Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zoe's weekly forecast Nov. 10-14

Hello kitties, how's it hanging in the borderland? Your catnip in the pitbulls bed again? Well, don't let it put you too far out on the ledge. Zoe predicts that this week is going to bring an actual smile to your sweet face, a moment in the sun, all kinds of daisies for your empty vases, so perk up and don't foreget to think of me when the good stuff comes shuflfing up beside you ;)
Monday brings the opportunity to find solutions to money issues that come through other people or resources, this brings luck or expansion to career or goals so dive in and take action today. Something you pick up through digging around helpsyou're your research. And don't let your feelings about the career or boss distract what can be accomplished today.
Tuesday time with friends pays off, the arts and romance are favored so if single mingle. Saturn is paying back any work or effort you put in today on the tasks at hand and your health. Travel, publishing, legal or educational matters done with a female are favored today.
Wednesday brings a powerful meeting in travel, legal, publishing or educational arenas or talks with someone at a distance. Love or money are big here today, a female may be key. Venus enters your career zone and like magic, you begin to see things ease, the ability to attract love or money comes to you now so set your goals high. Talks are tough about sex or money with someone but career and goals expand. Put in extra effort at work and with health, it brings good results to the pocket book.
Thursday Jupiter and Uranus meet for a great surprise or change! This is about goals and what you are working on behind the scenes. The Full Moon brings an income matter to a head, celebrations or endings are in order. Issues with a group, friend or aspiration regarding arts, spirituality or romance need dealing with. Mars sends you after the money or into the arms of a lover.
Friday talks are surprising and serious about work, health and what is going on in private with you. Mercury makes a challenging aspect to Chiron which can mean wounding words between you and a friend over money or sex so take care.
Partnership brings you luck in the area of travel, education, publishing and legal matters today. So does an affiliation with a humanitarian group or technological function. Friends and partnership surprise in a good way. If you feel like resting, save it.
Tuesday goals that are focused on the arts, romance or spirituality are positive and hold opportunity for you. You shine in partnership and responsibility to loved ones. Creativity with partners is at a high. Commit and find time to express yourself today. A secret passionate encounter may be on the agenda and if so it looks amazing. Money deals done behind closed doors are positive as well.
Wednesday brings Venus and Pluto together in a very powerful embrace. For Taurus this looks like sex or money and either is big. Venus enters the house of travel, publishing, education and legal matters today and brings ease and the ability to attract what you need here now. Love and money will be found through these doors. Talks with partners are tough today. Do something spontaneous with a friend.
Thursday Jupiter and Uranus meet up to bring lucky surprises and changes around traveling, publishing, education or legal matters with a friend. The Full Moon is in your sign so expect that something to do with your body or image is coming to a peak now, celebrating or ending one way of being in the world for you. A challenge is set off between you, a partner and the goals that are either romantic, artistic or spiritual between you. Anger could spark.
Friday you will be feeling something about your earnings that relate to the unusual friend and the loss or responsibility to loved ones or creativity. Mercury squares Chiron so wounding words are possible and would play out with a partner over goals or career.
Work is good today, make a list and get the tasks done, there is a tie to money sources in this so paying off bills might be on your list or finding resources to do work as well. Opportunity and luck is in the mix. Nice changes or surprises on the career front beckon. A friendship is challenging over loans or other outside money sources, or over a sex issue.
Tuesday feelings with friends are on the up and up, look into publishing, travel, legal issues or education, dream big. There is ample energy to get lots done on the home front today, working from home brings rewards. Partnering with a friend for love or money is big, big!
Wednesday Venus and Pluto embrace in a powerful combination in your partnership house. This is about love or money or power and it is huge. Venus enters Capricorn and brings ease and attraction to all outside money issues and your sex life. Talks about work or health are tough today. Look for nice changes in career or goals and expansion through other people's money. Effort at home pays off.
Thursday Jupiter and Uranus are dancing bringing luck and change around other people's money and career or goals. The Full moon is bringing something you have been working on behind closed doors or a secret, research project, fantasy work or dealings with institutions to a peak, this is about celebration or endings.
Friday expect a few curve balls on the career front you will have to field, as well as some duties at home. Mercury and Chiron square so wounding words or news may come regarding work or health from a distance, through travel, publishing, education or legal channels.
Fun and games or love and creativity, it all works for you with partners today. There is luck and opportunity here so grab it with both hands. A surprise trip, education, publishing or legal matter works for you, you shine in creativity and love through this. Your feelings about goals and a partners big ideas may challenge you a bit.
Tuesday career and outside money sources for artistic, romantic or spiritual endeavors link up in opportunity. Serious talks about you as a creative person or about love bring opportunity for you as well. Career is under awesome stars for reaching money through the work you are doing.
Wednesday Venus and Pluto embrace in a very powerful moment in your work, health and pets zone. This brings together love, sex, big money, and power, so put that together in the way you would like it to work for you and go after it. Venus enters your partnership zone and brings her ease and ability to attract what you need here to you. Things will smooth out, females will be key. Friendship takes center stage, partnership expansion, travel, publishing, legal matters, education, all under beneficial stars with this person or group.
Thursday Jupiter and Uranus dance bringing luck and expansion through partnership and great changes or surprises to publishing, travel, legal or educational matters. The Full Moon is bringing a friendship or affiliation or aspiration to a peak now, you will be celebrating a culmination or seeing something end. Shared resources are not clear yet, work on it.
Friday leaves you feeling conflicted and hiding your feelings about the changes or spontaneous trip, legal, educational, or publishing matter, as well as serious talks or responsibilities locally. Mercury and Chiron square so wounding words or news is possible around love, creative projects, sex or money issues.
Take the opportunity today to take care of the home, property or security needs, you have support from the stars to expand the work you do, bring in luck through work at home or involving home or property. Positive change to finances is possible.
Tuesday romantic, artistic or spiritual partnerships are under golden vibes and you should feel pretty good about a trip, legal agreement, publishing or educational project with this person. Income is going well, work hard, see rewards. There is potential to see great results in the area of love, sex or money today.
Wednesday Venus and Pluto embrace in a very powerful way in your house of true love, fun, creativity and children. This can mean big things for you either sexually, reproductively, in love or with money. Venus enters your work and health zone to bring ease and attraction here. Talks about home may be strained. Jupiter brings more luck to work and health while Uranus opens up surprise doors into sexual intimacy and outside money sources.
Thursday Jupiter and Uranus dance in a very lucky, surprising way. This brings luck to work and health while opening up surprise avenues to outside money sources and intimacy. The Full Moon is bringing a career matter to a peak now, you may be celebrating a culmination of something or something ends now. There is a bit of a fog around partnership today and challenges to home so tread lightly here.
Friday is challenging where the money is concerned. A friend or aspiration challenges as well. Mercury and Chiron square so wounding words could occur between home and partner, once again, take care.
Talks about love, children and creativity are under wonderful stars today, lots of luck and expansion, maybe you will get the news you are expecting or pop the question! Surprises are coming from your partner so anything goes, this seems good as well. You may feel challenged emotionally over shared resources or intimacy.
Tuesday work and health are under positive stars, spiritual connection here benefits. Serious talks about your needs and responsibilities are positive. Home is focal, think a woman, love, power, sex, or money here, all big and all good.
Wednesday Venus and Pluto embrace in the home for you. This is about love, women, money, sex, power, change, sharing, all focused on where you live. Venus enters your true love, children and creativity zone bringing ease and the ability to attract what you need here. A new love interest may enter the picture now. Talks about legal issues, travel, education or publishing are tough. Feelings may lighten if you include a lover, child or creativity, be spontaneous in partnership.
Thursday Jupiter and Uranus dance. This is about luck and expansion meeting change and surprise in a good way. It is occurring between love, children and creativity to partnership for you! How lovely. The Full Moon is occurring with travel, legal, publishing or educational matters. A trip may be peaking or ending, you may be celebrating a ceremony or legal matter, seeing a publishing project reach the public or wrapping up a degree. Work or health challenge.
Friday brings challenges emotionally over goals or career and the changes in partnership as well as the serious image or identity issue involved. Mercury and Chiron square so wounding words are possible regarding work, health or pets, take care.
Monday is a good day to focus on making money, Jupiter is poised to help you make a big dent and any money you put into your home pays off. You could sell or buy a home today under these stars as well, it is that good. Changes at work benefit. It seems feelings about a partner are challenging when you deal with the home, take care.
Tuesday brings wonderful romantic energy your way, a partnership could benefit or you may meet someone new today if single. Artistic and spiritual partnerships are favored as well. You may see a pay day for efforts put in behind the scenes or with a fantasy or research project. Big, important talks and meetings are on tap today with partners about love or money or sex and it is really positive.
Wednesday Venus and Pluto embrace to brings about another important talk or meeting, same themes, transformational. Venus enters the home and property arena making things run much smoother here, females at home are easy to get along with, love and money tied to home are on your side, attract what you need here now. Talks about income or pay are touchy at some point. Continue on with luck at home and positive changes in the work and health arena.
Thursday Jupiter and Uranus dance and this is very lucky and surprising or about big positive change. It is occurring between home and work or health or pets. The Full Moon is bringing a sex or money issue to a head today, you will be celebrating an intimacy issue peaking or seeing a debt end, or credit issue, tax, insurance, loan, come to conclusion. Money seems to be an issue where love, creativity or kids are concerned today.
Friday brings some jolts regarding work or health and you need to watch for bouts of depression or feeling like hiding out when you need to tackle money issues. Mercury and Chiron are squaring so wounding with words is possible today and would play out with lovers, children or creative projects over income.
Open up dialog today, take meetings, make presentations, Jupiter is working to bring you luck and prosperity through what you convey. Wonderful surprises or change is indicated around creative projects, or with lovers or children. You shine today. Looks like you might try calling sick so you can enjoy yourself.
Tuesday starts out with lots of energy to tackle things in the home or with property, think artistic flair or romantic ideas. The day also offers opportunity to do something serious with a friend or group. There seems to be a very big money making opportunity through the work you are doing, or you may be thinking of spending a big amount of money on something transformational, all good.
Wednesday Venus and Pluto embrace so here is the big money day, spend it or make it, it is very powerful. Venus enters your third house and will be making all communications much more lovely, females in the neighborhood or involved in communications will work well with you, talks are golden and help you attract what you need. Love and partnership are under positive stars, enjoy yourself together today, do something fun, creative, unusual.
Thursday Jupiter and Uranus dance and this is amazing energy bringing luck and prosperity together with surprise and change. It favors talks and meetings about creative endeavors, children and true love. Either way it goes favors your growth. The Full Moon is bringing a partnership to a head. You may get engaged now or break up, if a business partnership, you may sign contracts or finish out the one you have. Where you live is under some nostalgic energy so sentimentality may play out here as you deal with the partnership peak.
Friday is challenging regarding your feelings about partners. Changes in home play a part in this as well as feeling the weight of more personal responsibility in current goals. Mercury and Chiron are squaring so the potential to wound with words is there, it seems you may be the one speaking and pulling from childhood pain or feelings about home.
The retreat you are doing is paying off, Jupiter is bringing more money to make or spend through fantasy, research or daydreaming that becomes practical now. Changes at home bring joy in private as well, do something out of the ordinary.
Tuesday could bring proclamations of love or talks about creativity or children, all good. Career is on the up and up, more responsibility and authority through your own private efforts again. Creativity and love are bringing in big change in either love or money and it is all good.
Wednesday Venus and Pluto embrace in your sign, this is big, big, big! It brings the spotlight on you and the energy is about big transformation, money, intimacy, love, power, enjoy it! Venus enters your earnings zone and will help you attract more money or make your money in an easy manner, females play an important role now. The work you do or your health take .. as more money comes in or goes out (positive) and changes occur where you live (positive) bringing more authority in career or an older male in goals.
Thursday Jupiter and Uranus dance this is big and positive as well, bringing luck and prosperity to earnings while bringing changes to your foundations or home. The Full Moon is occurring in the work you do or with your health. This is when things will peak in these areas and a job will be celebrated or end, or a health matter will reach its climax. You may be sentimental about what is occurring as talks look nostalgic.Friday tests feelings with partners as you deal with changes occurring at home and responsibilities to career. Mercury and Chiron square so wounding with words is possible. Secrets may come out in the open or self-sabotaging discussions.
Friends, associates, social functions and aspirations are all getting wonderful support from the heavens today in relation to you so look to expand your world and meet with luck in these arenas. Talks and meetings bring surprises and changes, all good. It looks like feelings about home are challenging.
Tuesday brings feelings about home back around and opens up opportunity to make or spend money here to decorate or romanticize. You shine with a group or friend as an authority, teacher, traveler, in the legal field or publishing. Don't miss the opportunity to share. Transformations are occurring behind the scenes, through fantasy, research, hospitals, prisons, or dreamscape that are supporting your foundations and feelings about home.
Wednesday Venus and Pluto embrace in a very powerful way in one of these realms to bring love, money, a female, power, transformation, sex or shared resources together here. Venus enters your sign and this is a wonderful time for you, you will appear more attractive to others, be able to focus on bringing beauty to your image, body, attracting love and money more easily. Feelings focus on love, children and creativity now and unusual talks, happiness and something serious regarding travel, education, legal matters or publishing, all good.
Thursday Jupiter and Uranus dance and this is about luck and prosperity with change and surprise playing out in communications, local arenas, with siblings and you. What you write or say today or hear from another, meetings and ideas, all under this amazing influence. The Full Moon is bringing something to a climax with a lover, child or creative project. Celebrations or endings are indicated. Money issues may be confusing regarding this today.
Friday your feelings about work or health are challenged as you hear about changes or surprises and any restrictions in travel, law, publishing or education. Mercury and Chiron square so words may wound regarding friends and money.
You are shining in goals, reputation and career right now so go after what you want to achieve, there is great expansion and luck backing you up through your fantasy, research or work done behind the scenes and in secret. Changes to income are positive now. Talks or meeting may be emotional about secrets.
Tuesday opens up talks and meetings about your artistic expression, spirituality or romantic needs in a positive way. Get serious about shared resources and outside money as it is open to making your ambitions happen today. Friends and aspirations are under positive stars where money and power are concerned. A sexy encounter with a friend is possible as well.
Wednesday Venus and Pluto embrace and this is very powerful in your friendship, social function and aspiration zone. It means the coming together of love, money, a female, power, sex, transformation, and shared resources all through a friend or aspiration. Venus moves behind the scenes which means love and money become secret, private or take a rest for a bit. Your fantasy life is enhanced by this. Focus on home the rest of the day.
Thursday Jupiter and Uranus dance between what is going on in secret, behind closed doors, with fantasy or research, and your income. This is about an opportunity for luck and prosperity and sudden change or surprise. Maybe your film gets picked up today or you land a part! The Full Moon is bringing a home or property issue to a head, you are celebrating or seeing something end here. You may feel a bit sentimental about it.
Friday feelings about love, children or creativity are challenged as you deal with changes to making money and restrictions in joint finances or outside money sources. Mercury and Chiron are squaring so wounding words are possible around goals, career and your own needs or image.
You are shining in arenas of legal matters, publishing, travel, and education today with the opportunity to expand through a friend or social function. Independence and unusual approaches favor you in this. Your feelings about earnings are challenging today.
Tuesday brings some nice spiritual, artistic or romantic energy in secret, through research or fantasy, that makes you feel a whole lot better about income. The opportunity to make a partnership legal, to publish, promote, educate or travel together is serious and work related. This is positive for you. Big changes in goals or career are working to a peak as well, a female is likely involved.
Wednesday Venus and Pluto embrace. This is big and it is about love, money, a female, power, transformation, sex or shared resources together over a career or goal. Change, change, change. Venus enters your friendship zone and all connections, especially with females will go smoother now, you may meet a new female friend who is important, attracting love and money comes through social functions and networking now. Talks and meetings pick up today and bring good times with friends, nice surprise for you and serious results with partners.
Thursday Jupiter and Uranus dance and this means luck and prosperity with friends, associates, social functions and aspirations, meeting change and surprise to you. All good. The Full Moon is in your local arena, the way you think, what you write, talks and meetings, short trips and with siblings. This is bringing something in one of these arenas to a head, celebrating or seeing it end.
Friday your feelings about home or property seem challenged by changes to your body or ego needs, and restrictions or responsibilities with partners. Mercury and Chiron square so words can wound. This is playing out over legal issues, contracts, travel, publishing, promoting, teaching, studies, or beliefs, and what is going on behind the scenes, in secret, or in any form of self-sabotaging. Watch what you say or react to.

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