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SATURN in SAGITTARIUS, So Long Scorpio! by Zoe Moon

If we harken back to the last time Saturn entered Sagittarius we travel back to 1985. Let's look for some key Saturn/Sagittarius themes, shall we? It was the Fall of 1985. According to Wikipedia, "The media had dubbed this 'The Year of the Spy" due to so many Foreign spies caught on American soil(foreign/political serious issues), Ronald Reagan was in his second term as president, he and Gorbachev were meeting for the first time (foreign/political serious issues). "We Are the World" was recorded and raising funds for famine relief and Live Aid (global/collective political/media/cultural serious issues), and Microsoft released its first version of Microsoft 1.0.(global/media ambitious/leader)"

In popular news, according to Infoplease.com, "Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to Do With It" got the Grammy for Record of the Year (an older performer-Saturn is Father Time, with a strong comeback achievement/media/ambitions), "The Color Purple" was rocking the movies (a strong message concerning serious cultural responsibilities), and "Amadeus" took home Oscar gold for film of the year (again about another country, the politics involved and the larger than life personality). Rock Hudson was the first high profile star to die from aids (a global disease that made us face our bigotry), and British scientists reported finding a large hole in the ozone layer (bringing group consciousness over a global issue)."

So Father Time/Saturn in Sagittarius brought a light on age in performance, cultural oppression through media focus, foreign standouts in broadcasting and foreign intrigue that affects the larger community, political messages about breaking down walls and coming together, larger than life issues that taxed our faith and asked that we see a bigger picture in fighting for what we believed in as a whole. I'm sure there are more illustrations of all the Saturn in Sagittarius topics that got into gear starting in 1985 but you get the idea.

So, what does this have to do with you now? I just wanted to set the stage a bit for where we all were the last time Saturn moved into Sagittarius. At this point, most of you are probably just so damn thankful to have Saturn exit it's lengthy tour of Scorpio, that anything else seems like a welcome relief. So let's take a look at what we've been through with our transit of Saturn through Scorpio between 2012-2014 before heading into what is to come. It is going to be very different, while the tests in Scorpio involved purging, upheaval and rebirth, the tests in Sagittarius will involve expansion, beliefs and ideals, here are the two cycles in a nutshell:

Saturn began its massive testing in Scorpio back in 2012 and exits Dec 23rd, 2014. It had not tested us in these areas of life at this level during the 29 years prior to this period. Saturn will exit Scorpio and enter Sagittarius on Dec 23, 2014, return briefly next summer to Scorpio due to a Saturn Retrograde between June-Sept 2015, and then move back into Sagittarius Sept 17, 2015 to tour for the next couple years. Therefore this first Saturn in Sagittarius chapter lasts approximately 5 months, between Dec 23rd, 2014 and June 14th, 2015. So what are we graduating from?

Saturn in Scorpio these past years has tested us the hardest of a 29 year chapter over these Scorpio themes:

1) Death. Have you lost someone significant to you since 2012? Have you had to face mortality in yourself or over others close to you in a way you had not before this period? Did it require more responsibilities, facing limits or getting serious about structures around you?

2) Birth. Did you decide to have a child or not have a child? Has the idea of giving birth been a topic you had to seriously face in some way? Have you had any serious tests regarding your reproductive systems and their transformations, issues or needs during this period?

3) Divorce. Did a union run its course during this period or did you have to come face to face with that potential during this phase and get serious about what it would take to not go down that road? Have you been divorced for years but during this phase finally put that relationship to rest in some new way?

4) Sex. Were there limits on your sex life? Did age begin to factor into sexual liaisons, that May/December combination coming into play or a change in what you were willing to commit to sexually? Did something about your sex life end or did you become way more ambitious about renewing sexual energy? Did you have to face the Scorpio triangle in your sex life or did divorce or financial tests put a strain on your mojo?

5) Major Financial Matters. Did you have to get real about loans, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, investments, settlements, alimony, child support, your partner's money, commissions, or any other major, outside financial resource? Did you go for it or end it, find yourself obsessing over it, feel the pinch, or lose it?

Saturn in Scorpio has not been an easy chapter for anyone because the things Scorpio rules are life and death, weighty, deep matters, so tests and endings here are profoundly felt. Hopefully it has helped us define boundaries and structure things in supportive ways, deal with those limits, endings, achievements, and ambitions so that we are ready for this next chapter. The good thing is that as hard as this chapter has been, it really is supposed to heap the most challenging of it all between the Fall of 2012 and Dec 23, 2014. We will get one last pass here next summer to wrap up the fine points to any of these stories but once we are past the last Retrograde dip back into Scorpio between June-Sept 2015 we will have graduated completely for another 29 years in these matters.

So, Saturn exits this placement and moves into Sagittarius for our first 5 month chapter on Dec 23rd, 2014, where we found him gearing up back in November, 1985.

What was happening in your life then? Wherever Saturn goes, so go the tests and a push to grow up, master something new and take on more responsibilities. Here's a BIG TIP ABOUT SATURN: If you take responsibility, put in the effort, test yourself over the new obligations, limits, endings, commitments, structures, and ambitions in a disciplined fashion, Saturn rewards you over time. If you try to slipshod past it then it gets harder and comes back at you in tougher ways up ahead. Do not try to elude the Saturn in Sagittarius themes coming up for you. So here we go, this is where Saturn was from 1985-88 and will now be again from Dec 23, 2014 - Dec 20, 2017 (with that little 3 month dip back out between June-Sept 2015).

Sagittarius rules:

1) Foreign interests, travel abroad or at great distance, import/export, visitors from afar, and situations/relationships carried out at a distance. Did you challenge yourself through long distance relationships or jetting overseas or picking up a foreign language or starting some import business between 1985-88? Are you ready to test yourself here now, master some new level, end what is no longer serving your greater good, put your ambitions into play here?

2) Higher education. Did you go back to school, drop out, start to learn at home on your own, find out you couldn't go further in your job without a degree, get certification in some area, or decide teaching was for you or it was time to exit the educational job/pursuit between 1985-88? Are you feeling this serious pull now? Are you ready to test yourself here, master some new level, end what is no longer serving your greater good, put your ambitions into play here?

3) Law. Did you learn about incorporating or starting an LLC, sign legal documents that were significant, hire an attorney, get into a lawsuit, decide you wanted to practice law, or get out of this field between 1985-88? Is it time to go there now? Are you ready to test yourself here, master some new level, end what is no longer serving your greater good, put your ambitions into play here?

4) Weddings. Was there a wedding during this period that set up a Karmic cycle with someone, did you decide to get into the wedding business, or was there something else about ceremony that spoke to you between 1985-88, perhaps other cultures ceremonies? Are you ready to get serious about this now? Are you ready to test yourself here, master some new level, end what is no longer serving your greater good, put your ambitions into play here?

5) Religion and Philosophy. Did you redefine your view of religion during that phase, commit to religious ideals or quit a religion? Did you decide to get involved in some leadership way with a religious group? Did your interest in the great philosophers increase or did you start to challenge your philosophical views? Was your faith questioned? What was tested or ambitious here back in 1985-88 and what are you feeling about it now? Is it time to mark endings, boundaries, get more disciplined, commit long term, or master another level?

6) Politics. Did you find a political message to commit to or end a political ideology at this point? Did something on the political front have an impact on your development during that phase between 1985-88? Are you ready to get serious about it now? Are you ready to test yourself here, master some new level, end what is no longer serving your greater good, put your ambitions into play here?

7) Media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, promoting, advertising, and publicity. Did you get serious about any of these pursuits during this time? Were there adverse affects coming at you from these quarters? Did you decide to master something here? What limits, goals, ambitions, structures, endings, commitments, or leadership abilities did you test yourself over in these matters between 1985-88 and where do you want to go with it now?

Saturn is going to push us all to grow up in these seven areas of life, to master something new, to commit long term or end something, to structure things so they support us and remove structures that do not, to look at any limits or restrictions involved, and to deal with loss, goals, achievements, responsibilities, our leadership, ambitions, or those in authority positions in these matters. Expect to see it on the global stage, the tests through foreign, legal, travel, educational, media, broadcasting, religious, wedding, and political themes as we evolve collectively as well. So farewell to Saturn in Scorpio, (at least until June 2015), and hello to Saturn in Sagittarius, it's time to get real! Here we go again.

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