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I know you feel the Full Moon building as you enter this week, it’s in Aries after all and this is the sign of loose-cannon passion and action, anger and drive! It all peaks by Tuesday as the goals are reached or situations wrap up.

Monday this will bring a wild streak, really wild I’m telling you! You may make a sudden change or need to react to one, there can be shocks, surprises, excitement, brilliance, rebellion, or breakthroughs but they will come with a twist. Sex and attractions, anger and outbursts, crazy financial spikes, and any turns in the road around how all that sharing, third party activity, control, and power is playing out.

THE ONLY CAUTION ON MONDAY and TUESDAY COMES FROM: these sudden shifts occurring in lieu of an Aries Full Moon so you must avoid confrontations if possible, be careful around sharp objects, accidents, fire, angry younger males, or hopping into heated passions that may lead to later regret.

Tuesday you reach the peak with the Full Moon and celebrate the efforts you have made on a personal level to put yourself out there, to reach that physical or image goal, to get your name or identity into another level, or to end anything going on with your own body or needs that was meant to wrap up now. Mars decides to act in your favor today so if you avoided the rebellion of yesterday you should find you are moving along towards positive creative or love interests.

Wednesday brings opportunities to talk things out, write, pitch, meet, or sign deals involving partners, representatives or other significant people. Look at friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or personal aspirations to put forward here or link in with these areas for best results. It seems to be all about the inspiration, the imagination, and any artistic, spiritual or romantic flow you decide to ride.

Thursday is a very active day energetically. Mercury takes his turn moving into Scorpio and talks, ideas and decisions go deeper. It’s now about what can be said or agreed upon involving third parties, financially shared interests, sex, divorce, and control. Venus dances with Pluto opening up opportunity in these areas with women and any big goals you have, aim for career moves, leadership or the limelight. The Moon is busy activating your income arena so you will want to make money as you enter into your conversations today and to be honest, this is looking pretty good. The Sun sits with Saturn which is the third turn in the wheel of Karmic play that you have been moving through since Sept. 29th with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, advocates, competitors, or opponents. It’s time to step up and take the reigns by either committing or ending something, you’re ready.

Friday brings massive adjustments which means you may want to adapt some things or you must deal with outside influences that demand the same. Expect this to play out over financial matters, any sexual attractions or issues, divorce, partners, representatives, or competitors. Jupiter just wants you to make money today, savvy?

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Mama told you there’d be days like this! Suck it up and get out there, you need to deal with the issue and it means pushing yourself a bit today, just watch for accidents or over-doing it. The topic seems to be the finances, third party/control/power issue, triangle, sex, or divorce. This may also be about you, your body, image or identity. You need to be ready to act in the moment!

Tuesday is your big day, the Full Moon in your sign and you should be reaching a high point today after all the effort or crazy antics that transpired yesterday. Celebrate yourself, recognition may come or you may note that you are done with one old identity or image you have been holding onto. You may see something crest with physical issues and wrap up as well. You are linked in positive flow with love, the kids or any creative endeavors you wish to express today, engage where your passions lead you.

Wednesday is going to bring talks or meetings with partners or those that can represent you. This looks very positive so hook up, pitch ideas, sign agreements, talk it out, and do it in social ways. Look to the internet, group activities, friends, or social occasions as ways to move things forward in inspired ways.

Thursday is pretty big. New energy swirls around sex, finance and divorce so look for talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions to pick up here starting today. The love or money mixed up in this is doing just about everything it can to help you reach a goal or get closer so put yourself out there, motivate. You may make more money on the career front today or sell yourself to the new boss, call it quits with a partner, rep or opponent, or commit to something solid and long term. The stakes are high and you will want to get in there and make it happen.

Friday is about a weighty adjustment energy that pushes and pulls you between your needs and the sex, divorce, finances, power, control, triangle, partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent. It’s quite wild and changeable as well as serious and personal so eat your protein bar before heading out into this day. Some perfect balance is achievable tonight. 

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Monday rattles the cage babe so deep breath as you deal with the film, music or other art project, the clandestine affair, secret or self-sabotaging/addictive behavior, the hospital, prison or other institution, the time you really wanted behind closed doors, and that WOMAN. Not a woman in the picture to push your buttons today? Then Venus will be acting out through love or income matters in all of this. Be in the moment.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your mystical zone and all comes to fruition, to an ending, to a massive peak and celebration, or to recognition and achievement, how about one of the above?! It is cresting in those artistic projects, clandestine affairs, hidden or secret matters, spiritual interests, institutions, research projects, or some Karmic climax, you know, what you worked through yesterday hits its big time today. The energy is pretty fabulous for you to then launch into something passionate or active at home, with a move, family, real estate deal, or renovation.

Wednesday brings work, health or pet interests into focus and positive conversations, interviews, pitches, auditions, meetings, talks, ideas, and agreements along side. Open up, share the dream, bring the imagination. Personal goals and career matters are also looking decent, deal with the person in charge with a strong inner knowing of authority.

Thursday starts some real decision making with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or opponents. You may be meeting, talking, writing, signing agreements, or sharing those powerful ideas. Focus in on sex, divorce or finances and plan that trip, legal move, education, or media/marketing campaign. Today you reach the end of this part of the Karmic highpoint with relationships and any work affiliation, health need or pets. You will likely be putting yourself into the scenario more permanently or ending things at this point.

Friday has so many adjustments shaking things up that it promises to be one of those ‘on your toes’ kind of days. You will be dealing with a partner, representative or competitor in this and making changes or dealing with them as they pop up. Likely some retreat, artistic idea, romantic need, addiction, or institutional involvement is part of all this shifting about. Work, health and pets again take hold and must be dealt with in the mix. Perfect balance comes later today as you find happiness and expansion with the other person.

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Yaba daba baby, Monday looks wild. Shaking things up is the order of the day and it comes through the work efforts, health or pets with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or a charity. Expect a whole lot of shaking going on as you adjust to the sudden or exciting changes that keep flowing your way. Hey, who said life was boring?

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your social arena so you can expect a high point with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, or your dreams and aspirations. You are achieving something big or ending it here, possibly seeing the friend or associate wrap things up or move on or celebrating their success as well. You have great energy behind writing, ideas, talks, meetings, speaking parts, short trips, or agreements in all of this peak activity, go for it.

Wednesday the tides shift towards love, kids or creative projects and the harmonious aspects take over linking what you would like to express here with travel, people far away, media, publishing, marketing, legal, ceremonial, and educational outlets. Can you open up artistically, spiritually or romantically through these arenas today?

Thursday is about the work, health or pets as you begin to think about these things more and open up some meetings, talks, writing or agreements here. You may be doing a lot behind the scenes in development here and will find that you can work something out in a shared way financially, intimately or through third parties in this under positive stars. You are at the third of the personal Karmic points today with the relationship involving love, kids or creative projects. Do you step up and take the lead, commit more, pursue the ambitions, or do you set limits or end things? 

Friday is about lots of adjustments and activity with work, health, pets, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, and aspirations as you talk things out, meet, make decisions, write, pitch the sale, and take the next turn with the lover, child or creative project. Balance comes in what goes on behind closed doors later today.

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Monday is a firecracker on the career front or with an authority figure or goal. So much is spiking and shaking as you pitch here and there to get everything done on a creative level or with a woman. Your goal may be personal and tie in with love or kids and the same is going to be true. Prepare for the wild card and dive in, it’s building to resolution by tomorrow.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your Midheaven so career, bosses, authority figures, dad, ambitions, goals, reputation, and fame all can potentially peak in some major way for you now. This may be about an achievement, recognition, celebrations, or endings. There is great potential to go after money in all of this so get ready to rock’n’ roll.

Wednesday brings a smoothing of energy after two such high octane days. It’s great for writing at home, agreements involving home, moves, family, or real estate, meetings and talks that involve your home, decisions and anything that is intimate, financial, about gaining control, empowering, or settling divorce issues. Bring the imagination or do something behind the scenes for best results.

Thursday begins talks, ideas, writing, or agreements involving true love, kids and creative projects. The next weeks are full of potential new connections or locking down something already in the works here. A powerful partnership, representative or transforming some competitive situation is possible. Connect with friends, the internet, astrology, charities, or groups for expression. You are at the third Karmic turn on the personal matter at home, with a move, real estate deal, family, mom, or security need. Today you step up and take charge in this on some new level, it can be about saying yes or saying no but either way it’s solid.

Friday is agitating the energetic again and today that spikes the talks, ideas, meetings, short trips, or decisions with kids, love or creative projects, shakes up the career or goal, pushes things between home, family, and social connections, and puts you into the game in adaptive form. Seek balance grasshopper, it’s all in the way you look at it.

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Is it the legal or ceremonial issues, the travel plans, a media or marketing matter, or educational needs that have you jumping here and there at home on Monday? Or does a move, real estate deal, mom or family issue, or roommate tangle into all of this on some level? It’s shake, rattle and roll today so just dive in, go with new approaches or twists that show up and come from love. Money and love can flow if you are open to change.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in these legal, ceremonial, travel, educational, media, publishing, marketing, or foreign matters so you can expect that whatever you were wrestling with yesterday to come to a peak here today. It’s a time of celebration, achievements or endings in these areas as you wrap up the year long cycle here. Mars is active under positive stars and working through you so engage your passions, make your move, do something now!

Wednesday brings peace and the kind of inspiration that you dream of when heading into talks, meetings, agreements, writing, or decision making with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or even competitors. This is about communicating or decisions around spiritual interests, romantic ideals, artistic projects or talents, hospitals, prisons, retreat, Karmic connections, addictions, research, investigations, or dealing with hidden agendas or development. You may again weave legal, ceremonial, media, marketing, travel, educational, or publishing threads around this, all under positive stars.

Thursday the talks and decisions go deeper regarding home, moves, mom, family, roommates, or real estate deals. You will be thinking about loans, mortgages, alimony, child support, divorce, intimacy, settlements, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, or other outside resources in relation to these topics over the next few weeks and should be able to set up meetings, sign agreements, or make decisions here. It’s possible a sibling or neighbor becomes more integral in these areas now. Any work, health or pet matters tied to home open up. You are going to meet the third Karmic turn today that puts you in the spotlight on a serious level in what you say, write, agree to, any identity or image matters, decisions, or ideas. Short trips or again possibly something relating to siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics may figure in. It’s about commitment or endings.

Friday is another shaker day with so much going on that you will be jumping as you tackle home issues, mom, family, moves, or real estate, make changes or deal with the new stuff going on legally, ceremonially, educationally, in travel, or with media or publicity. Reputation, fame, ambitions, career, or authority figures expand your day in some way and add to the fray.

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Do you want ice or frozen fruit with that blender drink dear Virgo? You may feel as though you were in the mix by the end of Monday but it’s all good. Dive in and shake things up over that financial interest, get on the phone, make the deal, work around all the adjustments to get your money flowing, write it up, reschedule the meeting or work out the details of that short trip or issue with brother, sister, neighbor, and third party scenario. You may be dealing with sex or divorce as well so deep breath, here you go.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your financial interests, sexual attractions or issues, or divorce matters. That loan, settlement, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, insurance, tax, or other outside money matter, your divorce or sexual matter is reaching a high point today, you are celebrating, achieving or ending things in these areas. Mars means that there is action tied to this and what you do about strategies, behind the scenes moves, hospitals, prisons or other institutions, film, music or other art forms, clandestine affairs, or Karmic connections, all good.

Wednesday smoothes out as you begin talks or meetings, sign agreements or write things up with a focus on making money. The flow from money to work, health and pets is optimal so earn or spend here today and if you need to deal with an outside financial resource or work through divorce issues related to this, there is opportunity to do so.

Thursday your ruler, Mercury, moves into your third house and will help you to get into more contracts, meetings, talks, writing, short trips, and to have more interaction or decisions with siblings, neighbors, short trips, or about local interests. Today this lines up beautifully with love, kids or creative interests so write, meet or talk out things here. You should be feeling good about travel, legal, import/export, media, marketing, publishing, ceremonial, or educational matters today. You meet the third Karmic turn today and this means you are stepping up as the leader in some income making matter and committing to an ambitious matter or ending things.

Friday is the shaker again, it’s a wild and crazy ride kind of day when you will be on the phone, in meetings, making mad dashes out locally or hopping in the car and taking a short trip. Neighbors, vehicles or siblings may be wild cards, it’s about communicating and dealing with big financial matters, divorce, intimacy, legalities, media, travel, education, and income. You’re wearing every hat, enjoy.

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Shake it up baby, twist and shout! Oh yeah, Monday is all about how you are feeling about a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or other significant person and the money you are making or spending. The twist and shout part is all about the wild cards of the day that are intent on shaking things up a bit here so get ready to dive in and tackle issues, make changes, and move things along.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your relationship zone so you can expect one significant dynamic to be hitting a high point now. This may mean celebrating, achievements or endings with a romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, competitor, or opponent. Mars is in the mix in the best possible way so you will see action tied to this that plays out through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities, get in the mix.

Wednesday smoothes into much calmer waters and aligns your creative projects, quest for fun, love or kid time with great talks, ideas, meetings, writing, agreements, or decisions. It’s all about the imagination, inspiration, Karmic connections, artistic projects, spiritual pursuits, romantic inclinations, and should leave you feeling good about partnership or representation.

Thursday kicks off talks, writing, agreements, meetings, or decisions about income that will flow over the next few weeks. There is opportunity in this today from home or linked to home business, real estate, house sitting, apartment managing, interior design, architecture, moves, family, or roommates. You should be feeling good about the settlement, third party financial matter, insurance, inheritance, loan, alimony, commission, or other outside resource. Today you meet the third of the Karmic turning points and step up as the leader in some way, take charge of your own physical well being, image, identity, or new personal agenda and commit yourself to it or end something.

Friday is another shaker and it is playing out over partners, agents, attorneys, competitors, income, loans, commissions, debt, inheritance, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, bankruptcy, divorce, sex, or third party antics. You will be fielding lots of calls, talks, writing, short trips, local activities, and making changes or responding to them in the moment.

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Just a little bit of pandemonium makes the world go round? Monday you can expect it on the work front, with co-workers, employees, or any health or pet issues. It’s wild, it’s wooly and it can borderline on genius if you can allow for all the stops, starts and changes in direction that are likely to occur. Expect a woman, friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, aspirations, or any combination of the above to thread through the energetic.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your sixth house and a culmination of the work project, with that co-worker or employee, with a service you are engaged in, with any health interests or issues, or involving pets, animals or environmental causes. You are celebrating the achievement or wrapping things up. Mars joins the fun for positive action that stems from this associated with career, goals, ambition, reputation, fame, or someone in a position of authority, go make it happen.

Wednesday things ease into more serenity, time behind the scenes, relaxing, developing, inspiring, or connecting with your spiritual or artistic needs at home. You may be writing here or coming up with some good ideas that involve home, moves, family, real estate, or roommates. It’s still positive for work, health and pets here so go with the flow, it’s all good.

Thursday Mercury moves into your sign and brings the gift of gab to you. This may mean you are out there talking it up more or the talk is about you. It will help you make some decisions about your image, identity and personal needs, get out locally for good health, sign agreements, write or take on speaking roles. Much if focused on the ideas that are flowing strong and true and connections opening up in partnership or through representation, all under positive stars today. You meet the third Karmic turning point as you step up and take the lead with something involving film, music or other artistic outlets, spiritual or Karmic connections, clandestine affairs or attractions, hospitals, prisons, addictions, research, investigations, or strategies. It’s time to commit or end things and you know what you want.

Friday is another shaker that puts you into communication mode or out there running errands, dealing with work, health or pet issues, connecting with partners, agents, attorneys, or specialists, and working in the moment as things shift constantly. You may again be focusing on the artistic, spiritual, romantic, institutional, or addictive topics and your role in the scope of things as you write, meet, talk, and make your choices.

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Monday you can expect it when you least expect it and that goes for your creative endeavor, your kids or your love interest and whatever it is you have going on in development, behind the scenes, involving film, music or other artistic interests, hospitals, prisons or other institutions, addictions, retreats, research, clandestine affairs, or investigations. Be in the moment since the moment is always changing.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your fifth house so you reach the peak with the child, lover, love interest, recreational activity, or creative project today. This is a celebration as you achieve your ends or recognition is found, or it marks the culmination and ending as you wrap things up. Positive energy flows from this through legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, or educational outlets so take action here.

Wednesday smoothes out into a nice flow with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, writing, meetings, talks, agreements, creative endeavors, love, and children. Tie it all up in a bow of imagination and inspiration with an open invitation to enjoy where you find yourself just now.

Thursday Mercury moves behind closed doors and begins talks in secret or some writing project or idea that you want to develop behind the scenes. This energy will help your imaginative mind, get you talking or meeting on film, music, fine art, romance, spiritual interests, hospitals, addictions, or research, and today that may lead to income. You should be feeling great about the work, health or pet needs. Step up as the third Karmic turning point arrives through your social interactions, the internet, astrology, charities, a friend, group, or aspiration, you should know if you are ready to take on more and commit long term or end things.

Friday is another shake ‘em up day as those artistic, spiritual or institutional interests gage up and creative input is shifting, work, health or pet interests are engaged, and the friend or group, internet or astrology gets into the mix through your own leadership or ambitions. Just breathe and leap in.

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Monday is crazy so just decide to dive in with all abandon and tackle each moment as it comes. The focus is home, real estate, mom, family, moves, or roommates on the one hand and friends, groups, social occasions or networking, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations on the other. It’s genius really if you allow for change, shifts, the radical, and new to take you there.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your fourth house. This may mean a peak moment at home as you celebrate paying it off, a renovation completed, mark the move in or out of a family member or roommate, throw a party here, move, buy or sell real estate, reach a new level with the home business, or see something culminate with mom. Mars is active in this under positive stars so you can share passions with someone at home, take action on the move or activities going on there, go after the big money involved or act on divorce proceedings.

Wednesday things smooth out as you talk with bosses, authority figures, deal with contracts, writing or meetings involving career, get inspired to earn money, spend on imaginative interests, and again thread this around home, real estate, family, moves, or roommate situations. Opportunity abounds, dream big.

Thursday Mercury moves into your social arena and brings more talks, meetings, invitations, agreements, writing, short trips, and ideas between friends, with groups, over the internet, involving astrology, charities, or aspirations. You have an open door to this today that may increase financial prospects or amp up attractions or intimacy. Love, kids and creative projects are in the flow and may play out through all this social energy as well. You meet the third Karmic turn today that puts you into the spotlight and stepping up to claim some new level on the career front, with an ambition or goal, dealing with an authority figure, boss or dad, fame or reputation. It’s about committing to something solid and long term here or ending things.

Friday is another shaker that reiterates much of Monday’s feel. You will be diving in with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, aspirations, social interests, and the home, real estate, moves, family matters, or roommates. Change, excitement, new ideas or approaches, engage these areas as you feel your way through goals and what you want with love, for kids or creatively.

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Did you just say that?!! Did they?! Well, seems to fit this whackadoodle day as most communications, decisions, ideas, short trips, electronics, vehicles, agreements, and writing goes left, then right, before finding the middle. Most of this plays out over big goals, ambitions, career, with authority figures, reputation, or fame. If you get an offer today that is unlike anything else you’ve ever done or some unusual idea is brought your way, consider what it might do for you before rejecting it whole cloth.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your communications zone so you can expect one big decision or idea, talk or meeting, agreement or writing project, sibling or neighbor issue, move or vehicle, local issue or neighborhood matter to culminate. It’s all about celebrating achievements or marking endings through these realms. Positive action is attached to this through a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or advocate so move while it’s looking so strong.

Wednesday the energy smoothes out and focuses in on legal or ceremonial matters, your media or publishing needs, marketing or publicity, higher education, or something you strongly believe in. You are in the flow here and can bring forth your magic and imagination to connect and move your goals further ahead.

Thursday Mercury moves into your Midheaven so you will be entering a period when career, goals, ambition, and authority figures will be on your mind and more contracts, meetings, writing, short trips, talks, and decisions will focus here. Today this aligns with the mystical, magical, spiritual, romantic, and artistic side of life so develop ideas that will open opportunity here. You may be dealing with home or property matters as well today in lucky ways. You meet the third Karmic turning point as you step up and take the lead on that legal, ceremonial, educational, media, publishing, marketing, or travel matter today. You are ready to step up and commit long term here or end things, thus giving yourself a new maturing identity.

Friday is another whacky energy day when you will be all over the board over career matters or ambitions and goals, with authority figures and in meetings, talks, dealing with agreements or writing. The home or property figures into the scenario as do any adjustments to legal, travel, media, or educational needs. Just expect to dive in and swim up stream, working the eddies as you go.

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Monday will shake things up in all kinds of unexpected ways as you move into any income or spending issues and deal with the woman involved in travel, import/export, education, legalities, ceremonies, media, publishing, marketing, or publicity. Can you work through any wild cards to reach your goal financially or find solutions to earn what you need in this?

Tuesday is the Full Moon in your income zone and that money matter reaches it’s peak. This will mean you are celebrating the achievement with the paycheck or big payday, gaining recognition involving money or wrapping up one way you were earning your living or one facet of it now. Mars is aligned beautifully to this peak so expect lots of positive action or motivation on the work front, with co-workers, employees, or involving health or animals. Don’t wait for the action to find you, be proactive.

Wednesday things smooth out and turn to focus on the talks you have about sex and intimacy, reproduction, divorce, mortality, or high financial matters. You should be able to meet or deal with agreements involving the loans, debt, settlements, investments or any other outside resource to your liking and get a good feel about your income situation. Imagination and inspiration are in flow with all of this and your best bets come through the arts, spiritual interests, hospitals, helping addictions, or through research and investigations. If you meet someone today for sexual pleasure expect it to be very fantasy driven.

Thursday Mercury moves into the ninth house so you will be entering into a period of heightened talks, writing, agreements, and decisions involving legal or ceremonial matters, education, travel, media, publishing, or marketing interests. The link to a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or a charity in this is amazing today and may bring love or money in a big way. Focus in on those talks, write it up or pitch it, sign agreements, sell your product, it’s all good. You reach the third Karmic turning point today and are ready to step up in the area of loans, debt, insurance, taxes, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, commissions, royalties, alimony, child support, divorce, reproduction, or sexuality. This is about you taking the lead or responsibility and committing to something long term or ending it.

Friday brings a wild conflagration of energy again and it is going to keep you on your toes over income, spending, legal matters, travel, media, publishing, marketing, education, and any talks, meetings, agreements, short trips, or decisions you are making. That big outside financial matter, sexual attraction or issue or divorce is weighing in as well. You need to be in the moment and adjust accordingly.

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