Sunday, August 2, 2009


I talk to you a lot about your gifts, your purpose, why we are here right now, this great gathering of old souls who are walking the earth today to seed a new way of understanding and utilizing energy. This week brings another peak in this extraordinary year of transformations. You really need to be clear with yourself.

The truth is, you have a dream, it is aligned with your reason for deciding to take air, if you dreamt it then there is something to it, because without dreams, nothing exists at all.

So as we approach our third Eclipse in the last 31 days this week and look at its Aquarian theme of social connections, friendship, aspiration, visionary thinking, what we want for the world, charity, astrology, technology, and the freedom to express ourselves individually, remember that if you step up to your dream, you have done what you came to do. Take one step towards YOUR dream.


The messenger connects with the power house on Monday to help you talk, meet or come to an agreement regarding the work you do and a career goal. You can utilize this positive energy to talk about a health goal or the needs of a pet as well, all fall under the alignment where words move mountains.

Tuesday crazy works for you, or maybe just eccentric, unusual or original ideas put to use behind the scenes, in research or film, fantasy or some work done in private, there is a good opportunity to reach goals if you take a unique approach and remain open to what comes.

Wednesday the Lunar Eclipse is going to power punch a peak experience or emotional matter culminating around a friendship, group affiliation, social event, or tied to your aspirations. You want to connect with your dream for yourself as well as your new tribe here on planet blue, celebrate or wrap it up for good.

Thursday your ruler is going to be all out passion and motivator in talks and meetings with this friend, group or social function. You will be in a good place to connect and express your desires, dive into your aspirations fearlessly, luck is on your side.

Friday is a great day to talk about the work, health or pets and how it is affecting the home life, property or the living situation. Open up and look at how love, money or a certain female are playing a part here, the words spoken today can take you far towards what you want to accomplish.


Monday says, talk about the love in your heart, the way you feel about connecting deeply through travel, media, education or legally. Talk about the creative project and ways to transform it through major financing, contracts, putting it out there with promotions or in a teaching situation. Talk about children and how things can get better. It is incredibly positive energy towards transforming a situation through words.

Tuesday a friends surprises, a last minute invite to a party or social event, something tied to the buddy or group comes from out of the blue or changes in the last second and it is an opportunity for you in the area of travel, law, media or education so say yes.

Wednesday the Lunar Eclipse is bringing a career matter, goal, ambition, reputation or fame to a climax. Look to your connections with those closest, your dream for yourself, your individual unique part of the whole in the thing you wish to master. It is about celebrating this moment or deciding to wrap it up.

Thursday is show me the money time. Mars is gearing up to go get it and your career and ambitions are going to benefit greatly from the action you take today to make the green.

Friday brings back the talk or meeting about love, kids or a creative venture. This is an opportunity today and a positive opening to really discuss the love, the finances and any issues around what is going on in the local scene, making agreements or writing it all out. Writers may find money for their ventures today so don’t be shy.


The messenger is opening energy for you around home and property matters so you are aligned to talk it out or go meet someone about it. There is amazing, positive energy today to make some huge changes where joint finances, shared resources and intimacy are concerned with the home or property matter if you talk, meet or come to an agreement. Divorce or dealing with a passing may be part of this as well, good stars.

Tuesday you want to be open to something exciting and unusual, a new approach or unique idea for career growth, or in how your ambitions are taking you places. There is an opportunity to connect deeply here with someone powerful and to take the road less traveled. Bring your visionary thinking to the table.

Wednesday is the Lunar Eclipse in your house of the higher mind, this is a place where travel and dealing with people from foreign places takes place, where the law and all legal matters come to fruition, where learning and teaching take on some peak moment in time for you, and where you may see yourself out in the media, publishing or in some promotional campaign. This is a big moment where your dreams for yourself and the group you are associated with will be celebrating something in one of these areas or finally seeing something wrapping up.

Thursday Mars jumps into the dynamic to help you make some positive headway by either boarding an airplane, tackling the legal matter, dealing with the education, or doing something in the media. The energy is SO positive and about expanding you as an individual through these higher realms, be proactive.

Friday talks about home or property will focus on money being made or spent. The energy today is positive and about an opportunity to come to agreements, meet with someone over the issue, look at how money can move forward here and perhaps deal with either a female or love matter in the mix. Open up.


Monday is about talking with that powerful person about the mutually beneficial matter and how the two of you can take on the world. I know it sounds intense but with Pluto involved it is! The energy is totally positive and about changing or transforming through partnership or representation. Take your meetings today.

Tuesday brings a change, surprise or sudden energy around travel, media matters, publishing, promotion, education, or legal issues. It is positive and tied nicely into the partner, agent or attorney you are connecting with. Be open to what finds you.

Wednesday the Lunar Eclipse is bringing a huge peak experience in the area of deep connections, intimacy, major finances, or divorce. This is a time when what you share (or have decided not to share) is showing you the way forward. Look to your group of closest comrades and your dream for yourself aligning with the money or physical connection being celebrated at some new level today or wrapping up.

Thursday Mars is gearing up in the mystical part of your chart to motivate fantasy or film work, time working alone or behind the scenes, time spent recharging your batteries or researching, or dealing with hospitals or other institutions. This is very positive energy meant to help you grow and prosper in areas of major finance or intimacy.

Friday talks will be about something you have written or are going to write, a neighborhood matter or something involving a sibling, or about your ideas and what you want to say. There is money in this for you as well as an opportunity to express your love so once again, be proactive in communications.


Monday is about very positive talks and meetings surrounding making or spending money. There is a sense of power in the air over what you are doing in the work, how you are transforming health or what is going on with small animals and the connection between these energies is where the magic lies. You can change things for the better today by choosing your words.

Tuesday brings a nice surprise or change, a new approach or unusual character into the picture. You could meet someone quite unlike anyone you have known before and feel a deep connection or find you are intimately connecting with someone in a different way. You could also find that there is an opportunity to get a credit card, bonus, settlement, inheritance or some other form of money that you didn’t expect. Whichever way it plays out seems to favor your work, health or pets once again.

Wednesday the Lunar Eclipse is occurring in your house of significant relationships so you will see a powerful peak with a romantic partner, business partner, agent, or attorney. Look to how your group connections and dreams for yourself are culminating with this person and how you can celebrate or end what is meant to be.

Thursday Mars is going to be active in a very good way helping you do something with a group or friend or motivating you towards your aspirations. This is aligning with prosperity, expansion and luck through partnering or finding an agent or attorney to represent you. Be proactive.

Friday talks will be about making or spending money and there is a great opportunity here so you want to be open to any meetings or communications. The tie in is with something you are doing in secret or behind the scenes, involving film or fantasy, research or dealing with hospitals or other institutions. Look at love and money in this mix.


Monday is a great day for you to express yourself positively and let people know who you are and what you need. You will want to talk about your identity, body or image if necessary because all of this talking or meeting about yourself is linked powerfully to transforming through a creative project or in a matter involving a lover or children.

Tuesday brings a nice surprise or change from a partner, agent or attorney. Be open to what they have for you today because this is an opening or opportunity for you once again with the creative project, kids or love situation.

Wednesday is the Lunar Eclipse in your house of work assignments, health and pets. You will be looking at your special group and aspirations working through one or more of these themes and coming to a peak moment where your dreams for yourself are concerned. You will be celebrating this today in some way or wrapping something up that has run its course.

Thursday Mars is your friend, dynamically motivating you to charge into career matters, appear before the public, promote your reputation or pursue fame, goals or ambitions. This is tied positively to prosperity and luck through expanding the work assignments you take on, taking a spiritual approach to health and connecting with your pets.

Friday is wonderful as well with an important conversation or news between you and a friend, most likely female. The opportunity here is to discuss love or money, something of beauty or an invitation to enjoy a thing of beauty together.


Monday brings the messenger to your side to open talks or take meetings in private, regarding film or fantasy, research or work done behind the scenes, or dealing with hospitals or other institutions. This is very positive energy working so open up as the link is to the power player in the realm of home and property matters and you can make some big headway here to transform your situation by what you discuss.

Tuesday brings a surprise, change or new approach to work assignments, health or a pet matter. This is good energy once again and says that there is opportunity to feel good at home or with a property matter because of the unexpected here.

Wednesday is the Lunar Eclipse in your house of creative projects, true love and children. This is about an aspiration or group you feel connected to as well as a dream you have for yourself reaching a major peak now in one of these areas. You will be celebrating or wrapping something up that has run its course.

Thursday is very positive as well as Mars gets into the act to motivate you over the creative or love matter by launching into legalities, tackling media or promotion, learning something you must master, or deciding to travel or deal with someone at a distance. This is all wrapped up in a pretty bow that looks like major prosperity and expansion.

Friday is another amazing day when an opportunity arrives to talk or meet about something you have been working on in private, behind the scenes, a film or fantasy project, research matter or something regarding an institution. This links to a goal of money or love, dealing with a female in authority or some career matter that you have your heart set on. Open up.


Monday is about a talk or meeting with a friend that is either very powerful in a positive way or about some major change that really helps you transform a situation. Look to a writing project you are working on to be part of this or something in your local arena morphing. There are some of you who will see this communication play out with a sibling but aspirations and major growth are indicated so open up.

Tuesday brings a lovely surprise, change or something or someone very different into the mix and this is going to be about the creative project or will describe a new love interest or something going on with a child. If single, you will meet this person doing something local, like shopping for groceries, buying stamps at the post office or grabbing a quick drink at the corner bar.

Wednesday is the Lunar Eclipse occurring in your home and property base. This is an area about roots in life so it also involves childhood memories, mom and your security needs. Look at the home situation or property matter, mom or foundations peaking today, tie in your aspirations, the group you identify with and your dreams for yourself and then celebrate this moment or wrap up what is finished.

Thursday Mars is diving into the mix to go after the major financial matter, deal with the inheritance, loan, settlement or other outside resource tied to the property, home or mom. This is great positive energy to act on it today. For some of you the Mars energy will focus on shared physical energy instead of shared resources, in this case you have dynamic energy helping you connect intimately, deal with the divorce or someone’s passing.

Friday is about a talk with a friend or group you belong to, or a talk about aspirations or social events. This is under wonderful opportunity aspects with Venus so you can connect here in discussions or meetings to either book a flight, hop a plane, dive into media or promotional matters, agree to take or teach a class together, or deal with any legal matters. Love or money in the mix here, it’s all good.


Monday is a powerful day and a positive day. It is all about what you say, agree to or meet about and the focus is career, ambition, fame or reputation. What is put out there today is tied to major powerful transformation in your earnings potential so open up and ask for what you need, send out the resume, go to the audition, you get the idea.

Tuesday brings a nice surprise or change via the home or property matter. A new approach, new idea or something you hadn’t expected is tying in nicely with feelings about what you want to spend or how you are making money here.

Wednesday is the Lunar Eclipse in the area of your chart associated with communications. This is about a writing project you have, an idea you have been working on, a talk or meeting today that is significant, something going on involving your neighborhood or siblings, or a short trip. You will see a sense of your aspirations and group connections tied to this as well as your dream for yourself, all culminating in something to celebrate or release today.

Thursday Mars dives into the mix bringing the motivation and action needed through a partner, agent or attorney to help you get the ball rolling. This is amazing energy once again and it is about what you do today tying into major luck and prosperity up ahead.

Friday is another talk or meeting about career, goals, ambition, fame or reputation. This time there is a positive opportunity to do something with a major financial matter towards what you want. Agree, decide, talk, meet, look at how love and money are coming together towards what you most want right now. A female is likely involved.


Monday is a big open canvas for talks, meetings or agreements that are going to be very positive in the area of legalities, media, promotion, publishing, education, and travel. You want to open up today because the link is straight to Pluto in your sign so what is shared today leads to power and transformation with you personally.

Tuesday brings a surprise communication or some new approach to agreements, an interesting written prospect or something unexpected by way of neighborhood, short trips or siblings. This is going to be good and should make you smile as you see how the puzzle pieces are fitting into your master plan.

Wednesday the Lunar Eclipse is bringing an income matter to a major peak. This is about what you make, what you spend or a possession of yours. You want to look at how your group affiliations and friendships as well as your aspirations and biggest dream for yourself is playing into this culmination. Celebrate or wrap it up!

Thursday Mars dives into the action and is going to really motivate you to dive into the work assignments, to tackle a health matter or to do something with the pets. The tie-in today is once again very positive and is all about more luck, prosperity and expansion in the money made or spent over the long haul from what you do today.

Friday is an opportunity to talk about or agree to legal matters, a trip or to deal with someone at a distance, an educational opportunity, or something you can do in the media, to promote or publish. This is wonderful energy and can open up doors to love or money through a partner, agent or attorney.


Monday is all about a talk that goes deep, is connected and shines a light on a big financial prospect or issue, how the money will be shared or dealt with, an intimate communication about how you are feeling about one another, or an in depth talk about how merging or ending the shared connection either financially or sexually is the way to go. This energy is very positive and linked to major transformations going on behind the scenes, through film or fantasy, research or the mystical work, or in dealing with institutions.

Tuesday brings a nice surprise or new approach to making or spending money. There is a wonderful opportunity here once again in how you are feeling about the research or fantasy work, or what is going on behind closed doors in your world.

Wednesday is the Lunar Eclipse in your sign. Wow, this is big for you as it is three times more powerful than a typical Full Moon. Something related to your identity in the world is culminating now. Look to your image, body, identity or what it is that you truly want for yourself, then look at the group or friendship, aspiration or dream for yourself and how that is opening up to you to help you celebrate this moment or wrap something up that is no longer you.

Thursday Mars dives into the picture to help you motivate around a creative project, to passionately express yourself with a lover or go meet a new one if single, or to do something dynamic with a child. This is about you and your body, your image and identity once again and the energy is just wonderfully tied to prosperity and luck in how you expand through these realms now.

Friday a talk about intimacy, reproduction, divorce, death, or a financial matter is on the agenda and there is positive, opportunity energy around this. You want to look at the deepest matters in life today and talk or meet about how to share or connect here. There is a female on the work front or tied to a health or pet matter that is part of this opportunity and there is money in the opportunity of how you two connect and share.


Monday is about a talk or meeting, an agreement or idea that happens with a partner, agent or attorney. This is an amazing energy connection today for you so the words you say and the things you decide or agree upon are going to connect to something profoundly transforming with an aspiration, a friendship, with a group or social affiliation.

Tuesday brings a lovely surprise, change or different approach to how you go about expressing your individuality or personal needs. Look at your own personal vision and how that can connect you to your true aspirations and friendships today.

Wednesday is the Lunar Eclipse in the hidden part of your chart. This is about a peak moment in time around the mystical, private, retreative part of yourself, any self-sabotaging or addictive tendencies, your connection to film or fantasy work, research or secrets, and any connections with hospitals or other institutions. Look at how your aspirations, friendships and dream for your life is culminating now through one of these doors and celebrate the moment or wrap up what is finished.

Thursday Mars dives into the mix motivating you to tackle the home, living situation, property matters or anything tied to your sense of security. This is once again aligned to positive growth and expansion through the work you are doing in private or alone and the connection you have to the muse and her insights.

Friday is going to be a wonderful opportunity to talk or meet, make agreements or share ideas with a partner, agent or attorney. This is going to be in accord with a love or money matter involving your lover, child or a creative project. The energy is very promising so set up your meetings today and speak from the heart.


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