Friday, November 14, 2008

Zoe's weekend forecast Nov. 15-16

Oh Mercy! Oh My! Why do the heavens shake the mortal coil with such deep violet passion, did you sign up for this? Really?! Well, kids, Saturday is going to spin you round again, looks like you already chose the red pill, might as well see what they have to show you on your way through the rabbit hole. My advice? Smile, close your eyes and let go.
Sunday is confessional road kill, everybody’s talking and there are all kinds of juicy opportunities whizzing by if you can jump out of the crosswalk fast and far enough to get your ear to the ground.
Mars is heading out of the bearskin throws and into the coat of many colors. Translation? Passion and action are leaving intrigue and power plays for adventurous, multi-cultural, questing. PS. Whatever is suggested on Sunday, as long as it won’t lead to your arrest…go for it!
Polish those emotional barbs, you’re gonna need ‘em. Just don’t aim at your friends, they have your back in all things spiritual, artistic and romantic. You might have to take aim on travel plans, a subject you are studying or teaching, legal matters or publishing. Goals just feel farther from the base you need beneath you today, think half way there.
Sunday you have the power. Say it! I’m not kidding here. This is a red letter day to meet or talk and topics focus on the money and how you are going to share it, put the foundations down today, so, so lucky. Mars shifts signs and the action is going to be in promoting, publishing, media, legal matters, education, travel and beliefs.
Saturday stirs the emotions over the green stuff, if you feel powerless today make a list of what you really value, then decide what you need to reach for that is bigger than yourself to get it. Venus suggests it is about a love interest at a distance or putting your money into education, travel, or promoting yourself.
Sunday is going to rock on the partnership front, just ROCK! Meet and talk about what can be done to promote what you are doing together, plan a trip, make it legal, commit to the creativity between the two of you. Change is in the air and it is all good, be inspired by what friends open to you. Mars enters the sex and money zone, hot!
You want one thing and you feel like your partner is the big bad wolf. No? Well, there is some sort of power play here, at least in your head, one of your heads. Put the cards on the table about the money issue, the love interest, the who pays for what, you will feel better if you do.
Sunday is going to offer you a shot at the work you want or tackling the health issue. You need to open up, shout it from the rooftops if necessary, meet and trust in any and all opportunities that smile your way today. Mars cruises into the partnership zone and brings passion, action and fighting with him for the next few weeks, never a dull moment!
Whatever work you have been counting on is being blown up at present, no worries, this is supposed to be happening. Look at those ashes, was that anything you really cared about anyway? Don’t self-sabotage your health, drinking isn’t going to solve it. Partners are going to throw love and money issues at you as well, Sunday is better.
Sunday brings the kind of day that you can really sink your teeth into so come out of your shell. Today you can master something in the creative field, put out calls and take meetings, you are GOLDEN, don’t waste the day. Expand through partners, be open to changes or sudden offers involving travel, publishing, education or legal matters. Mars heats up work and health for you.
Love on the rocks? Or are you just bringing out the whips and chains? Pluto is rocking the house of true love, kids and creativity, he’ll win so smile and bide your time. You might need to get some work done or work out but you aren’t going to feel like it. Dream something up with a partner.
Sunday gives you an open slate to tackle home, property and security issues. Talk, meet, take short trips, involve sibs, it is all good. Mars enters the love zone, this is going to bring passion, action and anger into the mix with lovers, children and creative projects, use it or lose it.
Goals and home life aren’t really aligning in reality like you wish they would when you are dreaming about what you want. Big shifts are still pushing your buttons but you haven’t really been that keen on the specifics of your crib anyway, have you? All that money on creative projects or loved ones is irksome as well. Focus on the work at hand.
Sunday opens the flood gates. It is a stellar day to meet up or talk it out, expect to be engaged most of the day, it is all good. Focus those connections on partnership, creativity, fun, love, and defining what you need. Mars enters the home base and you are going to finally see things begin to move here.
It looks like some conversation is banging in your head today, getting your goat, quit obsessing! Don’t expect the local environment to be peaceful either, lots of turmoil here today. When it comes to the home issue, work on dealing with the money or the female.
Sunday is a great day to open up talks or take meetings about making money or spending it. There is real opportunity here with changes in work, expansion in home and serious effort behind the scenes, all helping you get what you want where the green is concerned. Mars is going to heat up talks and meetings over the next few weeks, get ready to say what you mean.
You spent it so why are you worried about it now? If you have an income source drying up, put your focus on talks with women and looking for money in the local arena. Whatever you put into the home is working so don’t fret too much.
Sunday is a wonderful day for you! Mercury is in your sign and is opening channels to lots of energy. This means talks and meetings about you, your needs and image bring surprises in love and creativity and serious inroads with aspirations and friendships. Mars enters your income zone helping you take action to make more or to spend it.
Your feelings about a partner are shaking up your image or pounding on your ego needs today even though talks seem to be romantic or spiritual. A money issue is up for review and you are going to need to help a female with the green…or not.
Sunday talks and meetings go underground. This is secret, behind closed doors kind of stuff and boy is it sweet! Surprises at home, spending or making some extra cash and getting serious about your goals all play into what is said or met over. Mars enters your sign giving you an extra zip in your step, don’t be too cantankerous!
Pluto is grinding the gears in the hidden part of your chart, deconstructing your fantasy world, research project or work you have been doing behind the scenes, all for not when it comes to the work you want to do? Frustrations may peak today over a love or money issue with a partnership and what you need out of it. Mama told you there’d be days like this.
Sunday makes up for it, swear. Mercury is working overtime for you in the area of friends, associations or aspirations. Take your pick and then expect triple time on the calls, talks and meetings, all great! Opportunity to open up, do things that make you feel great, get serious about higher ideals. Mars enters the hidden zone making your passions secret and allowing you to fantasize about anger issues.
How you feel about love, your kids and your creativity is being bombasted by Pluto pounding away on your aspirations and friendships. You may feel like the work load or health is going to buckle under it all, retreat is ok, substance escapism not so great.
Sunday brings goals or career into the limelight, you have the green light to connect with whomever and whatever you need to today to make it happen, lots of universal support to talk and meet. Mars is entering your friendship zone so this is where more activity is going to be, passion and potential anger.
You may be feeling a bit uneasy about meeting your security needs, foundations are rocking, as goals and career continue to undergo Pluto’s blow torch. You may want to break out and have a bit of fun but the femme friend isn’t going to bring it tonight. Stay below the radar, tomorrow is another day.
Sunday is amazing! Mercury is gifting you with talks and meetings about legal matters, travel, education and promoting or publishing, good surprises in these for you and your image, happiness with friends, luck with aspirations and a meeting of the work mind with partners! Mars enters your career zone and brings more action, passion and battle scars, go get ‘em!

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