Friday, October 14, 2011


This weekend you can:
Tackle lots of local errands and attend local events.
Deal with your vehicles.
Get more writing done.
Fuss over agreements.
Take a short trip.
Hang with brothers, sisters or neighbors.
Talk til you’re blue in the face.
Find ways that one or more of these outlets leads to sex, divorce or financial resolutions.

Yep, it’s a lot of Gemini Moon/Mercury energy out there in contact with the eighth house and Pluto! Of course all this communication and power energy will play out in different arenas for each sign but that’s the gist of it.

Saturday one or more of these themes will likely roust you into action as you decide to do something in the moment, try out new ideas or approaches or shake things up. Part of that communication energetic is all about working things out sexually, in a divorce or over some big money matter. Part of it is about doing what you can to reach your goal, move ahead on a career ambition, deal with an authority figure, or transform your good name.

Sunday you may be wrapping up a bit more of that sex, divorce or financial interest through adjustments involving love or money but then the energy takes on a more powerful tone and leads into positive opportunities to achieve goals here through change and third party involvement. The day peaks with a positive active Mars aspect that will help you do something you enjoy, share passions with lovers, pursue a love interest, do something vital with kids, or get going on that creative project.

ARIES: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Saturday you will be busy running around, writing, in talks, meetings, dealing with issues or agreements, and sussing out how this all affects sex, reproduction, divorce, life and death scenarios, or big financial matters. Career and authority figures play into it as well. Keep in mind that a lot of new energy is in the mix for you personally and the more you adjust what you are saying or asking for, the better.

Sunday brings more energy around talks, meetings, writing, short trips, local activities, agreements, and the sex, divorce or finances. Again you need to adjust around it all. You can find a way to make a powerful inroad with a boss, authority figure, goal, or on the career front. Love, kids and creative projects line up in positive aspect the rest of the day, find time to express your feelings and do things that are fun.

TAURUS: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Saturday brings lots of talks, meetings, writing, agreements, or short trips involving money. You will be trying something new artistically, spiritually, through an institution, or behind the scenes that opens up money flow in some interesting way. Make adjustments when dealing with partners, representatives or competitors today over income or spending and look for ways to work out any issues involving a trip, legal matter, media, marketing, or education in the mix.

Sunday brings a bit more adjustment around the money flow and the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent. You will be able to find a way to open doors with this person through travel, education, legal channels, ceremonies, media, marketing, or publishing. Home, moves or real estate is where the action is the rest of the day, benefiting your income or offering a good way to spend.

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Saturday is about you and your body, image or identity. What do you want for yourself Gemini? You should be able to hop into some exciting things with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities so don’t say no just because you haven’t tried it before. You will need to make some adjustments around work, health or pets and look for ways to transform the sexual, divorce or high financial matter that is on your mind.

Sunday brings more adjustments through health, work or pets. Open up and talk, write, meet, or deal with agreements here as you can connect sexually, deal with divorce or find that loan or other high financial resolution to your desire here. You can get busy locally or take a short trip, do something with siblings or neighbors, a move or writing, that gets you motivated and happy.

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Saturday you may decide to hide out and do what you can to research, develop, rest, recharge your batteries, or work on some artistic project, spend time with your lover, or pursue your spiritual interests. You do seem to be able to reach a goal through all of this in some unusual way. You will need to make some adjustments around love, kids or creative direction as well as with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Talk it out.

Sunday brings more adjustments with the love, child or creative interest over love or income. Talk about this, write it, make an agreement, or do something locally or through a short trip because today it seems to offer an opportunity with a partner, representative or competitor. You can make money or find enjoyable ways to spend it later on today.

LEO: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Saturday is social so look at time with friends, networking, getting active with groups, engaging the internet, astrology or charities, or pursuing your aspirations. There may be a chance to travel, get into media, publishing or marketing, education, or legal matters under positive stars. You must adjust around home matters and work, health or pets needs, be willing to make changes that are required.

Sunday brings more adjustments at home, with moves, family, real estate, or roommates that affect the social scene or aspiration. You should be able to hammer out a good resolution for the home matter through talks, writing or agreements that open up work, health or pet needs. Mars gets behind your personal adventures later today and helps you go have fun.

VIRGO: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Saturday the push is on to tackle career matters, get involved with bosses, authority figures or dad, and to push ambitions ahead. There is positive energy around the financial end of all of this but you will be taking on more through talks, meetings, local activities, short trips, writing, agreements, and adjusting around love, kids or creative needs in the process.

Sunday that career or authority figure focus is still in effect and again more adjustments around something going on locally, with short trips, writing, talks, meetings, agreements, and the love or money focus here. You can open things up through love, kids or creative projects under positive stars and then wrap the day with lots of passion behind closed doors on a romantic level, with an artistic project or in research and imagination.

LIBRA: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Saturday will have you hopped up over the travel plans, someone far away, a legal or ceremonial matter, education, or media, as you deal with last minute changes or surprises involving a partner, representative or competitor. You will need to talk out the income tied into all of this and how things are going to be worked out at home or with a move or other property matter but as long as you can handle some adjustments here you should be just fine.

Sunday brings more travel, media, educational, or legal matters involving income into the picture but there is a great potential to find powerful and satisfying resolutions to earn and deal with home matters here today. The rest of the day will be social and happy so expect to get busy and engage with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations.

SCORPIO: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Saturday is actively involving big financial matters, a sexual attraction or issue, control or power issues, or divorce so expect to go deep, to make some headway on new approaches to the work involved but to need to be willing to adjust a bit on the way. You are going to need to stand up for yourself or explain what it is you need and it may be a bit of a challenge but well worth the attention.

Sunday you wrap up any last adjustments you may need to make involving your needs and the sex, divorce or finances and then the conversations open up. You may find inspiration to write or sign agreements, meet or pitch ideas, all empowering today. Pursuit of goals is favored as well and you may find that while out there engaging an authority figure or doing something career oriented you connect with a younger male that is beneficial to your financial interests, divorce or sexual desires.

SAGITTARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Saturday brings focus on partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or any other significant person with a wonderful opportunity to be creative or further creative needs, to connect in love, for recreational interests, or children. Be open to new opportunities to put yourself into this mix. You will need to have some talks in private or work on a new understanding in film, music or other artistic outlets, hospital matters, research, or addictions, and your money flow may play into these adjustments today.

Sunday brings more attention with that significant person and the artistic outlets, spiritual pursuit, romantic need, addiction, hospital matter, or retreat. Make adjustments here involving love, money or women. The talks you have about any of these topics will open up powerful opportunity to make money and influence opportunities for travel, media, publishing, marketing, education, or legal interests in positive ways.

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Saturday is all about the work you can get done at home or involving real estate, moves, roommates, or family. A nice surprise awaits here. You can also focus in on health and pets today. Be willing to talk something out with a friend, group, or re-evaluate something on the internet, through astrology, or tied to charities. Make sure your needs are being met or if you need to do anything to get your body into the right direction, make the effort.

Sunday brings more energy between work, health or pets, and the friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity. Work out how the money is flowing here. You should be able to empower yourself through this person or interest through talks or agreements, meetings or writing. Mars gear up your sex drive or helps you to tackle financial or divorce issues under positive stars so go for it.

AQUARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email  )

Saturday is all about the lover, child or creative project. You can open up with this person or meet about the project, the more you say about what is in your heart, what needs to change or some new original idea you have brewing, the better. You will need to be adaptive about the goal or in talking about career, reputation or ambitions here. See if you can make headway behind the scenes by pulling on your imagination or fantasy realm.

Sunday brings more energy around that love interest, child or creative project and again adjustments involving career or authority figures spring up, today this involves a woman or the love or income in the situation. You should be able to talk out the objectives and reach some inspired solution through some imaginative approaches again. Gearing it up on a passionate level with a partner or pursuing the business partnership or representation you need should flow smoothly tonight.

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Saturday is all about the home, move, real estate, family, roommate, or security need and you should find some inventive way to make money here today. You will need to talk a big circle around the legal, travel, media, marketing, or educational need tied to this and then adjust around the social occasion, friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity but it all seems doable.

Sunday is again about home, real estate, family, moves, or roommates and again adjusting around that legal, travel, media, publishing, marketing, or educational matter. Today this brings a female, love or income matter to the fore. You should be able to work things out to connect the dots with the friend, group, charity, astrology, or aspiration through the talks or agreements you forge over the trip, legal, media, or educational interest. Mars will inspire you to get to work on the property or to express your passions at home.

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