Sunday, September 4, 2011


It’s our last few days with Mercury in Leo so enter your week with a determination to say what is in your heart to the people that matter, to motivate on any creative writing projects, to pitch creative ideas, to make decisions about children, lovers and creative projects, take that short trip for the pure delight of it while you can still break away and make it count, and wrap up agreements that involve your creative energy or loved ones. 

Monday it’s an ‘all clear’ on any of these subjects, there is potential to align travel, legal, media, publishing, marketing, ceremonial, or educational needs in with the kids, lover/love interest or creative endeavor in beneficial ways. Find time to connect with friends, groups, gear it up on the internet, check out your astrology, connect with your charity, or pursue aspirations, these are also under positive opportunity for you.

Tuesday brings a bit of emotional rebellion that may pop up around career, authority figures or goals you are chasing with an eye on change. Powerful transformations are underway here today and the more you step up to embrace your personal power and lend a hand in that transformation, the better. Big income or spending energy wraps around this under positive stars.

Wednesday asks for limits, commitments, endings, or responsibility with any partners, representatives or competition you are experiencing around these goals, the career ambition or authority. Venus is at your side aiding work efforts, health and animal or environmental interests so look for women to be beneficial, for smoother sailing, and an ability to attract love or money through efforts here. Mars is going to push you at home, over moves, real estate, renovations, roommates, family, or security needs, lots of energy here.

Thursday Mercury has his last big talk, meeting, idea, attempt at an agreement, short trip, or writing attempt focused on the creative project, child or love interest. This will involve a friend, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, your sense of freedom or originality, or an aspiration in some inspired or dreamy way. Seek balance with the person you are engaging here and be willing to make some changes, there is still much that can be accomplished.

Friday Mercury exits Leo and turns his focus to the Virgo area of life. This means your ideas and communications will now focus in on the work at hand, the job you go to, your co-workers, employees, services you are interested in offering or procuring, health, organic and holistic interests, the details, organization, pets, animal interests, and the environment. It is a great time we enter for critical thinking and meticulous focus on anything that interests you here. It’s a good time to start the interviewing or audition process, to pitch something you’ve written, sign agreements related to work or health, make decisions, take short trips, engage with your siblings or neighbors to get work done or promote better health or animal causes, and to deal with vehicles that you use for these matters. Today’s energy will be social and solid where partners, representatives or other important relationships are concerned.

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Monday the action is in meetings with kids, over creative projects, out there recreationally, or with lovers. Express your passions in what you say or ask for, open up about any travel, legal, media, or educational interests here and then find time to align with friends, groups, tie it in with the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations. The energy is inspiring.

Tuesday feels like you are a bit wound up or explosive as Uranus amps up the electrical charge to get you motivating on any changes or new approaches towards goals, career, with authority figures, ambitions, or reputation. It’s a powerful day to transform and embrace the new and exciting. Efforts should lead towards bigger monetary flow.

Wednesday the career energy is still high as you deal with any limits or responsibilities involving a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor. Venus is at your side helping you get the work done or delegate to employees or helpers, to attract what you need for better health or the sake of the animals. Mars is going to light a fire under you at home or regarding a move, roommate or real estate deal, motivating you to get moving on it.

Mercury will put the last of it out there on the table so if you want to come to an accord over a creative project, with a lover or child, or if you have an idea, want to write, meet, talk things out, or take a short trip to get something moving here, you will want to push on that now. A friend, group affiliation, the internet, astrology, a charity, or your aspirations will be tied to this in some artistic, spiritual or romantic way. The potential for change or excitement is high and it’s important to promise only as much as you can deliver, believe only as much as you know to be true, as the tendency will be to get so carried away with the dream of it all that you don’t see reality in the mix. The aspects are positive so seek this balance and go for it.

Friday Mercury leaves your house of true love, kids, recreation, and creative efforts and moves into work, health and pets. The next weeks bring more talks, writing, agreements, meetings, short trips, and ideas around these new topics. You may hear of a job offer today or decide to start some new health regime, sign contracts, interview, audition, pitch ideas, take on more of a speaking role, or get more active locally in the pursuit of better health, work or time with pets. It’s a good night to connect with friends or groups, tackle internet or charity interests, connect through astrology or pursue your aspirations with another.

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Monday brings lots of connecting at home, decisions about where you live or with whom, opportunities to reach goals, shine in your spotlight, and to really connect on a deeper level with what you are sharing here. You may find ways to connect intimately with another, deal with divorce issues or the big financial picture today in ways that leaves you feeling better about home, goals, and career.

Tuesday brings a tad bit of revolution through your bones aimed at some artistic project, a clandestine affair, your spiritual interests, addictions, an investigation, or a hospital or other institution. You may want change and need to shake things up here a bit to get things going. What do you want to see ‘going’? A trip, media or publishing deal, marketing campaign, ceremony, educational interest, or legal matter. Don’t underestimate your personal role in this, put your body, image, identity, or personality into the mix, you can move some pretty major mountains today.

Wednesday requires some serious focus on the person at work or that assists you in your efforts in some way, the person involved in health or animal issues, or is someway representing your services. Again, the trip, media, educational, or legal matter will be the reason you are dealing with them. Venus is at your side through a lover, child or creative effort so these should go well and you should find it easier to attract love or income through expressing yourself here. Mars is lighting a fire under your words today so aim for passion over anger.

Thursday is Mercury’s last big push for talks, agreements, writing, ideas, or meetings involving your home, a move, real estate matters, roommates, mom, family, or security so expect to hear about it, sign it, pitch it, feel a need to ask for it, or say your peace. Some pretty heady goals are in the mix here that relate directly to your romantic nature, boundaries, artistic talents, spiritual beliefs, addictions, and any institutions in the mix. Expect for some nice surprises or positive changes to find you as long as you keep an eye on the goal and any career matter present in your thinking.

Friday Mercury exits the concentration on home and roots and moves into your house of true love, children and creative expression. The next weeks will be about meetings and talks that open up the heart, bring love into your life, help you make decisions about the kids, pitch creative ideas, take on more speaking parts or writing projects creatively, sign agreements that set up your future here, and help you think more along the lines of having some fun in life. Put a bit of time in on career matters or focus on your goals today, with a little effort you can tackle quite a bit of detail and get your plans cemented.

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Monday should be right up your alley with your ruler Mercury in the third house he rules making nice with your relationships. In regular language this means the talks and meetings you have with partners, agents, attorneys, or other significant people should please so if you need to ask for something, start writing projects or agreements, take a short trip, or connect over something do it today! Another lovely energy in the mix brings some inspiration, romance, artistry, and imagination to any travel, legal, ceremonial, educational, or legal interests you have with this person.

Tuesday will motivate you to shake things up with your friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities or it will bring surprises and changes from these fields that you will be reacting to in the moment. Intimacy, power, control, triangles, divorce, sex, or big money matters will be the topics here. Powerful changes are possible, especially if you can find ways to expand or prosper behind the scenes, through development or strategies, with music, film or other artistic outlets, spiritual pursuits, or time with that secret lover.

Wednesday the deeply shared connections are the ones that count so expect to focus on sexual attractions or issues, divorce proceedings or that loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlement, tax or insurance situation, alimony, child support, commission, or partner’s money. Be willing to draw some limits or take more responsibility with someone over a creative project, child or love if you feel the finances, divorce or intimacy is not properly in flow. You can make great headway at home, with moves, real estate, mom, family, or security needs and motivate greatly towards earning money today.

Thursday brings Mercury’s last big push to write, meet, come to terms, make a decision, take a short trip, or pitch an idea and it all pretty much comes down to being willing to make a change with a friend, group, internet project, astrology, charity, or aspiration involving a trip, legal matter, media or publishing interest, ceremony, or educational opportunity. The energy is positive so go with the flow and let your intuition guide you. Just take care that you are not promising more than you can deliver and that the other person is representing the truth to you, Neptune will support your artistic or romantic vision as long as you don’t get lost in the fog.

Friday Mercury changes signs and that will definitely be felt by your since he is your personal ruler. This means you may feel a definite push today over thoughts about home, moves, mom, family, real estate, roots, childhood issues, security, roommates, or renovations. You may hear news about something here, make a decision, write, sign an agreement, or start talks or meetings that will influence these parts of your life in the weeks ahead. Make adjustments necessary today around that trip, legal matter, the education, media or publishing project, or ceremony. Something solid is in the wind for you through creative projects, children or true love.

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Monday is all about the talks or decisions, writing or agreements you can engage that open up the money flow for you and help you feel better about work, health or pets. There is something magical happening here so trust your intuition and allow for a greater sense of empowerment through shared experience as you move your efforts forward.

Tuesday cranks up the electrical charge on the career front and shocks or shakes you up to make a change or deal with surprises as they arrive. It may be about a goal or ambition rather that your specific career that gets this jolt of energy but regardless, a willingness to roll with the shifting energy will help you greatly and it’s important to note that this all revolves around feelings for a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent. Potential for this connection to open something up for you in some social setting, with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or around your aspirations is great.

Wednesday that significant person is front and center as you draw some lines in the sand or cement something serious at home, with a move, real estate deal, roommate, or about family or security needs. Venus is at your side to bring the talks, meetings, agreements, or writing projects you are involved with the partner, representative or competitor into easy flow, helping you attract love or income through the connection. Mars is going to light a fire beneath you in relation to this person so expect the passions to burn brightly, anger to boil up or motivating forces to spur you on to get the ball rolling or fight for your needs.

Thursday is Mercury’s last big talk or decision regarding your income and will push you to speak your mind, write something, deal with agreements, make that decision or take that short trip that will help you align your creative money making prospects in the right direction. Something very exciting is changing on the career front, with a boss or involving your goals and ambitions today as you open up the communications or come to terms. Neptune in the mix is asking that you allow outside or shared interest through commissions, investments, loans, or some other third party financial matter to find balance in the mix and this will likely focus in on spiritual, romantic, artistic, or institutional interests. Make certain you are clearly negotiating boundaries around your personal income and the shared financial interests and that what is being represented to you by the other person is true as well. A sexual attraction/issue or divorce may need to be balanced into the mix for some of you.

Friday Mercury moves into your communications zone which is a strong placement for him to hold for you as a writer or speaker so if this is something you are interested in this is the time to pursue these interests. This transit will also open up more talks and ideas, help stimulate your mind, gear up more short trips or local activities in the next weeks, bring more thought to siblings, neighbors, vehicles, and electronics, and bring more agreements and negotiations to the table. See if you can make an adjustment around loans, debt or other outside financial matters, a sexual interest/attraction or divorce issue as this gets underway. You should be able to cement something involving home, moves, real estate, mom, family, or security needs.

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Monday may bring on a bit of the chatty Kathy doll in you as it seems you have a lot to say to a lover or love interest, a child or about a creative project or recreational outlet. It’s a fabulous day to meet, make a short trip, write, come to an agreement, or talk it out with these loved ones or about creative efforts. Fun should be your key word today and the romantic or artistic connection you share with a partner, representative or specialist will seal the deal.

Tuesday you should just consider yourself the lovechild of Zeus, picture yourself holding that lightning rod, because you are going to feel like shaking things up big time or will need to respond to big shake-ups involving travel, legal, media, marketing, publishing, ceremonial, or educational matters. Whichever it is, you will find your power comes through work and efforts, time and detail, organization and healthy approaches, and any connection to animals in the mix. Goals are reachable and career is under positive auspices.

Wednesday brings a serious talk or decision about/with someone over the work, service, organization, health, or pets. It’s probably best to say your peace and either set limits, focus on responsibilities, commit, or end something here. Venus is at your side helping you earn money, spend on love or objects of beauty, earn or spend on animals, and all under positive flow. It’s a great day to get your picture taken for the gym pass, with the pets or for the office. Mars is going to help you expend passion behind closed doors. You may want to go after a physical role for a film, motivate on the music or other art project, get into a yoga or other physically spiritual pursuit, hole up with a lover in secret, or get to the hospital for some work you need done.

Thursday is Mercury’s last big push in your sign and for you this means you are going to be stating your needs, asking for something, pushing that writing project, agreement, proposal, or issue forward with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, competitor, or opponent. Something may be foggy or unclear here or there may be a big issue around romance, artistry, spirituality, addictions, deception, investigations, or institutions on the table. Uranus is introducing a big change in all of this via travel, education, ceremonies, marketing, media, publishing, or legal channels and it’s under positive stars.

Friday Mercury enters your income zone and you will find that over the course of the next weeks you will be talking, interviewing, meeting, taking short trips, dealing with siblings or neighbors, vehicles or electronics, writing and dealing with agreements or negotiations that tie in to the money you earn, how you spend your money and what you value. It’s a great time to ask for a raise, start writing for income, sign deals to make more, audition for paying roles, or interview. If you have a good money making idea, start sharing it with those who might help. A partner, agent, attorney, or other significant person can bring solid support your way today, cement things, structure, be ambitious, it’s all good.

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Monday home is where the heart is so prepare to spend time at your own home or with mom or family, pour efforts into any moves, renovations, decorating, real estate matters, or security needs as your mind is actively strategic and imaginative today. There is something very magical coming through efforts you make at home, your spiritual approach to health and time involved with the environment and animals for you, let the romance in and let your intuition guide you to happiness today.

Tuesday brings a shake-up or need for change through divorce proceedings, sexual attractions or issues, or with a loan, debt, tax or insurance matter, inheritance, settlement, bankruptcy, alimony or child support payment, commission, or other outside financial matter. Look at how you can empower your world through your creative efforts or a loved one. There is big potential today with the lover, child or creative efforts through foreign interests, travel, import/export, education, legal channels, media, marketing, ceremonies, or publishing.

Wednesday brings the love or creative flow rushing through your world. Set or deal with income limits in this and open yourself up to what is coming your way via true love, fun encounters, recreational interests with the kids, or your own creative abilities. Mars will light up actions, passions or anger through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities so you can expect to see more going on here as your day progresses.

Thursday Mercury is having his last big push from your mystical and Karmic 12th house. This means you may make some decisions, meet or talk, write or sign agreements, hear news or have a visitor, take a short trip or deal with vehicles or siblings that in some way focus in on projects you have going on artistically behind the scenes, hospitals or prisons, research or investigations, clandestine affairs, spiritual interests or retreats, or a Karmic connection. Expect work, health or pets/animals to play into this in some way and for a big change or exciting new direction to open up around intimacy, sex, divorce, loans, inheritance, debt, or other major financial matters. Make sure that your information is correct and that you or they don’t promise more than can be delivered so you avoid the Neptune fog, otherwise let your intuition be your guide.

Friday Mercury moves into your sign and you should feel this as a clearing of thought and a renewed interest in taking your mind from all of that floating along without much direction to decisive ideas about what you want, who you are, the direction you wish to take towards physical activities, a new or evolving sense of identity, image or personality, and letting people hear from you again. Begin in this with some adjustments at work, with health or the animals. You have potential to cement something solid with income or to find positive solutions to any income limitations through responsible commitment.

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Monday brings a lot of talks and meetings with friends, groups, over the internet, about astrology, charities, or aspirations and the communications are in the flow baby! It’s a great day to share ideas, write, sign agreements, make short trips or get out there locally, and to share the love, find ways to be creative or come to terms on creative efforts, and connect with kids.

Tuesday will shake, rattle and roll as Uranus jolts the partnership zone and brings change or new direction with romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, competitors, or opponents. The focus here is on the home or a real estate matter, move, roommate, family, mom, or security issue. You need to feel empowered here and should be able to find positive ways around home matters through outside financial interests or divorce proceedings. Some of you may find that sexy, intimate connections are on the cards at home today.

Wednesday will draw your attention to any personal or physical needs you have that make you want to set serious limits or make a change to your responsibilities with the home, move, roommate, real estate matter, or family. Positive energy comes to you through time you take to retreat and isolate a bit here or through any artistic efforts you make at home, any spiritual endeavors you undertake there or hiding out with that romantic interest behind closed doors. Mars is lighting a fire under career, ambitions, with bosses or authority figures, and goals so expect to motivate or express more passion or anger here.

Thursday is Mercury’s last big push involving a friend, group, social occasion, networking event, the internet, astrology, a charity, or aspiration. You will be talking, meeting, writing, dealing with agreements, making decisions, taking short trips or getting active locally. This may also involve siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics in this social interest. You will want to focus spiritual, romantic or artistic energy at the creative endeavor or towards the lover or child as you make your social decision or connection. Big changes or surprises come through partners, representatives or competitors here that should open doors for you.

Friday Mercury moves into your hidden part of the chart which means you will now enter a time when your thinking will be more covert, you will keep your ideas to yourself, strategize and research, write or deal with agreements, meetings, and talks, that have to do with music, film, fine art, spiritual or psychic abilities, hospitals, prisons, addictions, Karmic connections, clandestine affairs, and retreat. You can make a slight emotional adjustment today regarding creative projects, lovers or kids and find that you are in a solid position.

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Monday brings ambitious ideas, talks, meetings, and lots of artistic or romantic energy to the home as you get into the positive flow. You should feel as though you are moving towards more income or spending on positive aids to help you reach your goal at home or with career. Don’t be afraid to draw the blinds at some point and retreat a bit into your own imagination, the time behind closed doors will revive and inspire.

Tuesday is likely to shake things up on the work front or with a co-worker, or it is going to rattle things around health or pets so get ready for excitement, shock, change or surprise in these areas. News may come in, a talk or meeting could spark this, a writing project or decision, agreement or short trip, all part of the new direction that you set in motion or respond to. It’s your area of personal empowerment today so speak your mind or think of ways to communicate to move the situation forward. Positive flow here involves a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or other significant other.

Wednesday brings more communications, writing, agreements, short trip or local interests as you gage things up socially, on the internet, with friends, groups, astrology, or charities under positive stars. You do need to set some limits or handle ambitions around the artistic, spiritual or romantic arena and anything Karmic or going on behind the scenes here. Mars is going to amp you up over legal, travel, media, publishing, marketing, or educational matters so expect passions or anger to spark in these areas along with lots of motivation.

Thursday is Mercury’s last big push regarding your career, reputation, fame, ambitions, goals, or in relation to authority figures so push those ideas, meeting, agreements, writing projects, talks, and pitches today or get ready to respond to incoming. There is something happening in your home or with a move, real estate deal, family, roommate, or security needs that is in the balance here so get clear on artistic, romantic or spiritual needs here and then be willing to take off on a new course with the work here, your health or pets.

Friday Mercury moves into your social arena where he will be for the next weeks opening up more invitations to more social events, talks and meetings with friends, ideas and writing, agreements and decisions involving aspirations, astrology, charities, the internet, and social connections. It’s a great time with much to say and think about and today that starts with an adjustment around home or family needs. You can cement something here by closing the doors and working behind the scenes or utilizing your imagination.

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Monday brings lots of ideas, talks, meetings, writing, agreements, or decisions about travel, media, publishing, marketing, legal matters, education, or ceremonies. It may bring communications with someone foreign or about foreign interests or ideas, spark new thoughts or decisions, help you to communicate your romantic needs, artistic desires, share your talents, open up about hidden issues, or deal with any addictions or Karmic issues in a more open way. The energy is greatly focused on you and your needs so embrace the day with this in mind.

Tuesday brings a bit of shake-up or a change involving creative projects, a recreational pursuit, the kids, or a lover. Focus in on what you value as you bring the change or deal with it and find ways to align your personal power with earning or spending. You can expand a great deal here through work efforts, organization, attending to the details, approaching your health or pet needs, and simplifying.

Wednesday brings great flow from earning money to career status, reaching goals, fueling ambitions, and reputation or fame. Venus is helping you to attract what you need through the help of a woman here while Saturn is helping you to look at any limits or responsibilities you should tend to with a friend, group, internet project, astrology, charity, or aspiration. Mars will light a fire under sexual connections, divorce issues and big financial matters so you can expect to feel passionate, angry or motivated to get things going in these areas.

Thursday is Mercury’s last big push in the legal, travel, educational, media, publishing, marketing, and ceremonial part of your chart so you can count on news, meetings, talks, decisions, writing, or agreements to focus in on one or more of these themes today. Get clear about what you want and ask for it, respond to it, pitch the idea, take that meeting! Something artistic, spiritual, romantic, or that deals with addictions, hospitals, research, or investigations will be in the balance of these talks or ideas. Positive changes are possible around love, with kids or creative projects through what you say or decide today about all of it.

Friday Mercury moves into your career Midheaven and opens up communications for you over the next few weeks with bosses, authority figures, dad, and about career, ambitions, goals, reputation, fame, and status. It is a great time to hear news about an achievement or garner some recognition, to ask for a promotion, launch word of your new business, sign contracts for a career matter, write, or set up meetings with people in positions to help you get ahead. Make a few adjustments around something involving a sibling, neighbor, short trip, vehicle, writing project, or agreement to get this moving today. Your social realm is lit brightly so connect with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, and social functions for solid support.

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Monday is great for tackling money matters behind closed doors or for having talks, writing, signing agreements, or doing research that helps you to deal with a loan, investment, settlement, tax or insurance matter, commission, or other shared interest such as a sexual attraction or divorce issue. Earning and spending align with Neptune under positive stars so art, spirits, romance, retreats, and spiritual interests all please, just use those spirits in measure!

Tuesday Uranus is rocking your core a bit at home, with real estate, mom, family, roommates, or moves. This is tossing in the wild card and it could play out as excitement, surprise, shock, or change as you feel your needs, physical presence, identity, or image is in the mix. It’s a day for personal empowerment so ask yourself what you need and then make changes or bring inventive new approaches accordingly. Love, kids and creative endeavors are aligning beautifully for you today, expand, seek happiness, prosper, it’s all good.

Wednesday will show you any serious limits or ambitions that you should address on the career front or with a boss or dad. Do you need to commit more or draw a line in the sand? Venus is helping you to attract what you need via love or income through trips, foreign people or interests, media, marketing, publishing, education, or legal channels. Mars is lighting things up with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent so you can expect that this relationship will be all about passion, anger or motivation today.

Thursday brings Mercury’s last big push in that deeply shared part of your chart so you can expect to be talking or meeting about sex, reproduction, divorce, or some big financial matter. It could be news coming in, a decision you make, something you are writing, an agreement, short trip, or a declaration of intention in these areas. Your income is tied to this in some way and you will want to make sure you are getting a clear picture of where this is going, look at boundaries, fantasy, Karmic connections, and your artistic, romantic or spiritual interests here. Positive change is tied to this income or earning potential today through home, moves, real estate, roommates, or family.

Friday Mercury moves into the area of the higher mind in your chart and will tour here the next few weeks. This is a great time to decide to go back to school or talk, meet or sign agreements about educational interests, it’s a time to decide to travel, write about foreign places or ideas, sign contracts that have global impact or involve import/export, have a ceremony with someone foreign or on foreign soil, amp up meetings and talks involving legal contracts or interests, start writing that blog or media, marketing or publishing idea, pitch it, launch it, sign contracts for it, and put your thoughts into what it is you believe. The money you earn is again someway tied into today’s energy here and requires just a bit of adjustment so that you can solidify a goal, career matter or something with the boss/dad.

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Monday puts energy between you and a partner, representative or other significant person as you get together, talk, write, or deal with agreements and find ways to pursue aspirations, socialize, tackle internet, astrology or charity interests, and make decisions. The energy is great and there is definitely a strong connection for you artistically, romantically, spiritually, or imaginatively.

Tuesday brings a change of mind that may throw you for a loop or send you off in some new direction. News could come in that sparks this or something written, an agreement, meeting, or decision is up in the air. The focus of this will be film, music, fine art, spiritual interests, retreat, hospitals, prisons, hidden agendas or enemies, addictions, research, investigations, or a clandestine romance. Open up the triangle to empower yourself here. You can expand at home, through property, family, roommates, or moves today under beneficial stars.

Wednesday will bring more focus to that Karmic, magical place in your chart so expect to retreat, research, investigate, deal with strategies, development, imagination, hidden romance, artistic projects, magic, or spiritual pursuits. You need to set limits or deal with responsibilities legally or involving travel, education, beliefs, or media in this but Venus is at your side helping you attract the love and intimacy or income and outside financial support through your efforts. Mars is going to spark energy at work, with health or pets so you can expect lots of action, passion or anger here.

Thursday is the last day of Mercury in your relationship zone so it will bring big decisions, talks, ideas, writing, agreements, meeting, or short trips that involve a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent. This has a lot to do with Karmic connections again for you and how your needs are being met romantically, spiritually, artistically, or imaginatively. Positive change is on hand through the new approaches and unusual ideas that are introduced.

Friday Mercury moves into the deepest part of the chart and opens up your sex life, divorce and big financial matters over the course of the next few weeks. If single this can bring new sexual attractions through local activities, writing or introductions from siblings or neighbors, if in relationship this can bring more sexy ideas, talks, or meetings. This will help you come to terms, negotiate, meet and make decisions over the divorce or loan, debt, inheritance, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, settlement, bankruptcy, commissions, royalties, or partner’s money. You need to make a bit of a personal or physical adjustment to get there today. The law, media, education, and trip are aligning on your side today, get serious.

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Monday brings meetings and talks about organizing, purifying, simplifying, work, job seeking, co-workers, employees, health, or pets. It can gear things up locally, get you flowing with ideas about writing, agreements, or short trips that can benefit your aims, and bring out your imagination, talents, romantic curve, or research abilities to help you reach that goal. Career, authority figures and ambitions are in the flow.

Tuesday Uranus is going to shake things up around income or spending so quirky, inventive, shocking, surprising, independent, or in need of change comes to mind here. Expect to look at ways your friend, group affiliation, social networking, internet means, astrology, charities, or aspirations can adapt to this or benefit from it and then seek ways to empower and transform through these connections. You are under very lucky stars in communications today so write, sign agreements, meet, pitch ideas, or make decisions.

Wednesday that social flow is still going strong as you deal with any sexual, divorce or big money responsibilities or limits. The friend, group, internet, or other social interest can benefit through Venus helping you attract the love or income you need through a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or advocate. Mars is going to spark things in love, with kids or regarding a creative project so expect passion, anger or motivating forces to take hold here.

Thursday Mercury has his last big push regarding work, health or pets. You will therefore be talking, hearing news, writing, dealing with agreements or decisions, short trips or siblings, neighbor or vehicles, that are tied to job seeking, services, co-workers, employees, work, health, or pets. In the balance is something strongly artistic such as music, film or fine art, something spiritual, magical or psychic, something clandestine, romantic, addictive, or involving hospitals, prisons or other places of retreat, a research project or investigation, or something Karmic. Positive surprise or change comes from this and affects your income. Make sure that you are pulling on imagination and inner truth today over deception or confusion. To this end strive for clarity from yourself and the other person you are dealing with.

Friday Mercury moves into your relationship zone and for the next few weeks you will find that you are hearing from partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, advocates, best friends, or the competition more. It will be a time of ideas, meetings, agreements, decisions, writing, short trips, talks, and news tied to these people. This kicks off today with an adjustment around that artistic project, spiritual pursuit, clandestine affair, hospital or other institution, addiction, research project, or investigation. Something solid is aligning to this through outside financial interests, sexual attractions or divorce proceedings.

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