Tuesday, February 26, 2013


by Zoe Moon 

What is the single most popular astrology book every written? The bible. For those with eyes to see, it is encrypted with all the great knowledge of the sacred language of the Heavens. It was written to protect this information and to move humanity closer to creation through the macrocosm/microcosm or as above, so below, as within, without realization. We time the patterns, we see the conscious direction of Faith

It is in such sweeping movements in Heaven that the course of history sways. It is in the mathematical music of the spheres that the magi study the stars and their affects on earth. To this end I wanted to share what has been occurring all around us regarding the Archangel Gabriel and our plight spiritually as a collective. 

The age of Pisces was an inspired artistic, spiritual, romantic period that lasted 2160 years. This age personified all that is Piscean so let us look at what astrology lists within this energetic: Epic stories, the sea, fish, water, oils, the feet, sacrifice, martyrdom, boundary issues, psychic abilities, yoga, meditation, dreams, magic, the subconscious, hospitals, prisons, addictions, deception, hidden enemies, spies, music, film, art, poetry, the imagination, the veil between worlds, inspiration, clandestine romance, chivalry, research, investigations, and dreams.

The age of Pisces, the sign of the fish, was heralded by Christ and his religion, flowered from Judaism, triangulated by Islam, all moving as holy seas across the globe, carried forward by Piscean concepts of sacrifice and martyrdom, resurrection, redemption, anointing of the feet with oils, a boundaryless sea of suffering and spiritual absorption, succored subconsciously into the depths of emotional conversion for many. It brought the hidden agendas and enemies that worked against the masses and for the churches and states in the times of dark power, addictions and deceptions that knew no bounds, ecstasy and enlightenment for those that opened to the highest principals, and a Karmic backwash for all souls to fall against stringing some new fabric to be worn up ahead when the Aquarian Age finally presented. The Goddess seems to have been subjugated or enfolded within other dynamics within this age. Buddhism proliferated during this age but outside of the Abrahamic bounds.

The age of Pisces was awash with classical artists and master composers, bringing forth great bodies of work that swept us up in waves of euphoria and exaltation. It spread hospitals and prisons around the world and elevated healing and isolation to new levels, brought psychology and psychiatry into being as disciplines, marked the world reign of secret societies from Templars to Masons, introduced yoga and meditation on a global scale, bridged the oceans and seas of the world, introduced chemical warfare and hydrogen bombs, and brought pharmaceuticals and addictions under global umbrellas. As an age it was dreamy, inspired, uplifting, deceptive, chemical, drowning, Karmic, and vast.

Pisces and the age of Pisces is ruled astrologically by Zeus and Poseidon, or Jupiter and Neptune from a planetary perspective. And here is where we get into what this article is about, Gabriel's horn. You have already begun to see the Aquarian Age taking hold as the next 2000 year cycle is seeding while you walk the earth this incarnation. Aquarius rules social conscious, what we do as a group, the internet, electricity, social networking, friends, causes, revolution, freedom, astrology, aviation, charities, brilliance, genius, innovation, invention, quirkiness, perversion, instability, unstable affects, sudden change, and awakening. So how does the dissolve occur as the Piscean age wanes and the Aquarian Age seeds? Does it begin to weave itself through this new dynamic or does it find a place at all here? Now the mass consciousness is a click of the mouse and one thought can travel the web to all corners of the globe seeking change, freedom, originality, and a cause-these are all Aquarian concepts, how does the old age adapt? This is only a question to ponder for those of us on Earth now because we straddle both ages.

Well, the flowering of any age is always marked by the astrological clock bringing moments that define and such is upon us now. I am going to give you an example but they abound everywhere, if you keep your eyes open to the political and sociological scene you will begin to note what is going on. The example I want to share is religious by nature.

Neptune, as the ruler of Pisces, moved into Pisces last year at the end of February, this was the first time since the mid-1800's. By entering his sign he empowered it, brought it up to the attention of the world. It's the first time this life that anyone felt this combination. So, again, go look at that list of things Neptune/Pisces rules up above, in the news we began seeing it play out on a global scale but how were you beginning to feel these topics in a stronger way? My example is the Pope. According to a senior communications officer at the Vatican"Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to step down from his office was made soon after his trip to Mexico and Cuba in March 2012"~ (quoted from the Catholic News Agency). So, the Pope as representative of God (for a huge part of the population) chose to exit his position as such within days of Neptune moving into Pisces for the first time in over a 160 years and beginning to conjunct Gabriel. It just happened to also be the only time Neptune as the ruler of his Faith had been in its own sign at the moment that we were winding down the precession of the equinox that occurs once in around 26,000 years-the end of a world age and the mini age of 2160 years from Pisces to Aquarius being felt.

Neptune only got up to 3.9 degrees before it went into Retrograde motion in 2012 (apparent backwards motion) and that is significant because it falls short of 3.52 degrees-the precise degree of Gabriel, the degree was triggered (the Pope made his decision, we had decisions take hold in our own lives, but it is now that things are happening).  So then we get to this year. Neptune is again in Direct motion on its way back to that 3rd degree which will start today, February 26th but this time, for the first time, in its own sign, under the intense combination of outer planetary friction from Pluto and Uranus continuing their squares of change, Neptune will reach 3.52 degrees of Pisces for the first time on March 21st/22nd.

So what is so special about 3.52 degrees of Pisces? It is where the archangel Gabriel sits. In astrology the slow moving planets come to open the field around points like this once in a lifetime or never. To look at timing on a human scale it is the activator, Mars, that moves briskly by comparison, that will activate it when that outer body is within orb. Mars and Mercury both crossed over Gabriel the week before the Pope announced, on Wednesday/Thursday the 6th and 7th of February, setting the announcement and any behind the scenes talks and actions into play for Monday the 11th when he did announce. So it makes sense that it was when the Moon moved across Gabriel on the 11th that he announced, the Moon rules the public. So the personal planets all gather here, Moon, Mars and Mercury, pushing things into place for the major player to come sit down. So where are the other personal energies, the Sun and Venus?

Friday the 22nd the Sun illuminated Gabriel putting the pope in the physical spotlight and the 28th of February/1st of March when Venus comes to embrace Neptune on the 3rd degree for the very first time since the mid 1800's and the first time in the new world age of 26,000 years. The Sun over this point brought the physical appearance or identity into the spotlight. Venus is important for a whole different reason. On the day the pope announced he was stepping down Venus was making an exact square to Saturn in Scorpio, something she will do twice in 30 years from Pisces to Scorpio, the second time comes April of 2014 (which will be another important date in the progression of events) and then not again for another almost 30 years. So she wants love and money flow around what is going on and chooses these days of Feb 11th and Feb28th/March 1st to trigger things for her ends. The square is a challenge and to Saturn can be a 'no' or ending, involving ambitions, authority, status, and huge shared financial resources, power and control, as exampled by the Pope's situation and somehow playing out in your own life. But she is also significant for her 8 year cycle that creates a 5 pointed star across the heavens, the pentagram, that has been viewed as a protection against evil. She sits with Neptune in Pisces on Gabriel's 3rd degree on the day that the Pope has chosen to step down. So at this point all personal planetary action has warmed the degree for Neptune to make his perfection of 3.52 late in March. 

As Neptune slowly moves across that 3rd degree between Feb 26th and March 25th, it will be on March 21st into March 22nd that he comes to 3.52. This is the moment Gabriel blows his horn or perhaps the horn was blown when Mercury and Mars first activated by coming together to bring action and noise to the moment and it will be on March 21/22 through March 28 that we see the summit of what this will mean, perhaps it is then that we get our new pope or some other global action hinges upon this time frame linked to the Pope. This marks a shift on a mass level when we begin to sway in another direction. Interesting to note that in the Venus synodic cycle her superior conjunction for the year 2013 falls on March 28th as she comes to rest with the Sun and Uranus, ruler of the Aquarian Age at 8 degrees Aries. Combine this with Gabriel's horn on the 21st/22nd and Neptune leaving the 3rd degree on the 25th and that last week of March becomes very critical to us all. As I said in the beginning, I'm giving a religious example but this powerful period upon Gabriel holds influence in many realms of life, look for it around you, pay attention to what you are supposed to be hearing, healing and where your beliefs are influencing your direction.

What will it herald on a personal level? Look above at the lists of topics, it will call souls to these themes in a stronger way in their life: For those of the lower vibrations it will resonate with some hidden agenda, deception, addiction, backbiting or behind the scenes maneuvering, or fundamentalist zealotry. It may spill into our seas or prescriptions, cross boundaries, bring secrets to the light of day, dissolve, chemically alter, move the oceans, and shake Karmic injuries. On the higher vibration, it may inspire great works, open spiritual and psychic channels, spark great romance, invite the muse, bring breakthroughs in science and medicine, spiritual awakening, open the veil between worlds, and mark the beginning of a great healing. You only get one time ever to be consciously aware that the archangel Gabriel is being activated by the lord of his energy field, Neptune, both answering to the highest power above. As you know this has begun moving into place starting last year by the dates given, we see this epic shift in the papacy, it is validation of the grand clock that the creative force moves by, acting upon your experience, and it will have impact in your personal life as well as out on the global stage. Even Zeus's thunderbolt and lightning came into play as lightning struck the Vatican within hours of the announcement! It's so surreal.

Anyway, there you have it, I give you the dates, I share the parameters, it is for you to look at your life, your journey, your beliefs, and to open your heart to the best possible direction for you and yours. One thing is certain, we've not experienced what is going down right now before. It is changing the world as we know it even if it will be future generations that can look back at these dates and say the events of this period changed it all. For my say in the healing direction of Gabriel I would like to see the divisive part of churches/religions of the world begin to dissolve under the waves of the Piscean sea leaving the beauty of God within the Light of each divine soul to shine as one, no more killing, judging, hidden agendas, manipulations, and dogma weighing upon the hearts of humanity in the guise of a religion, but truth and freedom and brotherhood that in my opinion equals true faith. If humanity chooses to keep organized religion as the keepers of the faith housed in places of worship then they would now reflect this dissolving of these divisive dogmas that pit one group of souls against another in the name of God and rather stand as beacons for good will, prayer and love for the entire world's people. How Aquarian to have a true awakening in the hearts of man that this triad could lay down their darker side- their swords and quest for power and dominance to simply embrace love as the key. It would be so simple to see who was outside the faith then, it would be those that hate, kill and control.

I started this by saying that Pisces had 2 rulers, Poseidon/Neptune and Zeus/Jupiter, so what is Zeus doing in all of this? Jupiter, the great planet of religion, politics, expansion, belief, media, education, law, and travel? He is in the dual sign of Gemini, asking that we look at BOTH SIDES of the situation, to let go of fixed positions and allow for information to enlighten our minds, to be curious, inquisitive, to open our mind to something bigger, to write a new more expansive idea of faith, to ask those questions, seek the truth, seek the truth, seek the truth. And what is the truth? That one cancer cell can kill the body, it is when we all move in concert with one another allowing rather than judging our separate paths as we harmonize throughout that the body thrives. In the Aquarian Age humanity is one body interconnected on the material and spiritual plane as never before and in a grand awakening stroke it is the individual paths and their originality and unique perspectives that gives that whole it's voice. It is here that happiness and growth is promised at this moment in history. It is no longer, 'believe what I believe or perish' but 'believe in your path to god or the divine creation and bring your gifts to bear for the rest of us to share as an example of your divine seed'. It is in everything you create rather than destroy that you honor your creator, that you honor your divinity.

In the meantime, Mercury held his shadow in the sign of Pisces at the time of the Pope's announcement, more is to be revealed, he Retrogrades on the 23rd of February through March 17th, stay tuned, secrets await in this matter. As a matter of fact, he Retrograded on the exact degree that Uranus held back at the beginning of November 2008 when Obama first took office under the theme of Aquarius, 'change', but that's a whole other chapter. Religion and Politics are deconstructing and rebirthing in the cosmic soup, we are feeling parts of our own lives regenerate as well, some of it is extremely challenging but we will evolve, this is promised. And for those of you interested in what you are able to tune into at this particular moment in history, take the time to meditate and pray, look at the signs and pay attention to dreams, the messages are coming in powerful waves that are most certainly accompanied by the angelic sound of an otherworldly trumpet. 

 (c)2013 all rights reserved Zoe Moon Astrology

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