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Charge into the week with vigor, the opportunities are strong in the first 3 days and you should aim high with your goals. Thursday holds limits or something serious that must be dealt with so expect to handle issues (of course let’s hope The Zoe Moon Show is exempt from this, yarg!). Friday kicks off the new 30 day Solar cycle of the Sun in Aquarius where he will beam his rays onto our causes, friendships, group affiliations, astrological interests, charities, and internet activities. It’s about to get much more freeing out there!

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If you still need to uncover the truth now is the time to dig for it, you may feel as though you are the detective or researcher extraordinaire, but searching for the clues will give you a stronger sense of power. If you want to connect with someone over a big financial issue, divorce proceedings or because the chemistry is intense, the first three days of the week are going to give you that chance and the more you step out with confidence and take your place in the spotlight, the better it will go. Thursday may frustrate if you have any travel, legal, media, or educational needs that must be met, your best bet is to take a deep breath and just let it motivate you to push past obstacles or stimulate solutions. The Sun’s move into Aquarius on Friday kicks off a new 30 day cycle of social activity so plan on lots more time with friends, online, and at gatherings. You may have some kind of career opportunity today that looks lucrative, look around for your chance to shine.

Relationships seem to dominate the landscape this week and why not, you’ve done a lot to get this far in the way you connect with others. Much of that is due to the process that has been awakening you to a higher path, exciting you with ideas that are deeper than you have experienced prior to this period and much of this is in the sharing with partners. Any legal, media, travel, or educational energy you would like to exert with someone special or in connection to a representative should go well if you put it in motion in the first half of the week. You could launch into creative pursuits with this person or fall in love (deeper in love). Thursday may frustrate a bit as you deal with a female friend or some money matter that is pushing control, power or lust buttons. This is when your slow approach will work best for you, no need to push too hard. Friday the new Solar cycle begins lighting up your career zone for the next 30 days helping you to achieve goals, lead and pursue ambitions. You may find that an opportunity drops into your lap today, one that offers chemistry/love or money.

There may be a great deal of work to be done to get that big outside financial interest on track or to handle divorce or some sexual rendevouz but the good news is the first half of this week is going to grant you the opportunity to make it happen. So pour it on, organize that sexy getaway, delve into the paperwork for the loan, insurance, taxes, or divorce, put your efforts into planning it out and presenting it to those in question. You may make a mad push towards better health or to set something up for your pets as well and opportunity is there to make some headway. Thursday may slow things down as you see exactly what is at issue with a goal and someone involved in that goal. Look at ambitions, career, bosses, and those you partner with or that represent you or compete and then do your best to tackle it. The Sun moves into travel, education, legal, and media arenas on Friday lighting up this part of your life for the next 30 days. This is where you shine, get out there and do it. You may have an opportunity arrive today that is powerful and involves a big goal, it could be lucrative or deeply empowering.

Promise that you will not spend all your time on work this week and give the energy of play some real effort. There is a huge wave of fun on its way to you and this could express through your creative projects or talents, falling in love or doing something involving your lovers, the pursuit of love or with children. The potential to partner with someone in this or to find the right representative to help you further your goals here is stellar so be open to others right now, especially in the first three days of the week. On Thursday you will meet up with some obstacle or limit that you will want to deal with involving a trip, media or marketing matter, higher education, a ceremony, or a legal issue. Your feelings about your work, health or pets will be wrapped up in this so do your best to dive in and figure things out. Friday marks a new Solar cycle that will be spotlighting your sexual chemistry and attractions, divorce issues and big financial matters. This is where you shine so put yourself out there. An opportunity to engage in that travel, legal, media, or educational realm arrives today and involves someone important, this looks good.

Did you want to set up work at home or do you want to organize the closet? Can you pack for the move or clear things out for the realtor? Does mom need help or should you set up the house to accommodate a better healthy lifestyle or the needs of a pet? The more you focus on these basic areas of life in the first part of the week, the better you will do. There is opportunity in the mix to make changes that benefit all parties involved so talk things out, make lists, come to terms. Thursday may frustrate a bit as frictional energy points out just what limits or responsibilities are coloring the sexual attraction, divorce or financial arena. How you feel about a lover, child or creative project will push you in this so expect to buckle down in hopes of finding the right loan or settlement or in handling what is happening/not happening with the attraction or divorce. The new Solar cycle begins on Friday spotlighting your relationships for the next 30 days so you can plan on spending more physical energy with romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, or other important people, this is where you shine. An opportunity to change something for the better arrives today if you go deep enough.

It’s all in what you say this week Virgo and for the most part the important words come in the first half of the week. Think about your creative ideas and write them down or pitch them to someone that can help you get them on their feet, open up about what is in your heart with a lover or get out and chat up someone that sparks your interest romantically, propose, make a decision about a child and communicate that, the more you let it flow, the better the week is going to evolve for you. A short trip may be on the agenda as well, again opportunity beckons. Thursday may frustrate as some limit or responsibility shows on the radar involving a partner, representative or opponent and the home. If you feel lonely at home or are facing loss with home or property matters, know that today is good for getting real about what is happening and working on solutions. Friday the Sun moves into sixth house and you begin a 30 day process of stepping things up at work, taking on more leadership here or imbuing it with more ambition, you may also kick things into gear over your health or with animals. An opportunity arrives today that can change things with a relationship, open up.

Whether you are spending on the home or earning from the home, making an income dealing with property or real estate deals, earning through taking care of family or through roommates, the first part of the week urges you to see the opportunities here and grab them. If you need to talk things out or write them up, pitch ideas or come to terms over this, plot your course and go for it now. Thursday may frustrate as you must deal with limits or responsibilities involving work, co-workers, employees, services you provide, health matters, or something involving pets/animal interests. Choose your words carefully because a big fat ‘no’ could ensue if you aren’t tender. This day will help you to figure something out that will help up ahead. Friday marks the new Solar cycle which will bring more fun, creative projects or pursuits, love, and involvement with children. You can pick and choose which of these interest you but you will find you can get into the mix and really step up now in these areas. An opportunity is available for you to transform something linked to work/health/pets/home interests today and may be lucrative.

There may be times to offer up humility or to shine that self-deprecating smile but this week is not one of them. It’s really all about you stepping up into your own personal power and being the most that you can be. This may mean taking hold of your image, branding your name or identity, making a decision about identity such as do I get married or divorced, letting your body lead the way, and making no apologies for what you command. In all of this is a powerful opportunity to talk or meet, sign agreements, write, or pitch ideas, especially in the first three days. Thursday may frustrate as you must deal with some limit or responsibility involving a lover or love interest, child or creative project and this in turn stirs emotions over making money or money spent. Get real about whatever is going on and try to take charge of the direction you want it to go by stepping up the best you can. Friday begins a new Solar cycle with the spotlight on home, family, real estate, roommates, and any security needs for the next 30 days. This is where you shine and will likely spend the most energy. An opportunity with creative ventures, kids or love opens up today, things are changing for the better.

Most of the time you are out there but this week in the first three days you should think of the word ‘saturation’. Saturation in terms of pouring yourself deeply into something that only requires you saturate yourself with the artistry, quiet rest, research, spiritual need, or romantic sanctuary that will inspire great things for you. If you can allow the muse to take hold and still your soul to attune to the flow here you may find an offer to make money arrives. Thursday may frustrate as you must deal with a home or family issue that seems to stress a bit. You may be feeling limits or responsibilities that you will want to take seriously and deal with the house or real estate deal, or you may just feel your needs are being infringed upon a bit in relation to what is happening here. Friday kick starts a new Solar cycle that will put you in the spotlight as the idea person or communicator. This is your time to shine locally and to find your voice through writing, meetings and talks. You may sign agreements now that put you out there on a new level, get more active with brothers and sisters, or take a series of short trips that are good for you. An opportunity involving home and money arrives today.

Your soul group, connections, aspirations, the support of friends, the groups you belong to, how you utilize the internet or astrology, or your charities and causes are very important in the first part of this week ahead. Something about the way these people or outlets catch you each time you are thrown back from things is trying to teach you something significant about who you are and who you are becoming. They have your back and they see the real you or there is an avenue to travel here that will empower you on your journey so take it, embrace those that are real in your world right now, it holds more weight then you may imagine and pursue your online, astrological or charitable interests, there is opportunity coming your way through this now. Thursday may frustrate as it is bound to bring serious matters to the table. These may involve agreements, words spoken or news you hear, a writing project, short trip, or something with a sibling, neighbor, electronic, or vehicle. Plan on strategizing or spending some time behind the scenes working on it. Friday the Sun moves into your income zone and kicks off a new 30 day cycle that puts you out front as an earner or will help cast a light on your achievements and ambitions. You will do well now in going after new sources of revenue or increasing current money flow by getting into the mix and leading the way. Good news comes today or you get that agreement signed.

The goal is clear to you even if it seems ephemeral to others, you have a pulse on what is magic and ahead of its time right now and by all means, do the rest of us a favor and lead the way! The first three days of the week are going to offer you the opportunity to do this so if the goal is about career or a business you wish to launch dive in and if it’s of a more personal nature you may be taking it behind closed doors to escape in the fantasy or bring your artistry to the fore. The news or decisions of Tuesday may open doors to active pursuit of something in the financial, sexual or divorce realm by Wednesday and it all looks promising. Thursday may frustrate as you feel any limits or responsibilities around income or spending. You need to get real about where you are in this and check how your social habits friends, groups, internet, or party time is affecting that placement. The Sun moves into your sign on Friday kicking off a new 30 day Solar cycle that will help you step out into the year ahead with a new image, identity, body, or personal need you are reaching for, use these next days to take steps towards that ultimate goal. You should find some income answers today.

The first part of this week ahead is about the opportunities that will be present for you through travel, people at a distance, media, higher education, or legal realms and you just need to choose which area you would like to focus on and then either connect with a friend or group, get online or deal with a cause or charity involved here. The more you talk things out, meet, deal with documents, or write things up the more you will see things move with that partner, agent, attorney, or other significant person during these days. Thursday may frustrate a bit as any limits or responsibilities you are feeling on a personal level or possibly even physically will come into play. The emotional energy around this is tied to career, goals or someone in a power position. Do your best to get real about what you can and cannot do today. Friday the Sun moves into a 30 day cycle of rest and regeneration for you on a spiritual level. You will find that you can tune into the muse and achieve artistically, stand out in areas of research and development, deal with hospitals or other institutions with finesse, and benefit from taking time away from the grind to just be at peace as you wrap up this last solar personal year. The friend, group, charity, or internet matter gets a boost today in connection with your love or money needs and that should please.
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ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY COPYRIGHT 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDThursday nights at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern on CBS Radio:
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ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY COPYRIGHT 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDThursday nights at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern on CBS Radio:
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