is brewing around you and any agreements, negotiations, writing projects, talks, meetings, short trips, or anything between you and a neighbor or sibling. Ideas are like gold around you right now and you are central in all that is happening. Communicate what you have going on or make that decision, be innovative and spontaneous but most of all trust and believe in yourself.

Sunday the emphasis goes behind closed doors so you may be resting up and recharging your batteries or visiting a hospital, doing the research or delving into the fantasy or artistic work. Your career will benefit immensely from time spent working on things on your own and you have the drive and motivation to either tackle major financial matters positively, do something about divorce proceedings or share the energy through passions with someone intimately.


Saturday is giving you a magical boost around making money or spending it in a lucky, prosperous way. This is going to focus on work done behind closed doors, a clandestine matter, research or investigations, strategy or fantasy, film or artistic expression, music or psychic outlets, or hospitals or other institutions. This has got major transformation written all over it so communicate or make the decision and be original in your approach.

Sunday the energy is all about friends, groups, parties, networking, or aspirations. You can get serious or make some serious progress here with travel plans, media matters, education, or legal outlets. There is great energy behind what the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist can get going for you as well so be proactive.


Saturday is a hugely powerful day filled with opportunity for you with a friend, group, associate, social function, through networking, or in pursuing a big dream of yours. Not only can you have a breakthrough moment but you can plant seeds that will flourish through your independent vision and unique style. Communicate with this person or group today or make a decision based upon what you really dream for yourself.

Sunday is about the goal, ambition, career, reputation, fame, or father. You have wonderful energy helping you to commit or sever something around major financial outlets in this that will benefit you. Motivate to tackle the work at hand, be active for continuing health benefits and get active with your pets, all three lead to success today.


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