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You know how they ask if March is coming in like a lamb or a lion? Well March ‘ain’t got nothin’ on the first week of February my friends so buckle up, it’s going to be turbulent. Think: a rocket ship to the stars with your dreams on board, and you just have to maneuver around incoming alien launchers towards weeks end.

Venus, the goddess of love and money is taking her leave of ‘dreams and fantasy land’ Pisces, to move into ‘I want it now and I’m going for it’ Aries on Monday. She blasts her way in on the emotional shoulders of the goddess Moon’s two squares to Jupiter and Sun. What does this mean? Well that you are emotionally charged over ego issues, they feel really big today and there won’t be much to slow you down from going after what you want.

Tuesday is jammed with positive energy flow about feeling in sync with changes, new ideas, independence, responsibility, opening up and talking with others about your plans and then taking action. The Moon moves into Gemini in the evening and connects with Venus for good conversations and connections.

Wednesday doesn’t let up, in fact it amps up a notch further, as Mars changes signs. Mars has been navigating the realm of Capricorn where he has wanted to take action on issues of authority, career, ambitions, reputation and goals. It has been about demonstrating your actions or passions within an acceptable system. Not anymore!

Today he dives headlong into Aquarius and the drive will be to do your own thing, express your unique vision, experiment in passions, and charge the hill for your preferred tribe of brothers or sisters as the cause may be. Moon meets Jupiter today to support you with positive, expansive emotions…look at it this way, most people are going to go for it today because with this combo, you will feel you are invincible.

Thursday is another story…a key date in the War in Heaven. It brings the second of five Saturn/Uranus oppositions along with a square between Venus and Pluto. OUCH. Seriously. Just breathe my friends, it is a long haul here until we reach the end in July 2010 and hey, those space rascals may love checking us out but we’re still rocking it here on Mother Earth . All joking aside, we are freeing ourselves from old paradigms and structures and rebuilding on the hope of the Aquarian ideal :)

Tear it down or let it go, I am telling you that if it doesn’t serve your higher good, or want you as much as you want it, you need to be a grown-up and make a tough decision. Trust the Universe will step up to meet you over the course of this arc. And I beseech you to be kind and to honor those in your path as you make these tough choices in life, absolutely everyone is moving through this on some level.

Venus/Pluto is in the mix today and unfortunately in this aspect can get ugly so do your spiritual best to use the energy towards transformation of a love or money issue rather than manipulation, obsession or worse.

Friday is a bit more simple. You just have to deal with the emotional fallout from the Saturn/Uranus, Venus/Pluto combo yesterday as you feel opposed to what was destroyed, what underwent major changes or transformed on a deep level. Your challenge today is to look at the bigger picture and find solutions to deal with the love or money issue before you at this moment in time. In other words, show up today for yourself and deal with today.


Welcome Venus into your sign with open arms, she is here to attract love or money your way. This is a wonderful time when you find you are noticed more, feel more motivated in the realm of love and money and find spending it on yourself a good thing. She plans to stay longer than normal in your sign so enjoy the gifts she brings! Money issues with friends are tricky today.

Tuesday is a day to focus on the money you earn by embracing change in work going on behind the scenes, new ideas that come by way of research, or a unique vision you have about some fantasy project. If your health is run down, you may take a trip to a hospital today to have yourself checked out and this is positive. Talks about career are golden, take meetings and reach out with your plans. Connect with friends tonight or find something to do locally for fun.

Wednesday your ruler enters Aquarius and it is a moment of arrival for you. You have been working on exciting new concepts or connections with a broader group of people and today you can begin to do something with this new course. Once again, this is a brilliant day to talk or meet with friends or colleagues.

Thursday buckle up, you knew this was coming. Saturn is digging in over health or your work assignments or some combination of the two, while Uranus is loosing the reigns of your fantasy and research world where dreams and spiritual/artistic expression break you through to the other side. Hospitals and other institutions are under this domain as well so you may be taking care of health once again under this degree. Venus/Pluto is pushing another change as you deal with your own needs or body and the issues with a boss, authority figure or career matter. Do NOT pit yourself against someone in a stronger position today.

Friday you will feel like being home or dealing with home or property matters. Pluto is still stirring the pot over reputation, career, bosses, or goals while Venus is putting focus on your need to be loved or feel solvent financially. Security will be the prime focus of the day as you deal.


Friends and social occasions will slow down a bit as Venus leaves your eleventh house for the twelfth on Monday. This is an indicator that you need to rest and recuperate a bit where love or money is concerned. Take time to research or fantasize in these areas as this is the best way to use the energy. If you are involved in money or love matters now, they will tend to take on a more hidden or private mantel. Feelings about where you stand on a career issue will challenge you enough to push forward.

Tuesday is a positive day all about you and your needs so take yourself out with friends, connect with your network and assoiates, do something solid towards creative outlets and dealing with loved ones, talk or meet about legal matters, publishing, media, travel, or education. You are favored in all of these areas. By evening the energy shifts to making money and positive energy flowing here from a female.

Wednesday Mars enters your house of career and goals. This is like a gun being fired through your ambitions. With the connection between Moon/Jupiter fueling good feelings about income and big expansion on the career front, today should be a huge motivator and the beginning of lots of activity here.

Thursday rocks the world in the second of five Saturn/Uranus challenges. Saturn is about the old way of doing, duty, work, responsibility and the structure you have come to understand around creative projects, with lovers and children, and Uranus is about breaking free to express your unique vision to the world at large in a new way, to connect with a unique band of friends and to find your individuality in original aspirations. Venus is amping up the days challenge with a female working behind the scenes or a love or money issue that is tied to fantasy work, research, secrets, or institutions. Pluto is forcing change to legal, travel, media or education issues. Big day.

Friday brings emotions into the local realm, dealing with the way you are thinking about the situation and how you are communicating this to others. Pace yourself as you open talks with those in power in publishing, travel, media, legal, or educational matters. Your need to keep love or money issues private is tested.


The week should open for you on a wonderful high as your ruler, Mercury, has FINALLY gone Direct, freeing up your mind, while Venus slips into the house of friendships, social functions, associations, and aspirations on Monday. What does this mean for dear Gemini? Well dust off your party shoes and pull out your book of numbers because you should now find you are the belle of the ball. Love and money is flowing through your friendships now. The square between Moon and Sun/Jupiter may have you feeling like resting another day which is fine, take your time, the weeks ahead will be flowing with invites.

Tuesday is about taking time for yourself in private, resting, doing your research, putting time into fantasy or work behind the scenes. If you need to deal with an institution, do it today. Any of this can facilitate new horizons on the career front, embracing change, solid foundations and results regarding home or property, positive talks or meetings about joint finance, divorce, death or sexual intimacy. The Moon moves into your sign tonight and connects with Venus, spend time with a friend.

Wednesday Mars enters the part of your chart associated with legal matters, beliefs, media, promotion and publishing, teaching and higher education, as well as travel and people at a distance. This is where you can now take action, express passion or release anger.

Thursday brings the second opposition in the ongoing battle between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is holding you to the roots of your past, to home or property, foundations you have built and the responsibility you have for your security, while Uranus is pushing you to break new ground with career, find your unique voice in ambitions and express your individuality in the public eye. Venus is acting through a friend or association today and will be about love or money. Pluto is acting through joint finances, divorce, sex or death. There is an exact square between them so you will be challenged as you navigate the two.

Friday you get to deal with how you feel about income and possessions, looking at the money you make or spending it on something. In the midst of this is your powerful change in opposition occurring with a joint or outside money source, divorce, death or intimacy issue. Venus is still taking the form of a friend pushing you to step up to the challenge over love or money.


Venus enters your career Midheaven on Monday and opens up a wonderful time for you to attract more love or money via your most ardent goals. Your reputation should be positive during this transit and the weeks ahead will help you to further your career or ambitions so take time to meet with those who you want to involve in your drive forward. Feelings about a friend and how money or intimacy is shared push you forward today as well.

Tuesday is about your friendships or aspirations as you embrace changes or new ways of doing things legally, through travel or people at a distance, in media, publishing or promotions, and as a teacher/student. Talks will be positive and serious and partnerships will play an important role today. By evening you can take time to rest or retreat to deal with a goal in private.

Wednesday Mars enters your house of sex, intimacy, death, divorce, joint finances and all other forms of outside money. This is the power part of the chart and this is where you will now be able to take action or express passion or anger. Fantasy, research or work done behind the scenes is favored in this today.

Thursday brings the gods to bear as you meet the next stage of opposition between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is holding on to old ways of thinking and serious ways of expressing your thoughts, authority in the written word and duty to the neighborhood or siblings, while Uranus is pushing for new roads forward, independence and unique self-expression through media, publishing, promotion, travel or people at a distance, legal avenues, and teaching or higher education. Venus and Pluto are in challenge between a female on the career front or money/love goal, and powerful changes in partnership.

Friday your feelings need to be on you, your body, image, and ego needs, as you deal with the powerful opposition coming through change in partnership or power issues with partners. Venus asks you look at how you are feeling about your needs being met in relation to this woman or goal of love or money.


Venus moves into the higher vibrations in your chart on Monday, bringing smooth sailing for you in areas of travel, education, people at a distance, media, publishing, law and beliefs. Love and money find you here. Feelings about certain goals are at odds with your expanding needs in partnership or by the partnership expanding on it’s own in some way.

Tuesday is about career, goals, ambition, fame or father. Look positively at all change or unconventional approach to outside money sources, get serious about making money and put your money where your goals are, meet and talk about the work you do or new work assignments as well as health issues. Once the Moon enters Gemini you will wish to connect with friends and share ideas.

Wednesday Mars moves into Aquarius and gets things moving again with partners. This is the time to take action or express passion or anger with romantic partners, business partners, or people who represent you such as agents, managers or attorneys. Your feelings about your aspirations here and camaraderie are under great energy for expansion one way or the other.

Thursday brings a peak in the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition with Saturn demanding old ways of earning money, restrictions or hard work through income, while Uranus is trying to set you free in ways of sharing yourself, either through joint finances, outside money sources, sex or intimacy. Uranus is working in the house also associated with death and divorce so some Leo’s will be dealing with income out of necessity. Venus/Pluto is acting out between love or money issues tied to law, media, education or travel, and big changes to work or health.

Friday you will feel like retreating, resting or recuperating as you get your emotions around the big changes in work or health, as well as deal with any money or love issues with travel, media, law or education.


Venus enters your eighth house on Monday and brings an easier time with sexual relationships and in dealing with outside money sources, joint finances, death, or divorce. This is a passionate or smooth sailing time in dealing with love or money here. The expansion occurring regarding work assignments or health is potentially frustrating your feelings about travel, media, law or education.

Tuesday helps you get things done regarding a legal matter, travel plans, teaching or taking a class, or with media, publishing or promoting. The energy is positive so embrace change or new ways of approaching a partnership, take your own needs seriously and take responsibility for your body and identity, and talk or meet about creative projects, love or children. Once the Moon glides into Gemini your goals and career will be the focus. Connecting with a female intimately or dealing with outside money sources are both under positive stars now.

Wednesday Mars changes signs, moving into your work, health and pets zone. This is where you can tackle things, get them moving, take the initiative, apply action or passion. Your feelings about career or special goals are flowing in harmony with the work or health today, with potential for expansion.

Thursday brings the second Saturn/Uranus opposition to a head and this is playing out over the individual/partnership axis for you. Saturn is trying to get you to hold on to your old identity or ego needs, to take yourself seriously, to work on yourself or make you feel your needs or physical body are being limited or restricted, while Uranus is breaking free through partners with new ideas, shocking surprises and independent desires. Venus and Pluto are fueling the fires: Venus by bringing up love/sex/money issues that you share with another while Pluto rampages in the house of true love and creativity. Power plays, manipulation, obsessions or transformation.

Friday your emotions are going to focus on friendships and associations as well as your aspirations and dreams for yourself. Lean here as you deal with feelings about the change or deconstruction in love, creativity or with children. Sharing and intimacy may be tough today or supercharged with subterranean themes.


Venus enters your partnership house on Monday bringing lovely energy to bear on all one-on-one relationships. This will help you find a smooth flow with romantic partners, business partners, as well as people who represent you such as agents, managers or attorneys. This is where you find the love and money now. You may find that you are feeling like connecting intimately today in a need to express your great love.

Tuesday is a day to focus on sex, intimacy, divorce, death, or any form of outside money such as loans, credit, taxes, insurance or joint finances. Use the positive thrust of energy here to make changes in the work or health situation, try new things, take some serious time to rest or meditate, research or visit a hospital, and open talks or take meetings about home, property or the foundations you are building. Once the Moon enters Gemini you will want to connect with a partner about legal matters, travel, education or media/promotional ideas.

Wednesday Mars enters your house of creative projects, true love and children. You will see these things finally moving forward, the action and passion as well as some occasional anger will be here. There is an amazing flow to expansion in love or creative outlets today by way of legal, media, travel or educational means.

Thursday brings the second in the ongoing opposition between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn will be working on depression, retreat, isolation, fantasy or escapism, time in institutions such as hospitals or prisons, and through research or secrets. There is a hold from the past here that needs to break free. Uranus is doing his best to find that freedom through the kind of work you do, the service you provide or through ways of approaching your health, you may see another change or surprise here today. Venus and Pluto are going at it as Venus takes the role of a partner representing love or money issues and Pluto threatens to change something involving home, property or security needs.

Friday your career or goals are focal as you deal with the change or transformation regarding home, property or foundations. Venus is still in the mix as an obstacle that needs surmounting by way of love or money issues with a partner.


You should feel the entry of Venus into your health and work zone as a wonderful breath of fresh air on Monday. This is going to bring a calm and helpful sense of getting what you need over the next months in the jobs you take on, the people you hire, your interaction with pets and other small animals, and in taking care of your health. Feelings about partnership are challenging today over home or security issues.

Tuesday is a day to focus on your feelings about partnership and people who represent you in some manner. You can deal with romantic or business partners or reach out to agents, managers or attorneys. Embrace new ways of creative expression and surprises or changes in love, take on more social responsibility or extend the partnership to involve a friendship, and open up all lines of communication. The evening is best suited to dealing with financial matters concerning work or health.

Wednesday Mars enters your home arena and this is where the action is going to be. If you want to renovate or move, buy or sell, you now have lots of motivating energy behind you to get the ball rolling. You may see a male enter or leave the home environment under this placement. Feelings about the expansion occurring in the home environment should be positive today as you see harmony in the realm of sharing, intimacy and outside money sources tied to this.

Thursday the second Saturn/Uranus opposition is exact and is pulling you in two different directions. Saturn wants you to stay with your old group of friends or aspirations, to do the work or take responsibility with this clan or dream, while Uranus is asking for new horizons and change through the doors of true love, creative projects, or children. Along with this opposition is the Venus/Pluto square that is likely to have you communicating in an overly powerful way today about work, health or pets, or see this play out over changes to your written word tied to work or health. Take care with what you say and how you say it today, you will not be able to undo it later in any easy manner.

Friday you will be focusing your emotional energy on legal, travel, educational, or media related solutions to the intense communication or major change to your written word. Feelings are still overturned by the work, health or pet issue and very likely a woman playing a role in the issue. Love or money on the line.


Venus enters your house of creative projects, true love and children on Monday and will be touring this part of your chart for a longer than normal time due to the impending retrograde of Venus in March. So take full advantage of this beautiful placement to find your hearts desire and express your inner child. You may feel challenged to express your expanding needs regarding a work or health issue today, let it out, it will be better for you than holding it in.

Tuesday the focus is in health, pets or work assignments. You need to embrace any changes at home or with property as well as find unique ways to express your work or health at home, take on more responsibility towards your goals and career, and open up talks about income. The energy is favoring you in all of this today. The evening looks like a positive flow between partnership and love, creativity or children.

Wednesday Mars enters your communications zone. This will bring more fire to your words, more activity in your local environment and with siblings and more passion to your ideas. Just watch for anger in what you speak. Feelings about partners are under positive expansive stars tonight so open up and share your passionate feelings.

Thursday the second Saturn/Uranus opposition is exact. Saturn is pushing you to hang on to your old career or goals in life, to play it safe and to hold onto the status quo while Uranus is pushing you to make changes at the roots of your chart, to where you live and how you express your home life. The Venus/Pluto square is challenging over changes in income tied to loved ones or creative projects, or spending on something to try to control or manipulate either a lover, child or creative project.

Friday your feelings are going to be very intense and deep as you deal with the changes to income level and the obstacle set in your path by a female you love or tied to your creative projects. This pattern can potentially cause a sexual obsession so if you feel yourself sliding in this direction, hold yourself up to your highest standards for yourself.


Venus is entering your home base on Monday and will be here for a few months. This is wonderful news for you as it helps you to establish a beautiful retreat and haven here as well as to attract money to the situation if you are trying to sell or buy. Feelings about loved ones or creative projects may be a bit challenging today as you spend more money on your own needs or struggle with a larger sum of money.

Tuesday the focus should be on lovers, children, recreation, speculation or creative projects. Uranus is bringing surprising news or a different approach in communicating in these areas, don’t be afraid to ask for what you need today even if it is unusual, commit to legal avenues, media, education, or travel plans regarding loved ones or creativity, and open up talks about your feelings in where you stand in the whole picture. The energy favors you in all of this. Once the Moon moves into Gemini you can focus on work or health at home.

Wednesday Mars changes signs, moving into your income zone. This will put a fire under your earnings and possessions, helping you take action regarding these things. Feelings about the work you do or your health should be positive under the current expansion occurring with the money you are making or spending.

Thursday the Saturn/Uranus opposition is exact for the second time. Saturn is trying to get you to hold onto the tried and true methods of the past involving the law, your higher education, teaching, travel, with people at a distance, media, publishing, and promotions. Uranus on the other hand says isn’t it about time you had a new way of thinking about the world, step out with the written word, speak your mind in an original manner, do something completely different involving the neighborhood you live in or with your sibling relationships. Venus and Pluto are squaring between home and your personal needs and the energy is intense so take care. You may have to deal with a financial issue here today.

Friday partnerships will be the focus of your feelings as you look at the intense changes that are rocking your image, identity, body, or ego needs in the situation. The bone of contention seems to be the house or something rooted at the bottom of your chart. Love or money is key.


Venus is moving into your third house of communications, short trips, neighborhood, and siblings on Monday. This is going to be a nice, long transit that helps words to flow smoothly, your mind to find peace in it’s surroundings and for you to attract what you need in your local environment. Feelings about where you are living are a bit challenging today as you expand in your own independent needs.

Tuesday the focus will be on your home, property or foundations you are building. Embrace changes or new approaches to earning a living, take responsibility or put in time with issues regarding any joint finances, debt, credit, loans, alimony, child support, divorce, death, or sexual intimacy. Talks about fantasy, research, dealings with institutions, or escapist issues are harmonious as well. The day supports you in all of these topics. Once the Moon enters your house of lovers, children and creativity you will have the opportunity for a very positive talk about love or money. A female may be key.

Wednesday Mars enters your sign and you will have so much more energy and motivation to take care of your own needs, to get active physically and to enjoy more passion in life. The Moon’s placement today suggests you should be very happy about how you are expanding your own needs at this juncture and the love and creative expression you are seeking.

Thursday Saturn and Uranus take their second stand against one another across the heavens and you will feel this in the areas of money and sharing. Saturn is pushing you to dig in and hold onto joint finances, shared resources, a sexual intimate or way of expressing your sexuality, and possibly playing out on the more intense fields of death or divorce, while Uranus is pushing you to be innovative, unique, and find fresh new ways of making a living. The Venus/Pluto square is making for some intense inner shifts and communications about love or money. Secrets spill under this placement so take care what you inadvertently say.

Friday feelings about work, health or pets will likely take the day as you deal with what has changed in your inner world, in dealings with institutions, research or fantasy, or in secrets that came forward. Talks will still be challenging regarding this today. If you are staging an intervention, this is the week.


Venus enters your income zone on Monday and you can breathe a sigh of relief as she begins to do her magic here over the next few months. Making money and the desire to spend it on beautiful things will both be smooth sailing now so watch your expenditures. You will likely feel like expressing your needs for expansion in some fantasy related work, in research or work behind the scenes, or in something relating to hospitals or other institutions today. If an obstacle presents itself, be prepared to find an alternative route.

Tuesday the energy is focused on short trips, the neighborhood, talks and meetings, writing, and siblings. You should embrace new forms expressing your individuality relating to any of these, getting serious or dealing with serious matters with partners, and talking about aspirations as well as meeting up with friends. All of these combinations are favored for you. The Moon enters your home base tonight and making or spending money here is favored.

Mars enters your hidden part of the chart on Wednesday and takes your vital energy to take action into retreat mode. This is a time when your energies may be lower than normal or when you may want to put your action into rest, recuperation, hospitals, fantasy work, research, or meditations. You should feel pretty good about home today.

Thursday brings the second Saturn/Uranus opposition playing out between partnership and individuality. Saturn wants you to stay with the status quo in partnership, hold onto the old, feel duty or burden, limit or restriction here, while Uranus is pushing you to find freedom in your independence, doing something unique with your body, image, identity or in expressing your ego needs. The Venus/Pluto square is playing out between income and friendships or aspirations. This can be powerfully intense and be a challenge over love or money in some manipulative or obsessive way.

Friday feelings shift to lovers, children or creative projects and how you in any way feel opposed by the changes in aspirations or changes brought on you by friends or associates. Finding solutions with the income will be another part of the equation.


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