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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Have you noticed a heightened ability to manifest in your life? You think about some object or a person and the next thing you know it is laying in your path or they are calling you on the phone after years away? There is an acceleration of abilities to create your world now that will continue to evolve over the months ahead so do yourself and the universe a favor, take note of the examples in your life. The more you acknowledge that some rather strange things are now happening and begin to accept that they are not strange anymore, the more you will see that you are creating the situations you wish to have, in other words, this is like infancy, play with it, give it a test run. Intention is everything. 

You may have noted as well the people that you dealt with the past month and any significant turning points or adjustments that were made. It’s all good, it’s all in flow. You are now ready this week to officially embark on the last year long cycle of mastery in the way you treat yourself and the way you connect with others. 

You will be working it big time with significant relationships on Monday as you push for goals, deal with career matters, make changes that still need to happen, and stretch towards income producing situations or make adjustments around the status quo of the day. 

Tuesday or possibly later on Monday since this energy borders both days, you will see a big shift that throws a bit of a wild card into the mix. It will involve your desire to claim what you need or express yourself in some way that you haven’t up to this point, and the big financial matter, divorce, sexual attraction or issue, reproductive matter, triangle, power struggle, or control issue. I highly suggest you know who you are and what you want today and trust your instincts to follow your heart. Any changes thrown at you are meant to be happening now so dive in and ride it to where it takes you. The partner, agent, attorney, or other significant person you are connecting with today is open to creative action, passion, fun, or involvement in love or with children, sounds good to me! 

Wednesday is the NEW MOON in Scorpio. It’s a pretty powerful new moon because it is in the power sign offering you fresh starts over the next 2 weeks with a sexual interest, divorce, loan, inheritance, insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, settlement, alimony, child support, commission, royalty, or other major financial matter. It’s also powerful because it kicks off today with Mars, one of Scorpio’s co-rulers, very active. This will bring motivation behind creative projects, with kids or in the pursuit of true love. Passions may ignite, you may cement something with a partner, agent, specialist, or attorney that opens up doors or find a creative way to handle that opponent. Venus is being pushed out of her comfort zone a bit so go easy on the babes today and any issues you are feeling about income. She is doing the frictional dance with Mars so all kinds of fireworks may ensue. 

Thursday brings more energy behind sex, divorce and those financial interests. It’s all in the talks, meetings, writing, agreements/contracts, and decisions today so open up. Again frictional energy pushes you between what you need in one or more of these areas and some creative need, child or love interest. 

Friday is a powerhouse day. You may have noted this day from reading my October Monthly forecast because it holds so much promise. It’s like taking your kite out on a calm sea and sitting in an anchored boat as opposed to running with it full tilt over a hillside with a tornado behind you. This is a tornado hilltop scenario and the tornado is your friend. So, here are the areas that are involved: Sharing, earning money, outside financial assistance, settlements, investments, or commissions, sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, career, reputation, fame, authority figures, leadership abilities, recognition, and innovation or personal changes. Emotional harmony backs this wrapped around legal, ceremonial, travel, media, publishing, marketing, educational, or foreign interests falling in the flow. So, what are you going to do about it? 
Remember, I take all this time to write this stuff up for you guys so you can be proactive on days that hold the most promise, make an informed decision through your meetings or talks with those in positions that can assist you and then move things forward. 

ARIES: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

You may have been so wrapped up in matters that were swirling around a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent in this last month that you have not felt much like focusing on anything else. It was a very powerful, Karmic cycle for you in connection to these people so know that you were meeting it head-on in the way best suited for your particular path. Aren’t you ready for a boost from the universe? This week you will be able to launch into self-empowering directions on a new level if you just focus in on what you deeply desire. Your best bet will be to allow your sexual nature to wake back up or to look for new solutions to sexual issues, to look for ways to handle that financial matter or divorce, and to transform any heavy issues that have given you pause of late. You have universal support behind these third party resolutions in financial, reproductive or divorce matters so set new goals and launch them. Pushing past creative boundaries, or finding ways to deal with kids or a loved ones needs will spur you on. By week’s end you may find a way to make a big paycheck or start something that leads to this result.

TAURUS: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

There has been so much going on with work efforts, health interests and your desire to be of service to others these last weeks that you may have felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Isn’t it time you make some headway with important relationships in your life? Aren’t you ready to move things ahead? You really need to work on any issues you are feeling over home, real estate, your own security, or family. Can you reframe this in relation to a partner or through an agent or attorney? Is a move in your future or are you in endless renovations? If you are willing to push ahead, to keep your focus on the important players in the situations that arise this week, you have an amazing opportunity to open up your life on happier or more prosperous terms. By week’s end a key legal, travel, distance, media, publishing, marketing, or educational resolution will finally allow you the grace you have been striving for. 

GEMINI: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Some of you have been down the rabbit hole on a big creative project while others have been full tilt into a love affair or children’s needs and although these are areas of much enjoyment, you have been over the top with them as you found out part of what this next chapter of mastery and Karmic connection would entail. You will be happy to know that this week you finally are ready to get to work. You may have an opportunity for a new job or you may launch a service or new idea at your work place, it’s a powerful time for you with any work efforts you wish to pursue. You could get new co-workers or employees or team up to do some new idea together. You will also find that you can get health concerns off on a better footing or start new work-out regimes or diets that lead to some positive results now. Animals and environment may also intrigue you at this time. What you must do is head into all of this knowing you have a pile of writing, agreements, talks, meetings, and decisions associated with this and it is going to be driving you hard this week so you get it in gear. By week’s end that big financial matter, sexual attraction or divorce transforms in powerful ways and what has been going on behind the scenes opens up your world. 

CANCER: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Have you been brooding about your home, family, mom, a move, or real estate matter this past month Cancer? You tend to worry too much and in this emotional placement it could have driven you a bit mad but there have been powerful shifts for you tied to these themes and it’s been important that you have put so much time and energy into these areas because they are due to have a big impact on your life over this next year of mastery. This week you finally get to lighten up a bit and turn your focus to a big creative project, begin the process of pushing it out there or start it up from scratch. You will also get a major boost from the cosmos in the area of true love and children as well so get ready to open up your heart or move towards fun and connection. You are going to have one big issue to push through here and that is about making money so put your thinking hat on and find ways to make that creative project pay or how you can split your time between fun and earning. By week’s end there is luck and expansion opening for you through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities and partnerships or representation. 

LEO: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

You may have felt like you were going to burst an aneurism with all the communications that you have had going this last month. Big ideas, proposals, pitches, speaking roles, writing, agreements, news, learning curves, and decision making have been driving you forward and hey, it’s been important for you since these areas have informed the Karmic connections and next level of mastery you are about to set out upon in the next 12 months. You will be happy to learn that this week you get a bit of a break from all this as home beckons or you find ways to start fresh with real estate, moves, roommates, family, mom, or building on foundations that support you. As you approach these new opportunities or create them know that you are going to be driven like a wild banshee. This may aid you in moving mountains on the home front or with that move or real estate deal, or it can mean you are pushing yourself hard on some personal or physical level and this may mean you are doubling up between what you need to do for yourself and at home. By week’s end you are going to see a big goal, achievement or career matter open and this is directly linked to powerful transformations occurring through work, health or involvement with animals. 

VIRGO: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Making money or getting really clear and focused on your core values has been the fire behind your eyes and in your gut for the last month. It’s been important that you chose a course here because it is this road that takes you towards a new level of mastery in the year ahead and brings powerful Karmic opportunities and balances through so know that you have done well. Are you ready for a break? Well this week you may get somewhat of a break, you are going to find that this week you are ready to take on a bold new agreement or contract, to make a life-changing decision, to start a writing project, or you may be called upon to speak up, share ideas, give testimony or a speech, or take on a new speaking role. You also get a fresh start to the year ahead with new inroads with brothers, sisters, neighbors, moves, vehicles, and electronics as well. Fire it up, your words and ideas hold weight. The challenge will be to get around institutions, research, investigations, artistic or spiritual needs, hidden agendas or enemies, addiction issues, or the development stage. By week’s end luck and expansion open through legal channels or agreements, travel, import/export, media, publishing, marketing, education, or ceremonies and you find love, kids or creative ventures transforming. 

LIBRA: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

There has been a month long cycle for you where getting real about your own needs or body, your image or identity, were most likely taking up much of your attention. It was an important cycle because you are heading into the year ahead building upon choices you have recently made and you will be gearing up for your next level of mastery and Karmic tests and opportunities based around who you strive to be, how you treat your body, and the image or identity you are evolving. This week is a brand new day insofar as you get to refocus on new opportunities that begin to open up for you and they all hinge on making money. It is your time to go after that money making proposition, ask for a raise, take on another income producing situation, or pitch money making ideas. As you begin here this week a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or charity will be the playground where you push things a bit and/or you find you yourself are pushed. How can you make this work for your bottom line? By week’s end there is luck and expansion through outside financial resources, sex or divorce and it all ties into your home or another property and the powerful transformations occurring here. 

SCORPIO: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Has the smile on your face been a lovely mask to hide major transformations that are going on behind the scenes these last weeks? Do you feel like you have been plowing ahead in some remote or isolated corner, deep into the art or the mystic, or dealing with addictions, institutions, some secret love interest, or research to the point that you wonder what human contact might really be like? Well you are moving into a new phase this week and it has been very important to tackle these arenas since your year ahead hinges on new levels of mastery and Karmic evolvement that swing on these factors. This week it shifts considerably. Your physical presence is in high demand and you may step out of any shell that has formed around you and begin to put your new found identity or image out there. It’s time to say who you are in your new world, to claim your personal brand, get your body into some new alignment, and start fresh. You will need to take on ambitions, authority figures, reputation, fame, bosses, career needs, and any control issues others may impose as you step it up. By week’s end luck and expansion moves through a partner, agent, attorney, or other significant person and transforms through agreements, writing, meetings, talks, decisions, or ideas, this may be committing to or letting someone go in a way that opens your life in big ways.

SAGITTARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

There has been so much on your plate through friends and networking, groups and internet interests, astrology or charities, and pushing your aspirations and dreams out there that you may not have noticed much else. Don’t worry, this has been more than just a fun time, it’s been very important because the seeds you have planted here bear fruit in the year ahead as you master a new level and meet Karmic energy through these connections and interests. This week that shifts a bit as you will be able to either pull back and recharge batteries or you go headlong into a film, music or other art project, a hospital or rehab, a research project or investigation, a clandestine affair or Karmic connection, or a spiritual pursuit or retreat. You will be motivating to express yourself here as you meet challenges over any travel, legal, media, publishing, marketing, ceremonial, or educational needs in the mix. By week’s end you will find that work, health or pet interests are opening up on some big level for you and income may immediately be transformed or you see that what you have done is leading to this on a major level. 

CAPRICORN: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Your career has been on overdrive or your ambitions and goals have been pushing you to put yourself out there on some new level for weeks now. You may have taken on more with a boss or authority figure or stepped out to lead a bit on your own but all this effort and energy has been important because it is the color of what is to come in the year ahead as you are now moving into the last level of mastery and testing from Saturn and the relationships that are key here. This week you are going to get a bit of a break from this as you turn towards friends, social networking or occasions, group activities, internet or astrology interests, charities, and some wish fulfillment. It’s all about you connecting through these channels in new ways and working through any big financial interests or issues, sexual attractions or issues, or divorce needs this week. Can money and friends mix? What about friends with benefits? Do you need to invest in an internet project, astrology or a charity? Do sparks fly at some social occasion? By week’s end luck and expansion are coming on strong through creative ventures, lovers and children and you find personal empowerment and intimacy in the mix. 

AQUARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Legal matters, a trip or person that lives far away, media or publishing ideas, marketing, ceremonies, or education have been areas that have taken up most of your time and energy this last month. You were setting the pace in decisions you made involving significant people through these avenues and this pace will be the one that takes you through now to the end of the Saturn cycle next October. This week you get a bit of a break from this as career and ambitions take on new importance. You may launch a new business or make a move up the corporate ladder, get a promotion or take on a new position at the company. It is a great week to approach authority figures, dad, bosses, or to take on more leadership. In all of this you will need to know that a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent is going to be keeping you on your toes or you are going to feel driven in regards to this person so go in with this in mind. By week’s end you will see luck and expansion favoring your home, any real estate matters, moves, family or mom needs, or the way a big ordeal ends. Your artistic, spiritual, romantic nature is transforming now and you may have a Karmic breakthrough. 

PISCES: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Deciding how intimate you wanted to go, if reproductive or sexual needs were being met or if you were interested in connecting with someone on a deeper level, dealing with divorce issues, or putting big financial plans into action has been pretty much where you have been driven these past weeks. There’s been a real need to look at shared energy, power, control, triangles, and how your money matters were being handled because Karmically you will be moving into the next year mastering new levels here. This week you will see that you get a chance to now move into new opportunities through legal channels or ceremonies, in media, publishing or marketing interests, through higher education, travel, or foreign interests. The world is calling your adventurous spirit forward and you will want to look seriously into these areas to see what you can push yourself towards that would affect work, health or your interest in animals. You may have to balance between work and a trip or health and a media event, etc, or you may find that furthering your education will secure work that suits you or legal aid may benefit your animals or health issues. By week’s end you will see things begin to work in the flow and luck and expansion open up through talks, meetings, writing, agreements, and decisions you make involving a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, or your aspirations. 

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