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Friday, September 16, 2011



Yes, the week was intense and yes, you are almost through the shifts in energy! The cool thing is that as universal flow is taking you forward again upon the waves of change and empowerment, the personal energies of Venus and Mars are gearing up to take you into new and exciting romantic connections or levels within current relationships as well as open up new monetary channels through your creative ventures or with kids!

Saturday you will get the last major push from Mars in the home base so expect to be very motivated to get things done here, to renovate, decorate or move, to set things up for socializing or internet needs, to zoom in on spiritual or romantic interests here, or to put your artistic talents to good use. This may also affect real estate deals, roommates, family, mom, or spark you to look closer at your own sense of security or roots. As if this isn’t enough, Venus is not to be outdone and amps things up with Uranus, yes, you heard me, Uranus! She wants some excitement or change regarding your partnership, representation or competition and therefore, you will be fielding surprises, new ideas or interests, shake-ups, and innovations with someone or because of the actions of another. Good thing the Lights are in accord today bringing positive alignment of values and ethics, income and work, health or pets, spending and service.

Sunday Venus and Mars are at it again. Oh yeah. The Moon moves into Gemini so emotional needs will become vocal, you may hash things out on the phone or in person or take to the local neighborhood or a short trip to get things moving. The good news? Today these planets are positively aligned so the partner, representative or competition and any changes or surprises you are feeling should all blend together seamlessly. Venus is not really going to let it go just because relationships are coasting along so she stirs things up with Pluto today, pushing those relationships over a goal, career matter, ambition, reputation, fame, or an authority figure. Since this is her first connection with Pluto now in Direct motion it may be something that has been building for quite some time and is now ready to be pushed out there in some big way. Change is the key, go with the flow as much as possible. Mars is next to get busy as he stirs the last high octane cocktail at home, with the move, mom, family, roommates, or real estate before moving into Leo at 9:51pm eastern. At this point passions may spark, if you are still up and at your day you will definitely feel the lift as Mars is now raring to go with a lover, love interest, child, or creative venture. This new placement is about to give you more drive and determination to express your creative needs, do things with or about kids, and pursue the love and fun!

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Saturday brings a big push at home, with a roommate, move, mom, family, or real estate deal. You will feel this very dynamically as you get your ruler’s last injection of fire and zeal here. The social occasion, friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity that is in the picture will motivate you, be willing to work around what you must. Venus in your relationship zone is going to bring you and a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor into focus over any change or innovation that you are feeling physically or personally and the flow of money or love in the mix. You should find the day feels pretty good where money and work, health or pets are concerned.

Sunday is about the talks, writing, meetings, agreements, and local activities going on. You can connect with those significant people under positive stars but once you start to push that goal, career agenda, reputation, or authority figure the relationship may be tested a bit or you may just really need that person to jump into the fray. Your ruler is changing signs tonight which will give you plenty of last big push at home, with the move, real estate matter, family, mom, roommates, or security needs today. At 9:51pm est Mars moves into Leo and draws a bright red line of fire and passion between you and any lovers, love interests, projects with kids, and creative endeavors. The next weeks will gear you up to express your love, passion, creative ideas, and to fight for your interests here. Just guard against anger stirring with kids or creative projects, love or over unnecessary drama.

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Saturday will be very active locally or around the talks, meetings, writing, or agreements you have involving a big goal, career agenda, ambition, or with an authorit figure. Look at the imagination and any adjustments you can make as you push forward. Your ruler is engaged with Uranus today so you will have a strong pull over work, health or pet issues and any new ideas, changes, innovations, or excitement going on here with someone. Artistic, spiritual or romantic interests may color this as may dealings with hospitals, prisons, addictions, or clandestine activities. The Lights favor your love life, time with kids or creative endeavors putting you in the spotlight under very beneficial flow.

Sunday the emotional needs shift to focus on income or spending. This should bring positive changes or innovations, imagination and smooth sailing over work, health or pet interests that tie into the money. Your ruler is going to take on Pluto today in her first meeting with him in Direct motion so you can expect to tackle some third party matter that brings in travel, foreign, legal, media, publishing, marketing, beliefs, or ceremonial or educational matters. See how work, health or pets fair here and what you can smooth out. Mars raises the passionate or angry talks or ideas as he exits the last degree of Cancer and moves into your home base tonight. You will now have several weeks where passion will climb at home or encourage moves or real estate deals, roommates or family activities. You will be more motivated to do things here and can achieve a great deal, just guard against anger stirring or accidents/fire issues/sharp objects at home.

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Saturday Mars pushes you quite hard in one last big push to earn money, spend or deal with a possession and this comes down in relationship to the adjustments you need to make around a legal, travel, educational, media, publishing, marketing, or ceremonial interest. Venus is amping things up with a lover, child or creative project today, bringing you one on one with someone as you balance last minute social obligations or innovations going on through the internet, astrology, charities, or group activities. The Lights put you in a positive position at home or with a move, real estate deal, family, or roommate and assist your efforts to hole up and develop something behind the scenes, share your artistic, romantic or spiritual feelings, and bring the imagination into play.

Sunday the Moon moves into your sign so you should begin to really look at what you need physically or personally in relation to love, kids, creative efforts, and your social circle, internet, astrology, or charity interests. All of this is aligning beautifully for you today. Venus is going to take on Pluto in his forward motion for the first time and push some buttons over love and sex, divorce or the big financial matter, or push the love or money issues involving kids or creative projects and how that is being shared, divvied up, or controlled. Mars makes a last big push with income or spending before he moves into Leo at 9:51pm and begins to amp things up for you in talks, meetings, writing, agreements, with siblings, moves, short trips, vehicles, electronics, ideas, and with neighbors over the next weeks. This is where your passion and motivation will be and where anger or accidents may pop up.

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Saturday Mars pushes your physically or personally one last big time in your sign. You have been hosting this passionate, angry, motivating energy for weeks and he wants you to do things for yourself, push your body, image, identity, and drive you towards new passions or forms of expression. Today that will mean adjusting what you do around the big financial picture, divorce or sexual attraction or issue. Venus is going to pull attention at home, with moves, mom, family, real estate, or roommates as she focuses love or money here and asks that you balance this with evolving goals or unexpected career needs. Your friends, group affiliations, internet connections or projects, astrology, charities, and aspirations are under positive stars and open to any talks, writing, agreements, meetings, or ideas you have as well as any short trips or local activities you connect through.

Sunday the Gemini Moon will help you to retreat so hole up to rest or develop some project, research, strategize, deal with artistic or spiritual needs, or connect romantically. Expect the lover, child or creative interests to align here and for things to go well at home or with the move, renovation, family, roommates, or real estate deal. Venus is going to take on Pluto in his Direct motion today so you will need to get around something at home involving the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor/opponent. Again, if this is not home related it will focus in on moves, renovations, roommates, real estate, family, mom, or security needs and that significant person. Look at love, money and any third party concerns. Mars pushes you personally or physically as he exits your sign one last time. Once he moves into Leo tonight you will feel the shift as he begins to stimulate action and passion around income, spending and possessions. This will be ongoing for weeks so motivate and keep a lid on any anger he may stir here.

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Saturday Mars pushes you one last big time on that secret project, film, music or artistic endeavor, spiritual pursuit, hospital or prison matter, addiction, clandestine affair, research, or investigation. Whatever efforts you have been throwing your passions into here have a bit of a Karmic overtone to your life and you will likely feel this more keenly today as you make whatever adjustments necessary with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent. Venus is bringing talks, decisions, meetings, agreements, or ideas to the table regarding love, money or women. This will involve someone else and the legal, travel, ceremonial, media, marketing, publishing, or educational topic, with Uranus in the mix changes, innovation or surprise can be expected. The Lights are favoring you through income, spending, goals, reputation, career, ambitions, and authority figures today.

Sunday the Gemini Moon will bring social interests, the internet, astrology, charities, or friendships into the mix in a big way. You should be able to meet up, talk, write together, tackle agreements, or share ideas that benefit and find new and exciting changes coming through travel, media, marketing, publishing, ceremonies, or education that lend a nice social vibe. Venus takes on Pluto today in his Direct motion so get ready to deal with any big change or empowerment involving work, health or pets. Mars stirs the last of the Karmic waters before moving into your sign tonight at 9:51pm eastern. Hopefully you managed to get some rest in the last weeks because hosting Mars is going to amp up your ‘it’ factor and get you out there much more dynamically in the next weeks. This is the great motivator, he is about to get your personally and physically into the mix more, spark your passions, spike your anger (try to keep a lid on this one), and spur you on to do something about your body, image, identity, or put yourself in the mix in some strong and vibrant way.

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Saturday Mars gives you one last major push towards your aspirations, in dealing with any causes or independent needs, in group activities, with friends, the internet, astrology, or charities. What do you need to do? There is a need to adapt around work, health or pets here. Venus is calling you to focus in on the monetary dynamics. How is what you are earning or spending balanced with debt, a partner’s money, inheritance, bankruptcy, loans, insurance or tax issues, or any other outside resource? What needs to change? The Lights are favoring you in legal, travel, ceremonial, educational, media, publishing, marketing, and publicity matters today, step up.

Sunday the Gemini Moon focuses you on a big goal or ambition, your career, an authority figure, your reputation, or fame. There is wonderful energy flow here that connects to your personal income or spending and any changes or innovations you want to introduce through those outside financial resources. If you are going through a divorce that affects your financial position today will aid your aims in this. Venus takes on Pluto in his newly Direct motion so you will be looking at your personal income or spending in relation to a lover or love interest, a child, or a creative endeavor and seeing what can change or evolve here, how you can empower yourself or share in what is going down. Mars stirs up the last bit of social, aspiration, internet, astrology, or charity energy for you before moving into Leo tonight. From this point forward in the next weeks Mars is going to gear up what you do behind closed doors, stirring passions or anger, motivating you to tackle all 12th house issues which are music, film or other artistic interests, spiritual pursuits, clandestine affairs, hospital or prison matters, research, investigations, hidden agendas or enemies, strategies, addictions, and Karmic connections.

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Saturday Mars is going to amp things up one last big time this year over the career, goals, ambitions, with the authority figure, boss or dad, reputation or fame. You will want to motivate here, bring the passion or release the anger, all the while making adjustments necessary around the creative effort, child or love interest. Venus is going to focus energy between you and a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor/opponent today. This will be about love or money and any change, innovation, new idea, or surprise. You are in the spotlight over film, music or art, spiritual interests, investigations, research, clandestine affairs, or Karmic connections today and the energy if favoring your shared financial or outside financial resources in this, any sexual attractions or issues, and any divorce topics connected to these themes.

Sunday the Gemini Moon will focus you in on a trip, person at a distance or foreign interest, legal matter, media, publishing or marketing project, education, or a ceremony. You should find things are going well here for you and the other person involved. Venus is taking on Pluto in his newly forward Direction today so you will need to deal with something at home, with a property, real estate deal, move, mom, family, roommate, or security need. Look at the love, income or personal dynamic going on and if anything needs to change. Mars sparks some last career or reputation matter, goal or ambition, or dealings with authority figures before he moves out of Cancer and into your social circle tonight. From now through the next weeks Mars is going to be amping things up with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, social occasions, and aspirations so expect to feel motivated to do things, to have more going on through these sources and to bring the passion or feel the anger in these areas.

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Saturday Mars is going to push you one last big time over the trip, person at a distance, foreign interest, legal matter, media, publishing or marketing interest, ceremony, or educational matter. You need to adapt around home, roommates, family, mom, moves, or real estate matters here. Venus is going to bring your focus to something you have going on artistically, spiritually, Karmically, in a clandestine affair, with a hospital, addiction, or hidden agenda. How are your work, health or pet needs balanced with what is going on here? Does anything need to change around love or income flow through these channels? You are favored with friends, group situations, on the internet, through astrology, charities, and towards your aspirations today and this should bring positive feelings about partners, representatives or the competition.

Sunday the Gemini Moon is going to focus your emotional needs on deeper things, stirring feelings sexually, about divorce or over big money matters. The good news is that these feelings are aligned positively to those Karmic connections, artistic pursuits, spiritual needs, any energy you put into dealing with addiction or hospital needs, research or investigations, or those clandestine affairs. The talks, writing, agreements, or meetings here may require a bit of adjustment as you work through ideas. Venus is taking on Pluto in his new forward Direction today so you will be facing a big change or motivating aspect around a meeting, talk, decision, writing project, agreement, sibling, neighbor, short trip, vehicle, or electronic issue. Again the Karmic connection, film, music or other artistic outlet, spiritual pursuit, clandestine affair, institution, addiction, research, or investigation colors this aspect. Mars stirs the media, foreign, travel, educational, marketing, publishing, legal, or ceremonial stew a bit more before exiting this field for good this year. He moves into Leo where you will now have weeks of action and motivation, passion and sometimes anger lighting a fire under career, around goals, ambition, reputation, fame, father, authority figures, bosses, and status. It’s your spotlight!

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Saturday Mars is gearing up for one last big push for you with a divorce, sexual attraction or issue, loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, commission, royalty, child support, alimony, insurance or tax matter, settlement, or other outside financial resource. What can you do, is there passion or anger to work through? Expect talks, meetings, writing, or agreements to figure into this and for some a connection with a sibling, neighbor, move, vehicle, or electronic matter as well. Make adjustments. Venus is focusing your love or income energy on a friend, social occasion, group activity or affiliation, internet interest, astrology, charity, or your own aspirations. Look for ways to smooth things out here or attract what you need while balancing the changes you see or want with a lover, child or creative outlet. You are in the spotlight today in positive flow with career, ambitions, authority figures, leadership, work efforts, co-workers or employees, health, and animals, embrace the good.

Sunday the Gemini Moon will focus your attention on a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or advocate with positive energy around any love, kids or creative outlets and your social activities, internet interests, astrology, charities, or group activities. Venus is going to take on Pluto in his forward motion so you will be dealing with a friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity over the money being earned or spent or what is going on with a possession in question. Does anything need to change? Mars fires up the last waters of Cancer and those shared sexual, divorce or financial matters as he exits the sign so you may wrap anything up here. At 9:51pm est Mars moves into Leo and you will now see in the weeks ahead how much you can motivate on through travel, media, publishing, education, legal, and ceremonial interests. This is where passion will now spark and where you may feel anger at times, but where the most can move forward.

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Saturday Mars will spark one last big push with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent bringing action, reaction, passion, or anger to light and opening up any adjustments that should be made around money earned or spent. Venus is going to help you smooth things out with a boss, authority figure, career matter, or ambition or she will bring love or income matters to light here. Uranus at the same time is going to spark some changes at home, with real estate, mom, family, roommates, or moves so do your best to find the right balance here. You are in the spotlight today in legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, ceremonial, and educational matters and should be able to feel the love, your creative juices or the needs of a child in positive flow because of this.

Sunday the Gemini Moon moves your attention to the work at hand, health interests or issues, and pets or animal matters. The energy is great here for new approaches or changes at home, with moves, mom, family, roommates, or real estate so roll up your sleeves and get to work, initiate those healthy habits or adopt the animal! Career, goals, ambitions, and reputation is under positive light as well so aim work, health or pet attention towards reaching a goal or achievements. Venus is going to take on Pluto in his new Direct motion so expect to be getting into that love or income matter with the boss, authority figure, career, ambition, goal, or through your own leadership and to feel the personal or physical change that comes from this sexually, in divorce or through shared financial realms. Mars stirs the waters of relationship in his last day in Cancer so you may still be feeling the partner, representative or competitor today but Mars moves into Leo tonight and officially takes the action, passion, anger, and motivation into sex, divorce and big financial matters for the weeks ahead.

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Saturday Mars is going to make one big last push at work, with work piling up or with a co-worker or employee, with a health matter, or with animals. He has been motivating you here for weeks and today this will push you to make some personal or physical adjustments. Venus is rocking it out with your ruler, Uranus, so you can expect that love or income will play out through legal, travel, foreign, media, publishing, marketing, ceremonial, or educational realms and that there will be something said or decided, written or agreed upon that changes things or introduces the new. You are in the spotlight today sexually, in the divorce or over the big financial matter and should be able to get what you want at home, with a move, real estate deal, family member, roommate, or mom.

Sunday the Moon moves into Gemini and focuses you on a lover, child or creative project. Talks and meetings are exciting and positive here as is writing or agreements. You should be able to connect with this love, child or creative project legally, through travel, media, publishing, ceremonies, or educational outlets under beneficial stars as well. Venus is taking on Pluto in his new direction today so there will be something going on behind closed doors, involving a clandestine affair, magic, psychic abilities or spiritual interests, Karmic connections, artistic projects, hospitals, addictions, or hidden agendas that will come to light around that legal, foreign, travel, media, publishing, ceremonial, or educational matter today. Mars stirs his last spark into the work, health or pet matter before moving into Leo tonight. At this point you will now see the weeks ahead gear up action, passion, anger, and motivation with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors so get ready to motivate, to express yourself and go after the significant people you need in or out of your life.

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Saturday Mars is going to push one last big time for action, passion, anger, or motivation on the creative project, with the lover or love interest, or with a child. You will need to make an adjustment on something artistic, spiritual, hidden, Karmic, addictive, tied to institutions, research, or investigations, or a clandestine affair here. Venus is going to get into it with Uranus pointing out the balance monetarily with someone or how money and the sex or divorce is being balanced. Change, independence or innovation is in the air here as you look at love or income. You are in the spotlight as a partner, representative or competitor and can find positive ways to express your ideas, get the agreement or decision moving, write, or get your way at the meeting.

Sunday the Gemini Moon will refocus your energy on home, mom, family, real estate, renovations, family, or roommates. There is great flow here today to earn from home or through real estate or moves, to spend on any renovations or improvements, and to share intimate time, or handle the divorce or shared financial matters with ease. Venus takes on Pluto in his new Direct motion so you will need to take your first stab at the romance and sexual attraction or divorce, shared financial matter, and the friend, internet, group, astrology, or charity interest today. Change is in the air, how can you share in some evolved or transformed manner, deal with third parties, and connect on a soul level? Mars sparks through the last love, child or creative energy today before moving into Leo tonight. At this time he kicks off several weeks of renewed energy, action, passion, anger, and motivation at work, in pursuit of work, with co-workers or employees, with health, or involving animals. Look for ways to express yourself and drive things forward.


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