Friday, February 6, 2009


You can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can never, no matter how clever, fool the gods, it’s just not going to happen :)

So how did you fare in round 2 between Saturn and Uranus? I hope you are opting for your vision and some form of expression of true individuality. You can’t just play at breaking free, you can’t say, ‘That’s it! I’m taking my goodies and going home,” and then hang around in the bushes to see how long it takes them to come running after you. Nope. Not this time. And you can’t keep punching the same old clock in the dead end gig or continue to stagnate in the same secure but meaningless environment no matter how comfy it all seems. But don’t panic, the Universe is giving you 5 rounds to get there and you are allowed to take baby steps.

Having said that, you are entering a weekend where emotions are going to be amped up as the Moon enters oppositions with Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. For some this will mean you are feeling very excited about what you are doing as you balance this against another, and for others you will be engaged in emotional confrontations as you figure out the next move.

Saturn, Uranus and Venus are there in harmonious aspects for you so getting serious, taking responsibility, putting in time and effort, flowing with the changes and finding ways to love and get a handle on money are all there for you.

Coloring the entire weekend is the increasing build-up of energy moving towards the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday. Full Moon’s bring feelings to a climax and wrap up cycles in celebrations or endings. Eclipses magnify this threefold. This Eclipse is in Leo so pride, loyalty, creative expression, true love and children will all be issues peaking and resolving now. Allow any or all of these to be expressed through the one-on-one oppositions taking place over the weekend.


The home is the place to focus energy on Saturday. Use the positive support from Saturn and Uranus to tackle work here and to work from home, there is opportunity to make things happen. There is also reason to believe that any effort to look deeper into things will bring some positive surprises so do your research and dig around. Some time alone in your nest will do you good. The opposition is with Mercury in career or over goals so news or talks will reflect that balance or something opposing. The evening is for fun, lovers or creativity.

Sunday brings up the issues of love for you, what you need to feel loved by friends in your life, how the actions of friends is being received by your heart or compromising your feelings about love and the need to see some balance in beliefs with this friend over these issues. Venus suggests you love yourself today, get a massage or buy something nice for you. Tomorrow’s Eclipse brings the love, creativity or child issue to a head.


Saturday allows you to express serious or committed feelings about love, children, or creativity. Talks will be surprising and positive when expressing aspirations. The Mercury opposition is playing out over travel or distance, legal, media, or educational issues. One of these is where you can find balance through talking it through or see the opposition play out as conflict. Communications such as writing projects or speaking engagements are flowing and once again, dealing with legal, publishing or travel issues will be key. Home and expressing love or creativity indoors tonight is the way to go.

Sunday the flow is wonderful at the hearth involving time spent privately with a female or dealing with Venus as love or money regarding home. It seems goals or career is where the opposition is coming from today as Mars and Jupiter make you want to go for the goal in a bigger than life way and you find balance with home here, or you see an opposite action in career taking you away from home. Where you live is the big Eclipse energy tomorrow, so look at what you are doing Saturday night through today as clues.


Income is where the energy is playing out on Saturday for you and the positive connection to Saturn here suggests making or spending on home, where you live or property you want to buy or sell. Opportunity to get serious, commit or take responsibility is present. Changes to goals or in career are positive as well today. The opposition is playing out in the arena of joint finances, settlements, divorce, death, or sexual intimacy through Mercury. So news or talks about these things will help you to find balance with the money you make or spend, or you will see this as news or talks that are opposing your income.

Sunday opens up all communications, short trips and the mind in creative ways. You will be thinking about love, kids or creativity and wanting to express your feelings about these things. A female friend is on your side today in this so reach out to her. Mars and Jupiter are in the opposition to this so either you will find a way to take big actions, legally, in media, education, or travel that balance your feelings you are trying to express or you will see the actions taken here as opposing what you want to say. Talks, neighborhood activities, issues with siblings, or writing projects are peaking under tomorrow’s Eclipse, celebration or ending.


Saturday is about you, your body, image and needs. Talks or meetings locally are about serious connections to your needs or body, a good day to see results from working out at the gym or meeting with a personal trainer. Changes or surprises coming through media, travel, someone at a distance, legal channels or education are good for you so go with the flow. Mercury is opposing you by partnership house, so either you are finding ways to communicate that balance both of your needs or this is news or talks from them that oppose your needs. The evening is going to focus on earning or spending money.

Sunday income themes are building and connection to Venus in your career Midheaven is very positive so look to women who have your goals in mind or a love or money interest in career harmonizing with what you are making or spending today. Mars and Jupiter are opposing through actions taken that will have a big impact on joint finances, debt, credit cards, settlements, alimony, divorce, death or sexual intimacy. So act on impulses of sex or outside money sources if you have found a way to balance this against your own income, or you may see actions taken today costing you more later. The money you make is peaking tomorrow under the Eclipse, more or an ending.


Use Saturday’s retreat energy to your advantage to take time for yourself in private, rest up and make some moves on income. Commit time and effort to what you spend your money on now for opportunity to come. Allowing any changes or unusual approaches involving joint resources, debt, credit, loans, or other outside money sources pay off as well. Surprising shifts in sex and intimacy are harmonious as well so be open to private time with someone close. Mercury opposing this time is coming through talks or news about work or health. This is going to show up as having found balance between the two or some news that is opposing you.

Sunday the energy is decidedly different as the focus is now on you, your body, image and needs. Venus is aligned here as love or money coming through travel, media, education or legal channels. Mars and Jupiter are opposing from the partnership house so you will either see big actions of the partner today as a perfect balance to your identity and needs or you will see them as what is opposing them. Your identity is what is building towards tomorrows Eclipse energy so take a good look at what is occurring now for clues.


Friendships and aspirations are both in positive alignment on Saturday making it a great day to focus on your position within these realms and to get serious, commit time or effort here. Changes or surprises in partnership are favoring time with friends and feelings about aspirations so allow for shifts and new ways of looking at one-on-one relationships now. Mercury is opposing all of this through news or talks about love, kids or creativity so you may hear about something involving a lover, argue over children or hear news about the project you are working on. Balance or opposition, it can go either way. Take some private time tonight.

Sunday the meditative time you give yourself is going to work for you to either help you find money solutions with outside money sources or to connect intimately with a sexual partner in private. Mars and Jupiter are opposing this by way of big actions going on in work assignments or with health issues. If you need to enter a hospital to take care of a health issue, this is a good time, the money and support should be there. The hidden, private, fantasy work or research, dealing with hospitals or other institutions, or retreat and rest, are where the Eclipse is peaking tomorrow. Look to what occurs today as the build-up of this energy.


Whatever goals you have set for yourself, Saturday should help you get one step closer. Take the time to put in work behind the scenes, research and apply your imagination to what you are developing or strategizing. It’s important that you really put concentrated effort into this step today. Any changes in the work assignments or surprises that get tossed at you will benefit the goal so go with the flow. News about home or talks regarding property are the only opposing energy so don’t let it distract too much, balance what you can. The evening is best spent with friends.

Sunday it will become apparent that although you cannot turn a friendship into a love relationship, you can strive for creative balance and to partner with them with love and money in mind. Mars and Jupiter are pushing you to take big action in creative projects today or with lovers or children, once again, keep in mind the balance of friendship and aspirations in the equation. A friendship or aspiration is going to peak with tomorrows Eclipse so look for clues in this today.


Saturday promises the opportunity to build something serious with a friend, think media, legal, educational, or travel oriented. Surprises occurring around creative output or any last minute changes here will benefit the venture so go with the flow. Any love in the picture now should embrace the unconventional and higher mind. Communications overall are a bit stressed today as you do your best to get across the higher idea. Career and goals are the area of concentration as the day winds down.

Sunday offers great energy to invest towards tackling work and making strides in career goals. Females will be helpful and money should flow. Mars and Jupiter drive big action on the home front which will be trying to vie for your time as well, seek balance. For some, a move is in the works, one that will further you along the path towards goals. A career or goal is going to peak for you tomorrow under the Eclipse so last nights and today’s energy should give you clues as to what to expect.


Your career or goals are going to require outside money sources today and there is wonderful opportunity for you to find that if you are proactive. Allow changes in home and where you are hanging your hat to flow in positive alignment towards these goals as well. Intimate connections are sweet today. The only challenge is in the income you are making or talks about something that is going to cost you money. Focus on travel, education, media and law later in the day as the means to creatively express yourself.

Sunday your creativity should be on an all time high as you apply yourself through the channels of travel, media, education or law. There is love or money in these veins. Mars and Jupiter are going to push for big action regarding your local arena and the way you communicate or write to help you get out there farther than ever before. Some Sage’s will see this as a big expansion from a brother or sister today that requires balancing on your part. A trip, legal or media matter, or educational pursuit will peak or end under tomorrows Eclipse so look at what transpires this weekend to clues.


Taking a trip with a partner or to visit a partner will bring the relationship one step closer to commitment or the work you are sharing. You may decide to make the partnership legal today and this is a great day to do so. Be spontaneous in communications with them and go with the flow of what is expressed, it’s all good. The only glitch is finding a way to express your own needs in the scenario. The evening is made for intimate encounters.

Sunday your home is the place to share intimacy and the vibes are very positive. It is also a good day to spend money on the home, buy or sell. Mars and Jupiter are going to push you to either make big money or spend big money so watch that you are not going into debt on a credit card or exceeding a loan as you feel the urge to splurge. A sexual connection or outside money source will be peaking under tomorrows Eclipse so you will be feeling the build-up to this from last night through today.


Saturday allows you to focus on the tasks at hand and taking care of your own health. There is a great flow to making serious strides in issues concerning joint finances, divorce, outside money sources and any intimacy issues on the table. Your ruler is involved in bringing fresh air into your income so open up to all possibilities. Talks about secrets, or self-abusive or escapist tendencies such as substance abuse or dealing with hospitals or other institutions will be a bit challenging so take it easy on yourself in these closeted areas. Partnership is the focus of the evening.

Sunday talks with partners should be positive as you tackle issues of love and money. Mars and Jupiter are coming together to help you take a very big, positive action towards your own needs, image, or identity in dealing with this partner. Be proactive today. A partnership is going to peak or end under the Eclipse tomorrow so what transpires from last night through today will be heading you in that direction.


Love, a child, or a creative project will be the focus today. There is much support coming from a partner in this and you may find your own needs are changing in regards to this lover, child or creative project. The flow through all of this is positive so allow yourself to be in the moment and feel what you feel. Talks or news from a friend will be challenging as it relates to this love, child or creative project. Do your best to find balance. The evening is best spent taking care of your health or the tasks at hand.

Sunday a female will prove helpful in dealing with income and work or health. Mars and Jupiter are pushing you to take a big step towards retreat, rest, recuperation, research, hospitals, or fantasy work. It will be important that you do this to reach the goal of health or tackling the work before you. A work or health issue will be peaking or ending under the Eclipse tomorrow so the weekend will be building towards this moment for you.


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