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The week opens with large actions or demonstrations that are highly creative, on behalf of love or children, engaging our pride, protective nature, dramatic side, or passions and aim at opening up money flow. If anger gets into the mix it will likely be a rather big show over money matters so keep a reign on this as best you can. You can expect to see more of this playing out on the world stage via Occupy Wall Street and other similar platforms. The Capricorn Moon on Monday engages the T-square dynamic to push ambitions further, to bring emotional reactions over those that hold positions of authority or focus us in on career, goals, big business, government, our leaders, bosses, dad, or reputation. The spotlight is rocking today.

Tuesday will bring serious talks, decisions, agreements, news, or meetings that push the envelope a bit further regarding career, goals, ambitions, authority figures, corporate or governmental concerns, leadership, fame, or status. It’s a day that engages partners, agents, attorneys, competitors, opponents, open enemies, or specialists in this so plan on connecting with someone over your goals to talk things out or say your peace.

Wednesday brings the last of the intense energy around career, goals, authority, ambitions, and partners, representatives or opponents. Today Venus is involved so love, women or money is the factor you are invested in as you confront any last big push here. The Moon moves into Aquarius and meets up with Uranus in a positive opportunity aspect at which point something exciting breaks through. Freedom, independence, change, brilliant ideas, revolutionary shifts, invention, surprises, or shake-ups that benefit you through the internet, astrology, charities, causes, groups, friends, or social networking arrive on the scene.

Thursday the connection to your social interests will be strong again so plan to involve friends, the internet and group activities today. There is a drive to do something creative, recreational, with kids, or for love in all of this and potential to align with the partner, representative or other significant person as you do so, all under favorable stars. Mercury meets Saturn so news, talks, meetings, decisions, or agreements will be serious with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, competitor, or opponent. Saturn here can mean that you are coming to terms about something ambitious, long term, a commitment and new beginning, or it can mean something you hear or decide that means limits, loss or endings. Know that words hold final or solid long term weight and share them accordingly.

Friday brings amazing flow between social needs, internet or astrology interests, friends or groups, charities or causes, and the ideas, talks, agreements, decisions, writing, or meetings happening with partners, agents, attorneys, opponents, or specialists. The Moon conspires with many planets to bring this together so trust your feelings as you share with others today. Venus and Neptune connect in what is one of the most romantic, spiritual, artistic combinations available so again, your relationship with others will be flowing on this vibration, ride it to inspiration and joy.

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Oh baby! How are you really feeling about that lover, child or creative project or idea? Are you fiercely protective, mad, passionate, or just highly motivated? Monday sparks a fire in your pants over these topics that seem to be spurring you on a big spending spree or pushing for more personal income. At the same time, emotions are raw over career, dad, a boss or other authority figure, or some goal or ambition. It’s motivating but stressful so take care that you don’t take this out on someone close and do what you can to manage frayed nerves.

Tuesday brings you face to face with someone in authority or a career matter, an ambition or goal, or regarding reputation or something out there in the spotlight in your life. Expect the partner, representative, competitor, opponent, or open enemy to be a big part of this and that talks, meetings, news, agreements, or writing involved is serious, solid, long term, and will help you set limits, commit or end something.

Wednesday brings the last of this energy into play with the money, love or female in question as you handle that authority figure, career matter, ambition or goal and the partner, representative, competitor, or enemy. The day then moves into some real positive flow for you through friends, groups, the internet, electronics, social occasions, astrology, or charities. Set aspirations high and embrace the new and exciting.

Thursday stirs all kinds of social energy around again for you with positive energy tied to kids, true love and creative projects you do with friends, groups, over the internet, involving charities or astrology. Your partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or even the competitor is aligning with this positively so it seems you have the backing of the right person as you get into the mix here. If you need to talk, meet, pitch an idea, sign contracts, push a writing project forward, deal with a car or sibling, neighbor or electronic issue involving the partner, representative or opponent, then do so today because the energy is solid and long term. This may mean commitments, setting limits or structuring something, bringing in authority figures or ambitions, or ending something for good.

Friday is one of those magical days. You deserve some magic, it’s been a tough and wild week. Start your day with a deep breath and then plan to fill your day with friends, socializing, time on the internet, with partners, representatives, all doing what makes your heart sing. You can make artistic or spiritual breakthroughs, find a Karmic romance beginning, connect on levels that feel fated, it’s in the flow. You may also hear from a specialist or advocate that things are now flowing at the hospital, around addictive issues, with the investigation, or involving other institutions.

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Monday fires you up at home. What’s the rush? You may feel like you really need to tackle a very large deal here, move mountains or renovate, make a very big move, all to reach some idea of expansion, prosperity or happiness. It’s not a bad thing but you may need to pace yourself just a little bit. The emotional energy may be putting your panties in a wad over legal, travel, ceremonial, educational, media, publishing, or marketing matters. What’s the goal here? You have a lot of work to do to make it happen and will do best to again, keep the focus and take it a step at a time.

Tuesday brings things to a peak for you through news, an idea, writing, agreements, decisions, talks, or meetings. You may have vehicle, neighbor, electronic, or sibling influences in this as well. Expect it to be about work, health or pets and that person far away or tied into travel, education, legal, ceremonial, media, marketing, or publishing needs will be pivotal. Is there a limit? Do you want a commitment or to end something? Is there a loss or structuring that needs to be discussed or settled? Pay attention to feelings today about any of this, it gets real on Thursday.

Wednesday is again about the work, health or pet issue and today this means a woman, love or income matter tied into the topic to be dealt with. Again, feelings about someone far away, a trip, legalities, education, media, marketing, or publishing will figure into what drives you. Once the Moon moves into Aquarius the energy shifts to surprises and excitement that plays out behind closed doors or that comes at you from out of the blue and helps you to reach goals or feel better about what you are achieving.

Thursday sparks ambitions, gets you charged up again at home, with a move, real estate deal, family, or roommate situation and puts you straight into the work you need to get done, helps you pursue work or deal with others while working, as well as helping you to deal with any health or pet issues going on at home or in the move. Set your goals high today and be ready to put nose to grindstone for positive results. The talk, meeting, decision, writing, agreement, or any short trip, vehicle, sibling, neighbor, or electronic need aligns at work, around health or with pets today. It’s serious, long term and about commitments, endings or solid structuring, limits or ambitions.

Friday is a magical day, yes, it is. Your career will be favored in this as will your reputation, fame, father, authority figures, ambitions, goals, and status. You can sign agreements involving work, health or animals in this or make decisions, write, audition or interview, land a speaking role, see your name in lights, and reach for the stars, don’t hold back! The energy is all about romance, artistic talents and inspirations, spiritual interests or skills, the poetry, dreams and imagination that you can pull from to reach your desires, enjoy.

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Have you bitten off some enormous writing task or is your mind going a thousand miles per hour about the artistic project, hospital, addiction, hidden enemy, secret romance, spiritual interest, the strategy or development you are working on behind closed doors, or some research or investigation you are doing? Well you may be able to motivate at great lengths today but keep a handle on over the top passionate or angry thoughts as you do. Emotions are focused on the financial matter, sex, divorce, or some power play involving third parties and this seems intense.

Tuesday brings emotions up over something said, news you hear, writing or agreements, vehicles or siblings, neighbors or a talk or meeting involving a child, lover or creative project. Again emotions are intense and revolve around sex, divorce, finances, or manipulations, third parties, control, or power plays. Look at what you wish to change and how you can set limits, deal with loss or endings, make commitments or structure something long term.

Wednesday brings a woman onto the scene in all of this or helps you to focus on any love or income matter involved with what has been brewing since Monday. Once the Moon moves into Aquarius the energy shifts and opportunity to get legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, or educational outlets aligned with your aspirations will show up. You may involve friends, groups, social occasions, the internet, astrology, or charities in positive ways as well.

Thursday is very active in talks, writing, agreements, short trips, sibling or neighbor activities, with vehicles, electronics, or decision making that ties in with the legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, or publishing needs and helps to bring you some ease with the kids, lover or creative interests. It’s a day that brings something serious with the child, lover or creative project as you make a decision, sign an agreement, write, hear news, have a big talk or meeting, or deal with vehicles, neighbors, siblings, or electronics. This is about commitments, endings, structures, limits, loss, or ambitions that you can put into place now.

Friday is a magical day as the stars align for all kinds of artistic, spiritual, karmic, and romantic flow. What do you want to do with the kids, lover, creative projects, or recreational interests? Could you take a trip, do something with legal or ceremonial goals, take a class or teach, or pursue media, marketing, or publishing interests? The stars are inclined to favor you in all of this, let your imagination flower. 

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Monday pushes your money making mojo to the max or it may spur you to spend in some big way, regardless a friend or group is involved or you may be doing this in connection to an internet or astrology project, charity or the pursuit of an aspiration. You should reach for the stars but don’t go overboard. Emotions are highly charged over partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, competitors, or opponents today and will gear things up at home, over moves, real estate deals or property matters, roommates, career, goals, and ambitions.

Tuesday brings a serious talk, decision, meeting, writing, or agreement about home, moves, roommates, property, real estate, mom, or roots. How do you feel about this partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, competitor, or opponent? Pay attention to those feelings since this all gets real on Thursday.

Wednesday brings a woman into the mix or gets you to focus more on the love or income situation tied to home, moves, real estate, family, or roommates. Again look at how you feel and what you want, is there more that needs to be done? Excitement or change enters the picture tied to some outside cash flow or a sexual attraction or divorce and you can see there is a new way to reach your goal. 

Thursday brings the big money matter back into the picture again with an emphasis on how you will make money personally and how you are in some way tied very strongly into that home, move, real estate deal, property interest, family matter, or roommate situation. The flow is on your side in this today and there is going to be a moment that is very serious here. Are you going to sign on the dotted line, make an agreement, commit long term to something ambitious, set limits, deal with authority figures, structure something, or end it? Your call, just know that it will be in place for some time to come.

Friday is magic. Pure and simple. Whatever you chose seems to be feeling pretty great today as you gear it up with the loan, investment, settlement, alimony or child support, insurance or taxes, bankruptcy, commission, royalty, or a partner’s money and get things going with the home, move, real estate deal, property matter, mom, family, or roommate. You can align romance, spirituality, artistry, hidden agendas, hospitals, research, clandestine moves, or strategies with aplomb! 

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I know the lion is capable of great feats but today may really have you reeling as you go for broke on some big ambition, goal or career matter. You may be reaching for the stars, stretching out through someone in a position of authority or going for that big promotion or plum assignment. This looks good but careful not to overdo it. Passions or anger could spur you with those in charge so take that into consideration before you act. Emotions are wrapped up in work, health or pet situations and will push you out there today.

Tuesday that work, health or pet matter is front and center in your mind as you get real about a decision, agreement, some writing project, short trip, talk, meeting, audition, interview, or anything involving siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics. Pay attention to what you need or want to change today in this since it gets serious on Thursday.

Wednesday brings a woman into the scenario or gets you to look at love or income issues tied to this shifting work, health or pet matter. Again push towards the change you wish to see. As the Moon moves into Aquarius your partner, an agent, attorney, or other significant person can help you in surprising ways or they can open up some exciting opportunities through travel, legal, ceremonial, media, marketing, or publishing outlets, all good.

Thursday is the ‘get real’ day when you can sign a long term contract, make a decision that is final, commit or end something that brings the news, writing, agreement, idea, proposal, short trip, sibling or neighbor issue, move, vehicle or electronic matter to new level. This is long term and serious and will bring you together or help you move away from a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, advocate, or opponent in some solid way.

Friday is magical. Whatever you decided yesterday, today you are absolutely in the dream flow with a partner, representative or other significant person. You can talk, make decisions, write, meet up, do something local, take a short trip, sign agreements, or share ideas that flower around poetic romance, artistic interests, spiritual pursuits, or time hidden away in some inspiring or imaginative connection.

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Monday will bring a push behind the scenes on some strategy or project you are developing, on any hospital, prison or institutional matters, addictions, film, music or artistic projects, or with a spiritual or romantic pursuit that is in some way Karmic. How big to you want to go with the legal, ceremonial, travel, educational, or media matter? Emotions are focused in on a love interest, child or creative project as you push things hard to get money flowing.

Tuesday will bring up feelings about this creative project, lover or child in some serious way over the money you are earning, spending or some possession that is between you. Pay attention to how you feel about the limits, responsibilities, loss, endings, or commitments you wish to make here because it gets real on Thursday.

Wednesday brings a woman into this scenario or will get you to focus on the love tied to income/spending issues. Again you are pushing things here. Once the Moon moves into Aquarius you are going to see a shift of excitement that sparks between the work you are doing and some outside financial resource, be open to new approaches or allow for spontaneity.

Thursday emotions focus on the work at hand, co-workers or employees, health issues or interests, environmental causes, and animals. You can motivate behind the scenes in these areas and gather research, put artistry to good use, develop and strategize as you income begins to align nicely here. The serious talk, agreement, short trip, writing, vehicle, electronic, sibling, neighbor, or ambitious interest that affects your income, spending and possessions hits a new level today. You will be making some long term commitment, hearing serious news that cements things in a new way, dealing with an authority figure, ending something, or structuring it monetarily.

Friday is a magic day. The work and income is flowing, the health and money needs are aligned, animals and environment are benefiting from income or spending, you can spark up the imagination, connect with a woman, dream big, bring in the artistic talents, spiritual ideals, romantic and Karmic connections, and even connect with institutions or research that will all blend beautifully with your money flow and work interests, health or causes.

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Monday brings more action around a friend, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, or aspiration and this is highly charged so you may be taking on quite a bit here as you do what you can to empower, transform, handle outside financial matters, sexual attractions/issues, or divorce. Emotions are all about home, moves, real estate, property issues, family, mom, roommates, or security needs and these may be a bit tweaked today as surprises and changes occur.

Tuesday the feelings you have about what is going on at home or with the property, real estate deal, renovation, family, move, roommate, or security needs will again be dynamic and this is going to urge you to speak about serious issues here, deal with limits, responsibilities, authority figures, ambitions, endings, or commitments. What do you need that you aren’t getting? Pay attention to feelings as it gets real on Thursday.

Wednesday a woman enters the scene in all of this or you focus in on the love or personal income involved at home or with the move, real estate or family situation. Again you are pushing things forward that you feel must change. Once the Moon moves into Aquarius you are in for a nice shift in energy and some excitement from a partner, representative or other significant person about creative projects, love or kids.

Thursday is all about that serious decision about what you want, your needs, perhaps about your image or identity, some big new commitment you wish to make or an ending you are ready to define, and it is going to be final or long term so get ready to ink the deal, write it up, have your say, respond to the news, and move ahead with the big ‘yes’ or ‘no’. A creative project, love interest or child is all wrapped up in this moment for you and you are going to get moving on the internet, with a friend or group, a big aspiration, or astrological or charitable interest.

Friday is magic. You will be in the flow like no bodies business today and can wield great imagination, spark all kinds of artistic and creative endeavors forward under positive stars, connect to spiritual, magical or psychic interests, embrace romantic attractions or goals, inspire, blend fantasy with film, music, the arts, or deal with physical needs at a hospital or personal needs through research or just following your intuition. Free fall into this day!

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Monday will the fire burn you or are you going to jump the flames and ride them to new heights? It’s all about how much you are willing to take from the powers that be and how much you want what you want. What can you do to motivate towards those career ambitions or in dealing with the boss, authority figure or reputation issues? Emotions are going to be all wrapped up in a writing project, agreement, something that is said or news you hear, a talk or meeting, or a short trip that is feeling very weighty right about now. Changes to the work, with health or pets and more time behind closed doors will come with the package.

Tuesday feelings about the decision, writing, agreement, talk, meeting, or idea will again be important but today there is something very serious in the air. Do you want to commit long term here or end something? Can you live with the structure, limits or responsibilities or do you want more leadership or ambitions met in the picture? Something going on behind the scenes is flavoring this so look at strategies, research, investigations, secret enemies or maneuvers, film, music or artistic talents and projects, spiritual, psychic or magical interests, a clandestine or Karmic romance, and then get real about where you are here. It locks down on Thursday.

Wednesday brings a woman, love or income need into all the dynamics and again the push is on over agreements, writing, decisions, talks, or meetings and the ideas or needs you have in the picture. Push, push, or step back and allow yourself to connect with your feelings here. All that intense energy will shift a bit finally when the Moon moves into Aquarius and you get some new excitement or interest happening through work, health or pets that plays out at home or opens some doors for you with a move, renovation, real estate deal, or at a restaurant.

Thursday brings that serious matter to a new level as you sign agreements, make a decision, write, pitch the idea, have that big talk or meeting, make a short trip, or audition or interview for the film, music or other artistic endeavor, a hospital or other institution, research or investigation, clandestine affair or Karmic connection, or spiritual or retreat interest. This is about something solid, a long term commitment, something ambitious and real, or an ending or limit you set. Again, home, moves, real estate, property interests, family, or roommates play into what you do putting you at the center of the action and goals in focus.

Friday is magic. The artistic, romantic, Karmic, and spiritual energy is highly charged around your home or with anyone or anything playing out there. You can make quite a bit happen at home, involving a move, real estate deal, family member or roommate, or through what you weave in all of this dreamy, inspired energy that puts you into more solid security in your life. Let your imagination fly.

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Monday pushes your travel, educational, legal, or media needs forward and gets you all stirred up about making things happen, dealing with passions or anger, and expanding via your work, health and animal needs. Emotions are going to be intensely focused on earning money, any important possessions you need to deal with or what is being spent. Expect a lover, child or creative project to be key in this as well as your position with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or a charity.

Tuesday brings those feelings about making more money, spending or the possession into some very serious moments for you with the friend, group, internet project or outlet, your social networking abilities, astrological interests, charities, or tied to your aspirations. Pay attention to how you feel since whatever you want to change is going to get real here on Thursday.

Wednesday the woman enters the picture, this may be a female friend, or someone who is tied to the group, internet, astrology, or charity in question. Again looking at aspirations and the income or spending is part of what pushes you forward here. Once the Moon moves into Aquarius you will be feeling a nice shift to exciting creative prospects, you may also find love or children are the focus. Either way, opportunity is here for opening up talks, meeting up, writing, or handling agreements or short trips that inspire joy and creativity.

Thursday you get real with the friend, group, internet, astrology, charity, or aspiration and this is about committing to something ambitious or long term, or it is about setting limits, ending something or dealing with loss. You seem to be in the driver’s seat in some positive communications in all of it so you should trust that your ideas, writing, communications, or agreements are favoring you with them right now. Push yourself to publicize, market, educate, travel, or deal with legal matters.

Friday is magic. You are in beautiful flow with the friend, group, internet, astrology, charity, or aspiration and will be able to express your artistic talents, writing, spiritual interests, romantic ideals, and to meet, talk, sign agreements, or take short trips that benefit in this magical flow. Focus in on bringing your imagination into the mix and trust your intuition, it’s all good.

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Monday you will be on fire in pursuit of big financial interests, sexual attractions or divorce needs. This may be about passion burning or anger smoldering but motivated you will be and you can expect the love, kids or creative interests to be focal in all of this. Emotions are intense today for everyone, for you it is focused on your own needs, body, image or identity in any career matter, with a boss, ambition, or goal, and how that is affecting home, moves, real estate, or security needs.

Tuesday the intense energy continues to drive your week and again it is about how you feel about your needs being met, any image, identity or physical needs playing out, and your career, boss, ambitions, reputation, or other authority figures in the mix. Pay attention to how you feel about things today as they get real on Thursday. Do you want to commit to something long term, structure it differently or end something?

Wednesday a woman or love issue enters into the equation and you get a chance to deal with that part of the changes you wish to make. Once the energy moves into Aquarius you will see things lift and some positive opportunities open up between income or spending and the home, real estate, moves, family, roommates, or security needs. Look for unusual or unexpected sources or outcomes to benefit.

Thursday is all about the decision, agreement you sign, writing, short trip, talk, meeting, or idea that is in the picture with the career, boss, ambition, goal, or authority figure. Today you get real, commit, structure, limit, or end things. The flow here is great for you and what you decide benefiting income and sparking action with the shared outside financial resources, a sexual attraction or movement on the divorce front.

Friday is magic. You should be about to flow unbelievably well with money making ideas and inspiration, with career goals, bosses, authority figures, ambitions, spending, possessions, and any artistic, spiritual, romantic, or imaginative ideas you have wrapped up in all of this. Dream big, again you can cement agreements or share ideas that take root. It’s inspired.

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Monday will push you with partners, representatives or competitors over home, property interests, moves, family, or security needs. Is it motivating you to go big here or push the ideas out there? Emotions are going to be intense over what you are developing behind the scenes or with some strategy, clandestine affair, retreat, hospital, addiction, film, music or fine art interest, or with a magical, spiritual or psychic interest. Can you make agreements or meetings count, shake things up and get contracts, trips, marketing, or educational needs met? Push the parameters.

Tuesday the feelings you have about being behind the scenes, working through that Karmic connection, secret love, a retreat, isolation, artistic interest, hospital, addiction, or developmental stage of a project will come up strong again for you. The talks or decisions you are thinking about here involve legal or ceremonial moves, a trip, marketing, media or publishing deals, education, or an aligning of beliefs to be what you want. Pay attention to how you feel in this today since it gets real on Thursday.

Wednesday brings a female into the equation or the topic of love or women so look at yesterday’s interests with this in mind. Again you are pushing for change. Once the Moon moves into your sign the door opens to positive or opportune talks, writing, agreements, meetings, or decisions. You can do something interesting with a brother or sister, neighbor, in the local scene, or involving a short trip or vehicles.

Thursday is about signing the contract or dealing with serious legal matters in some final way, about ceremonies, travel, someone at a distance, import/export, media, marketing, publishing, or education, and the decision you come to that commits you long term, structures something solid, sets limits, or ends things. You are in a great position with this so step up and act on partnerships, representation or competitors.

Friday is magic. You will find that you are in a golden and inspired flow personally or physically through travel plans, media, publicity, publishing, marketing, higher education, ceremonies, and legal realms. You should bring your artistic, romantic or spiritual ideals into the picture here and let your imagination run free, it’s all meant to flow beneficially to you in love or money through these realms.
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Monday sparks all kinds of passion or anger motivating you at work, with work piling up, co-workers or employees, services, health, and animals. Big decisions, meetings, ideas, talks, agreements, or writing can weave around all this action. Emotions are intense over a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or a charity as you deal with all of the financial ramifications or needs. What needs to change?

Tuesday your feelings for the friend, group, internet project, astrology, charity, or aspiration will push you to think about serious issues here and look at life and death, transformation, control, power, third party interests, the big financial picture, any sexual attractions or issues, reproduction, or divorce that plays into the picture. Pay attention to how you feel since this gets real on Thursday.

Wednesday a woman enters the scenario or introduces love or women’s needs into the equation in some way so expect to be dealing with this as well. How do you handle internet, friendship, group interests, astrology, the charity, or aspirations in relation to this person’s financial, sexual, mortality, or divorce issues? Once the Moon moves into Aquarius things shift to ways to make or spend money that are exciting and a bit done behind closed doors or through the imagination or institutions.

Thursday brings the serious moment when you sign the contract, hear the news, make the decision, pitch the idea, write it up, take the short trip, or meet about the loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, settlement, commission, royalty, alimony, child support, divorce, sexual attraction or issue, investment, or mortality matter. This is about making a long term commitment, structuring something, ending something, or setting limits. Your artistic, spiritual, or romantic ideals, dealings with institutions or addictions, strategy or developmental approach, research or investigation skills, tie in beautifully with all of this and motivate you about work, health or animal needs.

Friday is magic. Your imagination is on overdrive, you are flowing with all hospital or institutional needs, dealing with addictions, film, music or other artistic endeavors, spiritual, psychic or magic talents, secret romances, Karmic connections and moments, research and investigations, and there is an open door in all of this with your high finances, divorce, sexual attraction or issues, reproductive needs, or any life or death matters you may be dealing with. Have faith, bring your intuition and imagination into play, it’s about the decisions and communications of the day that open things up for you.

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