Saturday, November 1, 2008

Zoe's November Monthly Forecast

November is going to be a month to remember. Neptune will station Direct as it begins, Uranus as it closes, bringing spiritual connections and visionary ideas forward and out into the world. Mercury will take our thinking into the deep, transformational realms of power and sharing as the month begins, then on into our philosophical ideals and adventurous spirit as the month winds down.
Come mid-month, Venus motivates love and money energy towards a more structured, ambitious definition. Mars will push us to take action in expanding our horizons, with the Sun and Mercury closely following to bring a strong desire to be understood and seen from our higher ground.
All of this, while Pluto moves through the last critical degree of Sagittarius, grinding the gears of power over the galactic center, tearing down the last vestiges of an old order that no longer supports us and offering breakthrough moments to step unequivocally into our own personal power. We are being called to our missions, heed the voice. At months’ end, Pluto enters Capricorn where he will spend the next 16 years remaking our governments, corporations, structures, ambitions, and idea of authority.
Besides all of this shifting energy, we have some very important aspects occurring between outer planets, urging us to reach for our spiritual truths and listen to our inner voices as we make personal choices that affect the world around us. Saturn is making the first of 5 oppositions to Uranus on Election Day. This is about a new balance beginning to form/tear apart between structure and change, authority and revolution, the system and the individual. What happens on this day is ONLY an opening move that will play out until the final aspect in July of 2010. Jupiter will help us push those gates wide open mid-month so we feel protected while venturing out towards our brand new vistas.
Lastly but not least, the Moon is reaching fullness this month in the sign of Taurus, asking us to look at what we value, how our possessions define us and why, what we hope to acquire by way of our personal destiny and what we are willing to bring to a head in order to achieve this. The New Moon at months’ end is in the sign of the Sage. This will be a momentous turning point, on the heels of Pluto’s shift, we are being given the push of a lifetime onto our spiritual path, out into the world, time to commit to your personal quest, your souls journey. Something is MEANT to begin coming apart in your world now, look to see what this is by what is occurring at this first opposition, the more you embrace and work with finding new avenues in this area forward, the easier it will be for you.
You have been ruminating over those aspirations of yours for a while now. Whether you define them as romance, artistic expression or spiritual enlightenment, Neptune is going to raise them up this month if you listen to your inner voice and trust in spirit. Friends are going to be the roadway in.
By the 4th, talks will grow more intimate. There will be a sense of weighty transformation in your closest connections. News may be intense. Take care that you don’t let your passions overwhelm you today, as you are so close you may feel as though you must push on through. The structural change that is coming over the next year and a half for you between Saturn/Uranus plays out between the work you do and your inner spiritual connection that wishes for more freedom and fantasy. For some Aries, this period will be about finding unique solutions to health issues, redefining how you care for your body.
The goddess of love and money enters Capricorn on the 12th, meeting up with Pluto before she crosses the threshold. This is a power day for you so shift your attention to your goals, ambitions, career and reputation. Look to females for support and opportunity.
The Full Moon on the 13th occurs in your earnings sector. This means that one way of making money may be wrapping up or that you may be celebrating an income that is peaking in some way. Your possessions are involved with this moment as well as what you value. Look at what surrounds you and make a conscious decision to let go of what no longer serves your journey forward. Jupiter and Uranus are forming an amazing aspect today, helping you to go after or achieve something you have dreamed of for a while now. Once again, release the past, embrace the future.
Your ruler enters Sagittarius on the 16th and you will find that you have more energy to strive towards expanding your boundaries, learning new things, travel, taking on legal issues, marketing yourself and following your spiritual path. Talks and meetings should be laden with opportunity to tackle anything in these realms.
From the 21st-23rd, the Sun and Mercury move into this arena, helping you to shine in all things media related, legal, adventurous, tied to travel or beliefs, education or philosophy. The Jupiter/Saturn trine during this time helps you put luck and solid structures around career and work, health and goals.
Pluto enters Capricorn on the 26th, a moment that is destined to change your life as you know it. This is the beginning of a complete overhaul of your career, goals, reputation, and ambitions. Pluto enters at times with a bang, meaning you may see a goal or career blowup before you, this is happening because you are ready to step into something bigger. You will be changing in ways over the next 16 years that lead you towards authority, power of position, and ultimately reaching for your souls’ peak expression before the world.
Uranus turns Direct on the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 27th. This brings lots of inventive fantasy energy into your life, filmmakers and writers are going to be thrilled. Private matters that you have been mulling over can now find unique ways to express themselves, new breakthroughs in research and dealing with hospitals or other institutions open up as well. The New Moon energy is offering you two strong weeks to take steps towards expanding your education, taking a teaching position, making something legal, traveling or booking tickets, publishing or promoting. Put it out there.
Neptune stationing Direct in your career Midheaven is good news for you as the month begins. This means that your intuition will be back on track regarding your goals, artistic inspiration, romantic ambitions, spiritual authority, and they are all are working for you again.
Your ruler is bringing shared financial energy up for evaluation at this time as well, look to those who are closest to you in helping you hammer out workable solutions. You may need to do some creative money moves to get on top of the situation.
Mercury’s move into Scorpio on the 4th is going to help you think about what you need in partnership. Talks open up and if you need to meet to discuss parameters of the relationship, this is the time. News may be intense. If you have had a hunch about something, secrets may be revealed now. The Mars/Neptune square today means that goals may be a bit foggy, you or your partner’s actions will likely demonstrate this.
The Saturn/Uranus opposition is also exact today and this energy that will be restructuring or breaking free over the next year and a half for you, is occurring between your commitment to loved ones and creativity, and needing freedom to pursue aspirations and socialize. This is round one of five so pay attention to what comes up for you.
On the 12th your ruler meets up with Pluto and then enters Capricorn. This is helping you attract money or attention in the arenas of travel, publishing, education or law. Women are going to be good for you in these areas now.
The Full Moon on the 13th is in your sign. This is a peak moment for you. There may be some form of celebration, you may see your name or image out in the public eye, or you could be ending one form of personal identity in the world. If you have been working on your physical body, you should see rewards for your efforts now or if you have had physical problems, they will likely peak now. A trip to see a friend or a surprise visit from a friend should bring joy.
Mars enters your shared resources and intimacy zone on the 16th helping you to get busy here, go after loans, take care of debt, engage in a passionate exchange. Talks about partnership are under positive stars today. Sun and Mercury follow suit, entering your shared resource zone between the 21st and 23rd, giving you a boost in communications and meetings regarding money or intimacy, you shine.
Pluto enters Capricorn on the 26th and begins his intense journey through higher education, learning or teaching, publishing, promoting and media, the law, and travel. This is where you will see your world transform, so embrace changes here and be willing to step into your own power through these doors. Remember that when Pluto enters, he is prone to be destructive first, to make way for the next level that you are ready to learn and master. There is evolutionary energy for your souls growth in what is happening.
Uranus stations Direct on the 27th as the New Moon in Sagittarius takes place. This is as well, a big day. The exciting, innovative energy of change is going to move forward in your friendship zone so you may see a friend exit suddenly now or meet some highly interesting people who become significant over the next year or so in your life. Aspirations tied to humanitarian or technological ideas can move ahead as well. The New Moon gives you seeding energy with outside money sources so apply for loans or take steps to consolidate debt. New intimate encounters are possible as well.
Your artistic or spiritual ambitions related to publishing, education, promotion, travel, or law will finally find their voice now that Neptune is heading forward again. Romance and higher forms of love are at a distance for you now or expanding your horizons. You meet love through teaching, learning, travel, publishing, or law. Your desire to partner for love or money is meeting some challenges regarding responsibility to home and changes on the career front.
The 4th is a dynamic day as meetings and communications heat up around work or health. It is important to dig deeper in these areas now and ask questions. The Saturn/Uranus opposition that is beginning today is about your structures in your home base and secure foundation on one hand and making changes to your career direction and goals on the other. Finding balance between these two opposites will be focal over the next year and a half.
Venus embraces Pluto and then enters into your shared resources and intimacy zone on the 12th. This should make sharing of finances go more smoothly and bring the ability to attract what you need in outside money sources. You may find that you are attracting attention in a sexual manner now as well.
The Full Moon that follows on the 13th is bringing something you have been working on behind the scenes to culmination. You may be bringing a fantasy project to it’s conclusion or celebrating something in private. A hospital stay may finally wrap now as well. This may also represent the time you have been spending in retreat is coming to an end, you are ready to come out strong in the world in a few weeks. Jupiter and Uranus are meeting up to help you expand through shared resources to reach your goals in some innovative ways.
When Mars enters Sagittarius on the 16th, you may see the arrival of a male partner on the scene. This is triggering lots of activity with significant others and business partners now. Passions or aggressions can both heat up with this person. Talks are positive around work and goals.
The Sun and Mercury enter your partnership zone between the 21st and 23rd to help you open up talks, meet and focus on your partnership needs. The Jupiter/Saturn connection here is once again harmonizing expansion through shared resources, this time to building solid structures underneath yourself, commit and contract or sever and legalize.
Pluto’s move into Capricorn on the 26th is a very heavy shift for you. You have been hosting the deconstructive energy of the great transformer in your partnership house for 13 years, now the power shifts to transform through joint finances, loans, credit, debt, divorce, death, settlements, alimony, child support, insurance, taxes, inheritance, and sex. Pluto tends to enter destructively so you may see one of these arenas triggered in a big way as he is helping to clear the path for your major growth in these arenas up ahead. Prepare to find yourself going deeper with others, looking for what lies beneath the surface, meeting powerful people who will help you to step into your own power through shared agendas.
Uranus stations Direct on the 27th. There is a New Moon in Sagittarius today as well. This means that original ideas, goals that are technologically based or geared towards humanitarian needs can now move forward. Career innovations and unique opportunities open up. The New Moon speaks of entering partnerships now or initiating new changes here for best results.
It has been hard to get the backing of others, to find loans or credit for your artistic or spiritual goals, or to marry romance with intimacy. On the 2nd, Neptune stations Direct in this arena and you will finally see some headway. Venus is helping you go after the money in the work you do or through a woman tied to work or health. Serious communications are necessary as well as some changes to travel, education, legal, or publishing plans.
Mercury is entering your true love, children and creativity zone on the 4th for what looks to be an interesting day. You may hear from a lover, meet one, or put out word now about your creative endeavors. Mars/Neptune square will push you to take action, either in passionate embrace or pursuing money towards creative projects. The Saturn/Uranus opposition that begins today will be redefining your authority as a communicator, writer or in your local environment as you balance that against innovation and originality through publishing, travel, education, beliefs and law.
Venus is going to chat with Pluto as she moves into Capricorn on the 12th about her needs in love and money with partners. This is a day to begin building your empire with another.
The Full Moon in Taurus on the 13th brings one friendship to an end or you will be celebrating something together. This could also be the culmination of a group effort, affiliation or specific aspiration of yours. Jupiter and Uranus connect for opportunity to partner with someone in publishing, legally, through education, travel or long distance doing something innovative, original or connected to internet, technology, humanitarian, flight or even astrology oriented.
Mars is entering Sagittarius on the 16th to bring more energy into the work you do, motivation to tackle health and deal with pets. Talks or meetings about love, children or creativity are under amazing stars today.
The Sun and Mercury follow Mars into your work, health and pet zone between the 21st and 23rd. So expect to be talking and meeting more during this period about these things. Jupiter/Saturn connect for very supportive, solid talks with partners about expansion, committing, work, or contracts.
Pluto enters Capricorn on the 26th to begin his 16 year journey through your house of significant others, business partners, and people who represent you such as agents, managers or attorneys. This is going to begin a time when you will find you are meeting and working with powerful people who will help you redefine your own definition of power. As Pluto enters, he can be destructive so you may find you are dealing with a blow up now to make room for what is to come up ahead.
Uranus stations Direct on the same day that the Moon is New in Sagittarius on the 27th. This brings your ability to move forward with original ideas and technology through publishing, education, travel, and legal channels. The New Moon energy gives you two strong weeks to begin new work routines, take on new work, initiate new health regimes or begin something new with a pet.
With Neptune’s station Direct on the 2nd, you will begin to see your partnership begin to move forward again on a romantic, artistic or spiritual path. Venus is asking that you address issues regarding love and money on the 3rd. This means getting serious about income and how it is spent and looking at changes to joint finances.
Mercury’s move into Scorpio on the 4th opens up deep conversations about where you live, your home and property, as well as security needs. Mars is pushing Neptune today wanting some form of action around the home with a partner. The Saturn/Uranus opposition that begins today will be in effect over the next year and a half. It is going to test the foundations of my money verses our money, the structures around what you earn and possess against the changes occurring with joint finances, outside money sources and intimacy.
Venus is active on the 12th as she brings some heavy influences to love and money around the work you do, a health issue or a pet. You should find that these arenas flow more smoothly now and that you can attract what you need here.
The Taurus Full Moon on the 13th is bringing a career matter to a head or a goal to fruition. You may be celebrating a promotion or a job well done. This time of the year can be when your name hits the news or you are recognized for some contribution. You may also see a career or goal wrap up now. The Jupiter/Uranus connection today is about opportunity for happiness or prosperity through work you do or your health tied to a nice change in outside money sources.
Mars enters Sagittarius on the 16th to stir things up in your house of true love, children and creativity. There should be lots of motivation for passion and activities that are enjoyable now. Talks or meetings about home or property are under very positive stars.
From the 21st-23rd the Sun and Mercury move into this same arena of true love, children and creativity. Look for talks and meetings to be about these topics as you will feel illuminated in these areas. Jupiter and Saturn are going to help you to expand your work and make money now.
Pluto enters Capricorn on the 26th and brings his intense deconstructive energy into your house of work, health and pets. This begins a 16 year course of finding your own personal power through these doors and transforming yourself and the world around you through what you gain here. If you see something blow up in one of these areas now, it is because Pluto can be destructive as he enters a new sign, he will take something out to make room up ahead if it is in any way going to conflict with your growth. If you see this in your health, please take it seriously because the sooner you get your health straight and embrace better lifestyle choices, the easier Pluto’s journey will be, you can master this now if you do.
On the 27th the New Moon falls in Sagittarius as Uranus stations Direct. This means that you have two strong weeks to initiate new beginnings with lovers, children and creative projects. You may meet a new love interest now, conceive, or begin writing your manuscript. Uranus is taking innovative ideas and changes forward now around joint finances, outside resources and sexual intimacy. Love could really take an interesting turn now.
Neptune rules dreams, the arts, romance and spiritual connection to source. On the 2nd, he is going to station Direct in your house of work, health and pets. This is a great time to push forward in these areas along your highest path. Venus is demanding an issue of love or money around the home be addressed on the 3rd. A female may be involved as you deal with commitments to social obligations and surprises or changes with partnership.
Mercury enters Scorpio on the 4th helping you to go deep in your communications with others. One verbal power struggle may arise over something disillusioning around work or health, it could even be over a pet. Choose your words carefully as Mars is on the edge today. The Saturn/Uranus opposition that begins today will be in effect over the next year and a half as it works to find balance between personal authority and commitment and the changes around partnering.
Venus is going to make her way into your true love, children and creative zone on the 12th after chatting it up with Pluto. This should begin a time when your love affairs run more smoothly, you may meet an interesting female now who inspires, and creative output should rise. If you conceive during this time it is likely to be a girl.
The Full Moon in Taurus on the 13th is bringing something at a distance, involving travel, education, media, publishing or promoting, or something legal, to a head now. Celebrations or endings are in line. Jupiter and Uranus are meeting up for some positive opportunity for love and partnership or creativity and partnership. It may surprise you!
Mars enters Sagittarius on the 16th and things start to happen on the home front. You may move at this time or see a lot of activity around home and property. A male may be involved. Talks or meetings about partnership, love, creativity, children and yourself are under positive stars.
The Sun and Mercury follow Mars into Sagittarius between the 21st and 23rd bringing more talks and meetings about where you live, home, property or security needs. Jupiter meets with Saturn bringing happiness and stability between love or creativity and your own needs.
Pluto enters Capricorn on the 26th to begin a new 16 year cycle for you in how you experience true love, children and creativity with the intent to bring you into your own power in these arenas. This is transformational energy that is bound to bring some powerful people and experiences into your life. Pluto can be destructive as he enters so you may first see something come apart here first to make room for what you will be mastering up ahead.
Uranus stations Direct on the same day that the New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on the 27th. This allows changes, independence and unique ideas to move forward around partnership for you at the same time that you are given two strong New Moon energy weeks to initiate new beginnings on the home front, with property and foundations.
Oh those romantic Neptune vibes! They are turning Direct in your house of true love, children, fun, and creativity house on the 2nd. Forward you finally go again, look at artistic expression and spiritual reform here as well.
Your ruler is involved in serious talks about the work going on behind the scenes and money or love on the 3rd. Changes in work assignments or health should be shared now as well.
Mercury opens up talks and meetings regarding income on the 4th while Mars stimulates you to take some action. Look to clear the fog with a loved one or regarding a creative project and how this ties into the income today. The Saturn/Uranus opposition that opens today begins a year and a half energy flow between structures involving hospitals, prisons, research, fantasy work, and any self undoing, and the changes that you need to see happen in the work you are doing and your approach to health.
On the 12th, your ruler is going to meet up with Pluto and change signs, entering Capricorn. This is going to open up a great time for you to make lovely changes to the home or property. Invest money here or sell, redecorate or invite love into the home.
The Taurus Full Moon on the 13th brings a loan or credit issue to a peak or ending, you may pay off an installment book now or see a bankruptcy or divorce finalize. You could celebrate a settlement now as well. Jupiter and Uranus are meeting today to expand potential with home and property through change in work you are doing. If you sell houses, today may land a surprise sale in your lap.
Mars is going to stimulate more talks and meetings as well as activity in your neighborhood and with siblings on the 16th. Talks about the money you earn and spend are under very favorable stars today.
The Sun and Mercury follow Mars into Sagittarius between the 21st and 23rd adding more chance to come to agreements, open up dialog and meet with those you need to. The Jupiter/Saturn trine now links expansion in the home or with property, to serious work and commitment behind the scenes, through research, fantasy and in dealing with institutions. Work brings luck.
Pluto enters Capricorn on the 26th. So begins a 16 year cycle that will completely overhaul where you live and with whom. Look to the structures of home and property and how you can build your power base from strong foundations. Pluto can be destructive as he enters so watch home, property, security needs and foundations. Anything that goes now is meant to make room for what you are going to master up ahead.
Uranus stations Direct on the 27th. This means that change can now move forward in the work you do and with health and pet matters. Unique ideas and innovations are favored. The New Moon today in Sagittarius opens up two strong weeks to seed new beginnings in the local environment, neighborhood, with siblings, and in talks and meetings.
Neptune stations Direct on the 2nd in the area of your chart associated with home and property. This means that any fog or confusion should clear up and that applying artistic expression or finding romantic energy here can finally move forward. This is great news for interior decorators.
A T-square is forming with Venus/Saturn/Uranus on the 3rd that is going to be a money/income stimulator for you. An older friend and a change occurring with loved ones or creativity play into the energy.
Mercury enters your sign on the 4th so if you think you have not been understood lately, this day should find the word going out, communications flooding in and meetings being scheduled. Mars may push your buttons to do something about home or property. The Saturn/Uranus opposition that begins today starts a year and a half process of rebalancing the structure, sense of authority and time involved with friends and aspirations, along with changes in the way you have fun, love and create.
Venus is entering your communications zone on the 12th. Talks with women are favored by this. Look to find love and money issues playing out in the neighborhood and through talks.
The Taurus Full Moon on the 13th brings a partnership to a head for you. This will be a time of celebrating a union or possibly seeing one end. Jupiter and Uranus are bringing beneficial talks about changes with lovers, children or creative output. Luck and change are on your side.
Mars will get things moving in your money making house on the 16th. This is a great time to go after more pay. Talks are focused on your needs and under lucky stars today. Open up with friends and loved ones.
From the 21st to 23rd, the Sun and Mercury will enter the same income zone so look to schedule meetings and talk more heavily at this time. Jupiter and Saturn meet up now allowing you to communicate luckily with friends, associates and share aspirations in a beneficial way.
Pluto enters Capricorn on the 26th. This is the beginning of a 16 year chapter where you will learn about your personal power through the things you say, write, hear, do in your local arena, and with siblings. Expect to completely deconstruct and rebuild in this arena as you embrace your voice. Pluto may make his presence known in some big way as he enters, deconstructing in one of these arenas to make the path clear for your forward progress and mastery here.
Uranus stations Direct on the 27th allowing the fresh air into your true love, creativity and children house. This is a time for more freedom and experiment, where new and original ideas can finally move forward. The New Moon in Sagittarius today gives you the opportunity to begin a new means of earning money or go after more income in the current occupation.
You may now find the words to express your imagination as Neptune stations Direct on the 2nd. This brings romance and artistic energy into your local environment and communications reflect this.
The 3rd is a bit challenging as you deal with a money or love issue that you are involved in. This involves an older authority figure or more work on the career front, as well as changes in the home.
The entry of Mercury into Scorpio on the 4th begins a time of quiet talks behind closed doors and information that is kept secret. Mars may stimulate your passions today in the form of a clandestine rendezvous. The Saturn/Uranus opposition that begins now is going to color the next year and a half as the balance between building up structures and freedom are felt. This plays out for you between career/goals and home/property. Expect big changes here over this period.
Venus brings an easier time with making money and a new found joy in spending it on beautiful items on the 12th. The Full Moon in Taurus on the following day means a celebration or ending to something you are working on or a health issue. The Jupiter/Uranus connection speaks of opportunity to make or spend a large amount of money on home or property.
Mars enters your sign on the 16th and this will bring you a big boost in vital energy. It is a great time to begin a physical work out regime. Put time in today on research or working behind the scenes on a project, it should pay off.
The Sun and Mercury both enter your sign between the 21st and 23rd, amping up your personal magnetism and opening up invitations and communications. Jupiter and Saturn connect to bring expansion and stability between income and home, so making money from home or spending it on property is favored.
Pluto enters Capricorn on the 26th bringing a new era to your world by way of income. This begins a 16 year process of deconstructing and rebuilding your earnings and rebuilding of your value system. Income and possessions will be a power source for you eventually through this. As Pluto enters, he may be destructive in one way or another here as he makes way for your power base to rise over the years ahead.
Uranus stations Direct on the 27th bringing some nice innovations and surprises to the home and property. The New Moon today is in your sign, thus beginning your new year. Take new steps with image, your physical body and ego needs now.
If you have had any confusion around how to make money or an income situation, Neptune’s station Direct on the 2nd should help to move things forward for you. Look to areas around the arts, romance and spirituality as inspiration.
The 3rd opens with Venus working up a fuss over love or money with Saturn and Uranus. This means that a secret may come out or snooping may open up information that was hidden up until now, talks may be surprising.
Mercury enters Scorpio on the 4th so get ready to spend more time with friends or at the very least, to hear from many who haven’t been around as much lately. Today is not the best day to lend money to a friend or get involved in a get rich quick scheme. The Saturn/Uranus opposition begins today and will color the next year and a half. Balance must be struck between responsibility to education, law, travel or publishing, and freedom in the local environment, of the mind, in writing and with siblings. Look at what happens today for clues.
Venus brings her wonderful gifts of attraction in love and money into your sign on the 12th. You are more likely to get noticed now and to attract what you need. Spending money on your image or body is favored.
The Full Moon in Taurus is bringing a celebration or ending to a love affair, creative project or matter involving a child. This can be a fun time of year when you get to express the depth of your joy. Jupiter and Uranus are meeting to bring happiness through spontaneous talks and meetings.
Mars takes the action behind the scenes on the 16th to help you tackle research, work on fantasy, dealing with institutions, or any form of escapist tendencies. Talks with friends are amazingly beneficial today.
Your private world is activated again as the Sun and Mercury both move here between the 21st and 23rd. This means quiet time alone, in mediation, reviewing your year and writing about where you want to go from here is beneficial. Jupiter and Saturn connect luckily today to bring stability through education, travel, higher beliefs, legal channels, and publishing.
Brace yourself. On the 26th, Pluto enters your sign where he is going to completely transform you through your body, image, identity and ego needs over the next 16 years. This is when you find your personal power and claim it. This is going to ultimately be an amazing time for you. Pluto can enter in a destructive way to remove what is tampering with your forward progress here, so if you have personal blowups, a physical problem or major change in identity now, take it seriously and tackle what you must so that you can embrace the powerful energy that is going to so amazingly change your life up ahead.
Uranus is stationing Direct on the 27th in your communications zone. Now you can share your innovative ideas and implement new ways of communicating or functioning in your local environment. The New Moon in Sagittarius is giving you two strong weeks to begin research projects, fantasy work, or dealing with institutions such as hospitals or prisons.
The fog is lifting! Neptune is stationing Direct in your sign on the 2nd and this offers you the chance to move forward physically with spiritual, romantic or artistic energy supporting you. Your image will benefit from this lovely turn in energy. You know what you want in these areas now.
Venus is contentious on the 3rd as you deal with a money issue. It is possible that this involves a female friend or your aspirations involving money or love.
Mercury enters Scorpio on the 4th and this is about lots of communications and meetings going on regarding your career and goals now. Mars is pushing you to make something happen today, just be careful with Neptune on the loose that you are seeing the finish line clearly. The Saturn/Uranus opposition begins today and will be in affect over the next year and a half. This is about structure around joint finances and intimacy on the one hand, and rebellion or independence regarding the money you make on the other. Mine verses ours is going to be going through a change.
Venus takes her gifts behind the scenes on the 12th. This could mean that you are hiding money, secretive about money, falling in love in secret, or putting the beautifying touches on a fantasy project.
The Full Moon in Taurus on the 13th brings an issue involving the home or property to a head. This could be a celebration at home or the selling or moving out of a home. The Jupiter/Uranus opportunity today shows around a positive change regarding income through secretive means.
Mars is going to be bringing more friends into your daily life as of the 16th. A male friend may become more focal. This is a great time to launch into your dreams and pursue your aspirations as well. Talks and meetings are going to favor your goals so take steps today.
The Sun and Mercury enter your friendship arena between the 21st and 23rd helping you to maximize your popularity and find shoulders to lean on. The Jupiter/Saturn connection is about more positive moves made in private to solidify your outside money sources.
Pluto moves behind the scenes in your chart on the 26th to remain in this arena for the next 16 years. This is a shift to power through finding your connection to source. Meditation, dreams, intuition, fantasy, working through research, secrets, and dealing with institutions will transform you. Filmmakers and actors benefit over time as well as researchers, spies, detectives, gurus, you get the idea. Pluto can be destructive as he moves in so watch for something coming at you from out of the blue, secrets or hidden agendas becoming known. Whatever might blow up now is in line to clearing the road so that you can embrace your own mystical powers up ahead.
Uranus stations Direct on the 27th bringing changes to income and the ability to go after new sources of earnings in original and independent ways. The New Moon today is in the sign of Sagittarius and begins a new phase in friendships, aspirations and social functions. You may meet some new people now who become important to you over the next year.
Your ruler has been in Retrograde motion for some time now. This has been a process of fine tuning your inner instincts and intuition. Now, Neptune stations Direct, and your inner fantasy life, dreamscape and work behind the scenes should take on a new spiritual, artistic or romantic glow. Actors and artists are favored with things finally moving again.
Venus is going to make you look at a money or love issue in your career on the 3rd. This may be about a female in authority. Partnership may be challenging as you seek to establish your own autonomy.Mercury opens up talks and meetings about legal issues, travel, education and publishing on the 4th. Mars is pushing you to take action on one of these themes today to deal with something going on behind the scenes. The Saturn/Uranus opposition becomes exact today for the first time and it will color the next year and a half as it makes 4 more connections. This is about commitment and structure in partnership on one side and freedom and independence on your own on the other side.
Venus enters your friendship zone on the 12th bringing a female into your life or the energy of Venus by way of love or money through friends. Expect to enjoy yourself more with women now.
The Full Moon in Taurus is bringing an issue in your local environment, neighborhood, with siblings, or in some form of communication to a head. This is a time of celebrating something reaching its fullness or something wrapping up. Jupiter and Uranus are forming an opportunity today to benefit through a friendship or aspiration by way of being yourself, doing something unique with your image or body.
Mars enters your career Midheaven on the 16th and brings with him lots of action and passion around your goals. This is the time to make things happen. Talks and meetings today regarding legal matters, publishing, education, or travel are under very lucky stars. Men may be helpful now in this.
Between the 21st and 23rd, the Sun and Mercury enter your career Midheaven. Use this time to present projects and be seen before the public as you shine and are heard in the right light. Jupiter and Saturn connect to bring luck through a friend tied to stable partnership.
Pluto enters Capricorn on the 26th. This is the beginning of a complete overhaul of your aspirations, friendships and social circle. Pluto is going to deconstruct and rebuild your power structure in line with your soul’s road forward over the next 16 years here. Pluto can be destructive as he enters so you may have a blow up with a friend or see an aspiration undone now but if this happens it is to make the road clear for the very powerful changes coming up ahead.
Uranus stations Direct on the 27th and you are going to feel it greatly as it is affecting our body and image. This is the time to do something unique, to take your ideas out and approach your image from a new prospective. The New Moon today is opening up two strong weeks to start new career goals, pursue ambitions, make your name, promote and be seen.

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