Friday, March 22, 2013


The big boys...Saturn and Jupiter...They have plans for you this weekend! One wants restriction, limits, hard work, and step by step achievements. One wants expansion, adventure, prosperity, and following ones beliefs. They are meeting up on Saturday in an inconjunct which means they must make a big adjustment to one another...which yes, means you will be making a big adjustment in your life regarding where they have taken root in your chart.

Saturn took 29 years to get here, Jupiter took 12 years. So, when it comes to regeneration, power, triangles, life, death, divorce, major finances, sex, and reproduction, Saturn wants serious commitments or endings, more structure or limits in place, achievements, and slow and steady efforts. When it comes to decisions, agreements, writing, sales, your local interests, neighborhood, neighbors, siblings, moves, mindset, talks, meetings, vehicles, electronics, and ideas, Jupiter wants something bigger. Perhaps you need to share your wisdom, make it legal, broaden your horizons in far off places, or take a leap of faith.

Your question this weekend is how you can have both, what concessions or adjustments can you make or yield to that can satisfy both energies? Listen carefully, it's a turning point. These forces will either hold you back or take you forward and a lot depends on your ability to seize the day by showing up and doing the work in the Saturn field while pursuing your sense of adventure and growth needs in Jupiter's field. Saturn is not going to let you brush off your duties or responsibilities and Jupiter is pulling you hard enough that to disregard your wanderlust would be tantamount to drowning in that Piscean sea of weepy Karma. Show up and do the work.

Besides the Saturn/Jupiter inconjunct, Saturday the Leo Moon holds sway which stimulates recreational interests, creative flow, time with children, or pursuit of love. You will have a NEED to feel something here but again, the universe has put adjustment energy in place so there has to be a give and take. Today this involves Pluto so some deep emotions may come to the surface. There may be a need to purge or something buried may surface so that positive change and evolution can occur. What goal or person in power are you looking at today and what exactly is being deconstructed in your life to be reborn up ahead? Somehow it is important that you figure out just how the kids, lover, creativity, or fun is going to work in this progression. Guard against manipulations or third party situations that try to obscure your direction.

Sunday the Virgo Moon takes over. Virgo is the organizer, simplifier, hypochondriac, puritan, holistic guru, healer, workaholic, and of service to a higher calling. We all have a bit of Virgo in our charts and today a focus on work efforts, health, animals, environment, or paperwork will take hold. A-freaking-GAIN, we have adjustments. Apparently we really need to get it together. This Moon adjusts to Venus and the Sun in their new placements in Aries so you need to get your lovely butt in gear, get active, do something physical to make a bit of a shift towards what you want here. Tackle body, image, brand, or identity needs in the mix and focus on the love or income needs you have in the whole kit and kaboodle. 

The opposition to Neptune will mean a one-on-one with at least one key person today regarding work, paperwork, health, pets, or services. Will it be inspirational, magical, artistic, romantic, and spiritual, or will it be depressing, weepy, Karmic, deceptive, or confusing? Neptune can go either side of the coin today so YOU CHOOSE to stay on point with the higher vibration and keep it out of the cosmic waste can.  Wanna go deeper?  The best way to understand your own potential and where the obstacles and opportunities await you up ahead is a personal reading into your unique birth chart. To inquire about dates or rates for a private reading with Zoe email 

The WEEKLY FORECAST will be up Sunday evening so check back for what's coming up! We have the whopper of all Full Moon's coming mid-week and it brings major endings or achievements for us all. Read it right here


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