Friday, August 7, 2009


The Pisces Moon Saturday is rushing in on the tides of Poseidon with all kinds of escapist energies beckoning you to fall away. With the frictional energies involved you may feel like driving home your romantic or artistic ambitions but there is going to be someone trying to dampen that energy a bit and some personal adjustment required. A great old film and a relaxing bath may be the way to go.

Sunday opens with surprising insights that inspire, write down your dreams and follow your own vision today. Once the Moon enters Aries she is going to square the lord of the underworld so emotions may be intense.


Saturday is by far more dreamy for you than the other signs, it is filled with illusion, fantasy, romantic or artistic ideas and for some of you the desire to escape reality through substances. Focus on what you need in a creative project or with a lover or child and then put your energy into a passionate talk or doing something inspired in the local scene. Saturn is the only damper in the work, health or pets zone.

Sunday is new idea time and either a fresh approach or unexpected meeting with someone all in the area of fantasy and film, research and mystical experience, hospitals and time working behind the scenes. Your ruler is going to make you feel like you need to break barriers on the career front but Pluto is squared so don’t push too hard against an immovable force.


There is a very dreamy energy around an aspiration, social occasion or friendship on Saturday and you will need to be willing to change your needs regarding home or property a bit to allow it in. Mars is pushing you to make or spend money with this situation or person but there seems to be added responsibility from creative projects, children or a lover here so do your best in wading through.

Sunday brings a new idea or surprise meeting through a party, friendship, group, networking event or in pursuing your aspirations. This is really interesting and may have found you late Saturday nite! A trip, media matter, educational pursuit, or legal issue is going to be front and center but you may not have everything you need yet to deal with it.


Whether it is your career or a major goal you have set for yourself, the energy on Saturday is all about fantasy and film, research and dealing with institutions, and putting in the time working behind the scenes in strategizing. You will need to adjust how your persona evolves through spoken or written word, getting involved locally and taking action to do something about your image or identity in the mix. The only damper seems to be limitations or responsibilities to home or mom.

Sunday brings a fresh idea or surprising meeting with someone who can give you a jolt on the career front. This is inspiring and you should be excited about what is occurring here. The challenge is going to be around a major financial issue, intimate contact or separation and how that makes you feel about a group or friendship.


Saturday is about the fantasy or research you are putting into a trip, media venture, educational matter, or legal issue. It’s a frictional day so there will be need to make personal adjustments around earned income here and to push yourself to tackle some private work in this that needs done. Talks with authority figures are someone sobering or focused on responsibilities.

Sunday brings a surprise or new approach to media, travel, education or legal matters and this should be exciting and inspiring, think outside the box and don’t be shy about meeting new people. Feelings about career or goals is up against Pluto by way of a partner, agent or attorney so push if you must but know they are the one with the power today.


The arts or a romantic matter are going deep on Saturday as you dive into intimacy or shared resources and how you are evolving your needs here. Adjustments to the power source are necessary as well as doing something with a friend or group involved. Saturn is the only damper today by way of earnings, so either limit what you spend or be ready to work a bit harder on making the money roll in.

Sunday brings an unexpected or exciting intimate encounter or a fresh new approach to the financial dilemma. The square between Moon and Pluto make for intense feelings that seem to revolve around education, travel, media, or legal matters tied to work, health or pets.


There may be a bit of a fog or confusion around a partner in your life today or someone who is representing you such as an agent or attorney. If you are involved in the arts this may be about a project you are connected with them in developing. You need to make some adjustments to what you need privately as well as put in some energy to push for your goals. The only limitation or damper is coming from your own sense of responsibility or authority with this person.

Sunday brings a surprise or fresh idea with the partner, agent or attorney. This is new and should give you some indication of how you feel about your independent nature in the matter and how your ideas are forming. The push to connect intimately or to deal with a financial matter, divorce or major change is really all about transforming your ability to love or create from a more powerful level, approach it this way.


Put your time on Saturday into an artistic approach to the work, health matter or time with a pet. You will need to make some personal adjustments on a friends behalf here and be willing to push at the doors of a media, travel, educational, or legal matter as well. The only damper today is a feeling of isolation or need to retreat. Don’t let Saturn work it’ way as depression today, there is too much to do.

Sunday brings a nice surprise or new approach to a work situation, health matter or pet. This is great energy for fresh starts and independent ways forward. Your feelings about a partner, agent or attorney are going to be intense today as Pluto gets into the mix to push a home, property or living situation issue up for assessment.


Saturday should be fun, it is an energy focused on creative projects, kids and true love but there will be friction to the mix and lots of artistic or romantic dreamtime pulling on you to address one or the other. You will do best by focusing on your needs where a goal or career ambition is concerned and find a way to express your passions either intimately or by tackling the financial matter. You may find the social event is limiting in some way or your obligations are feeling like work.

Sunday opens with feelings about the creative outlet, lover or child changing, or being inspired or deciding to take a new approach or connect in different ways. Feelings about work, health or pets are impassioned as you seek to discuss something in a powerful way here. Keep dogs out of dangerous neighborhoods and away from other dogs on the route that might be cantankerous today.


Home, property and foundations are what rule again this Saturday. You are either working on promoting the property, do what you can to connect with a partner, agent or attorney on this. Goals are requiring more work here so don’t burn out.

Sunday brings a change in feelings about home, property or your security needs and a new way of approaching the matter. You may get a nice surprise regarding the home as well. Feelings about your passions being expressed with a creative venture, lover or child are going to be in the mix today as you look at the major income issue on the table.


Plan to be extra busy locally on Saturday, you seem to be running without much break and the need to handle major finances is a big part of the drive behind this. Look at your needs here and know you can accomplish more than the usual amount of work today through fierce motivation. The only thing requiring more authority or limiting you in some way is the trip, promotion, educational or legal matter, breathe.

Sunday brings a real zinger of a great new idea your way, write down your dreams incase it arrives ultra early. Meeting new people in the daily grind is on the list as well and they will be there to show you a new approach or spark an interest. Your passionate pursuit of something related to home, living situation or property is going to be squaring Pluto in your sign so don’t mow down the competition by shear intimidation.


Making or spending money will be the place that dreamy or confused feelings arise on Saturday, look to artistic or romantic connections to play a part in what you are valuing here. You will need to make an adjustment in what you need due to a connection with a partner, agent or attorney and then dive into the creative project or deal with the lover or child as you handle the money. Outside money such as joint finances, settlements or loans is the only limiting or added responsibility in the mix.

Sunday brings a new idea about making or spending money and you may feel inspired to do something unique or outrageous in this area as your independence wants to come out and play via hard cold cash. Feelings are likely to well up in talks or meetings as what you have been trying so hard to keep private or hidden is about to burst.


The Moon is in your sign this weekend and is asking that you look again at yourself, your body, image, identity and needs. What you are doing at work and how you are perceived there is part of this so look at your image or physicality in this, there is also something draining you via pets or health today and more adjustments necessary. Mars is sparking you to tackle home or property matters and the only added responsibility or limitation is coming in through a partner, agent or attorney.

Sunday brings a nice surprise or a change in feelings about yourself, who you are and what you need to be true to your independent desires. Don’t be afraid to express your vision. Feelings about making or spending money are going to be intense as you deal with a powerful aspiration or something transforming within a group or friendship.


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