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Friday, November 21, 2008

Zoe's weekend forecast Nov. 22-23

Hey Babies J Freshly powdered and raring to go after that cosmic swoon between lucky Jupiter and solid Saturn? I just know you are! Well, let’s take a look at what the stars have in store for the weekend.
Saturday looks like a mushy wushy feel good day when talks and passionate meetings bring opportunity. Everyone is seeking balance. Pluto is still a bit pissed so at least one person is gonna power play but hey, it’s not easy seeing the world shift around us, so cut them some slack. (Give yourself a little visual, ah…so you are the one who can’t handle change, tough break).
Sunday the trickster Mercury takes the mind into this years grand adventure. Don’t down yourself out if you are thinking about hopping a plane or joining a cult, it’s just bound to happen this time of year, that is why holiday cheer was invented! And it looks like most of you are worrying, it’s a big worry, either love or money. Just cut it out! Worry doesn’t get you anywhere and your best bet today is to dream about where you want to go from here and open up to the possibilities.
Good talks about work. Set up meetings today if possible. Health issues one step closer. Big changes on the publishing, educational, travel or legal end, don’t let it put you under emotionally, just work it through. Partnership enters the scene and you dive in to something legal, promoting, media related, educational or involving travel, all good.
Sunday Mercury opens up your mind to all kinds of potential in publishing, legal, educational and travel arenas. If you couldn’t quite figure it out before, that is a thing of the past now. Worry is around money for work you are doing to push goals or process career. A friend to the rescue! Think arts, spirituality or romance here.
Fun and romance, chances to meet and talk with partners, creative meetings with business partners, are all under golden stars today. Sex is going to rock so buckle up. The second half of the day brings lots of opportunity to get things done, work, or take care of health. Mars is aiding and abetting your money your sex cause so passion rules.
Sunday Mercury dives into your eighth house so talks and meetings have two things on the mind, sex or other peoples money. Loans, credit, debt, divorce, alimony, child support, joint finances, insurance, taxes, and steamy intimacy, that is what you are thinking about. Worry takes the form of legal, travel, education, or publishing issues with loved ones or creative outlets. Focus on goals.
What needs talking about regarding the home or property? Say it today, lots of good energy. Focus on work you can do at home or with property, make headway. Emotional challenges between home and partner can escalate so do your best to keep a lid on intense rises. Fun is in the air the second half of the day, find a partner to do something creative or just play together.
Sunday Mercury enters your partnership house and those talks begin in earnest. You may meet someone new who has partnership potential now as well, this could be business or romantic. Worries are bound up in debt and credit or sexual intimacies. Someone at a distance has your back.
Talks about creative projects are under favored stars today, take meetings. You are also in the position to open up about love or children in a positive opportunity as well. Work or health are undergoing massive change, don’t let emotions get the better of you in this, it is meant to be now. Tackle work at home later in the day or wrestle with your favorite playmate behind closed doors.
Sunday Mercury enters your work and health zone so expect communications to pick up here and to be focusing your mind on these themes now. Stop worrying about that partner, love or money is coming, get past the obstacle. If you can cozy up with an intimate partner the energy looks dreamy.
Spend some money on home today, it’s all good. Big changes are felt with a lover, child or creative outlet and the money you make today. Talks amp up midpoint and meeting for fun or talking about love take on dynamic, positive proportions. Have fun!
Sunday Mercury enters your true love, children and creativity zone so you can expect to meet someone attractive now if single or find yourself talking about these themes a heck of a lot more. Worry about work or health is pushing buttons, yes you will have enough money. A partner is there in a most dreamy way.
Dare to talk about your own needs today, you will be pleasantly surprised, even if what is happening to your home, foundations or where you live keeps on changing. Focus seems to be on making or spending money and the dynamics of the home later in the day.
Sunday Mercury enters the home arena and talks will begin now in earnest, meetings in and about where you live and the property you are pursuing take on more importance. You seem to be worried about a lover, child or creative project in a big way, you are going to be O.K.. Put the energy into work.
Put in some time working it out in private and then talks and meetings favor the money you are seeking. One conversation or meeting is big and the changes discussed may have you doubting yourself, don’t. Focus on yourself and your own needs later in the day and open up to doing something locally, you’ll have fun.
Sunday Mercury enters your communications zone and brings more talks and meetings with friends, more interaction with siblings and saying what is on your mind. You seem worried about the home or a parent today, don’t cut yourself off too much from others because you are making it seem worse within. A loved one is there for you or you could do well diving into something creative.
Talks with friends are beaming positive energy your way, you may want to meet up with a group for coffee and share ideas. Income is changing and worries may seep in, do your best not to fall prey to fear. Spend the rest of the day in meditative ways, working in private towards your income goal.
Sunday Mercury enters your earnings sector and you will be putting more thought into what you make or how you spend. Talks and meetings favor this energy now. Worry is over siblings or local issues, perhaps even short trips, involving love or money, do your best not to exaggerate it in your mind. Spend time at a friend’s home or invite them into yours for a good time.
You may feel stimulated to talk about your secrets today and it seems that it would be welcome. You continue to change your image and needs as you work towards your goals, today is a profound turning point in some way. Friends are high on the priority list tonight and it looks like you are going to be doing something fun!
Sunday Mercury enters your sign and you will be thinking more about yourself, your image and your body. You seem to be worrying about the money you make and if it is going to be enough. Talk with someone spiritual, romantic or artistic about your goals today, you are spotlighted.
You are feeling like adventure and a friend knows just what you need! Your inner world is shifting in more substantial ways today, whatever you do, don’t let your inner voice restrict your adventure, too much fun out there. Focus on goals the latter part of the day, you can achieve a lot through fantasy or research.
Sunday Mercury enters the hidden part of your chart and talks become secret, ideas are being percolated I private. You are worried about your image, body or ego needs and how you are going to expand in life, just take it one step at a time. Income flows around artistic, romantic and spiritual endeavors.
Meet or talk about your goals and you will end up feeling much better about shared resources or intimacy. Big changes continue with friends and social functions, don’t miss out on the transformation afforded you now through these connections. Travel, education, publishing or legal matters with a friend are under great Mars energy so go do something about it.
Sunday Mercury enters your friendship zone and you are going to be talking and meeting with friends more now, aspirations and social functions heat up as well. You are worrying about a secret or something you are hiding, a lover? Whatever it is, you can pick your feelings up out of the depths by doing something artistic, spiritual or romantic for yourself.
Talk about the legal issue, travel, education or publishing with a partner today, the stars favor good results. Your career is transforming once again today, possibly due to partnership challenges. Getting deep and intimate or tackling money issues with someone you share it with is on the agenda and under lucky stars.
Mercury enters your career zone and talks and meetings pick up considerably here. You seem worried about a friend, association or aspiration now and it is affecting your feelings about partnership. Take the night to yourself to fantasize or rest and it will put your partner in a much better light.

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