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Apollo is the solar fire that illuminates ego needs, personal desires, physical stamina, earthly vitality, and your mortal spiritus. He bursts into a sign with the full intensity of the Sun, casting a light into any dark places and aiming a spotlight on all that the sign rules. This weekend he exits Libra and takes his place in Scorpio.

What does this mean for you? It means that Saturday is his last day flooding your relationship dynamic with LIGHT so you may wish to take a good look at what is going on with your romantic partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, competitors, or opponents. Is the relationship balanced? Is there a relationship? What defines it? How are your needs being met? Are you ‘seen’ in this situation? Is there something you would like to do today to be seen under the golden light of the Sun?  Do you need an identity shift here?   The Moon today is in Virgo so emotional needs play out over work, service, detail, criticism, organization, health, environment, earth pleasures, and animals, what do you need?

Sunday the Sun moves into Scorpio and now your sexual desires or issues, divorce needs, secrets, control issues, manipulations or third party needs, power struggles, self-empowerment, financial needs, and deepest connections are illuminated. That Light is ultra bright in the dark power realm of Scorpio. You may be a bit shocked at what you see at first but you knew these intense feelings, desires, issues were there. The Sun tours here the next 30 days, today the aspects say the door is wide open and again focus on you meeting the beginning of these needs through work outlets or while caring for health, animals, environment, or services. 

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Saturday gives you a major shot with important people in your world or helps you to focus on your own issues regarding relationship so that you get clear on things. The more work you tackle the better. The entire weekend is your oyster when it comes to getting ahead on the job, landing new work opportunities, impressing the higher-ups, and making money. You may have success with health or animal issues as well.

Sunday the same holds true for work, health or animal interests but today brings some nice opportunities through meetings, talks, writing, or agreements. You may get a nice perk or commission from a woman. The Sun moves into your 8th house today and kicks off the next 30 day cycle putting you on the pedestal sexually, helping you get your own needs met, bringing out your issues or needs regarding divorce or finances, and helping you to take the lead where power, control, financial institutions, investors or other money people are concerned. 

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Saturday is the last big day highlighting relationships with partners, representatives or competitors that tie into your work situation, health or animal needs. Put yourself square in the mix and make things happen. Emotionally your needs are wrapped around love, kids or creative endeavors. Prospects are exceptional especially if travel, legal, media, publishing, marketing, or education factors into the equation.

Sunday this creative and love theme continues but the day may seem somewhat life changing for you as the door opens wide to connect with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, or other important person to do something powerful and deep. You may want to take the next step in your creative project, towards true love, in having children or a project for the kids, or have a mind-blowingly fun day out there. The Sun now highlight your relationships the next 30 days so do everything you can to connect with the ones that rock your world.

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Saturday the Sun peaks over the relationships that are involved in your creative efforts, true love or the kids so expect some high point or last energy push here. Emotionally you are focused on home, family, a move, real estate deal, or roommate this weekend and the aspects are great for either securing the money you need, handling the divorce or hiding away here for great sex.

Sunday brings more home based energy but today you seem to have a need to tackle the work here or involving that move, real estate deal, family member or roommate. You may be focusing in on health or pet needs here as well. Do what you can in these areas because the cosmos is completely behind your efforts, it should flow easily. The Sun moves into your 6th house so you now have 30 days to take the helm on the job or align work efforts with personal needs, image or identity, brand yourself, motivate on physical health, and do something to bring a better change for animals or environment.

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Saturday is the last big day with a spotlight on how you feel your needs are being met at home, with family, a move, real estate deal, or roommate situation and the way your relationships are affected. You may see a peak energy in these areas today. Emotional needs are with a writing project or agreement, talks or meetings, or possibly involve siblings, neighbors, moves, or vehicles. The potential to make an important decision or reach that agreement with a partner or representative is great today as is the chance to expand through social connections, the internet, astrology, or charities.

Sunday conversations, writing, meetings, short trips, and agreements drive you again but today these lead to love or help you with children or creative projects. You have very strong opportunity to connect in these areas so don’t hold back. Again a sibling, neighbor, move, vehicle, or electronic may be involved. The Sun moves into your house of true love, children and creative ventures today and puts you in the spotlight for the next 30 days here. You will find the universe is now ready to step up to meet you, don’t hold back.

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Saturday is the last big day for that decision that has been on the table involving a partner, representative or competitor. Yes or no? It could be about a pitch, proposal, writing project, agreement, meeting, talk, neighborhood activity or move, short trip or vehicle, sibling or neighbor, but you will see something peak here today. Emotional needs are on making money and the heavens have your back in a wonderful way so go all out to earn, increase sales, income, interview, audition, and powerfully take hold of work and career.

Sunday income again pushes you forward but today that is tied to your home, a move, real estate, family, roommates, or security needs. The aspects are amazing and positive holding opportunity here to earn from home, spend on the needs you have here or in any of the above ways to get the money flow moving. The Sun enters this area today and puts you in the spotlight here for the next 30 day cycle so expect that you will be spending a lot of time on your property, move, home life, mom, family, roommates, or any other grounding part of your life. 

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Saturday brings the last big spotlight on money matters and may push you to step up, get your image or name out there, make a personal appearance, or any decisions you have about what you are doing to earn. Partners, representatives, competition, and responsibilities tie into this energy. Emotional needs are personal or physical today and tie in wonderfully to you connecting with a lover, child or creative project and finding luck through travel, legal channels, media, and education.

Sunday again helps you meet personal or physical needs but today this brings an open door for you in all your talks, meetings, writing, agreements, short trips, dealing with siblings, neighbors, moves, or vehicles. In fact, you have a huge opportunity if you mix it up. The Sun moves into this spot and illuminates all you do here in the next 30 days really giving you that solar magnetism in talks or negotiations, putting your presence into the thick of local activities, sibling interaction, neighborhood interests, short trips, writing, and negotiations.

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Saturday gear it up to give it one big last push dear Libra, your image, identity, ego needs, and physical presence in a situation gets its last big test and lesson in mastery through your one-on-one with a significant person you are involved with or perhaps more than one. You can do it, you are on the serious road to personal authority and relationship dynamics pushing against personal boundaries and needs is the last mile before home. Emotional needs may be for retreat or pulling you into some artistic or spiritual matter, a hospital or addictive issue, or some secret romance. It seems that whatever this is, you really are about to get what you need.

Sunday brings more focus on art, film, music, or other talented outlets, spiritual, mystical or psychic interests, hospitals, prisons or other institutions, addictions, research, investigations, or that clandestine affair. Whichever area you find yourself tuning into know that it is paved with income today, open up and ask for what you need, interview, audition, make your move. The Sun moves into this income zone today and you are ready to enter a 30 day cycle that will put you out there earning or pursuing more money. Don’t worry, you are about to be noticed.

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Saturday may be quite interesting for many of you as the Sun spends his last day in hiding where he has been illuminating Karmic relationships, hidden romantic desires, secrets, agendas, strategies, film, music, artistic projects, investigations, research, development, spiritual interests, and those that work against your needs behind your back. If you’ve felt like you were all up in some of these areas but waiting on something to happen, make last pushes today. Friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, and aspirations pull you today, bringing chances to connect with significant people and write, deal with agreements, make decisions, or get out there on the local scene, all good.

Sunday more social energy flows and under the most wonderful aspects so again connect with your friends, groups, over the internet, attend events, get the flow going through astrology or charities, and put your aspirations out there. You are really favored as the darling of your circle today. The Sun moves into your sign under these favorable aspects and kicks off a 30 day cycle that takes you out there on a whole new level, you are ready, you’ve been doing all that 12th house stuff after all!

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Saturday brings a high point with your social energy so you may be out there in the spotlight with friends, a group, over the internet, connected to astrology, charities, or putting your image or identity out there in pursuit of aspirations. It peaks today and ties in with someone important. You are strongly driven to achieve goals, get out there on the career front, connect with a boss or other authority figure, embrace your fame, or gear up ambitions, go all out, the stars are behind you.

Sunday brings more ambition, career, boss, fame, goal energy into play but today this is going to take you behind the scenes or into a film, music or other artistic avenue, into spiritual interests, hospitals or other institutions, research or development, or may slide you past a clandestine romantic interest or hidden enemy. The stars are supporting any goal you set that ties into these areas today so get to it. The Sun moves into this mystical zone for the next 30 days so you will be working behind the scenes on something that centers on your needs or persona, body or image.

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Saturday is the last big peak day for you out front on some career matter or in pursuit of a goal, ambition, boss, or authority figure. You may get some level of fame or recognition today or see your needs being met in these areas is vital. Emotional needs focus on a legal agreement or need, travel plans, media or marketing, education, or ceremonies and the stars are behind anything you do here that will bring fun, connect you to love, with or for kids, or involve a creative project.

Sunday more travel, legal, ceremonial, media, marketing, publishing, or educational interests are in the mix but today this will tie in with a friend or perhaps a group is involved, the internet or astrology plays a part, or you are doing something for a charity or towards one of your aspirations here. It couldn’t look better so dive in. The Sun moves into your social field today and remains the next 30 days so you embark on a time where your presence is requested by friends, groups, the internet, astrology, and charities, and where you may find some leadership or ambition rising up that benefits.

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Saturday is the last day of illumination on your legal, ceremonial, travel, foreign, distant, import/export, media, marketing, publishing, or educational interests. You may see you are stepping out into the spotlight or your image, identity or needs are coming to the fore in these areas today. Emotional needs are on sharing, deep sexual or intimate desires, control or power issues, divorce, or some major financial matter. You can make huge strides here involving property.

Sunday the sexual, divorce or financial matter will drive you again but today it is about reaching a goal or dealing with some power person. You are handed the ability to make it happen or get one step closer through talks, writing, short trips, or meetings, and any agreements in the mix. A woman may play favorably into the mix. The Sun moves into your career Midheaven to illuminate your career needs, reputation, ambitions, goals, and dealings with authority figures over the next 30 days. You may come closer to fame or achieve something big now, your profile is high, act accordingly.

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Saturday is the last big day of putting yourself out there sexually, over a divorce, dealing with a life and death scenario, or some major financial matter. You have a part to play here and should take it head on today, deal with the other person responsibly and know that you have a wonderful chance to talk things out or come to terms in an agreement. Partners, agents, attorneys, or specialists help you socially, towards reaching an aspiration, or with agreements or you find ways to approach said person over your needs.

Sunday the partner, representative or competitor is again in focus but today the door is opening wide for you with this person through travel, legal channels, ceremonies, education, media, publishing, marketing, or publicity. Pitch ideas, meet, write, sign agreements, make the decision, it’s all good. The Sun moves into these areas today and highlights travel, media, marketing, publishing, ceremonies, legalities, and education for the next 30 days so step up, take the next level of identity or personal growth, master a new interest, surpass yourself.

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