Sunday, December 7, 2008

Zoe's weekly forecast Dec. 8-12

It looks like moods should be on the upswing the first part of the week with hope and enthusiasm returning. This would be a great time to tackle holiday shopping and planning because the week will steadily build to the crescendo of Friday’s major energies.
The great innovator, Uranus, is bringing you a wild card to deal with on Wednesday. This will help you to define your own needs in a particular situation by making you think so fast on your feet that you may even surprise yourself to find out what you really wanted all along!
Thursday is shaping up to be particularly flirtatious so schedule girl or guys night out and dress pretty ;)~ Some of you may pick up on that Mars/Uranus square of Friday morning, tonight. If so, instant attractions or sudden fights are possibilities. With all the flirting going on, make sure you don’t step on someone else’s toes!
Friday is the big day. We have five major events today and there is no way you won’t feel it!
First, Mars squares Uranus. This is action/passion/aggression meeting up with some unforeseen event. Think of lightning striking. It gets you moving. You will need to be ready for anything and dive right in.
Next, Mercury changes signs, leaving expansive Sagittarius for ambitious, strict Capricorn. This means talks and meetings take on more authoritarian tones, it gets serious and goals are foremost in your mind.
Then we have the Full Moon in Gemini. This brings things to a head on an emotional level and Gemini is the sign of the mind, what you think, say and write, all communications, emails, iphones, as well as short trips, the neighborhood and interactions with brothers and siblings. So look to something here peaking or ending.
Next Mercury conjuncts Pluto. This makes for one heavy, powerful, deep, meeting or talk. This is transformational stuff here. You won’t be allowed to skim the surface today. Secrets may fly, manipulations are possible. Breath. Conjunctions can go either way. If you are face to face with authority and it is coming down hard, you know about the stars and that this is one of those times, do your best to get through it and look to the future and what comes next. On the positive side, you can express your deepest most intimate thoughts. Words hold power like never before today, use them wisely. With the Full Moon in attendance, you could sever a connection for good with the wrong utterance or send it into the stratosphere with the right one.
Lastly, the Sun squares Saturn. This is ego/body challenged by limits/authority. DO NOT drink and drive tonight! Just don’t do it. You will end up one of the many nabbed by an authority figure under this combo. Do your best to not let your pride get the best of you in any situation today. Use the energy to push for your personal best.
I am sure that by laying out all of these aspects on Friday to you, you get the idea of what a blockbuster day it can be, so please practice kindness and come from your higher vibrations today as much as possible. And remind yourself that days like this are about turning a corner, even if you didn’t know you were ready to do so.
Since Full Moons can also be celebrations, there will be those of you marking something important today. For you, there is some form of challenge to the moment and the energy will bring lots of drive and action into the mix as well as some deeply poignant moments. The mental energy today is on the passage of Time and what that means to Transformations. BIG DAY.
Allow Monday to be about you, your body and your needs. Mars is giving you lots of positive drive to tend to media, legal, travel, or educational issues. You will be pleased with what is there for you in the mix. Your friends bring inspiration and opportunity today.
Tuesday is a positive day to make or spend money with goals in mind. If you have shopping scheduled with a friend don’t be surprised if they have to pull out or have something come up, forge ahead on your own, the stars support your efforts.
Wednesday Uranus springs the first surprise from behind the scenes, so someone working against you, or a secret, or a change to research, fantasy or institutions, will likely be what feels like it is hitting your personal needs legally, media related, educationally or in travel plans. Dive in. Positive news is the energy is still on your side where income, work and career are concerned, so use it to keep moving forward.
Thursday get yourself out to a local haunt, dress up, find a female friend to do something with, lots of fun and excitement to be had now if you do. Talks with women are positive today and if you need to work through something with your sister, get on the horn, she is putty in your hands.
Friday the Mars/Uranus square is putting action to whatever came forward on Wednesday, so look at media, travel, education or legal channels for talks and meetings about what has happened behind the scenes, in secret, self-undoing or with fantasy or research, or dealing with institutions. The big weighty talk or meeting that is going to change everything is about your career or a special goal you are working towards. Your reputation or fame could be involved. The Full Moon is bringing a local issue, or something written or said, or involving siblings, to a head today. What is culminating is celebrated or ended now. Don’t let your health run too low from all of the days excitement.
If it is at all possible, use Monday to rest or find some way to take some private time to yourself to prepare for the week ahead. It looks like fantasy or daydreaming could pay off for you so don’t be afraid to go within. Focus on loans or intimacy.
Tuesday you are ready to roll. There is great supportive energy that is putting the spotlight on you. Apply this towards and expansion in your world, higher education, travel, legal matters or media.
Wednesday your wild card comes in the form of a friend or social function. The challenge here is with your sexuality with this person or in the situation, or over some shared or outside money source. There is a serious moment with a lover and lots of lucky expansion through friends, so don’t be afraid to dive in and meet this moment.
Thursday is about making or spending money. Venus is in the mix in a positive way, attracting goodies in your career midheaven, so asking for a raise would be one way to use this energy.
Friday Mars picks up on Wednesday’s Uranus energy and you are going to be doing something about it. So expect passions or aggressions to join in over sex or money. Remember that Uranus is shifting in the house of friends and social functions so you may meet up at a party or through a friend. Heavy talks are about travel, legal matters, education or media. The Full Moon is bringing an income matter to a head. This would be the time an income source ends or you are celebrating more coming in. It could also be when you finally pay off that major purchase.
Partnering with friends, attending social functions with partners and talking about aspirations with partners are very favored for you today. Work on the money or sex issue and you should be golden.
Tuesday brings some much needed retreat from the spotlight. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to go within and refuel for the end of the weeks activities. A little private intimacy may be in order as well.
Wednesday brings the Uranus curve ball to your career midheaven. You didn’t see this coming. How you shine in partnership is going to be part of the challenge to work through here if you want to find more freedom to achieve your goals. Research your options and apply your ability to fantasize.
Thursday you are ready to go for it. The energy is strongly upon you, use this day to go after the money through travel, legal channels, media or higher education. Venus is there to reward your actions. Who knows, you may find love in the mix as well.
Friday Mars picks up on Wednesday’s wild card and takes action with the partnership and the sudden change occurring in the career midheaven. Mars is going to be about passion or anger, action or aggression, this is dynamic energy and there to help you make a change. Powerful talks are slated about shared money, debt, settlements or sexual intimacy. The Full Moon is in your sign so some part of your identity is wrapping up, peaking and or ending today. Home may feel restrictive or you may be dealing with some form of loss management here today as well.
Pour it on the career front on Monday, pour it on. This is powerful energy helping you tackle more than your usual pile of work and helping you to reach for your goals in a tangible way. Money for fantasy or research based ideas is within reach as well.
Tuesday friendship and partnership are going hand in hand. Major opportunity to transform your world through these doors now, put some time into figuring out the money that will be shared so that you don’t trip over it in the future.
Wednesday the wild card from Uranus is by way of sudden travel, legal issues, media or higher education. For you to shine in the work you perform, you need to be able to spin on a dime today and go with the shifts as the come at you. Friends and your social network are going to be very important today, reach out.
Thursday is meant to be spent daydreaming or working in the realm of fantasy or research. Venus is on board to help you attract outside money sources through this so find time to sequester yourself away. Intimate interludes behind closed doors are sweet as well.
Friday Mars kicks in to deal with the shifts from Uranus and you are going to be working or going after work with a vengeance. This is all tied to the surprise or changes to travel, publishing, legal matters or education. Be open to what occurs. Talks are going to be profoundly important with and about partnership today. Meet about it if possible. The Full Moon is in the hidden part of your chart today so whatever you have been working on alone, behind the scenes, in secret or through fantasy or research is coming to a peak now. If you have any self-sabotaging or escapist tendencies, secrets or hidden enemies, they may culminate in some way as well. Serious talks about what work you need to do are challenging. Take care of your health today, don’t run yourself down.
Your feelings should be pretty high minded about a lover, child or creative project today and the potential to travel, have a visit, learn, make it legal, involve the media or share your beliefs is high, so go for it.
Tuesday brings career goals into focus. Pluto is promising profound transformations through the work you do in reaching your goals today. Try not to let your ambitions push your love of a partner aside or put you in a challenged position over money with a business partner.
Wednesday the wild card from Uranus is over sex or money. You may feel that how you are loved is tied up in this and you didn’t see it coming. Whatever surprises today, you need to be ready to shift and work with it. Career is stable and working and earning are going to support you through any crazy moments.
Thursday friends and social functions take center stage. There is a tie to romance with a partner through one of these doors so reach out to buddies and attend the party! If you and a business partner are invited to a mixer, there could be money in it for you.
Friday Mars is getting in the mix and bringing action or passion, anger or aggression to an issue about love or creativity, in direct response to the changes of Uranus in your sex and money house. This could be sexy energy or outright rebellion. Talks are about the work you do or health and with Pluto in the mix expect it to be deep or powerful. The Full Moon is in your social sector so you can expect a friendship to peak now or a big party or celebration of some sort to be hitting critical mass. Money and love don’t mix so well today.
There is active energy around the home and property, foundations and security needs today and these are positive. You are dealing with this energy in direct response from a death, major money issue or sexual encounter. The Universe is supporting what you need to do, focus on work above laughter today.
Tuesday brings love or creativity in a powerful way from a distance, through legal or media channels or through learning something new. It may be hard to work today.
Wednesday the Uranian surprise is through a partner and is going to affect your needs at home. Be prepared to go with the flow. The higher mind is key in accepting happiness through a loved one above and beyond what is on your plate.
Thursday career and goals are back in the spotlight. Venus is attending you in your work, so use the day to bring money into your realm by remaining true to your goals and disciplined.
Friday Mars kicks in with action, passion, aggression or anger in the home, directed at the shifts coming from partners. Talks are about love, kids or creative projects and they are going to be deep and important. The Full Moon is in your career midheaven so you can expect that one goal or something in the career is coming to a head today. You may be celebrating a promotion or seeing something end now. Home and personal time spent seriously on yourself are at odds today as well.
Monday is gearing up to be a great day to meet or talk with partners. If you want to broach partnership with someone, use today’s energy to help push it forward in a positive way. Neptune is bringing romance, artistic expression and love into the mix so enjoy!
Tuesday you have the power to do something profound at home or with the home or property Money is in the mix. Time with a lover at home is charged if you dare to go there.
Wednesday Uranus is sparking a shift in work or health, possibly with pets. You are going to need to talk about your needs regarding this and be willing to adapt to the changes. Your deepest feelings are in line with home and fantasy, working for you to find your footing.
Thursday brings joy through travel, learning, teaching, legal matters, media and shared beliefs. There is a connection to love with a lover or child and to creative projects. It is all working for you today.
Friday Mars gets into the ruckus with Uranus and talks become super charged with passion or anger, pushing you to action about the shifts in work, health or with pets. Mercury meets up with Pluto in your home base so talks and contracts about home or property are significant and emphasize new beginnings in a powerful way. The Full Moon is in your zone of travel, education, law and publishing so expect that something in one of these arenas to be peaking or ending now. Do not let Saturn bring depression, you should remain active locally, take a walk in the neighborhood, to stave it off if you feel any of this.
There is a lot of cosmic energy on your side today helping you go after money so put your effort into earning or finding new ways to earn. Spending money on the home and romantic or artistic ways will pay off, as well as working from the home.
Tuesday opens up the opportunity for a profound talk with a partner or to broach partnership with someone you are interested in partnering with. Issues are on home and money.
Wednesday Uranus comes on strong with his wild card for you and it is by way of lovers, children, speculation, gambling, or creative projects. The money you make or spend is part of the challenge, roll with the punches. Partners have your back, talk, meet and involve social functions or friends for best results.
Thursday is the day to dive deep, involve yourself with a loan, settlement, inheritance, insurance, joint finance, credit, debt, or tax issue and how it relates to your home or need for security. There is positive support from the Universe in what you do about it today.
Friday Mars gets into the mix taking action, getting angry or passionate, about the money you earn. This means you will be going after income or passionately spending it, and it looks like the object of all of this energy is Uranus and the changes in love, with children, lovers, gambling, or creative projects. Talks are going to be deep and profound. The Full Moon is bringing the joint money issue, sexual intimacy or death to a peak today. Something is culminating in the very deepest part of your chart. Hopefully this is about a debt finally being over. Friends and social functions may be a bit restrictive now.
Make Monday about true love, kids or creative outlets. You have loads of Universal support here. Talk about your needs and your feelings about romance, artistic expression and spiritual values, the vibe is very good.
Tuesday is a great day to tackle projects, get work done, take care of health and make powerful strides in your earning potential.
Wednesday Uranus tosses in his wild card and it is about a sudden issue or shift regarding home or property, mom or security needs. This is going to feel like it is hitting you personally in some way so take care and roll with what comes at you. Work and income are supported so balance with this.
Thursday is a wonderful day for partnership. This is about romantic or business partners, best friends or people who represent you such as agents or attorneys. Talks today with these people bring up love or money issues in the best possible light.
Friday Mars pushes you to take physical action about the surprise Uranus brought regarding your home, property, security issues or mom. Talks and meetings today are about your income, what you make or what you want to spend it on. With Pluto involved expect them to be powerful or important. The Full Moon is in your partnership zone so one partnership is coming to a head now, you are celebrating this or ending one that has reached it’s limits. Goals are challenged as well and you must find focus on your personal needs and body to work through it all.
If you can do something with the home or property today so much the better, there is good supportive energy to make things happen here. Research pay off as well as retreat and rest later on. If you sell property, today is a day to go for it.
Tuesday brings love and creativity to life, don’t hide your feelings, there is the opportunity to really express this side of yourself in a powerful way.
Wednesday the surprise from Uranus comes by way of a communication or through something in your neighborhood or with siblings. Time alone or working behind the scenes is going to be challenging, as well as fantasy or research work you are doing. Be prepared to adapt. Love and creativity continue to favor you, share the happiness.
Thursday is all lined up to bring you the money from the work you do. If you need to spend money on your health, this is favored as well.
Friday Mars gets into gear to take action or express passion or anger behind the scenes, through fantasy or research or in dealing with institutions. Talks are deep and profound and focus on you and your needs. The Full Moon is bringing a work assignment or health issue to a peak, you are wrapping up, celebrating or seeing it end now. This is not the best day to sign legal papers, travel, deal with people at a distance, or do media or educational work.
Do your best to connect with friends today or plan a party, this is great energy for making it happen and enjoying each other’s company. You have a special glow today and others will respond accordingly.
Tuesday focus shifts to the home. If you put efforts into research or time alone here, you will achieve some profound results. Venus is holding back the personal love just now but that is to help focus you where you need be, this too shall pass and quickly.
Wednesday the Sun is kicking up a fuss with your ruler. Expect the unexpected where income is concerned. Making the money or spending it as well as your possessions are going to be steeped in the unusual or eccentric. Change is apparent. Your friendship, aspirations or a social function you are involved in are going to get the brunt of it. Keep working on home and property issues while the energy favors you here.
Thursday brings love back around by way of a lover, child or creative project. You are strongly in the mix so enjoy. Find time to play.
Friday Mars gets into the fuss by getting active with friendships, aspirations or social functions. Parties or gatherings, and like minded pals are where the passion, anger, action or aggression is most likely. Once again, Uranus is pushing at the purse strings. Talks and meetings take on a more clandestine vibe, secrets are shared, it is deep and profound. The Full Moon is bringing a love affair, issue with a child or creative project to it’s peak. You are either celebrating or seeing something end here now. Joint resources need to be taken seriously and worked through.
Money, money, money, money….MONEY! Focus on income today, you will be glad you did, aggressively pursue career and goals, it is all good.
Tuesday talks with friends and social gatherings take on more importance. There is potential for some deep moments here.
Wednesday Uranus is acting up by way of YOU. Sorry but true. Your independence is at stake (in your mind) or your unconventional image or something sudden and surprising occurring with your physical body and you are going to need to pivot and deal with whatever shifts. Career or goals are in the mix. Talk it out with partners and friends, they have your back.
Thursday home is where it is at. Home, property and foundations are where you can find research or fantasy paying off or your best bet for retreat and rest. Venus is doing her best to bring love or money your way through these routes.
Friday Mars gets into gear with Wednesday’s surprise and gets things moving on the career front. Actions taken today are again geared at Uranus bringing shifts to your body, ego needs or image. Mars is about passion, aggression or anger so use it’s dynamics to your best interests. Talks with friends are powerful and deep today. The Full Moon is bringing a home or property matter to a head. Celebrations or endings are here now. If you have been dealing with something involving your mom, that too could peak now. Partners demand work today, do your best to take care of business.

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