Saturday, April 27, 2013


Undoubtedly the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of Thursday the 25th brought an epic high or ending, for some you may still be caught up in it as the final trigger this month lands within 5 days from the Eclipse, on April 30th (a last trigger in May on the 23rd). So if you are still fielding the peak excitement, basking in the achievement or in a prolonged ending, your weekend will continue to focus here. 


The other overriding energy on Saturday and Sunday is Sagittarian, helping us to focus in on any legal matters, travel plans, foreign interests or people, media or marketing needs, publishing deals, higher education, political causes, religious experiences, wedding plans, or publicity. 

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Saturday this all butts up against income needs so you may have to get out there and earn money finding some way to get to the other topics or you may need to answer for your income, do something about finding income, or get just that much more passionate about your own need to feel valued. It may be you are making money in one of the Sagittarian fields and need to adapt to something in your day while working or you are deciding to take a leap into more education or some foreign interest, media or legal need, to help you make more money. Let's not forget spending, it may be the focus in the adjustments today, are you feeling the urge to splurge taking hold, is it yard sale season yet?  

It's an adjustment, look at what you can reasonably accomplish and don't let the Neptunian energy of withdrawal keep you too far out of the loop or take you on some delusional ride, (use it to do your research or dream up what comes next). 

Poseidon on Hippocamps

Speaking of Neptune, on Saturday he is in a hard angle which will either help inspire you and push you towards some form of enlightenment or artistry, or it will bring up more nostalgia, tears, depression, or deception. As always with potentially challenging Neptunian energy you can reach for the field and embrace it's higher vibration to help move through it, in this case music, film, painting, poetry, sleep, meditation, yoga, walks in nature, romantic time away with someone you love, or fantasizing/daydreaming. Do not fall into Neptune's limitless sea of alcohol or substances since the squares take us places we don't need to see in an altered state. For the imaginative types out there the square will be inspiring so get out that paint brush, polish off the instrument or put pen to paper, your masterpiece awaits. 

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Sunday brings a bit more of the adjustment around earnings or spending, and legal, travel, media, educational, marketing, publishing, or wedding plans. So carry on my dears, it seems we all need more finessing on the matter. There is a groovy Jupiter opposition which will at some point bring up a big talk, offer, agreement, or decision on the subject with someone else. 


The other paramount aspect today, (or for some of you it may arrive in the build-up on Saturday evening), is between the Sun and Saturn. This is between you and someone else over the money situation or involving something serious in your intimate life, with a divorce, reproductive need, death, third party situation, and how things are going deeper or being eliminated. Saturn wants commitments or endings, structures or limits, responsibility or ambition, he's a serious dude, expect this to affect situations with important people and you on Saturday night/anytime on Sunday. 

There are 2 more Eclipses in May so if you would like to look into dates and rates for a private reading with Zoe, now's the time! Email
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