Sunday, November 30, 2008

Zoe's weekly forecast Dec. 1-5

Oh Scooby… Oh Doo… is the Cosmos rocking you? Lord I hope so. Life would be bazooka without the ups and downs, bite into the time you live in! Chew on it, taste it while it lasts, soon enough someone’s gonna wanna kiss you and you’re gonna wanna be ready ;)
Oh, and PS. Happy December!
Monday is career day, set it aside for all major meetings and calls, big luck, big money, a female is part of it.
Friendships and networking take center stage Tuesday and Wednesday. The latter looks like working with a friend on travel, publishing, education or legal issues. It’s all good.
Something you learn on Thursday in secret can have a majorly profound effect on positive change in career.
Friday has some challenging talks or meetings about legal matters, publishing, education or travel, you are going to be dynamic.
Whether it is educational, legal, promotional, or travel/distance related, pour your new beginnings into these areas TODAY, much luck if you do.
Tuesday and Wednesday are about career and ambitions. Wednesday in particular you are going to want to reach out to some outside money source to make something happen, lots of support here for you.
Thursday brings feelings for a friend deeper though a visit or trip together, or something you are doing to expand your world together.
Friday you need to address the sudden change or surprise with the friend about money or sex. You are taking the lead in this one.
Tackle debt, credit or going after some outside money source TODAY. This is great luck on your side. Potential is here to rack up more debt as well, watch what you spend. Sexual encounters today are amazing.
Tuesday and Wednesday are about travel, publishing, education, or legal matters with a partner. Do something about it on Wednesday for best results.
Thursday brings you closer to your goals as you make some strides to transforming your outside money sources and intimacies.
Friday brings challenging talks or meetings with partners about changes to goals.
Partner with a female today. Just do it. Venus and Jupiter are bringing luck and expansion. If one leaves your world today it is in your best interest, so release with grace.
Focus on loans and debt and all outside money sources on Tuesday and take action to go after work to resolve issues about the money on Wednesday for best results.
Wonderful changes are occurring through partnership and publishing, travel, education or legal realms on Thursday.
Friday brings challenging talks or meetings about work or health and how that relates to changes revolving around travel, education, publishing or law.
A work assignment that comes in on Monday would be a real gem. Ditto, you taking care of any health or pet related matter, luck is on your side so do it today.
Tuesday brings energy to partnerships and you should focus here.
Wednesday is a five star day for love with a romantic partner or creativity with a business partner. Dive in, don’t be shy.
Thursday big changes in the work you do is bringing good feelings regarding outside money sources. Ditto changes in health are fueling positive intimacy vibes.
Friday is a tough talk about love and sex or money. You are taking a passionate course here.
Big love, big creativity, whichever way you choose to go today, the luck of the cosmos is supporting you. If for any reason you see one of these things depart today, know it is time and love surrounds the parting.
Tuesday focus turns to work or health. Put in the energy today because on Wednesday you get a few really great opportunities to make something happen here. Home is involved positively.
Thursday brings a wonderful tie between partnership feelings and profound changes in love, children and creativity realms.
Friday is a tough talk or meeting about home and a surprise from a partner. You will have to take action to support your needs in the home.
Big huge luck and expansion in the home and property arena today! This could be about making or spending a big sum, either way, it looks great.
Tuesday the focus shifts to fun, love and creativity. On Wednesday you will have a few opportunities to make something happen in these areas either locally or through passionate communications.
Thursday ties home and work and health together in a positive package, nice changes are possible.
Friday is challenging. Talks and meetings are to deal with changes or surprises to work, health or pets. You will express your needs dynamically.
Spend time out in the neighborhood or with siblings today, that is where the luck is, big time! You can also send out the manuscript or go after the writing job, communicating is golden.
Tuesday shifts focus to home matters. On Wednesday you will have the energy behind you to make something happen here, it will tie into income in a positive way so go for it.
Thursday at least one deeply profound communication is going to bring you wonderful feelings of love or that your creativity is valued.
Friday is challenging over talks or meetings about income and a change or surprise from a creative project or loved one. Anyone fired today, please look at this as a positive new beginning.
Income gets a big boost today from lucky Venus and Jupiter so expect to get more money coming in or to be spending in a bigger way today, it is all good.
Tuesday is about talks and meetings and dealing with siblings. Wednesday brings opportunity to do something positive in one of these areas. Writers get a boost today.
Thursday brings good feelings about home tied to the powerful changes in money made or spent.Friday is challenging as you talk about your needs and changes regarding home. Mars is spurring you on to focus on yourself.
Venus and Jupiter are hugging you! Not a bad place to be. You never shine more brilliantly than you do today, love or money could find you, so GET OUT THERE!!!!
Tuesday the focus turns to making money. On Wednesday you have the opportunity to make or spend money on something you are working on behind the scenes or in secret, all good.
Thursday brings the opportunity to have a deeply felt conversation about your needs and the changes you want to see happening.
Friday is challenging you to handle unusual messages or strange meetings where change is the name of the game. A secret may come to light that you will act on.
Work behind the scenes, fantasy or research, or dealing with institutions is where the big luck is today. Love or money is going to flow in one of these areas, very positive.
Tuesday the focus shifts to you and your body or needs. By Wednesday there is potential to do things with a friend that help you reach your body or ego goals.
Thursday helps you get emotionally solid about income and what is changing on a deeply personal level.
Friday a talk or meeting with a friend is apt to challenge your pocket book. You won’t likely see this coming and will need to take action as a friend.
Friendships bring luck, money or love today! This is a wonderful energy so express yourself with those closest.
Tuesday the focus shifts to retreat, rest, and work behind the scenes. On Wednesday you can make some real progress in this area towards your career and goals.
Thursday a connection with a friend deepens as you see your needs are being met.
Friday is a challenging day as talks and meetings dealing with career are testing you physically or stretching your idea of your own needs being met. Mars will help you push through it.

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