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How far in do you want to go? May I suggest all in? Truly, what are you waiting for? Sometimes life rewards the beginning of it and it’s ok if it’s a bit messy, strewn outside the lines, in fact, truth be known, human beings tend to distrust too much perfection, because let’s face it, no one’s perfect.

So, if you start it now, under the auspices of the New Moon and fresh charge into action from Jupiter and Uranus’s shift into Aries, and this brand new Venus cycle beginning on Monday, then you really have all you need to sink your flag into unchartered territory and stake out your claim.

Monday Venus moves into Leo and gone is the need to express love through comfort food and hugs, move over sentimental touchy feely time, it’s all about the show baby and the more glamorous the better. Venus rules money as well so if you want to make some you better make it look good. Venus meets up with Uranus (hehe) in a great aspect to help you step outside the box, go for someone a bit out of the ordinary, make a change where love or money is concerned, or make your bid for freedom. The Moon is still in Cancer today so you may still have a bit of that deep emotional energy in the mix, it links positively to Saturn so you will do well to focus on the details.

Tuesday is just one of those days, rare and wonderful with aspects. Venus dances with Jupiter in a harmonious connection that opens up a big door for you somewhere involving love, money or a woman. Mars takes his dance card to Pluto and they move a few mountains, get something powerful into play, bring the passion and action to the intense new realms. The Moon moves over into Leo and sextiles Mercury opening up talks about love, kids or creative ventures or triggering a meeting with someone attractive and fun.

Wednesday the Lights are in sextile and you should find at least one or two moments of sheer enjoyment, fun, lightheartedness, and this is best expressed through words or writing. Something is a bit out of whack with a friend or group and you most likely won’t be able to put your finger on it. Wait this one out, you are right about your instincts here but it’s not time to bring this out into the open.

Thursday brings a Virgo Moon in touch with Pluto and Mars so you will find you are emotionally charged on a very deep level, desirous of change and action and willing to push in these directions. Venus will make a heavy adjustment aspect to Pluto so there is a big time change staring you right in the face involving one of your ambitions and how you are approaching the love or creativity, (possibly money involved). Hint: you cannot fight this change, you must find ways to work through or around it towards what you want.

Friday the Virgo Moon squares Mercury in Gemini. It is a day to hear about what is wrong, what needs organizing, where health or work is in need of more ideas or agreements, meetings and talks about animals, work or health that will push you to get moving in these areas.

ARIES: (to schedule a reading call 818-613-6067)

Monday is all about the creative mojo, doing something involving kids, your creative project or focusing in on the lover/love interest. There is amazing inspiration and positive flow here today so dive in. There is great emotional energy around working at home or work that deals with property, the more you take the lead the better.

Tuesday the Venus/Jupiter trine should bring good luck to you through your creative endeavors, kids or lover/love interest. It’s a day to put your project out there or yourself out there if you are looking for love/creative validation. Your ruler meets up with Pluto to make a big push on the career front through your motivation on work, with health or with animals. Expect to hear a lot of loving happy news today or to be the bearer of such tidings.

Wednesday the Lights favor talks, meetings and agreements over creative projects, kids or lovers. The group or friend attached to this is not totally there yet as far as the artistic, spiritual or romantic matter is concerned so give it space.

Thursday Virgo Moon will push you to focus on the work before you, your health matters or the pets. Positive alignments here go to goals being met powerfully or powerful people being met through the efforts. The Venus/Pluto adjustment means you need to be willing to work around the changes to the goal or a powerful boss or authority figure to reach your creative height.

Friday will be a bit nit-picky over the work at hand, perhaps bringing up some obstacles with electronics or local matters. You will want to get the work done, tackle health or pets but will need to ask for something more, talk about something missing or rework agreements.

TAURUS: (to schedule a reading call 818-613-6067)

Monday Venus changes signs and lights up your home base. This means that a woman may be moving in or out or she may have an important role to play with your home, real estate deal, renovation, move, etc. Venus rules love and money as well so you may now see these things begin to pick up when tied to your home or roots. Nice surprises are in this today that are somewhat secret or private or involve the arts, research or institutions.

Tuesday the Venus/Jupiter connection is bringing big luck to this connection to home or moves, roommates or property values. Buying, selling, decorating, moving, pretty much anything tied to what you do at home or to it are under very lucky stars. Mars is pushing you to act on a love affair, creative venture or issue involving children, this will be powerful and positive and tie in to a trip, education, legalities, or media. Talk about the money today or sign the agreement where homes are concerned.

Wednesday the Lights illuminate the home/income connection again. Again, you will want to find ways to earn from home, buy or sell real estate or spend on something for the home, it’s all good. A romantic, artistic, spiritual, or hospital/retreat goal will be at the opposite side of this home matter and you will be feeling it today.

Thursday the Virgo Moon will stir feelings for a lover, child or creative venture in ways that motivate passion and action along with some pretty powerful and positive changes through travel, legal actions, media or publicity, or education. The adjustment between Venus and Pluto means that you will need to stretch yourself through a legal move, marketing approach, taking or teaching a class, or travel, whichever one will help you shift the home experience or roots in a major way.

Friday the emotional energy is on the lover, creative project or child while the talks, meetings, mindset, or agreements are on the income, what is being made or spent. This is a day of frictional energy here to help you figure a few things out.

GEMINI: (to schedule a reading call 818-613-6067)

Monday Venus enters your communications zone and will bring news from a woman that helps you achieve an aspiration or ties into a group activity. There will be more open doors now to talk or meet about money or love during this transit. If you are single this time period may bring someone interesting into your realm through the neighborhood or siblings. Focus on making money at home today.

Tuesday the Venus/Jupiter trine is opening some luck to you through a friend or group so when a woman begins talking to you about it or you are asked to come to terms with an agreement here believe you are under lucky auspices. Mars and Pluto dance between home/property or mom/mother figure and the major financial matter you are dealing with. This is positive and about taking action to change something. Talks and meetings should go well today.

Wednesday the Lights shine through writing projects, meetings, talks, decisions, speaking engagements, ideas, and agreements, helping you to be seen. The media, travel, educational, or legal matter is still out there somewhere, a bit unclear or in need of artistic, romantic or spiritual balancing.

Thursday brings positive energy around action and change on the home front and the major financial matter playing out here. Be proactive, see what you can do. Venus and Pluto require some adjustment from you through the talks, meetings or agreements you are having with a woman if you want to see a transformation occur in your financial sector, in a divorce or with an intimate partner.

Friday brings an obstacle and it will play out over you and the home, living situation, move or property matter. It could be a bit stressful as you are pushed to tackle work you are feeling a bit unheard or misunderstood. You may find you just have someplace else you need to be but have to handle things at home.

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Monday Venus moves into your income zone! This should be good news to you after hosting Mars here for over half a year where money tended to go out faster than it came in. Venus will smooth things out, help you to attract money more easily and may bring a woman onto the scene who can help you to benefit financially. A surprise career opportunity may come your way today, be open to what occurs as it looks positive. Talks and meetings will be serious and hold opportunity.

Tuesday Venus meets Jupiter for some major luck by way of career expansion and income. Be proactive here and put yourself out there. Mars and Pluto dance to help you have a conversation with a man about a powerful partnership or some form of representation. Keep the talks or agreements private for now.

Wednesday the Lights shine on making money through something artistic, strategic, through work done behind the scenes, in retreat or dealing with hospitals, in film or fantasy, research or investigations. There is something not quite clear around a shared financial matter, a loan, debt, your credit or some other outside resource must be balanced against the income or spending.

Thursday the talks or agreements, meetings or writing projects continue on in a very positive manner with business or romantic partners, agents, managers, attorneys, specialists, or any other form of representative. The Venus/Pluto adjustment means you need to look at the money you can make here or need to make and then be willing to change something regarding the partner, representative or competition.

Friday the square between Moon and Mercury will push you to deal with something hidden or attacking you from some hidden place. Talks may be emotional or you may find that you are being pushed to do something locally when what you want to do is hide out and rest up, see what you can do to balance this.

LEO: (to schedule a reading call 818-613-6067)

Monday should feel pretty special to you as Venus moves into your sign and meets up with Uranus in your house of travel, education, media matters, and legal issues. This will bring a bit of added glamour and attention to you, help you to attract the love or money you need for your looks or body, and connect you to one of these outlets in a nice, surprising way. Agreements made over income are beneficial to you today.

Tuesday Venus and Jupiter dance between you and the trip, media venture, education, or legal process. This is lucky, big, about love or money for you and this connection. Getting married today would be perfect, launching your media campaign, hopping on the plane and jetting off to some wonderful foreign location or starting your teaching position, all good. Mars/Pluto meet to motivate towards income and the work before you. Talks with friends or groups are beneficial as well.

Wednesday the social aspect of the day is very well aligned to you and your needs so say yes to time with friends or groups. There is something a bit out there regarding a partner, agent, manager, specialist, or attorney today so take care when dealing with them, make sure everything is as clear as it can be.

Thursday amps up the energy around making or spending money and the work, health or pet matter tied to it. This is very powerful, positive energy for you to make something happen and affect positive change or empowerment so be proactive. The Venus/Pluto aspect requires some adjustment around your own ego and the money, woman or love you are dealing with if you wish to transform the health, work or pet matter.

Friday income and friends or groups are going to be frictional so if you need to pay a friend or group or they owe you, it’s not the best day to get into it. You may feel as though you aren’t being heard or the writing, short trip or local duty here is in some way not balanced against the money involved. Do your best.

VIRGO: (to schedule a reading call 818-613-6067)

Monday Venus moves into the hidden/mystical part of your chart for a few weeks and you will either find that love or money matters take on a more clandestine, private coloring or that you are now working with a woman who is mystical, artistic, or romantic in some behind the scenes matter. There may be something surprising here tied to the divorce, finances or intimacy that changes and benefits you. Your connection to a friend or group is moving into more solid ground.

Tuesday Venus and Jupiter dance bringing big luck or happiness to you through sex, intimacy, divorce, or financial realms, again this will likely be tied to a woman and what you are doing behind closed doors or in private together. Mars is amping up the passion or action on a creative project, with children or a lover. This is powerful and potentially life changing, do it. The talks about career, reputation or goals are positive as well.

Wednesday the Lights illuminate film, fantasy, music, the artistic outlet, spirituality, hidden romance, hospitals, or mystical insights, all connecting brilliantly to you and your career, reputation, fame or ambitions. You may have a bit of issue with the actual artistic or spiritual integrity of the work here or you may be dealing with some form of health issue or sadness over a pet so do your best to balance.

Thursday brings a big boost to the love affair or potential for love, the child, or the creative project. There is action, passion, motivation, and powerful change and transformation in this mix, be proactive. The Venus/Pluto adjustment means the secret may no longer be able to be kept a secret, you may need to allow for what has been going on if you want the total empowerment or transformation through your creative work, love life or with children.

Friday is a bit of a snit, you will likely hear about something on the career front or from a boss, father or father figure that pushes your buttons or makes you feel you need to work on yourself in some way. Remember with Saturn in your sign it may feel more challenging than it truly is and carry on.

LIBRA: (to schedule a reading call 818-613-6067)

Monday Venus swings into your social sector and may bring a new female friend your way, an opportunity to earn money through a group affiliation, or just a much needed social atmosphere over the next few weeks. The connection today between this shift and Uranus in your partnership, representatives and competitors means that the connection may also offer you some unexpected good changes around the money or love in the picture through this person. Put in efforts behind closed doors.

Tuesday Venus trines Jupiter so luck is opening up in a big way for you through this significant person (partner, agent, attorney, specialist, manager, or competitor) and the aspiration, friend, group, or social event. Again money may be coming your way here. Mars is motivating you to tackle the film or music project at home, do the research for home/property matters, get something done at a hospital related to mom or mother figure, all positive and transformational. Talk or come to terms over the legalities, trip, educational or media matter with the friend/group today.

Wednesday the Lights are illuminating the media, travel, educational, or legal matter and putting you in a good place to pursue the aspiration, make the group or networking connection or tie things up with an important friend here. There is something unclear about the creative space, lover or child in the picture so watch for this.

Thursday is all about what is going on behind closed doors at home or over the property matter or mom. You may be recuperating, researching, involved in something fantasy related or clandestine, or you may be strategizing. You must deal with the love or money issue with the female friend today and be willing to make some adjustments if you wish to achieve the empowerment at home or around your own security needs.

Friday is going to bring talks or agreements that will have built in challenges or something you feel is hiding or that you need to hide. This will play out over the media, travel, educational, or legal matter so choose your words carefully and take your time when negotiating.

SCORPIO: (to schedule a reading call 818-613-6067)

Monday Venus changes signs, moving into your career Midheaven. This will ease any tensions where your reputation, ambitions or career agenda is concerned. You may see a female play a more significant role over the next weeks, a new boss or money matter that comes in through this woman. The connection to Uranus in work, health and pets means a nice surprise or change to the work you do, a health issue or a pet will align with this goal or ambition being met. Connect with the media, travel, educational, or legal matter today as bonds deepen.

Tuesday Venus and Jupiter meet to again open up the link between career or goals and the work you do or want to do, the health benefits or issues, or the pets or animal issue involved. This is about luck, expansion and a woman or money that is good for you here. You will feel like doing something with a friend or group today after having a very powerful talk or meeting, it’s all good. Focus some on the talks about the financial picture as there is positive opportunity in this as well. Some of you may meet someone incredibly sexy on the career front today.

Wednesday the Lights shine upon career, goals, ambitions, bosses, authority figures, fame, sex, finances, or divorce. In any combination these energies will show you in a good light. Home, real estate, moves, mom, or family matters may have you a bit mucked up, don’t let security issues drag you to far left today, there is still more to come here.

Thursday brings social opportunities, talks or agreements with groups, friends, news about a major aspiration, or anything communication related, positive, powerful and transforming that changes the way you think or write. Venus shifts against Pluto so you will need to make some adjustments around the female you have set as a goal and the way you are writing or talking about her or the agreement you come to based on her, this is a fork in the road that leads to financial or sexual empowerment through the connection.

Friday is a bit of a challenge in talks, agreements, news, or meetings involving sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, or any major financial matter. This may challenge a friendship, group affiliation or aspiration of yours as you try to figure out how to share or stop sharing. It's all in how you communicate it.

SAGITTARIUS: (to schedule a reading call 818-613-6067)

Monday Venus moves into your travel, media, education, and law zone. This is the area of the higher mind where ideas are transmitted and decided upon and this shift may bring a woman onto the scene through one of these avenues who will be beneficial to you or it may help you to seize love or money through one of these arenas. The connection to Uranus from this position means that a lover, child or creative project will surprise you here today, it’s positive so no worries. So if you are single expect to meet someone unusual or exciting while on a plane, in a foreign place, in school, court, or someplace attached to media. You may get a long distance communication informing you about a child on the way or a creative green light.

Tuesday Venus and Jupiter dance about opening up huge potential and luck through the child, creative outlet or love affair and the trip, legal matter, education, or media venture/publicity. This is your ruling energy so expect to have a personal tie to this. Mars will motivate you on the career front to go after something that will transform your earning potential, again positive stars behind this. Talk to the partner or representative for good advice today.

Wednesday the Lights shine upon the partnership, representation or specialist in the picture tied to the trip, media, education, or legal matter with opportunity in the mix for you. There is something said or heard that is very likely not true today so listen carefully. The other person may just be misinformed or unclear or there could be outright deception, wait for another day and more clarity before signing anything.

Thursday is about the career, goal, reputation, fame, or father/boss/authority figure. You will want to take action, motivate and see what can be transformed in a major way around income tied to this today, it looks powerful and positive. Venus adjusts to Pluto so there will be something you have to make some concessions over with a female at a distance or through a trip, tied to the media or publicity, education or legal aspects. Do this to reach your desired transformation in income up ahead.

Friday the energy is a bit challenging as you have to listen to or talk to a partner, agent, attorney, manager, or specialist about the goal, career agenda, reputation, fame, or father/boss. Work on ways to work through it.

CAPRICORN: (to schedule a reading call 818-613-6067)

Monday Venus moves into your house of sex, divorce and major finances. This is a wonderful few weeks when you may attract love or money more easily, find that it sparks the sexual chemistry between you or helps you with divorce issues, or that there is an answer to the loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlement, or any other outside financial matter. A woman may be important in this new connection and today there is definitely a tie in to home or real estate that is surprising and positive. Getting serious about the legalities or with someone far away, traveling, in media, or education is under positive stars as well.

Tuesday Venus dances with Jupiter bringing big luck and possibly a good deal of money through home, real estate and the loan or investment, sale or purchase you make here. Sexual intimacy increases at home now or the divorce opens doors to home or property matters, all favorable to you. Take action right away on the legal aspect, trip, publicity or media matter, or educational issue as it will be powerfully transformational to you personally. If you need to talk to a co-worker, interview a perspective employee or talk to a health care professional or someone related to pets, do it today.

Wednesday the Lights continue to shine and illuminate the opportunity between work, employees, co-workers, health, and pets alongside the major financial picture, divorce or intimate connection, all positive. Watch something today involving your income, so that means your paycheck, purse, wallet, or any potential for something to be a bit unclear or downright deceptive involving what you earn or spend on today. Don’t lose your wallet or become the victim of theft.

Thursday will bring passion or action into your world through a trip, someone visiting or coming across a distance, a legal matter, media or publicity, or education. This is pretty powerful, profound, intense and positive in an intimate or financial way for you so step up and hold on! Venus adjusting to Pluto means you need to make some adjustments around your own body or image if you wish to reach the total transformation available now through intimacy, divorce or a major financial matter.

Friday feelings about the distance, travel, media, education, or legal matter are going to be stressed a bit by the talks or news, agreements or meetings involving work, co-workers, employees, health, or pets. Do your best to work through it.

AQUARIUS: (to schedule a reading call 818-613-6067)

Monday Venus enters your partnership zone to spend a few weeks here bringing love or money and ease of flow through romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, managers, and in dealing with the competition. A woman may enter the scene now as one of these people to benefit you. Today a talk, meeting or agreement may surprise you with this person but ultimately open doors that are positive.

Tuesday Venus and Jupiter dance their way through the partnership or representation and the agreements, meetings, or talks you have. This is big and positive and about luck, prosperity, happiness or expansion so embrace it. Mars is stirring passions with someone sexually or motivating you to do something that involves a big financial picture with someone else and this seems set to be powerful and transformational as well. Open up talks or meetings about creativity, love or children with the partner or representative for positive results.

Wednesday the Lights illuminate the love, children or creative venture and the significant person partnering with you or representing your needs. This is an opportunity aspect so again, embrace it. Neptune is around you in a challenging way today so do your best to be above board when representing who you are and what you bring to the table and if you feel there is something you need to change about your image, body or identity then let this energy motivate you.

Thursday is a big day for something financial, intimate, sexual, or regarding a divorce. There is motivating energy here to make something happen or express passions and powerful energy behind the change that you can move towards. Venus adjusting to Pluto means there is a woman partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor in the picture and you must make some adjustments around what you are doing here if you wish to transform the situation up ahead.

Friday Moon squaring Mercury means news or talks that are challenging over sex, love, children, finances, or divorce. It’s a bump in the road and one you can work through if you put your mind to it.

PISCES: (to schedule a reading call 818-613-6067)

Monday Venus moves into your arena of work, health and pets. This is a lovely influx of charm and ease that will find you now through these arenas. You may have an employee who comes into the picture or a new woman on the work front, a female who gets involved with your health or pets, all good. Love and money will flow now more readily through the work you do, and the way you approach health or pets (ie, meet someone interesting while walking the dogs). There is a nice surprise here around income today so expect to make money.

Tuesday Venus and Jupiter are dancing through the income and the work, health or pet zone so earn or spend in these areas for major luck and expansion in your world. Mars is motivating you to take action with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or manager as you transform something pretty powerful in a friendship, group or with an aspiration you are pursuing. There should be an agreement or meeting concerning real estate or a home matter that benefits as well.

Wednesday the Lights illuminate your work, health, pets and home or real estate arenas again so put effort into any and all of these areas for maximum results. There is something being hidden in all of this so make sure you are careful in your dealings with others that they are being truthful with you and vice versa that you are not hiding too much that could affect the work, health or pet situation down the road.

Thursday the partnership or representative comes through and there is a huge push towards a major aspiration or your social circle is opened up in some incredible way. Venus adjusts to Pluto so be clear about sexual or intimate boundaries where shared financial areas are concerned, especially where work/friendship borders lie, if you can get through this landmine, there is something very big waiting up the road.

Friday bring some challenging feelings with the partner, agent, manager, attorney, or specialist. This will be aimed at the home or real estate matter, living situation or family. Do your best to talk out what is upsetting you here.

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